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(405.47 KB 1024x1024 1575481392552.jpg)
General ##v/Z6N3 12/05/2019 (Thu) 15:20:12 No. 1 [Reply]
Read This Before Posting

Good day.
This board serves as an archive and is solely for anything Brenton Tarrant related, including, but not limited to:
>general Tarrant posting in the respective threads
>discussion of his actions - you may open a separate thread if the topic hasn't been discussed yet
>discussions of actions inspired by him
>updates on his trial
>sharing links related to the board's topic in the respective thread
Unrelated posts will be deleted. If you're looking for meme threads, please visit >>>/pol/.
If you look for his stream, the manifesto, media articles or archived meme threads, you will find the right thread here >>28
Remember the 14 words. Remember Ebba. But above all: remember him and his deed. Stay safe.
Never slacken,
Never tire,

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Did this site even exist? I searched in archive.org's web database and there wasn't any result.
Because it's been shoaded, the creator himself confirmed it in one post on cuckchan
That's a shame
how was it shoaded, was it at the zog level or the ISP/hosting level?
I don't know, here's the comment from the guy that supposedly made the site


(19.98 MB 904x476 grenadier remix tarrant.webm)
Video Thread Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 20:04:01 No. 10 [Reply] [Last]
Self-explanatory, post your favorite material that has to do with Brenton Tarrant whether it's funny, powerful or informative.
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I ripped your vid off bitchute and reduced the size with handbrake.

Nice! I saw it on the new Tarrant thread. Glad you guys are enjoying it.
(3.14 MB 320x240 Like-A-Video-Game.webm)
(3.58 MB 640x360 1575503230467.webm)
(3.79 MB 520x300 homer-contemplates.webm)
(3.70 MB 854x480 playing-some-doom.webm)
(13.02 MB 1280x720 IMG_4147.MP4)

(442.29 KB 626x466 1575470349572.png)
Helpful Links ##v/Z6N3 12/06/2019 (Fri) 10:55:35 No. 28 [Reply] [Last]
>his writing
>video [including 30 seconds of missing audio]
>prison website
>his lawyers' website
Media articles
>White-bred terrorist: the making of a killer
>Jacinda Ardern determined to stop alleged Christchurch mosque gunman from spreading hate at trial
>The ruin of Brenton Tarrant
>Revealed: Christchurch mosque massacre accused 'sent an ominous letter to his mother' just before allegedly carrying out inhuman attack that shocked the world
Note: if new articles or information is released, I will add links. If you yourself have links you think might be of interest to others, links to archived discussions or otherwise relevant information, you're welcome to share them.
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Message too long. Click here to view full text.

An archived version of Brenton's supposed YouTube account: http://archive.ph/7ekoM
The Great Replacement translations: Norwegian: http://europarises.today/documents/Den-Store-Erstatningen.pdf Swedish: http://europarises.today/documents/Det-Stora-Utbytet.pdf Arabic: http://europarises.today/documents/Arabic.pdf Website the links have been taken from and where you can download an audiobook of The Great Replacement and the shooting video: http://europarises.today/index.php/the-great-replacement
does anyone have the full music playlist?
(3.16 KB 329x67 uploadtime.png)
>>174 This was proven not to be his as the only video was uploaded at 17:37 UTC March 15th / 6:37 March 16th NZ time (13 hours ahead of UTC) (Pic related) >>198 00:01:12 *"Karadžic, Lead Your Serbs"/"Serbia Strong" starts playing* 00:04:50 *"The British Grenadiers fife and drum" starts playing* 00:07:34 *Grün ist unser fallschirm remix* plays in the background* 00:12:12 *Arthur Brown's "Fire" starts playing* 00:15:22 *Manuel Karamori's "Gas Gas Gas" starts playing* All of which can still be found on jewtube with minimal effort.

(100.30 KB 900x400 brentonbucks.png)
(349.77 KB 900x400 10_brenton.png)
(255.77 KB 960x720 BankOfBrenton20.png)
(175.90 KB 900x400 brenton_bucks.png)
(285.52 KB 960x720 BOB100.png)
brenton bucks Anonymous 02/15/2020 (Sat) 10:47:48 No. 199 [Reply] [Last]
have some free brenton bucks

