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(772.81 KB 1734x740 Untitled.png)
STOP TELLING JEW NIGGERS ABOUT THIS PLACE!!! Mourning_Star (Admin) 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:31:28 No. 12516 [Reply] [Last]


Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:37:10.
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Why are there so many cuckchan tier threads being made. Who is linking us
>>12516 Is this the nigger thread or the troll thread?
>>23319 Most of them are leaving as quickly as the came so don't worry to much anon.
(203.93 KB 1181x821 20200222_090131.jpg)
>>12673 Too late. I am gonna spam you with Urantia.

(19.75 KB 282x179 download.jpg)
Rules (in progress) moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:11:33 Id:62c836 No. 983 [Reply] [Last]
This message is part of official neinchan terms of service Global rules still apply IMPORTANT REMINDER: if you see that you have been banned for something you are absolutely sure you did not do then the problem is that an already banned ip has been assigned to you, if you wait for a few minutes and try again it should work everything on this site is satire and not to be taken serious ANOTHER IMPORTANT REMINDER: this is a Minecraft fansite and any material, actions or ideas expressed here are referring to doing or expressing something within the videogame "Minecraft" Users are responsible for any misunderstandings that may occur 1. Keep topics close to politics any non political threads will be banned I will create a thread for one liners/ questions examples of non political threads >how can whitey compete

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by blackjack on 01/29/2020 (Wed) 15:47:13.
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>>22681 Great thanks, if you need any help or clarification let me know. As long as I can do it from a thread here and not join some chat room.
>>22724 Yeah that's cool If you have any problems or suggestions you can hit us up itt or on /meta/
>>8997 Your post is lebbit spacing though Mr mod. Are you here to exterminate the Plebbitor or becoming one yourself?
the whole internet now knows about this dump
>>23335 Isn't leddit spacing against 4cucks Kinda funny? Also the formatting fucks up bc am phonefagg a lot

(9.45 KB 300x168 images.jpg)
QTDDAT/One liners moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:22:26 Id:580c33 No. 984 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for topics that don't deserve threads/ questions that don't deserve threads/one liner statements only. If you post any of these outside of this thread you will be warned then banned
Edited last time by wickedbrambles on 08/14/2019 (Wed) 03:01:46.
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(5.47 KB 240x250 pepe14.jpg)
is this just a weird coincidence? why does this happen? why does searching this only have one result? stormfront page from 2006 if you search other things with not many good results isn't there normally still a page full of things that were not what you were looking for? what is this word? https://duckduckgo.com/?q=antipunism&atb=v93-1_g&ia=web https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=vfZOXvqqIIvB-gSh6KDICw&q=antipunism&oq=antipunism&gs_l=psy-ab.3...1601.1601..2735...0.0.. pepsiyowg&ved=0ahUKEwi6_dWjhuHnAhWLoJ4KHSE0CLkQ4dUDCAs&uact=5#spf=1582233283262 https://search.myway.com/search/GGmain.jhtml?p2=%5EBYC%5Emni000%5ETTAB02&ptb=B284E95B-C7B4-4698-A6E9-72CEF92EA069&n=783AABE4&cn=US&ln=en&si=&tpr=tbsb&trs=wtt&brwsid=4b3f6336-6fbe-4df4-9ef5-7a002a8bf28a&searchfor=antipunism&st=bar
(17.81 KB 509x339 pepe15.jpg)
and look closely at that (((google))) search link why is "chilledpepsi" part of the link?
>>22917 Filter turns Chilled pepsi into chilled pepsi
>>22944 I meant C P
>>22916 What the hell is antipunism? It seems like a keyword, I get blank page from ddg, bing, google. Not even suggestion of misspelling... WTF?!>>22916

Tobias Rathjen Meme Thread Anonymous 02/21/2020 (Fri) 03:33:35 No. 23001 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion, memeing and news about Saint Brenton H. Tarrant.
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(207.74 KB 836x464 Tell me about bane.png)
>tell me about Tobias, why does he wear the hat?
>>23291 Kek, let's hope this becomes a reality!
(129.93 KB 1229x651 smug h.jpg)
(562.56 KB 1268x1332 pepe tfh trans.png)
>tfw no Tobias anime girls
>>23375 I was just about to start one then I realized my poor drawing skills would just result in something horrifying

