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Manga Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 15:45:12 No. 19
Hi anon what manga u currently read?
Also question for mods will a manga board be made?
Im reading Overlord rn.
Not a mod, but I imagine it'd be best to just hybridize manga and anime boards due to the obviously low traffic.
seconding this as a mod
(111.48 KB 632x924 great mazigngerr.jpg)
No need for a separate board would divide the already small user base maybe if the board was bigger then i can see that
Also currently reading Great mazinger and fooly cooly
Kindaichi Case Files.
I think it's a much better written Japanese take on detective dramas than Conan, although it's not without its own issues such as the heavily inconsistent art and minor plot holes always handwaved by coincidences. It's a shonen of course but it's got some quite fascinating gruesome crimes in it.
what manga is that from?
beastars. its very good.


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