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Sven Johannson 10/14/2019 (Mon) 00:44:02 No. 59
where are you all
>Britain codeine man
>Polish general / business man / team leader
>the americans (chitown guy, stalin, justin)
>the canadian guy
>aussie man
>kiwi man
>the israeli stalker
>the german former normie guy
whom else did I forget?
the russian libertarian guy
The end was always just around the corner.
>the german former normie guy
damn right im german and a fucking based epic gamer
brudi, kommsch bei muslim federation auf steam
gibt sogar döner und ayran
American stripper anon reporting for duty.
public service announcement:

there is a doomer board on 8camel. I was BO for some time but now Davey is modmin. He seems to be some newfag who came in late.
But he seems to enjoy it

>8camel is down for maintenance
missing doomers,
just wanted to inform you

all "alt chans" you might be posting on are probably compromised deeply
lately, someone claiming to be spacechan /b/ dudmin contacted me offering me admin status of the soon to be created /doomer/ board. today it went live
This was after my admin status of 8channel/doomer/ was revoked and board was given to some Davey person

This sounds very fishy to me and I want to disclose this to the diaspora as well
most of those sites seem to be either in direct control of freech or by their proxies and are probably a harvesting ground for mentally unstable individuals like this shuayby guy

much likely compromised by people with bad intentions:
they are pretty much all a giantic discord tranny circlejerk doing shady stuff behind anons back

most likely also compromised:
>endchan (freech traditionally had a stronghold position there on /am/ and various other 8ch substitutes)

>dragonchan (some new faggot with no background appearing, probably same shit)

>so what now
avoid any of those boards unless you want to be indoctrinated with tranny and homo shit or bombarded with spam
Imageboards are shit anyways
find something productive to do, yes even video games are better hobby than tranny chans

I really hoped to get the diaspora together again but this seems to be impossible
in any case, I wish all you the best for the future and thank you for the time spent
I want to use this oppurtunity to express my unhappiness about the current state of alternative imageboards.
Pretty much every single one of those imageboards:
>libreland (formerly)
>8channel (likely run by the libreland fag)
>mewch (formerly)
>formerly GNFOS
>dragonchan most likely too, why else would they be allowed to shill their board here otherwise
>and all the other ones I forgot
are compromised

they are run either directly by /intl/ goons or by proxy from one of their discord tranny friends. They are a group of crossdressing closet homosexuals, drug abusers and negligent parents with lawsuits running against them who seem to be milking us gullible 8chan faggots for lulz.
You have moved on from being piggies on Slim Jims pig farm to being rats in Freech's tranny laboratory.
I have been researching this issue for the past 2 weeks and I came to conclusion that

As a patriotic 8channer, it is your holy duty to abandon all those gay "alt" chans and never return again.
For me chan sites were just time sink activities to kill time when I was not daytrading and waiting for new data to analyse.
However, if your entire life revolves around chan sites, it might be best for you to go back to 4chan and hope Jimbo reopens up 8ch some time in the future.
At 4cuck at least you have traffic and the board does not consist of internet personas. Or maybe, you know, could find other things to do in life. Like hobbies or a business.

To all my /doomer/ friends, I am unhappy that it did not work out with diaspora finding together again but maybe it is better that it all fell apart.
To all these other homosexuals I wish that Allah the allmighty strucks you all down with a big fat beautiful lightning and fries you into particles of dust so that not even your whores of mothers can recognise you anymore.

Fuck imageboards and fuck admins and siteowners.
I will not come online again and wish you the best for the future anons
Death to all power-attracted despots
>when you speak out the truth and they shut it down


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