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I'm back Hrothiwulfaz 12/01/2019 (Sun) 20:18:20 No. 34
God bless the American anon from /pol/ who made me aware of this
now we've got to update the pics with 8ch.net/vril to neinchan.com/Vril.
Will you participate in the next summoning too?
Fuck yeah! I'm more ready than ever. I also have a lot of original SS material to translate from German so this board is going to get the spicy stuff.

I can't believe the gang is back together. I'm almost crying
>I also have a lot of original SS material to translate from German
Would you post some of them? Don't mind my flag, I'm German. I can translate some, and it could also help revive this board.

Finding out about this board a few days ago and then finding you in the /rwts/ thread... it all seems to good to be true.

Sieg Heil!
Sure! I used to be the admin of this board way back on 8chan, but as you know, 8ch got shut down and I was lost. I'm really happy to see that someone didn't forget about our work. I'll just send a screencap of the /vril/ genesis story, after all it's what made me find this board

(86.31 KB 1032x598 vril story.png)
Let's start with the right foot and forget to attach images.
There is so many good stuff in German that I was considering to learn the language just so I can read those publications. Having Germans onboard is always a plus.
I'm not German, but Google translate combines well with linguistic autism kek
not a /vril/ guy but welcome to nein, and I also understand German so maybe I can help with that too if time allows

Sieg Heil
Nice! Don't worry mate, we're all beginners here and the board on 8chan was more for research than for some occult circlejerking. I really hope we can get some infographics or even books done for beginners, some time in the future
nseuropa.org has books in many different European languages, although primarily in German. If there's anything you want translated, I can do it (albeit it might take a while).
We could split the load up between /bmw/ on Telegram, and here on /vril/. Luckily we don't have any shitty moderators here. Bump limits are also no issue.
Good to see you again. Im the same HeinrichHimmler#vril who created the 8chan board
I hope this board lasts longer. We really need to keep people from finding this place, lest it become the new 8chan. Almost nobody knows about this place yet, including the kikes and shills. lets keep it that way.
>>39 that is fucking wild. As fuck. Got any more?
>nein is supersecret
What about no?


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