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rules (in progress) moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 02:58:36 No. 10 [Reply] History File history
Global rules still apply

/k/ is for weapon talk, only , this does include political discussions on gun rights and self defense rights, such as the second amendment etc.

1. Keep topics on weapons only the only exceptions are as stated above.

Examples of off topic threads
>btfo x
> fag fag fag fag Fag
one liner
>p90 best ( no argument)
>fuck Russian guns (no argument)

2. No porn Period

3 No spamming, no gore

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HITMAN (shoot to kill) [email protected] HITMAN 10/21/2019 (Mon) 22:31:48 No. 72 [Reply]
HITMAN (shoot to kill)

[email protected]

Wow! we are so happy to present to you this new task we have been working on. we manage to build a database of assassins and their contacts all over the world to market them to our clients.

You will present your task, stating your country and we will go through our database to check if a hit man of ours is present there. if yes, your task fee will be negotiated and you will present the full name of the victim,house location,job location,phone numbers and pictures of this victim and with any other information our hit man might need from you.

Remember to secure your self when getting to us to avoid being caught by the security forces.
24/7 support
please can you contact me here for fast and easy communication before we move forward.
[email protected]
Can u assassinate math teachers?
Asking for a friend.

Are there any 8/k/omnandos here? Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 10:08:44 No. 3 [Reply]
How did you make it into the bunker?
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I know but I can't use TOR and Zeronet right now as I won't have access to my computer until like Friday. That's why I made this thread, to see if there are any other methods. BTW any news about when 8ch will be up again?
Nobody knows anything really but it's certainly not going to happen as long as Jim hasn't testified before congress. Dems will want to get him in jail, hoping to somehow make him commit some procedural crime like Mueller did with some of Trump's associates.
I'm happy other /k/omrades have made it neinchan is comfy, just slow. Also no one use endchan it is ran by a commie fag and is most like a alphabet agency operation.
(22.44 KB 494x484 1568245264516.jpg)
As if this isn't a feeb operation???
(31.40 KB 800x383 avtomat kalashnagant.jpg)
ur moms a feeb operation

(272.55 KB 1200x1600 2.jpg)
blanksteel old Guns 08/26/2019 (Mon) 20:22:23 No. 41 [Reply]
hey show off the blanksteel you have(or coated if you like that more)
i show one i made revently i hope the DIY board comes back to neinchan
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I made a knife from the blade of a pair of old garden shears once using a bench grinder. It was ok but wouldn’t hold the best edge and the blade was twisted slightly from the design of the shears. Maybe using a bench grinder would be easier because you can hold the blade to it and move it with greater precision?
Forgot to mention, old files could be a little brittle, maybe a piece of leaf spring?
>Maybe using a bench grinder
I tried a small one which I had access to on a piece of scrap metal and I thought it was quite difficult to work with, handling the piece and controlling how much material was removed. As the metal got thinner it heated up unpredictably fast, often resulting in rapid and sudden degradation of the material. Obviously a matter of experience, I know, still I think I would be better at moving the tool rather than the piece I work with.
Actually I was more successful just using a metal file to make a short knife, although that's not what I would use for a bigger project like a sword or a machete.

>old files could be a little brittle, maybe a piece of leaf spring?
yeah, good point, probably impossible to get the blade to a decent sharpness, however I know some old bayonets are often pretty stiff and not sharp, either. Using a garden shear is pretty neat, though. thanks for the idea.
Sure, whatever works Strelok.
Old gardening tools could be a good and cheap source of reasonable metal.
(96.47 KB 864x1440 knöfeee.jpg)
file is no no for anything larger too brittle, , you can make small knifes from files even tho i only seen forged ones, but you need something with more flex for longer stuff

Mallet Anon 09/06/2019 (Fri) 00:32:02 No. 50 [Reply]
Ever seen a big mallet that just fucking is big, like a big thing and could I use it to cave in skulls of tiny gnomes and fairies?
Every time i take out me walloper to take a piss, m88.
Now, are we talking fantasy gnomes and fairies, or soybeards and faggots? Either way, fuck a mallet, get a tire thumper, preferably with a big ol' steel rod through it
(8.04 KB 425x425 serveimage.jpg)
Imagine having only one dick.

Milsurp rifles Anon 09/06/2019 (Fri) 04:55:43 No. 51 [Reply]
Is the lee enfield/smle (I think that’s the rifle idk lol) with the instabul contract good? A local shop is selling one in .308 winchester for $500. Only lee enfield rifle I’ve seen in the wild
Maybe if it was re-barreled by a competent gunsmith and had a properly bedded reproduction stock it would be a good price, assuming you're talking USD in burgerland. I still see battered but complete British Enfields either side of $300 at local gunshows.
If it's got a dark, oil-soaked stock with copper wire wrapped around the hand-guard I wouldn't go higher than $99.

(465.60 KB 2608x1660 1210883978286.jpg)
(475.05 KB 1323x846 1210887358302.jpg)
Lewds Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 09:47:23 No. 14 [Reply]
Nuf said
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(2.33 MB 300x225 ak_anim.gif)
Russian Babuska

I think 31 is referencing specifically 416 pattern rifles. I'm not completely aware of the field stripping SOP for the 416, but nothing I remember of the rifle requires you to pull out the bolt group to take off the piston.

As 31 describes, a piston system without a piston will act like a standard Direct Impingement AR platform without the bolt cycling (as no gas would strike the bolt-face), causing you to have to use the gun like a bolt-action.

>>31 I agree. Piston guns are really good, keeping most of that gas out of the bolt group and decreases carbon fouling. However, because of how less... "violent", the bolt cycle is, I've seen 416's end up not as reliable in extreme-mud (well out of standard "what the gun should be able to do" keep in mind).

Everything has a positive, and a negative. I for on prefer Direct Impingement for its simplicity mechanically speaking, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a 416.
(55.31 KB 654x600 654px-AK47_Receiver.jpg)
(52.74 KB 577x474 picatinny1.jpg)
(50.59 KB 555x377 picatinny2.jpg)
(38.76 KB 523x404 picatinny3.jpg)
The piston almost always simply unscrews out the front. No disassembly required. That said, this scenario is entirely contrived. If humanity persists for a trillion years I doubt ten people will survive a violent encounter because of this "advantage."

Steel vs Polymer Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 05:11:59 No. 11 [Reply]
Let's see what /k/ has to say about this.



- cheap to produce
- lightweight
- doesn't rust


- Lack of weight makes balance feel off
- recoil isn't as well absorbed as steel
- doesn't outlive the owner
- flexing

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sorry we have had issues with people spaming porn pictures
100 mp file limit tho
Polymer flex is a good thing. It absorbs recoil better than steel, not worse. Learn to physics.

McNuke Thread Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 01:02:45 No. 1 [Reply] History File history
good question

YES, japan is first hand proof, they would not give up to the point of suicideing their whole country. Unless they we 1000% sure that they could not do that, they would have kept on going.
My addendum: So what if they are?

Patrick Henry didn't say "Give me liberty or give me death, UNLESS it's NUKES OMG MOMMMYYYY!!!"

Most people today won't choose liberty over a good wifi connection, let alone liberty over life.


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