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(249.52 KB 1914x1030 Boomerbot 4.png)
Boomerbot Mourning_Star (Admin) 11/23/2019 (Sat) 00:58:38 No. 78

Boomerbot is a police state.

This thread is to post screens of boomerbot so they can be added to the word filter.

Boomerbot has returned and is posting aggressively.

Pic related, this is just today, 22 Nov 2019, alone.

The day is not even over yet.

When is word filter coming?

Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/23/2019 (Sat) 01:00:41.
(130.74 KB 1441x765 boomerbot 1.png)
(12.43 KB 913x92 boomerbot 2.png)
(28.90 KB 859x200 boomerbot 3.png)
(277.90 KB 1920x1080 Boomerbot 5.png)
23 Nov 2019
boomerbot appears to ip hop, so it lekely posted from that IP you were using
(31.71 KB 1459x164 boomerbot 6.png)
12 dec 2019
(26.46 KB 1177x213 boomerbot 7.png)

boomerbot is an inept ingorant police state jew nigger.

dont forget to blame americans to deflect your kikery.
(18.47 KB 1519x137 boomerbot 8.png)

boomerbot is a police state loving jew nigger whore.

its evolving, its text posts have been updated.

keep an eye out for these.

anything referencing debt war tyranny police state bill of rights in unrelated thread is likely boomerbot
(33.81 KB 1737x180 boomerbot 9.png)

more boomerbot faggotry
(52.84 KB 1516x322 boomerbot 10.png)

new boomerbot pasta

plebbitspacing and same liguistic patterns

also posted on legendary boomerbot posting thread

only difference is while hitting the same standard talking points as classic boomerbot, its saying whitepills about its points rather than standard blackpills

post deleted
(36.12 KB 1459x233 boomerbot 11.png)
compare with:
classic style boomerbot posts
same levels of faggotry
(29.81 KB 1515x138 boomerbot 12.png)

boomerbot has tried avoiding detection by not plebbitspacing

but its same copypastas give it away.

boomerbot is a pussy soy faggoty police state.

the only one boomerbot fools is boomerbot itself.

post deleted.
(5.85 KB 439x90 boomerbot faggotry.png)
(51.86 KB 1522x448 boomerbot 13.png)
the chinkposter jew faggot known as boomerbot is at it again.
post deleted. yawn.
(19.69 KB 1515x172 boomerbot 14.png)
more of the same... yawn.
post deleted.
(9.14 KB 916x90 boomerbot is a faggot.png)

boomerbot keeps posting

and i keep deleting


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