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047b0 No.9[Reply]

Wrestling Thread.
>>post all memes
>>post gifs
>>post webm

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53a3b No.11

File: 1558139081169.gif (3.06 MB, 200x200, nazihulkhogan.gif) ImgOps Google

047b0 No.12

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fef11 No.13

mr socko

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6f1cf No.3[Reply]

Fishing IS a sport
Do any of you niggers go fishing? Where at, what species, etc?


c535b No.4

nice bass

I have fished most days of my life, the rest I’ve wasted
Walleye and Catfish mainly, but crappie and bass are always on the menu
I travel to areas where trout and salmon are available. I love fishing for salmon in AK, but I do not like mosquitoes and grizzlies

8a8f6 No.5

When i do fresh water i mainly fish for largemouth but sometimes stripers if they are in the lake im fishing. In saltwater i fish for bass, mackerel, barracuda, halibut and anything else that will bite on a jerkbait or swimbait. I also just started getting into shark fishing

a0b66 No.6

Do barracuda fight as hard as I imagine?

5ecdb No.7

Yeah they put up a nice fight

f4448 No.8

I found the thread again, also have informed the proper authorities of your shitposting problems.

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96ff8 No.1[Reply]

First post says get rid of this board

55d02 No.2

First post to first post says Disc Golf is the chosen sport .
Why Disc golf?
>its a white mans sport
>it takes practice, skill , and allot of walking
>Can be played with multiple people

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