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General ##v/Z6N3 12/05/2019 (Thu) 15:20:12 No. 1
Read This Before Posting

Good day.
This board serves as an archive and is solely for anything Brenton Tarrant related, including, but not limited to:
>general Tarrant posting in the respective threads
>discussion of his actions - you may open a separate thread if the topic hasn't been discussed yet
>discussions of actions inspired by him
>updates on his trial
>sharing links related to the board's topic in the respective thread
Unrelated posts will be deleted. If you're looking for meme threads, please visit >>>/pol/.
If you look for his stream, the manifesto, media articles or archived meme threads, you will find the right thread here >>28
Remember the 14 words. Remember Ebba. But above all: remember him and his deed. Stay safe.
Never slacken,
Never tire,
Never lose courage,
And never despair
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Hi BO,
this is a nice idea for archival efforts.
Are you by any chance the guy who opened the now shoaded tarrantchan.org?
Or are you the industrious austrianon that makes Tarrant threads on cuckchan?
Either way, good job.
Greetings, anon, thank you greatly for your comment. Sadly, I could have never created anything close to Tarrantchan.org, my technical skills only go so far and it's upsetting that the website has disappeared. But I am, indeed, the austrianon you refer to. I created this board as a way for fellow Tarrant posters to share their files in an effort to, as you wrote, archive them. Again, thank you for dropping by and have a comfy day.
I appreciate your efforts but I'm a wee bit skeptical that we have enough content for an own board and whether it's possible to make it only about St. Tarrant.
Our Tarrant threads are going well but there's always good discussions about related stuff.
Anyways, here's the links to our threads so far

1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread
2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters
3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3
4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4
5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 (current)
I have seen the threads and I know this board is probably unnecessary but it's mostly a personal thing. I like to collect information regarding him and I am aware I'll probably be the only person posting here frequently but I have a few links saved that might be helpful to others. With this board being only about Tarrant, it might be easier for some to find information they need quicker - even if it's helpful to just one person, I consider my job to be a success. Thank you a lot for the links.
It's very nice to meet you here, love your threads on cuckchan and your polite approach that makes the shills seethe (while I sometimes choose the shitposting style just to piss them off and keep Tarrant threads up in the catalog of that cuckchan shithole).
Anyway, if you read the rules of Nein/pol/ you'll see that advertising its existence on cuckchan is highly discouraged because it brings unwanted attention on this small community and lowers its quality.
In particular advertising on Tarrant threads on cuckchan brings here lots of feds and paid shills that constantly monitor those type of threads.
So I understand you might want to advertise your board to attract fellow Tarrantposters, but my advice is to be very careful in doing so.
Last place where Tarrantposting grew big - 8chan - was continously slandered and then shut down without ant further ado.
Not to worry - I never planned on advertising this board anywhere as I believe people will just find these types of websites if they want to; much like I found it and although I'm very new, I understand the importance of keeping these discussions rather secretive, especially considering the comfy atmosphere here. At the same time, many people might not find it which is why I will keep my activity up elsewhere as well. But in case anything happens to NeinChan or this board, I save everything posted here externally so it can be recovered if someone needs certain information. It's also very nice to be recognized outside of 4pol simply by the way I write. Apologies for only having a vague idea of who you might be as there are a lot of very friendly people in my threads that I have come to recognize.
Thank you for your dedication, personally I have also come to check regularly on Tarrantposting on several places and collected quite a lot of material about him.
I remembered that you mentioned a /btg/ project the other day so I assumed it was you here, or maybe the guy who made tarrantchan.org.
I'll be glad to contribute to your project if you want.
If you cannot recognize me I think it is for the better, I try to keep a minimum OPSEC but despite my effort I am pretty sure that some govt employee somewhere has already opened a tab on my shitposting.
I am not doing anything illegal at any given time, but oh well we know the sad times we live in.
Be assured that any help is very much appreciated. Because I am still not familiar with all the different places, I sadly have to rely on others, which is a shame as I'd gladly do more myself. And do not worry, everyone who ever openly sympathized with Brenton online will be marked, one way or another. I for one stand behind every word I wrote - yet I do understand that many people have to be careful about such statements. This is also why I don't talk about or mention anons I met before on 4pol over here as to ensure their flags and countries stay private, even if I recognize them. I see it as my duty to keep information about Brenton secured and to avoid getting fellow Tarrantposters in trouble. Hopefully, we can enjoy this site the way it is fir as long as possible; best wishes to you and thank you for reaching out.
Why doesn’t this URL work?
Did this site even exist? I searched in archive.org's web database and there wasn't any result.
Because it's been shoaded, the creator himself confirmed it in one post on cuckchan
That's a shame
how was it shoaded, was it at the zog level or the ISP/hosting level?
I don't know, here's the comment from the guy that supposedly made the site



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