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RECRUITMENT GENERAL Anonymous Root 10/25/2019 (Fri) 19:32:29 No. 46
The number of active posters went up, yet most of the staff remained inactive. Those were recently purged and we are in search of dedicated volunteers, to help us keep all boards nice and clean.

If you were a part of our staff and were purged, you can apply for their position again, under promise of being active.

If you are a regular poster wanting to be incorporated in managing certain boards you can request an invite link to the vetting server ITT. There you'll be required to write your reasons for wanting to become a staff member, if those are acceptable we'll proceed to a voice chat vetting.

You will start as a board volunteer, but it is possible to gain more permissions by being active and proving yourself useful.
I might volunteer. Been here since the beginning. What are you looking for specifically?
For you to be active and keep an eye on the board
on second thought their are a lot of idiotic and toxic people here. no effort is made to ban them, so i can see what kind of "values" upper management must have. Dont think i'll stick around.
it's not about banning everyone, we mainly delete illegal posts. And it's quite ineffective to ban tor nodes
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