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This board is dedicated to the Corona Virus Anonymous 01/24/2020 (Fri) 13:01:52 No. 1
All information that can be posted should be posted here.

Start dumping everything.
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Coronavirus Video Mashup - Spooky Edition
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Live update Coronavirus heat map and timeline (based on CCP so..)
Live news and video updates

Chinese cities under lockdown
>Wuhan 11M
>Huanggang 7M
>Jingzhou 5.7M
>Xianning 2.5M
>Huangshi 2.5M
>Xiantao 1.2M
>Daye 1M
>Yangxin County 1M
>Qianjiang 1M
>Chibi 500K
>Zhijiang 500K
>Enshi City 750k
>Ezhou 1M
>Yichang 4M
>Tianmen 1.7M
Total 41M

CCP Numbers
>press X to doubt
881 Infected 26 dead

Events Canceled
>Everything in China (schools, concerts, Disney, zoos, theaters, etc)
>HongKong has cancelled major events
>Multiple flights
>Forbidden City
>Grand Lunar New Year


>Oct 2019: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Simulate “An Outbreak of a Coronavirus…Leading to a Severe Pandemic”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoLw-Q8X174 [Embed] [Embed]
2017 Wuhan gets a BSL-4 Max security Biolab to research deadly infectious pathogens
>Chinese police chat logs claiming CCP lying, thousands infected and dead

Likely theory is CCP was testing stuff in their BSL4 facility in Wuhan, it escaped, reached the exotic animal food market 8mi away, and spread from there. Possibly a researcher did not decontaminate correctly and went food shopping after work.


15 cities on lock down, 42 million people quarantined, 450,000 health officials mobilizing according to China Health Commission to build a line of defense against Coronavirus. Why go so far if WHO says there is no emergency and CCP claims only 881 infected and 26 dead?
892 infected as of last reporting. CNN says 900+. I call bullshit, it's probably 9000 or some shit.
(47.73 KB 427x640 james-mason-siege.jpg)
It's over 9000!
NEW: More than 1,200 people with fever have gone to hospitals in Xiaogan, a city near Wuhan, according to a local newspaper

