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Photographs Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 23:47:04 No. 61
Let's dump here the photographs of Brenton: not memes, not photoshopped versions, just the few photos of the man that we have.
I'll start by dumping the highest resolution photographs of him that I was able to find.
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If anybody has a higher res picture of the n.24 (blurred ok sign picture) please post it.
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Lower res pictures
(234.42 KB 800x528 brenton OK.jpg)
>If anybody has a higher res picture of the n.24 (blurred ok sign picture) please post it.
(2.82 MB 5101x3352 57.jpg)
Thank you, very much appreciated
Came to look for higher res version of first pic (I am 99% certain it exists) and realized neither of these had been posted yet.
Looks like someone posted it on the /pol/ thread
Hello, thank you very much for the images, I think they are already here >>60 although lower resolution, I believe. Have a nice day!
>>107 didn't know someone posted him in pakistan
Im looking for a photo of Brenton Tarrant with a Mohawk
>>194 Tarrant never had a mohawk what you mean is that russian dude who got shilled at a young Tarrant


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