(159.70 KB 1536x1024 6.jpg)
(180.24 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
(164.99 KB 2150x1210 2.jpg)
(162.78 KB 1200x800 3.jpg)
(534.67 KB 2048x1536 4.jpg)
(228.08 KB 2048x1123 5.jpg)
Photographs Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 23:47:04 No. 61 [Reply] [Last]
Let's dump here the photographs of Brenton: not memes, not photoshopped versions, just the few photos of the man that we have.
I'll start by dumping the highest resolution photographs of him that I was able to find.
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Looks like someone posted it on the /pol/ thread
Hello, thank you very much for the images, I think they are already here >>60 although lower resolution, I believe. Have a nice day!
>>107 didn't know someone posted him in pakistan
Im looking for a photo of Brenton Tarrant with a Mohawk
>>194 Tarrant never had a mohawk what you mean is that russian dude who got shilled at a young Tarrant

stbt ost anon 02/06/2020 (Thu) 21:27:10 No. 179 [Reply] [Last]
anybody fancy mixing an mp3 of his soundtrack (a nice mix not just the playlist) also we could compile a suggested tracklist for anyone about to strap on a gopro and play minecraft
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more inspirational music for the sequel please boys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk7UKKqTCQU
special inclusion for wiping out the ottoman hoards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ISEzLP4tsA
and for the final showdown, inevitably: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LH7FXf66KU
>>192 brenton tarrant was game as ned kelly

Several months that I am looking for Anonymous 02/09/2020 (Sun) 23:11:28 No. 181 [Reply] [Last]
Hi, someone have a webm it's a nasheed with tarrant, the lyric was something like "The white war was began..." i can't found it
Greetings. Any further information on the webm you're looking for? Duration, footage, ect? Do you have screenshots or anything?
Oh you know i see it many month ago...i can't remeber but it's something like 1min30/2min. No screenschots :( i think that know impossible to found it i view all webm on this /btg/ and nothing found
>>183 Not to worry, I shall do some digging once I have my other devices again and will let you know it I found it. Be well and have a nice day.

(421.67 KB 1049x1174 20191205_195432.jpg)
Image Thread ##v/Z6N3 12/05/2019 (Thu) 19:43:05 No. 2 [Reply]
The following are screenshots provided by anons or myself of either Tarrant's posts or relevant information regarding his prison mail, articles about him or other. As of now, the following are what I currently have saved. Enjoy.
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Yes I do. Thank you, bro.
Remember lads to take the Tarrant ironpill and become an Aryan god
Very based. I've been on it since June. In case you've taken it as well, best of luck with your gains.
I've definitely been attempting to get ironpilled, it's our duty to seek physical perfection. I wouldn't even feel worthy to call myself an Aryan if I didn't represent it in body and mind. Tarrant was only a major impetus. I've still got a long way to go, but it'll all come together.

Best of luck to you as well, friend.

He forgot the real problem Anonymous 12/20/2019 (Fri) 13:03:00 No. 90 [Reply]
I think Tarrant is just another pawn in the kike's game.

Because thats how kikes are, they create an enemy out of nowhere and make us fight against the wind mills.

They created Al-Qaeda, ISIS, antagonized the Muslims, made us think all the Muslims are terrorists, they caused huge immigration waves because of the endless wars in the Middle East, they supported Muslim refugees in Europe and made us believe that our biggest problem is Muslims invading our countries so that we would be distracted from the real problem. And we fell right into it, we play the kike's game in the Middle East and in our homelands.

While we keep complaining about how sandniggers invade our countries and most of Europe will be taken over by them, the kike gets his popcorn and enjoys the show.

