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GTA PORN 1 Anonymous 02/07/2020 (Fri) 00:56:42 No. 20
Faith Ford age 30-33, Kristin Smart age 17-22&David Carcuso age 34-39 were at the solmar siutes hotel restaurant down in cabo san lucas baja california sur mexico on patrol. David&Kristin told Faith to go downstairs in the washroom/pool chageroom to check if tombstone&puma are there, so Faith went down&encountered Arnold Shwarzsnegger the naked terminator. he demanded her clothes&she refused&tried shooting him with her automatic machine pistol. But he crushed it, tried to rip off her venom custome meanwhile an arab sikh with the resemblance of Osama Bin Laden whacked her across her legs, then strated brushing off her venom custome all off into shreds with a brush broom stripping her barenaked. So Faith was lying down barenaked meanwhile David got a caall, told Kristin to go get her then left for the call. Kristin went down, saw Faith laying down barenaked with Anorld&Osama bin Laden. Then she told them who she is&hat their bussiness is. So Anrold&Osama apoligized&told them to stop fucking around&go get some fun. Kristin hepled her over her head, but Osama wanted to help, so her lifted Faith over his head with her cock knocking on up on his big tall white thick turban&carried her out through the restaurant&out in the pool area like that. SO Faith walked up the waterslide compound on the platform barenbaked in front of a bunch of 10-12 year old girls in bikinis. She got on the waterslide with one of the girls holding on top of her legs while she wrapped Faiths cock in a indian roti, put a cheese slice between her cock&her nose becasue the girls face was into her ccock. So they both went down the water slide like that into the pool like that. After that she ejaculated alot&pissed alot through the cheese slice onto the girls nose with her cock wrapped around the soaked roti. Then Kristin swam in with her bonoki on instead of the spiderman custome, lifted her over her head with her cock brsuhing on her hair head, so they went underneath the waterfaal fountain like that to get shower soaked. When they were done, they came out on the deck to lounge on a mattress. Fait sat up while Kristin layed down between her legs, so she spreaded her wet hair all over her cock, snubbed her cock up on her nose, then Tatsu came along&begged her to fuck him in his head instead. So she reluctantly argeed, Kristin got on to go fuck the girls meanwhile Tatsu layed between Faiths legs. So she dipped her cock in indian sweet liky rusmalai, swrilded her cock in it smudging them, then they all absorbed&dissolved into her cock. After that she strated fucking Tatsu in his bald head stroking her cock all over his head, then she ejaulated more&pissed more all over his bald head. After that she got up to kneel on him, stroked her cock into his long thick big wavy mostauche, then she ejaculate even more&pissed even more into all over his mustache sokaking it up meanwhile he was pinching her ass with Krsitin&the girl pinching her ass to. After that she got back down to snub her cock up his head again, some guys pelted Tatsu in the face with their basketball&She ejcauale so much&piss so much all over his bald head&when she was done she passed out after tiring so much.


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