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Lewds Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 09:47:23 No. 14 History File history
Nuf said
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Last I read, Russian grenades, you unscrew and remove the fuse and it will have number marked on the bottom of it that indicates, in seconds, what the delay is before detonation after the pin/lever is pulled/flung off.

It varies by quite a bit, I'm told, down to one second, so if using Russky grenades, you would be well served to examine each and find what the delay is, and maybe color code them or otherwise mark them for their time bracket. (Red for less than 3 seconds. orange for 3-5 seconds, etc.
They said no porn, and here you are posting this stuff.

Why isn't the US military using the VASTLY superior MG3/MG42?
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German Fraulein in action
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Thicc American girl leaves nothing to the imagination.
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Dirty action
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Red hot ramming
One of the NEVER-discussed advantages of a gas piston is that you can have your rifle fully loaded (full magazine) and ready to fire while cleaning the gas piston and gas piston tube, thus reducing your vulnerability if it become necessary to clean it in time of duress, because you can still fire it and operate the action one-round-at-a-time if necessary, which is better than a knife and strong language if an enemy is approaching.
So in your scenario, you tear down the rifle to extract the gas system and reassemble the rifle prior to cleaning the piston?

That doesn't seem likely to work reliably, if at all, for an AK. How would the bolt be held in battery if the carrier/piston is out? How would the next round be fed, even manually?

In a more general sense, how often is piston fouling the point of failure to cycle, and even if it were, how often would intentionally reducing the rifle to bolt action be an improvement over the intermittent cyclic action of a fouled gas piston system?
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Beyond description
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Russian Babuska

I think 31 is referencing specifically 416 pattern rifles. I'm not completely aware of the field stripping SOP for the 416, but nothing I remember of the rifle requires you to pull out the bolt group to take off the piston.

As 31 describes, a piston system without a piston will act like a standard Direct Impingement AR platform without the bolt cycling (as no gas would strike the bolt-face), causing you to have to use the gun like a bolt-action.

>>31 I agree. Piston guns are really good, keeping most of that gas out of the bolt group and decreases carbon fouling. However, because of how less... "violent", the bolt cycle is, I've seen 416's end up not as reliable in extreme-mud (well out of standard "what the gun should be able to do" keep in mind).

Everything has a positive, and a negative. I for on prefer Direct Impingement for its simplicity mechanically speaking, but I wouldn't hesitate to pick up a 416.
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The piston almost always simply unscrews out the front. No disassembly required. That said, this scenario is entirely contrived. If humanity persists for a trillion years I doubt ten people will survive a violent encounter because of this "advantage."


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