Tarrant should've known better not to fall for this crap. He should've remembered the real enemy. I do appreciate his courage but had he attacked synagogues instead of mosques I would believe that he truly understands the real problem here.
8 posts omitted.
>And now that all attention has been directed from radical İslamists towards “far-right”, it’s even harder to organize.
Not all attention but a significant portion of it I think.
The thing I don't get is what we gained here. With or without Tarrant, migrants are still being dumped into white zones in large quantities or those already there reproduce considerably fast.
All I see is that we have not gained anything against such brown demographics but we're losing means of organization and our abilities to fight back.
The guy had some courage but I just don't see the point of his action. Jews were going to reduce out liberties anyway, but the sooner they would enforce the changes, the harder for us to prepare on all fronts. It's a strange thing too to think people speak English in New Zealand yet we're barely getting any follow up on what is going on. Earlier an anon talked about the amount of weapons seized or sold back to Andern(?)'s government. Where are the numbers coming from? People giving back their weapons is absolutely disastrous. What we need is more people to wake up, keep and get more weapons, not less. What is going on?
Greetings to you.
>The thing I don't get is what we gained here.
We gained courage. We gained a perspective. We gained a community. Brenton woke up many [the four people who followed after him, naming him as direct inspiration] and even more, through his actions and words, saw the walls created through the blackpilling and constant demoralizing online being shattered within an hour. I talk to fellow Tarrantposters as often as I can and it's becoming increasingly clear that people, not necessarily online, feel compelled to act. Politics, shitposting such as putting up stickers with messages or cut out links bitten in bookshops as well as verbal spreading of their ideals are all actions that started to ramp up the pressure on countries, leading to more suppression of said acts. This, in itself, is helping our cause as it
1) shows the public that free speech is under immense threat, which makes them reconsider their voting choises, for example
2) causes the tensions between government and the public or just individuals to build up which in itself will result in a conflict, causing us to realize our true potential
These are points that Brenton aimed for and the beginning of a revolution can be observed in Europe in particular.
>People giving back their weapons is absolutely disastrous.
Of the approximately 1.7 million registered weapons in New Zealand, 150.000-200.000 have become illegal since December. Only 50.000 weapons got turned in after the government was so worried that they didn't attempt a forced gun grab. Now, maybe close to a quarter million illegal weapons are in the hands of angry New Zealanders who refuse to give up their sources of self defense; which means that the government will have to attempt and take them via force. How this will turn out...only the future will show.
Nonetheless, I suggest you read a couple of the posts on other boards to get an idea of the depth of options Brenton has gifted us with. If you have further questions, feel free to ask away.
Hi there, back from holidays.
>All I see is that we have not gained anything against such brown demographics but we're losing means of organization and our abilities to fight back.
That’s exactly what I was trying to say. There is no way of stopping more invaders showing up or sterilizing them somehow to at least slow down their population growth. And now we have to hide in the shadows, deprived of any means of self-defense. How did Tarrant’s actions help?
>shows the public that free speech is under immense threat, which makes them reconsider their voting choises, for example
I don’t believe that people who do not think like us will at some point sympathize with us and react against the oppression of the state. They have been blackpilled way too much to realize the value of their race and their nation. So basically they don’t give a fuck about your right to free speech.
In the first post I said I would have understood him if he had attacked a synagogue full of kikes rather than mosques full of roaches. If he had done that the results would possibly have been more severe, but the message would have been directed to the root of the problems and a broader audience. Because hatred for the kikes is shared by many people from variety of beliefs, nations and political views. Commies are anti-kike, neo-nazis are anti-kike, many Christians are anti-kike and even Muslim’s hatred for Jews can be used (before we dump them). Many people see what the kikes are up to and most of them are willing to stop it from happening, so what needs to be done is to create a common ground (that is the common hatred for jews) for all these different groups of people to get rid of the kikes and then deal with the invaders afterwards.
Thank you for your answer. I read your reply a few times and I'm not sure what to think of your own appreciation of the event. Admittedly I too did a bit of back and forth about the shooting but today, I'm rather cold about it.
>the gains
Don't take it personally but it reads like a mix of a salesman's plea to sell his product and self-reinforcement. Where I live (north-east EU), those shooters hardly make the news. For the few who remember, some are vaguely pro but already move on to something else, others simply don't give a shit about it. All are more or less bored of shooting and terrorism, religious, racist, etc. They just don't seem to care that much.
>the shattered wall
I think that this shooting really spoke to some few people who were tired of seeing no solution but sheer violence, but nine months later, where are we?
Looks even worse. The few (not many) people "inspired" achieved about nothing, unless killing some unknown people here and there out of untold millions suddenly matters.
I admit too that it's easy to see this as a blackpill because the real solution out of this quagmire is more like a complete collapse of our countries or some violent takeovers, which one way or another are not related to and having to do with Tarrant's way.
Above all, I think only a few online autists overfocus on Tarrant and lack true perspective as a matter of fact, and of those who do, they're either pro or con.
>new real action post BT
Now that is something I will totally disagree with. This sounds like a Christian shilling for Jesus as if nothing existed before 0 JC.
By far the large scale election of Trump and the tremors it sent throughout the world had far more effect in mainstreaming our ideas and memes than Tarrant's shooting. 4chan, GG, 2016, etc. our idea were definitely spreading. It's largely agreed that a battle on the chans during 2016 is what affected the elections. Whether you think they were rigged or not, the redpilling was massive and efficacious. These were tangible and measurable results.
But the party's over. Now we're losing what was left of useful liberties. They were not that great for many of us but something could still be done.
