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Ideas for Enstating a proper Eugenics Program Anonymous 02/04/2020 (Tue) 08:44:48 No. 2
So where do we start with this one boys? I believe a forced Eugenics program would raise to many eyebrows and you might get some riots in your hands. Additionally I believe allowing the state full control over reproduction is very very dangerous. To combat these issues we most come up with ideas for voluntary programs. I think abortion is a good start honestly because it is already voluntary eugenics but it’s too broad and just takes out everything not just specific disgenic traits. The solution to this would be some restrictions on abortion based on certain genetic traits that would be beneficial to keep. Another possibility would be a voluntary program where people will be compensated for using in which their genetics are analyzed and if they are deemed good they are matched with another person with acceptable genetics for breeding purposes. If their genetics are not good they will be sterilized voluntarily with some kind of compensation. I also think their should be government mandates exercise programs for all ages and heavy restricts on food production that limit chemical shit. Those are my ideas so far. Any other ideas?
i very much support the idea of voluntary sterilisation WITH compensation. at the moment undesirables are the highest output in breeding terms. where white families that care about their progeny will only reproduce if (if!) and when they can afford to support them well through schooling and into a good position (btw, this is how jews and indians still do it), the undesirables spawn with impunity at every opportunity, without regard or intention of support, causing the offspring to grow into a further cycle of poverty and crime. the natural greed of these uncouth monkeys would easily allow them to trade chemical castration for the price of their next hit of crack, some watermelon, and maybe a bucket of kfc. to my mind this is a small price to pay.
>>3 I also think that people who have good genetics should be given some benefits for having children. This would be for people that are paired through this program or not. For example a couple gets together randomly and they believe they have good genetics so they go get tested and if the qualify they get some benefits. I do not think this program should be forced in anyway. Both for the sterilization or for the reproduction side of it. If want to have a kid without the government being involved there should be no restrictions whatsoever.
>>4 The key to this is how to enstate these ideas and programs without having riots on your hands. That’s gonna be the tricky part. In order to solve this I think we need to teach people more about genetics and show them how in our current age there is not real threat forcing our species to evolve and adapt. The comfort and laziness of our society is allowing shitty genetics that would normally die out to continue. People need to be instilled with a sense of duty to their offspring and species in order to make the best reproductive choices possible.


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