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its too quiet anon 02/02/2020 (Sun) 22:13:41 No. 3
first time here. hope it livens up.
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>>3 What kind of shit military formation is this?
Yeah the board was recently deleted. I hope this grows into a good /b/ board that doesn't focus on CP
>>3 sauce?
>>8 Deleted? Why can kindly tell? Asking out of curiosity. It feels like many other boards (like /meta/) as well got removed somehow.
>>18 Nobody knows. An anon from /pol/ got v& and they deleted his posts. He was also the BO of /btg/ so they deleted his posts there too. Maybe they deleted the other boards out of precaution.
>>21 Boards were purged by staff because they failed to moderate
>>8 >Yeah the board was recently deleted. >recently no, it happened months ago because mods were incompetent faggots incapable of dealing with spam. the few anons who had contributed were pissed and never came back
>>27 It's the responsibility board owners to moderate their own boards If you fail to do this staff will delete your board If you join the global moderator team you can get assistance from global staff to help moderate your board
This is bad. I myself own a board in hatch-breed mode. Was prepping for releasing contents later. But if our contributions are discounted that easily and deleted, I don’t know if I would continue and move out to other chans like jw/chFeds or ibFeds. I know I can take care of my own board and delete spammers (I think there is a limit ban option too). I miss /meta/ where we could talk to the mods.
>>29 made board by your request
>>28 >If you join the global moderator team you can get assistance from global staff to help moderate your board do you realize how retarded you sound? global staff is supposed to help period, whether you're a BO or something else
>>39 not if zero effort is shown to delete illegal content you could have even just made a post on /meta/ or asked int he rule thread on /pol/ or made a thread on /pol/ asking mods to help you out but instead spam remains for up to a week in some cases and the BO account has been marked inactive for weeks so your board just gets deleted since as a BO you have shown no effort to keep your board running
>>41 spam is free speech and far from illegal content dumbass
>>45 I've never called spam illegal You know what's illegal though? Drugbots spamming links to shady drug buying sites
What happen to fullchan? I thought it was coming back
(3.12 KB 400x400 EFG.gif)
Just quickly stepping by.


no cookies?