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Read This Before Posting

Good day.
This board serves as an archive and is solely for anything Brenton Tarrant related, including, but not limited to:
>general Tarrant posting in the respective threads
>discussion of his actions - you may open a separate thread if the topic hasn't been discussed yet
>discussions of actions inspired by him
>updates on his trial
>sharing links related to the board's topic in the respective thread
Unrelated posts will be deleted. If you're looking for meme threads, please visit >>>/pol/.
If you look for his stream, the manifesto, media articles or archived meme threads, you will find the right thread here >>28
Remember the 14 words. Remember Ebba. But above all: remember him and his deed. Stay safe.
Never slacken,
Never tire,
Never lose courage,
And never despair

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Video Thread

Self-explanatory, post your favorite material that has to do with Brenton Tarrant whether it's funny, powerful or informative.

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Helpful Links

>his writing
>video [including 30 seconds of missing audio]
>prison website
>his lawyers' website
Media articles
>White-bred terrorist: the making of a killer
>Jacinda Ardern determined to stop alleged Christchurch mosque gunman from spreading hate at trial
>The ruin of Brenton Tarrant
>Revealed: Christchurch mosque massacre accused 'sent an ominous letter to his mother' just before allegedly carrying out inhuman attack that shocked the world
Note: if new articles or information is released, I will add links. If you yourself have links you think might be of interest to others, links to archived discussions or otherwise relevant information, you're welcome to share them.

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brenton bucks

have some free brenton bucks

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Let's dump here the photographs of Brenton: not memes, not photoshopped versions, just the few photos of the man that we have.
I'll start by dumping the highest resolution photographs of him that I was able to find.

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stbt ost

anybody fancy mixing an mp3 of his soundtrack (a nice mix not just the playlist) also we could compile a suggested tracklist for anyone about to strap on a gopro and play minecraft

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Several months that I am looking for

Hi, someone have a webm it's a nasheed with tarrant, the lyric was something like "The white war was began..." i can't found it

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Image Thread

The following are screenshots provided by anons or myself of either Tarrant's posts or relevant information regarding his prison mail, articles about him or other. As of now, the following are what I currently have saved. Enjoy.

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He forgot the real problem

I think Tarrant is just another pawn in the kike's game.

Because thats how kikes are, they create an enemy out of nowhere and make us fight against the wind mills.

They created Al-Qaeda, ISIS, antagonized the Muslims, made us think all the Muslims are terrorists, they caused huge immigration waves because of the endless wars in the Middle East, they supported Muslim refugees in Europe and made us believe that our biggest problem is Muslims invading our countries so that we would be distracted from the real problem. And we fell right into it, we play the kike's game in the Middle East and in our homelands.

While we keep complaining about how sandniggers invade our countries and most of Europe will be taken over by them, the kike gets his popcorn and enjoys the show.

Tarrant should've known better not to fall for this crap. He should've remembered the real enemy. I do appreciate his courage but had he attacked synagogues instead of mosques I would believe that he truly understands the real problem here.

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Pre Trial Hearing, 10th of December

>the court hearing was set for today, however, Tarrant was absent
>his lawyers Shane Tait and Jonathan Hudson asked Justice Cameron Mander that his attendance be excused
>roughly 30 surviving invaders of the Christchurch shooting and some family members were present
>along with seven translators to help them understand the proceedure
No reason for Brenton's absence is available as of now; updates will follow once available.