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Milsurp rifles Anon 09/06/2019 (Fri) 04:55:43 No. 51 [Reply]
Is the lee enfield/smle (I think that’s the rifle idk lol) with the instabul contract good? A local shop is selling one in .308 winchester for $500. Only lee enfield rifle I’ve seen in the wild
Maybe if it was re-barreled by a competent gunsmith and had a properly bedded reproduction stock it would be a good price, assuming you're talking USD in burgerland. I still see battered but complete British Enfields either side of $300 at local gunshows.
If it's got a dark, oil-soaked stock with copper wire wrapped around the hand-guard I wouldn't go higher than $99.

(272.55 KB 1200x1600 2.jpg)
blanksteel old Guns 08/26/2019 (Mon) 20:22:23 No. 41 [Reply]
hey show off the blanksteel you have(or coated if you like that more)
i show one i made revently i hope the DIY board comes back to neinchan
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no it is only inspired by the early wehren of the 15th century
it had 714 g before sharpening
comes at 42cm blade length and goes to a dude for bushcraftystuff. sould definately be sturty enough to built a shelter with it.

you should make a reverse bowie with a d-guard.
super rare fighting knife that you can't find any decent repo's of in this day and age....
i've done a lot of fabrication and have always wanted to get into knife making, just never got around to it....i literately have everything i need minus a kiln or furnace,i should probably quit being a pussy and make one....it's just so many hobbies so little time....i know i certainly don't have the cash to commission something like that....anyways, nice work man, i really mean it, i see stuff like this and it inspires me to try hard. keep it up!
Anyone here ever tried to make a knife or short sword with an angle grinder, working on an old file perhaps?
I have heard of people doing it but I'd be interested in experiences. I want nothing fancy or to sell just a decent blade that gets the job done
>Maybe using a bench grinder
I tried a small one which I had access to on a piece of scrap metal and I thought it was quite difficult to work with, handling the piece and controlling how much material was removed. As the metal got thinner it heated up unpredictably fast, often resulting in rapid and sudden degradation of the material. Obviously a matter of experience, I know, still I think I would be better at moving the tool rather than the piece I work with.
Actually I was more successful just using a metal file to make a short knife, although that's not what I would use for a bigger project like a sword or a machete.

>old files could be a little brittle, maybe a piece of leaf spring?
yeah, good point, probably impossible to get the blade to a decent sharpness, however I know some old bayonets are often pretty stiff and not sharp, either. Using a garden shear is pretty neat, though. thanks for the idea.
Sure, whatever works Strelok.
Old gardening tools could be a good and cheap source of reasonable metal.


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