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a poem to a kike i banned Anonymous Root 09/19/2019 (Thu) 18:10:57 No. 8
you are not white you are a jew
shoo shoo you dirty hebrew
how can you talk about speaking your mind? when you have tried to ban every anti semite
or all racists alike?
you damn kike.
t.neinchan moderation team
(120.71 KB 1843x492 frenchkike.png)
screencap of original reason user got banned
tried to ban antisemitism and racism on his board and now he is permanently banned
The Quick Reply bar has issues... When resizing the post form, it only gets bigger and bigger until eventually it's outside of the screen (and the X button too). At that point I have to refresh the page to reset things.
I looked at postCommon.js but couldn't tell where the resizing was being done.
to elaborate, if I mousedown the corner of this box that I am typing in, the box becomes wider whenever I move the mouse, and by that I mean that the box edge will move to the RIGHT when I move the mouse DOWN or UP or any other direction... In fact this is why the box can't be down-scaled: The effect of dragging LEFT is cancelled out by this weird universal RIGHT behavior.
use firefox
Racism and anti-Semitism are evil, goy


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