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meta Anonymous Board owner 02/11/2020 (Tue) 18:09:03 No. 1
this board is for direct communication with neinchan mods you can apply to be a moderator in this thread you are encouraged to post reports or complaints in this thread as well (when reporting link posts as well plz)
It seems that your Website is shown as Unsafe in Firefox. So i decided to contact you and ask if this is an Issue from you or me?.
I don't know if it is the right place to warn mods, but be aware that actual c p is on the /pol/ board, here is the thread >>21480 Please delete it.
>>2 No problems on Tor, chrome or chromium for me
>>3 We are on alert for that thanks for the heads up
>>2 >unsafe because it is. without https we have no way of knowing if we actually connect to neinchan or another site pretending to be. this is a long known issue and I don't get why it's not implemented. >>4 >no problems on Tor possibly but offering no https puts users at risk nonetheless
Despite being far under the maximum file size of 100MB, and being allowed on the board, I seem to be unable to upload PDF files. Are they not permitted per a site-wide rule or something?
>5 Pedobot did it again >>21534 Please watch out!
>>8 The system that allows us to change what filetype extensions are allowed to be uploaded is a bit wonky and I'll be working on seeing if I can get it working
>>11 OK. The wording surrounding the usage of that functionality is also a little unclear. I assume that leaving the text box empty would allow the default set of file extensions, whatever they may be, am I correct? Does putting a file extension in the text box add it to the set of allow files, or does it overwrite them? Also, with all the crazy image file formats kids are using these days, it may be easier to blacklist unwanted file types than to specify which to allow. Thanks for the all the hard work.
>>13 it has a standard set but it allows extras to be added but the way you need to format it is kinda weird
>>14 it should be working in a day or two the code guy is just gonna do the backend stuff for me
>>16 pdf works now
>>1 A /sig/ mod seems to be threatening to delete a question in the board's dedicated meta thread. Dunno if it's for or against the spirit Nein is trying to embody, but I figure mentioning it is better than not. Hopefully a decision can set a precedent and make things easier down the road.
>>18 this is quite an interesting question usually i think boards should remain autonomous unless breaking global rules but he does have a point it is indeed a thing that has been pushed and its has been a slide as he mentioned on 8 before we do not condoning or pushing racemixing breaks our global rules which require you to be based so he is indeed right if you have anymore concerns whether similar to this or not do not hesitate to ask again
>>19 forgot tag
>>18 That would be me. My response to the "question" in question is in that thread and I felt my reasoning was clear enough. If you take issue, we can discuss it here, or, since it may drag out, preferably in the said /sig/ meta.
>>17 Thanks for the quick fix with the PDFs. Glad to see it wasn't just me.
>>22 i couldve done it quicker but i was a brainlet and swapped two words around
>>21 good to see your initiation to resolve this issue
old anon here admin check your dms we found monikor
>>1 The picture previews on the main page are nice, but not when /b/ is shitting up the site with porn. Braphog porn at that. Unless it's a 200 iq ploy to destroy sexual thoughts, no, even if it is, it's not good for the site, imo.
>>28 It's been taken care of Porn is not allowed on any board
I've been thinking of doing a security audit of this site to look for the worst vulnerabilities. It's only a matter of time until we're targeted, if we haven't been already. Everything I've seen so far points to this site not having someone especially security oriented in charge of maintenance. I would only let you guys know what I found and how to fix it. I don't have time right now but might get some time soon. I'll give you a heads up for sure though. If you haven't thought about this side of things now's probably the time to start thinking and step it up a little bit even.
>>30 I'll look forward to your evaluation We should probably get https as a start
>>31 we do have https already
Why was my board /b/ taken from me?
>>40 >we do have https already something about the config is odd, tho. I use https everythere which should force https but it doesn't work. I have to manually insert the s into the link.
(35.12 KB 1280x720 two of our greatest allies.jpg)
Can you automatically remove exif data from uploads? LynxChan has this feature built in. You just have to enable to option to strip exif data, and install exiftool. See the Optional dependencies section here https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan. So for example this uploaded image should not have any exif data if I download and check.
I just downloaded the image and checked. Exif data is still there.
>>41 obvious reasons and if you now only noticed after a few days its kinda clear
Requesting anons larp with me against cuckchanners If they ask of this place glows always answer yes
There are a lot of one liner slide threads on the catalog often with just a pepe. Not sure if it's cuckchan but they're definitely not from here. I reported a bunch, hope you can clear them out.
>>47 yes the 4ckuck immigrants are mostly faggots and i hope well assimilated users of this board report and gay and cuckpilled posts and threads
Any updates on adding nofollow to anchor tags (links) and adding exiftool to automatically clean the exif data? I know it hasn't been long but they should be simple changes an I can help as needed with any sticking points.
>>53 im sorry but i completely forgot about it being honest ive just sent a message to the backend guy asking if he can do it since this goes a bit beyond my knowledge of tech


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