Collecting disciples' mailing addresses Anonymous 02/22/2020 (Sat) 15:24:07 No. 23372 [Reply] [Last]
The goal of this thread is to obtain a list of the mailing addresses for all of our lads. I feel that we've really let down the disciples by not even obtaining their address to write in. It must be horrible to put your neck on the line and then get radio silence. The doubt in their minds could be maddening. A doubt that communication and support could assuage. The only productive person to blame is myself. I am too scared or paranoid to call in and get an address, assuming they ask for your name and record your call. Plus I have never done it before. I realized the most productive way around this is to fight my ignorance by researching the issue. If we come together, I believe we can research and brainstorm the most airtight and foolproof ways to get these addresses with minimal risk to ourselves. One thought I had would be to call from a payphone while travelling in another country, and to use a fake name. Do any anons have advice? Making anonymous phone calls: https://freedomhacker.net/make-anonymous-phone-calls/ https://www.wikihow.com/Make-an-Anonymous-Call https://mashtips.com/anonymous-calls-from-phone/ Writing a letter to someone in jail: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-Letter-to-Someone-in-Jail https://writeaprisoner.com/inmate-searchhttps://www.thefreeinmatelocator.com/how-to-write-an-inmate.html
The lawyer's address for paper letters C/O Shane Tait 12/9 Freeman Way, Manukau, Auckland 1010 PO Box 76 538, Manukau City 2241, New Zealand The lawyer's email [email protected] Prison address Brenton Tarrant, Auckland Prison, Private Bag 50124, Albany, North Shore, Auckland 0752 Penitentiary email, because I did not find prison email [email protected] Prison phone numbers +64(09) 442 6600 +640800 256 566

Anti-Tech, Deep Ecology, Tribalism, Primitivism, Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 20:58:53 No. 11357 [Reply] [Last]
How many other people here see that the technopoly is one of the greatest threats to the continued existence of our race and the way of life that we strive for? The more redpilled I become the more I realize that stuff has been heading in the wrong direction for a very long time and that the logical conclusion of our current trajectory is enslavement and the destruction of this planet's natural environment. Eventually, if I get the money, I hope to get off the grid and live in the woods as independently as possible. If you've already read Ted I implore you to read Jacques Ellul. The problem is much greater than technology, it's technique. Everything from the endless drive towards efficiency, centralization and even things like clocks and time, seeing how they dictate every aspect of our lives, disrupting our natural biological clocks and patterns is part of the problem.

>The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
>Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola
>The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter

> The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill (gives good insight into why the Amish do what they do and how it helps preserve stable, close knit communities lacking many of the defects of the degenerate secular world).
>Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Dave Foreman
>The NS Kindred Experiment
>Back To The Land by Jost Turner
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Kaczynski is the model Lone-Wolf. He was able to strike at targets of the ZOG quite successfully. Ultimately, what gave him up was his very distinctive style of writings. His own brother turned him in, and had he not, he might still be blowing up ZOG shit today.
The most fascinating aspect about the man, is that he has a PhD in mathematics, in a dead sub-field of it. Kaczynski has gone on to say that all of modern mathematics is a fraud, and this is a fact that stares you in the face. But nobody will believe you! If you need some scholarly proof of this, I suggest reading the paper "Schizophrenia in contemporary mathematics." by Errett Bishop, if you're interested in that sort of thing.
Civilizations with access to technology will always overpower the ones without it. Then conquer them, enslave them, or bully them around. It's a harsh reality.

Reminder that /sig/ exists and this thread would be right up its alley
Are there any Telegram channels/groups related to this?
Americans hate freedom because Trump does, but would Americans protest if Trump restored the Bill of Rights?

Boomer replies "Okay millennials, but we have all the money" Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 20:49:55 No. 10659 [Reply] [Last]
a boomer replies with "Okay, millennials. But we're the ones who have all the money".

