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Is Crypto Dead? Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 01:03:42 No. 1 [Reply] History File history
It seems to have fragmented in to a lot of random projects and didn't get the support by now that you might think it would.

On the other hand, is it possible the technology will become more popular in coming days?

Are you pessimistic or optimistic on the prospects?
radix dlt
everything else is crap

and bitcoin of course
>crypto is dead
no, shitcoins are dying
bitcoin is standing firmly
we are now going back to BTC market dominance 80%

Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 01:03:50 No. 6 [Reply] History File history
Inflation is controlled by suppressing wage growth through immigration and asset growth through futures contracts except for assets owned by the 1%.
inflation can be checked a bit maybe through competing currencies

Did not read but possibly related: "Choice in Currency: A Way To Stop Inflation" by Hayek https://mises.org/library/choice-currency-0
>inflation is controlled
inflation cannot be controlled
same like when you press toothpaste out of the tube
you cannot put it back in
but it can be hidden

>sir, what do we do now for our consumer price index report
>pork prices shot up 30% in 2 weeks
>okay, substitute it for chicken
>that only shot up 3%
this is how CPI works

and of course they always exclude more and more out of the basket. Healthcare and Rent have been included in this basket until in the 90s i think
>Then they saw rent is exploding ow shit what now
>easy man, just exclude it from CPI and there will be no rent inflation

inflation today is mostly in those areas of the world where rich people are:

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(67.21 KB 976x508 bfm5DDF.jpg)
Anonymous 08/26/2019 (Mon) 00:41:52 No. 8 [Reply] History File history
>he did not sell his shitcoins in July
>and reinvest everything in Jewgolds
get on dat bandawagon right now cucky
we are going to 2K town this winter
>sold indeed quarter mill of shitcoins
>bought 2 gold bricks for 100 grand
>gold shoots up 50$
>then it sinks 70$
I fucking hate zerohedge
I wish I never found out about them

I already blew 15 grand on silver in year 2010/11 and now it looks like I will lose another 15 grand in gold speculation

fuck gold
fuck negrohedge
and fuck those niggers who manipulate the gold market

When will BTC stop crashing? Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 18:35:17 No. 2 [Reply] History File history
When will it recover? Will it?
I don't think BTC will ultimately make it but maybe another crypto like Monero
Your question is too simplistic. It only offers room for baseless claims and assumptions, such as the one from Monero guy above.

Anyone with a question such as the OP's should stay away from crypto.
As soon as a country (China) goes gold standard and creates an international credit card system BTC will crash completely. Until then BTC is a useful way to get people to think about where their money comes from.


no cookies?