Friend in Wuhan reported the following:
>Parents turned away by hospital, both his mother and father were taken by PRC military and loaded onto trucks, not told where they were being taken.
>When he asked too many questions the police were involved by the men escorting patients to the truck loading area, told to leave things alone, go home and stop asking questions
>People in the building opposite him are complaining of bad smells, they believe many families who were told to self-quarantine are now possibly dead in their apartments
>All landlines have no dial tone, his aussie cell phone works with roaming enabled but cannot get even 3g data now.
>5pm-9pm yesterday the city was doused in powder by PRC air force, disinfectant - used also in shanghai
>He has been watching people from his window, panic has set in because even relativily young are now dropping over even in his street.
>Had small council with families in his building, some are still not taking it seriously but those who attended are
>No word from any who were taken last night before the powder drops, local party members either not in wuhan because they left before the lockdown or are locked away not saying anything.
>Trains have arrived with fresh medical staff, one family has a son that was a doctor at wuhans 2nd largest hospital who is now on a ventilator.
>Army with full haz masks are using stretchers to evac buildings near the seafood market, trucks are lined up down the street and constantly sending people north.
>Friend called me, he is sobbing and saying he doesn't think he will ever come back, said his goodbyes. Nobody can leave the building now, shots are ringing out as people try to escape but the army is blocking everyone in an 8mi radius of the seafood market.
>Military was firing gas cannisters (think tear gas) into buildings around the seafood market hence the shot sounds
>Sympathetic party members have told locals that people taken by truck before the powder drops were taken north into some field hospital, essentially given hide doses of morphine to ease their passing.
>Weibo is being wiped down by police units but they are not holding people anymore due to infection risk.
>Everyone was told to stay inside during the disinfection process last night but stupid people let their children play in it like snow.
>Black smoke has been seen above areas near the seafood market, local groupchats have been gathering people to burn down the residences of the market workers who first reported symptoms on Dec 8th but he isn't sure if the two are related.
>You cannot even get near the hospitals now, everything is at max capacity and white tanks are being used to clear the surrounding streets. Word is out from hospital staff, unlikely that anyone working from the 20th of Dec in 3 hospitals and local outpatient clinics is not infected.
>'We have given up, at first we panic but now we are united by apathy - death is soon upon us all'
>Friend attended another local council meeting, these are just neighborhood friends and families who are looking out for each other.
>There are atleast 3 factions forming in Wuhan and hubei province, the first is believed to have emerged after the black smoke was seen above the seafood market - these are likely workers who ran wild animal stalls and other wet market stalls.
>People are ANGRY about the lack of hygiene and consumption of these so called delicacy dishes - this appears to be the second faction which has been burning out apartments and rural homes owned by seafood market workers & those who attended the hospital after the 8th of Dec with pneumonia.
>Finally a shoddy coalition force of police, party members and fierce supporters of both - They are trying to keep a lid on everything, exposing anyone filming on phones or 'spreading rumors' through weibo and wechat.
>NOTHING is coming into Wuhan besides military trucks, only one supermarket is being kept stocked for local and foreign press to show that videos of stripped stores don't reflect the situation.
>Unknown meats are already being sold to the older generation who have no qualms buying pounds of it and using it in stews. Primate meat was being sold BEFORE the lockdown.
>One of the faction leaders believes PRC aircraft dropped chlorine dioxide powder causing the recent reports of burnt lungs and further worsening those with respiratory problems. From what I understand he is 2nd in charge of the faction which emerged from the seafood market.
Alot of crazy shit is coming out, two factions have met and exchanged info, friend was there during the meet so I have a rundown
I hope they suffered
>>23 Who? Wuhan Anon's family?
(23.35 KB 554x369 flag (17).png)
>>18 please,give this self-defense archive link to your friend https://archive.org/details/folkscanomy_defense
(531.69 KB 1882x1841 1580543698226.jpg)
(34.36 KB 640x513 1580636721571.jpg)
there's also a corona-thread on /pol >How do we make the best of the recent virus outbreak? >>>/pol/19861
(1.29 MB 2676x1590 1581880122817.jpg)
>>1 lets update that <<INFECTED: 983,006>> http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 >NEWS Barron's: China figures don't add up, likely simulated http://archive.is/gzUVo Beijing scientists: virus probably originated from Wuhan biolab http://archive.is/eHOIk Hubei in total lockdown, residents shouldn't go out http://archive.is/zN7q5 Westerdam docks in Cambodia, had infected on board http://archive.is/KOGx1#selection-2317.0-2320.0 Nissan to shut Japan factory due to shortages http://archive.is/tqJyP >RESEARCH Testicular damage http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022418 Reinfection possible and even deadlier http://archive.is/Iw58p r0 between 6.11 and 8.18, higher than expected http://doi.org/10.1101/2020.02.12.20022434 Incubation period of 24 days, longer than expected http://archive.is/8dsa9 Infection could reach 60% of world population http://archive.is/Xcxwm >REMINDER Infected come out negative 50 to 70% of the time http://archive.is/yyGJm#selection-1183.0-1183.112 CDC: Test kits in the U.S and 30 countries are flawed http://archive.is/cLmse Japan confirms China doesn't count suspected in death toll http://archive.is/H1Bm1 Crematorium: 127 bodies, 48 suspected and only 8 confirmed http://archive.is/Lb6ry >"DETECTED" CASES ► C: 69,289 ► D: 1,671 >LATEST 12:50: 3 new cases in Singapore 11:01: 2 new cases and 1 new death in Taiwan 10:29: 1 new case in Japan 10:22: 5 new cases in Japan >CHINA ► C: 68,509 ► D: 1,666 >WORLD ► C: 780 ► D: 5 Death Princess 355 Singapore 75 Japan 59|1 Hong Kong 57|1 Thailand 34 South Korea 29 Malaysia 22 Taiwan 20|1 Germany 16 Vietnam 16 United States 15 Australia 15 France 12|1 Macau 10 United Kingdom 9 Canada 8 United Arab Emirates 8 Philippines 3|1 Italy 3 India 3 Russia 2 Spain 2 Egypt 1 Sweden 1 Belgium 1 Cambodia 1 Finland 1 Nepal 1 Sri Lanka 1 More: https://pastebin.com/raw/qy5RFpVX


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