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Blackshirt 12/19/2019 (Thu) 01:33:23 Id:bb5687 No. 23
How do I introduce Fascism and later National Socialism into the minds of my peers without having them instantly recoil in disgust and hatred due to the propaganda we all know they have been infected with? I have slowly gotten a few of them to eek over bit by bit on some stuff, but they're still either hardcore Trump worshiping Zionists or Libertarians that refuse to even listen to what I'm saying. Is it rhetoric, do I give them books to read, how do I do this?
MAGApedes are in a cult, read Snapping by Conway on how different kinds of cult deprogramming work.

Libertarians like books, especially stuff that isn't explicitly aligned.
Russell Kirk's Conservative Mind redpills on why Reactionary thought reacted to Classical Liberalism in Jacobin revolution.
Dugin's Fourth Political Theory and Troy Southgate's Tradition And Revolution are good places to get at Anarchist oriented people.

Feudal Society i&ii by Bloch and Gies' Cathedral, Forge And Waterwheel are great for deprogramming Hollywood/Liberal memes about how "awful" and "unfree" the feudal system was, and are purely History books.
These are good books (4PT, T&R, Feudalism books) for redpilling anprims too.

(All these are on libgen and b-ok in multiple formats; recommend Fbreader and/or Ebookdroid for the ebook-challenged)
Economics and nature are the best introductions to fascism.
Both demonstrate the benefit of the basics of fascism and cannot be denied as theyre easily observed in nature and in history.
If they are more wishy washy moderate or something like that and are frustrated with things in the world, some things could work.
Give him information, bit by bit, vid by vid, about the things that lead to the conclusion you want.
Example, he thinks that immigration is bad. You can send him vids about what is going on in places like Germany, cuckservative vids or just something from people he may like or watch that have some redpilled things to say. After they are redpilled on these things, you can further progress on other things, better content creators for him to watch, discuss things with him. Never go overboard. When you reach a point where you are arguing or are in a debate rather than a circlejerk like conversation, then you fucked up.
Only introduce ideas that naturally lead to said ideology. If you come to a liberal and tell him:
>Fascism wasn't all that bad
Then you will be written off immediately.
You need to know your audience and develop from there. Once the person thinks you are evil (have a too different ideology) then you will be ignored on many levels.
Well, if they are interested in Israel, I think this would be a grade-A move:
>Introduce to Israeli channel
>Discuss together the vids on there that you watch and share them among each other
>After some time, share one video that has some rabbi say something that exposes them (2800 slaves etc)
>"Dude this one jewish dude thinks there should be 2800 nonjewish slaves"
So if this is some magapede retard that thinks that Israelis are little angels then the person might think that SOME jews are crazy and fanatic.
You can also share jewish newspapers with him (you'd be surprised how often they talk about "the jewish century ala Soros, etc").
You can pretend you too are being slowly redpilled with him. It's manipulative a bit, but it is effective. You'll just have to LARP about some things (isn't that what you're doing already?)
Also, be patient. This will take years.
You will know by their nature, and you will know their nature by their activities. Do they seel pleasure instead of progressive activities? Or do they seek progressive activities instead of pleasure.
I have several people i talk to about politics. I basically just mention policies from the national socialist program, without using the f-word. If i use any descriptor, its "third position". They think the ideas are great usually.

Most people will not get over their brainwashing to be okay with supporting fascism if you tell them that's what it is. Not until we're an actual movement.
>inb4 optics cuck
Yes. Hitler was an optics cuck in the beginning too. America is so ripe for 3rdPstn party. We are needing 1)a calamity such as depression or war to stir action, and 2) quit larping as "nazis".
I’ve had similar experiences to you. Personally I don’t see any problems with the notion of optics provided that while engaging in “optical” behavior one does not dilute the substance of the issue they’re trying to talk on. As soon as you start backing down and cucking on issues is when you become an optics cuck. It’s pragmatic to approach things from certain angles when it comes to engagineg with the bluepilled.


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