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Post what you have a on Brenton from exposing to memes.

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As wonderful as his deed was, I’m still certain he was an israeli asset.
>mysterious travels
>doesn’t name the jew
>doesn’t confront root of problem, only the symptom
>well choreographed live stream complete with music (music served as a cue for him, “fire” song probably had something to do with the gas can IED he didn’t use.
>elaborate gear in Multicam Black and the pants are big money too
>pissrael coincidentally launched a rocket barrage that very day, same as with the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting
>the other shooters. Picrel
All in all, great vid. I liked the personal touch he gave his tools courtesy the white magic marker. Wouldn’t call him “saint Tarrant” as I believe the juden are spamming that to paint us as ebil nazees.

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