Your money is not going to save you from getting abused by nigger and mexican nurses in the retirement homes, boomer scum. And the millennials sure as shit aren't going to save you. Enjoy rotting in the retirement homes being abused by niggers, you boomer scum
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>average millenial only owns 3%
Then what will the zoomers own? 0%? Worlds fucked.
(171.39 KB 999x528 boomers.png)
boomers need to be genocided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuXzvjBYW8A
>>22376 lol gen X are such cucks they get nothing and they still counter-signal us
>we actually have the money almost like thats the problem. you have all the money. the economy needs people to spend money on things to keep the profit circulating. this is how we fight poverty. but the (((government))) wants to take your money and give it to niggers, and the rich want to line their wallets with it. the niggers spend it on weed and meth, where it then sits in the wallets of mexicans so it can be spent on fucking tacos and apple products, and then it goes to the rich again. now everyone is poor. who gave the (((government))) power to just take whatever they want from you anons? the boomers when they voted in the wrong people.
Americans scream that the (((government))) can police itself, but doesn't the fact that truth-tellers like Assange and Manning are in jail, but Deep State criminals like TSA agents, CIA torturers, police officers who shoot unarmed Americans in the back, Clapper, Lerner, Clinton, Obama, and Trump are not seem odd?

(340.88 KB 1339x1500 thejoyofpainting.jpg)
Fine Arts & Meme Making General Bob 02/09/2020 (Sun) 23:47:21 No. 21231 [Reply] [Last]
Noticed how often people ask how to make or edit memes or images? Now there's this thread for that. For anyone wishing to exchange ideas about image editing software (2D or 3D) and their use or just looking for help. Some excellent yet free programs Krita (2D/Gifs - free) https://krita.org/en/download/krita-desktop/ Blender (2D/3D, Video - free) https://www.blender.org/download/ Gimp (2D/Gifs - free) www.gimp.org/downloads/ Inkscape (2D vector - free) https://inkscape.org/release/inkscape-0.92.4/ more suggestions and discussions welcome, politics go elsewhere please ....
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>>22230 Good luck with your game anon. It sounds like you are trying to take a game to market, in which case opsec is important. Obviously we will have enemies checking in on this forum and I can take you at good faith that it's what you meant. Anons are rightfully calling you out for your phrasing because you're implying a lot more than that without any particular basis. It's not an attitude we need.
Bump against necro-fags
>>22132 >>22134 Who is your audience? What is your message?
Bump. Hope you lads will finish your projects.
>>21670 Genre? Lyrics Y/N?

(47.61 KB 720x437 DontSnackOnMeBat.jpeg)
What are you all doing for your opsec? I use whonix, which is as impregnable as you can get without having a complete burner laptop and dedicating it to running Qubes. https://www.whonix.org https://www.qubes-os.org/ I mostly run through TOR now, but there is sometimes a need for a paid VPN. My subscription with (((cyberghost))) is almost up, where should I take my sheckles? BTW, I better not hear that you niggers are going to nein on clearnet. This place has a tor address for a reason. http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/catalog.html pic unrelated, mostly
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>>22589 Wouldn't the smartest way be to download Tor after hopping onto a VPN? I guess I just assumed 90% of users here already had a paid VPN.
>Wouldn't the smartest way be to download Tor after hopping onto a VPN? This probably wouldn't hurt, but wouldn't help either, because the ISP can find out whether someone is using tor, and so can the NSA, I'd assume. Worse, if I were the NSA, I'd assume, that people, who are making it hard for themselves to download tor, are the most promising targets. People simply should use tor on a regular basis, and not waste time to download it in a certain way. It's having no privacy vs. having at the very least some privacy without much effort. IMHO it's much more important to check the GPG signature before running anything. But if someone doesn't know how to use GPG, he should use tor now, and learn GPG later.
>>22598 Yeah realistically you are going to get marginal benefits past a certain point. Those who know how to do it in the most autistic way will, and those who don't won't. Anyone browsing this site without Tor especially after some of the illegal pic spammers has their head up their ass. Unless they are actually smarter than me about all this shit in which case they wouldn't need our dumb advice anyways jej
>>22583 Thank you so much for this! Is there a similar proxy for Google search?
Download Gajim and use XMPP for instant messaging.

(103.44 KB 2048x1256 b1.jpg)
tell me about the jews Anonymous 02/19/2020 (Wed) 11:17:11 No. 22624 [Reply] [Last]
ive been lied to, and the truth was concealed from me. i want you to tell me everything. all of it.
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(90.46 KB 831x517 87342hdfjfs3.jpg)
(11.26 KB 500x560 vxzvdg.png)
>>23131 sure moshe, whatever you say moshe
>>23131 sorry doctor, but already took the jewpill
>See something bad >Look who was involved >jews every time Try it yourself.


no cookies?