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8148d No.5[Reply]

How to make chocolate soup.
First boil top raman in a pot wait for it to become soft.
then add two hershey chocolate bars in how boiling water with top raman.
>>put in bowl and enjoy.

6b932 No.6

I've never thought to do this before, interesting idea.

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5f752 No.1[Reply]

Food production ans storage are this world's specialty. Anons should, at the very least, familiarize themselves with the basics.
1. Know your environment and hardiness zone as this determines what crops/animals you can produce.
2. Learn about the Soil. Soil is the thin layer of our earth's crust that sustains life. "Dirt" is soil out of place.
3. Animal husbandry comes next. After anon decides what to produce, anon needs to learn basic nutritional needs and gestational times to maximize anons production.

These are the simple basics, along with learning how to build shelters/fences/water reservoirs.

f3629 No.2

Collecting the urine from predators you exterminate while protecting your livestock can be extremely useful when used to deter herbivores from grazing on your crops.

53dde No.3

bump test

53dde No.4

Moved to >>>/ck2/1.

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