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a7646 No.1[Reply]

Claiming this board for Brit/pol/
Fuck Americans, and fuck Yankoloids.
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57fce No.62


Hello. Nice to meet you.

e0d16 No.63

Fuck 4chan jannies

607e7 No.64

based and NeinPilled
as long as this place doesn't start over moderating and cucking out over wrong think, which I do not believe it will
>inb4 404

611f2 No.65

File: 1557099454991.png (826.76 KB, 1400x1000, DIFH.png) ImgOps Google

Alright, lad. Seen they deleted your thread and left mine up.
No hard feelings?
Hope you feel better after ranting here.

afb15 No.78


File: 1556842796065.png (487.84 KB, 728x370, 86a5f03be9647fa004190d2242….png) ImgOps Google

07aaa No.19[Reply]

>Plagiarism in poetry: the man tracking down the cheats

>Interviews with Ira Lightman about Plagiarism in Poetry


>Meet the Digital Poet in Residence: Ira Lightman


>This poetry detective tracks down word thieves. But are they all plagiarists?


>Poetry has a plagiarism problem


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49045 No.73

File: 1557249136290.png (99.47 KB, 1127x300, Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at ….png) ImgOps Google

What is the fucking point of having a report function on 4Chan if you're going to stop me reporting after submitting 5 of them, all for the same spamming gobshite that does this everyday.
4Chan Mods & Jannies are useless cunts TBF

02541 No.74

Reminder >>>/diy/ has guides to homemade weapons and ammo

0b148 No.75

you got a loicense for that m8?

But seriously I'll check it out

8feb6 No.76

I have sex with other men

49e63 No.77

The Greeks up to their old tricks again

File: 1556854909897.jpg (82.96 KB, 800x450, OC_UKHonkler.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

99811 No.26[Reply]

Dropping off a honkler for all of you

File: 1556846170686.gif (82.37 KB, 768x576, illuminati.gif) ImgOps Google

58690 No.22[Reply]

Forgetting the result, how it's planned out, been handled and how democracy has been ignored. How do you feel about your country & your future in it?

58690 No.23

For us Brit's, Brexit is a complex and utterly disgusting scene in recent political years. I do not believe which way you voted for matters anymore, or if you didn't vote at all, if you are an In the 'know' redpill or an ignorant dumb fuck
I believe the issue really is now about democracy.. Some of us know for sure we never lived in a democracy in the first place, some of us knew full well we never lived in a 'free country' where we could say as we wish and have a democratic debate. Yet for years upon years each set of political parties have made this 'democracy' a huge driving point in their campaigns.

6cac7 No.24

I just want to say as a burger the universities here are cheering for a EU reentry I will never understand.

Also, I saw a naked bitch at a university shill saying it leaves you naked.

Why is it even a question?

The muzzies run around raping white kids

58690 No.25

All promising to back the people's vote and respect the democracy they very well stand for, until that is when they don't get the democratic vote they hoped for.. Now what? If they plead against the democratic vote the public knows they are liars,.. if they accept the vote they are only lying to themselves.

Of course nobody, especially the elite thought the leave vote would triumph, I bet that was a stressful day for them, a 'what shall we do now' moment to how to make it not happen..

The sooner the general public realise politicians are just a shadow government (actors) personal assistants to the global elites who call the shots the better.. If all goes tits up, like it does the politician gets the blame. The Jew's on the other hand are holding the Strings backstage.

I believe politics and how the general public vote is just a national 'poll' for the elitists to know how it's pawns feel.. So if some human conditioning needs to be applied so be it., the left wing and the right wing are of the same bird. There is no winner here.

No amount of voting is ever going to make a difference in society, so don't bother, bother with yourself. Save what you can. Get some bulk supplies in food, water etc, meds.. Be the best person you can be. We are a minority, we can not win against this corrupt system's with a dumbed down society.

I vow to never play 'their'game again.. No more working for me, no more paying taxes nor doing anything for them. I suggest those of us in the know reevaluate our understandings, because we are fucked.
And for that I am sorry for us all.

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