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(226.35 KB 1212x854 rune yoga.jpg)
Runic Yoga Asanas Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 02:03:51 No. 60
Does anyone else here on /vril/ practice Runic Yoga? It is both a physical and spiritual exercise. These asanas (postures) are practiced standing up. With your body you form the shame of the Rune. Through achieving a Runic posture, you manifest its energy within you. The Runes are not merely meaningless symbols, but are conduits for manifesting powerful magical energies that have profound spiritual and physical effects on the dedicated Aryan yogi. Each asana is associated with a particular mantra. It has been suggested to practice all eighteen Runic asanas daily in at least one complete cycle. Each Runic asana should be held with the body, at least long enough to sing the mantra of that Rune's name three times in a deep extended voice.

The following posts will consist of Runic asanas and the correct Runic mantras
(68.05 KB 1600x944 Fa - stadhagaldr.jpg)
Meanings: Help, Primal Fire, Primal Spark, guidance, Father-God principle. Power of inspiration, success, new beginnings, movable wealth, movement, animals, the Will manifested down to the material levels, changes in fortune.

You can use FA to manifest new beginnings, attract wealth and success, and gain Will and inspiration to begin a new journey. FA is the rune of movement and action, a rune to unlock hidden abilities, and also an amplifier of other Runes.

FA-Rune Asana or Stadha: Stand upright, feet together, both arms tilting upward by roughly 30 degrees. Left arm slightly higher than right arm. Both palms point forward, drawing energy.

FA-Rune Mantra or Galdr: f f f f f f f f f / Fa Fa Fa / fa fe fi fo fu / fa far fiu feo fehu feu

FA-Rune Mudra or Handstadha: Hand held vertical. Thumb and ring finger to form "FA", leaning forward. Other fingers point upward.
(62.36 KB 1600x970 Ur - stadhagaldr.jpg)
Meanings: Primal Matter, Original cause, origin, root of all material and cosmic phenomena, nature, that which is permanent, Mother-God Principle. Contact with the dead, life after physical death, medicine, health, healing powers.

UR represents the Origins of space-time, matter, and existence – the primordial causes of causes, the very edge between chaos and the ordered world. Being the rune of roots, you can use UR for grounding and healing on all planes, as it allows you to find and clamp down on the root of any problem, especially after mastering the Runes on non-verbal levels.

UR-Rune Asana or Stadha: Bend over, reach down, arms and fingertips pointing to the ground.

UR-Rune Mantra or Galdr: u u u u u u u u u u u / Ur Ur Ur / ua ue ui uo uu / ur uruz urus uros uras

UR-Rune Mudra or Handstadha: Form a U-shape with your fingers, open end of the "U" pointing downward.
(71.08 KB 1600x929 Thorn - stadhagaldr.jpg)
Meanings: Will to act, power to become, thunderbolt, targeting goals, Thor's Hammer, the Return, new growth from the apparently old and dried-up, physical prowess, potency, formative power of the seed. Mental telepathy, concentration and projection of the Will, stalwart defense, psychic attack and defense, penetrating time and space, masculine polarity.

THORN is a Rune of pure muscle and might, in both a physical and psychic sense. It is Thor's Rune, breaker of blades and curses alike. Use THORN to strengthen yourself against all challenges, hesitations, and fears. It is also a Rune of virility and vitality, of power concentrated instead of dissipated. You can use THORN to strengthen your aura, end hesitation and break bad habits, mastering it helps unmask and dislodge addictions and focus the Will with intent.

THORN-Rune Asana or Stadha: Stand upright, feet together, hands pressing together at the palms and fingers. Left elbow raised, right elbow lowered, making the shape of the "Thorn" or stud. Channel any trembling into the palms.

THORN-Rune Mantra or Galdr: th th th th th th / Thorn Thorn Thorn / tha the thi tho thu / thorr thorn thurs thurisaz thyth / Taat

THORN-Rune Mudra or Handstadha: Hand held vertical. Thumb and ring finger touch, pointing forward. Other fingers point upward.

I'll most more in the coming days. This website is where I'm getting most of the info for this thread. It is a good introduction
This could be of great help for any of our future rituals. What practical and replicable experiences have you had already?
>What practical and replicable experiences have you had already?
In terms of practical experience these Runic postures are good for the physical body much like other forms of yoga from other parts of the Aryan world. Of course we must not just look at the material benefits gained from this predominantly spiritual practice though. If one is well-versed in the esoteric meaning of the runes (which is NOT of human origin), assuming these imitative postures while sounding the appropriate rune-mantra enables us to receive (these postures are somewhat antenna-like) and internalize the esoteric meaning of the rune. Each rune posture allows the cosmic energies which pervade the universe to flow to and through one, the posture shapes, guides and channels the energy along certain pathways. Results that can be seen are subtle, but are similar to meditative side-effects, a feeling of inner calm, increased vitality, a clearer mind, increased ease of self-control.

Runic yoga also helps shed light on the previously mysterious, such as the Roman Salute. It is actually a runic asana, an assuming of the shape of the KA rune, symbolizing power, generation, ability and propagation. It is no wonder why Hitler struck this pose.
>Runic Yoga
Queer as fuck. Most of the figures don't even represent the runes they're supposed to represent. You don't even need any of this posture scam for runes to work.
Hand signs (mudras) and certain moves are indeed powerful if done properly, but yogic physical posturing is generally considered entry/newfag tier. And yes, you don't need any of it in order for the runes to work. But if it helps people, why not. It's a good physical exercise for those who spend a lot of time in front of PC. I always cringed at yoga but I don't judge people who are into it.
Abhaya Mudra. The mudra for dispelling fear, it accords divine bliss and protection.
>And yes, you don't need any of it in order for the runes to work. But if it helps people, why not.
It's just not "why not", here it's pretending that it does more than helping you, because that's a wide umbrella, so you could say sucking your thumb helps you during meditation, covering the walls with poo, wearing teddybear pajamas, I don't know lol.
The idea that the "runic" postures activate something specifically runic is gay crap, that is all. More to the point, the posture does not give you extra runic Vril points because you pretend or you're convinced you're doing an othala or sowilo or shit, see?
>getting this mad over runic asanas
You argue like a homosexual. Next step is to call me runephobic I suppose.


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