The good news is that it pushes us back irl, but I'd rather protect my gf and family than go on some silly rampage tbh. I'd rather build a white walled community than waste my life against a flood of brown faces, since I'm hoping that in the near future, we'll be so mighty as to regain what we lost. So, well, what to say? We were getting there anyway, accelerationism or not. But I don't see Tarrant as someone to emulate at all. I mean if I have to kill people, that would either be someone who threatens me directly with a gun, or a true political enemy whose death would really matter. Dealing with migrants to me is more a matter of keeping them at bay until we can deal with them properly and in large quantities. I'm not against a real racial war if push comes to shove, but I don't think now is the moment. We're just too weak and disorganized, our movements are so often stolen from our hands. We first need more numbers and getting stronger. Which is not going to get easier with the ensuing greater loss of liberties.
Thank you. 50,000 semi-autos, that's still a severe loss in a small country like NZ: 4.8 million people, about 10% give or take would take arms, that's usually that much people who end up fighting at most. That's 480,000 potential fighters, of which 95% might be white and perhaps more than the majority of them sufficiently pro-white.
A removal of 50,000 semi-autos (which might be modified to full autos for some of them) is a relevant dent.
Greetings, anon.
>For the few who remember, some are vaguely pro but already move on to something else, others simply don't give a shit about it.
Why do you believe that is? Is it because of intentional suppression of news or because the average normal person doesn't care about anything outside their own interests, for example, internet-celebrities, fashion or sports. They don't care as long as they're comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I understand that things that happen in New Zealand don't directly affect Europe unless there is some underlying message, be it politics or environmental issues. For example, when Tarrant shot up the mosque, he was in the newspapers for two months - but not because of the shooting but rather because he donated to Generation Identity and their leader, Martin Sellner, wrote him a Thank You for the large amount of money. That was in 2017, but that didn't matter because now the media could use Tarrant's name to make connections to neo-nazism and the removal of 51 invaders got ignored to the point where the number wasn't even mentioned, just that he 'shot up a mosque'. That is why the public doesn't care. The 'why' and 'how' is secondary to media outlets as long as they can push terrorism and other buzzwords, many of which I became sick of as well. If legitimate discussions and analysis would be provided instead of pushing an agenda, I believe more people wouldn't be so uninterested in many topics, not necessarily just Tarrant related.
>The few (not many) people "inspired" achieved about nothing, unless killing some unknown people here and there out of untold millions suddenly matters.
I am by no means a supporter of lone wolf attacks as they tend to be poorly executed, Breivik and Tarrant excluded. I understand that people are frustrated and let anger consume their free thought which is why many of these attacks end up in low tier achievements as well as online support which divided into legitimate sympathizers and those who just edgy without seeing the bigger picture. If people would organize, plan and then execute their goals, these attacks would've been on a much different level but it's the fact that they act by themselves that causes nothing but slander of an entire race as well as memory holing by the media, both undesirable outcomes.
>but I'd rather protect my gf and family than go on some silly rampage tbh.
>I'd rather build a white walled community than waste my life against a flood of brown faces, since I'm hoping that in the near future, we'll be so mighty as to regain what we lost.
I agree with you completely. In a perfect world, we would have never opened our borders to any non-European post 1683 - but that isn't reality. I understand that Tarrant's actions blurred many minds and people like Earnest or Crusius got caught up in the excitement, thinking they could achieve greatness the way Brenton did. This isn't ideal and ever since I found the light, I try to keep people who are still too young to go to jail from throwing their lives away. The only way, and this is just my opinion, we can win the battle for our homelands and culture is by becoming politically active. Meaning we must become part of the system, found our own organisations or parties, become lawyers or policemen and put more pressure upon those who harm our people to stop the brown flood. Accelerating doesn't always have to involve violence, it can be done legally, even so alone wolf attacks are by no means necessary, unless someone like Ernst in Germany has an actual goal and the means and resources to succeed.
>We're just too weak and disorganized, our movements are so often stolen from our hands.
Yes. But people have become aware of what is at stake and many, especially on the Chans, have been motivated to better themselves and their communities, which is a start. I myself have chosen a different path for my life.
>50,000 semi-autos
Keep in mind that this is a number provided by the government and depending on the source, it varies between 50k and 56k while the numbers of fire weapons that are still out there is suppressed or a rough estimate my the media. Which means that the numbers of weapons in public hands could be much higher while those that got turned in could be lower than 50k but also higher. It's a sign of the government's overestimated power when they ask people to please turn in their modified and semi-automatic weapons rather than going for a gun grab. If there weren't that many weapons privately owned, they wouldn't have to worry but the government is aware of angry right-wingers and if you have been following the public reactions to Ardern's hijab-wearing, you know why.
>all in all
Tarrant's actions are subjective for sure, some are against it, which I can understand if legitimate reasons are provided, some approve, which doesn't mean all of those are to be blindly accepted. Personally, Tarrant has helped me understand what is going on outside of my private world; I was unaware of many things he mentioned in his manifesto and he has provided a different view on the world for me. As a result, I shall do my best to help my community, people and race. I also don't blindly support violence. I would also like to thank you for stating your opinion and for having this discussion with me. We will agree to disagree on a lot which doesn't matter to me as long as you and others strive for a better future of our people. Have a comfy day and feel free to keep asking/offering topics of discussion, I really enjoy these.
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Pre Trial Hearing, 10th of December ##v/Z6N3 12/10/2019 (Tue) 00:16:46 No. 75 [Reply]
>the court hearing was set for today, however, Tarrant was absent
>his lawyers Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson asked Justice Cameron Mander that his attendance be excused
>roughly 30 surviving invaders of the Christchurch shooting and some family members were present
>along with seven translators to help them understand the proceedure
No reason for Brenton's absence is available as of now; updates will follow once available.



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