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(12.26 KB 475x207 yt.jpg)
Two Questions Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 01:12:56 No. 5618 [Reply]
1) As Jews control every mean of communication (media, internet, etc), can people really communicate? I mean, without any censorship or wiretap?

2) As the Jew-controlled society pushes you to embrace an ideology and "go protest" on streets, what is your level of suspicion, "nihilism"?

It seems that most of conversations have been dumbed down, shut down, banned, sabotaged or lowered to a "right wing" tier now.

They can't re-control the narrative after so many truths and so many shits, but at the same time they've "annulled the enemy" (internet censorship).

As the truth gets harder to take so the "civility of discourse" gets more requirements, with confusion, watering down, algorithm changes, shadow ban, etc.
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The easiest way to fight back at this point would be creating a coalition of Nationalist separatist movements based on Ethnic lines that are all allied. Some kind of title and symbol they share that can be reproduced for each race. Turn the tide against the system/status quo and then divide the conquest amongst ourselves apres vous.
examples would be like the forks in the korean language. north korean and south korean liguistics are drifting apart, and even in northern dialect, thers the dialect that gets used publicly when dear leaders spies can hear, and then theres the language of when its safe to talk.

\pol\ already has its own forks in english vernacular, we just need to evolve it further to be able to communicate, only problem, the meanings of words will have to be figured out instead of being clearly defined, because if we strictly define our dialect, our enemies can decipher our messages.

to be honest, its a chance at a unique linguistic experiment.
>1) As Jews control every mean of communication (media, internet, etc), can people really communicate? I mean, without any censorship or wiretap?
Yeah, it's called IRL. They can't bug everywhere. Start by not talking around your botnet smartphone, alexa and smart TV.
This is the correct approach. People seem to forget that back in the day none of this shit was necessary...

They're not as powerful as you thought without their gadgets.

(1.08 MB 3264x4896 1550394366720.jpg)
women Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 17:57:26 No. 9057 [Reply]
women are moralized by (their biases are dictated by) social pressure; everything in their brain revolves around optimizing their place in the social hierarchy according to their perception of self

they develop their perception of self when they're young according to the emotional feedback they receive for key instinctual behaviors - mostly having to do with nurturing and maintaining their family and friends.

modern women are broken; they aren't rewarded for their instinctual behaviors, they are punished for them, mainly because of the general brokenness of the family and society in general, and so they go to insane lengths to try to get satisfaction for their instincts according to media-brainwashed suggestions, and their entire minds fall apart.

subconsciously they think they can nurture and help their communities by being materialistic judgemental whores; that's just how they're wired after the brainwashing

good news though: violence always works. You can undo this bad brainwashed behavior with violence.
so all is not lost, and never will be, as long as we are willing to claim what is ours by conquest in war.

tl;dr we have to exterminate the jews completely in all-encompassing civil war, then everything will be great
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you're kiked if you are attracted to them, you stupid nigger piece of shit

your race is your primary identity. progenating outside of your race is worse than suicide by far in almost every case, especially in modern circumstances when you only go to them as low hanging fruit allowed to you by your jewish masters.

you fucking animal
this post talks about the evolution of humanity in a way that might help you understand women
That’s a good post. It’s missing some nuance, but genetic based reductionism can explain more than any other single concept, everything builds off of it.

In regards to women, as schumpeter says, they regard themselves as the propagators and guardians and of the race (in a genotypic sense, as opposed to phenotypic). As such, they will mate with whatever they see as the dominate power structure, to ensure their genes get passed on as far and much as possible, regardless of purity. In the past this was acceptable, it was how a tribe could continue despite having all its men killed and how the most fit within the tribe could reproduce beyond normal capacity. But women never needed to adapt to changing environments as fast as men or deal with racial impurities and racial conflict to the same extent. Today, as cross racial interaction has become more common and the set of skills necessary to survive has changed, women are wholly inadequate to fulfill the purpose. The traits women value are no longer the best for survival and they are unable to distinguish between integration (the entire world is integrated thanks to international transportation) and being conquered by foreigners. For the good of the race, their position must be renounced and such reproductive matters must be moved under the control of men.
this is true

we need to start beating the shit out of them all and killing the worst of them
We need to take over or otherwise eliminate the government which will allow us to beat the shit out of them all and kill the worst of them with impunity.
Women are entirely maladapted for success in the modern world and thus deserve no more control over it than negroid tribesmen, which is to say none at all. Their rightful place is as defacto slaves to aryan and northeast asian men. Those are the only groups who can produce anything of value of their own accord today and thus the only ones of value.

(41.25 KB 851x476 gt.jpg)
Greta Thunberg's Melt Down Anonymous 09/23/2019 (Mon) 23:10:49 No. 5731 [Reply]
Just happened right now

Watch from 00:46 to 1:25


The George Soros' climate child globalist communist hero has had a melting down on its own shit.
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shes the new jesus according to church of sweden
there are about 50x soros funding this bad boy,
soros just went media a point to take the heat because he is s senile and an actual nazi
(3.00 MB 1280x720 greta tard.webm)
i always have to ask myself where the fuck people like her come from, out of the millions of people who are poltically active why did this person rise out of nowhere to take center stage...sometimes it comes across as organic and makes sense other times it does not, greta is not someone who got to where she is organically....greta is a psyop and propaganda through and through..i actually feel sad for the poor girl, she's being used...likely on multiple different levels.
(475.74 KB 1134x1015 gretardcorrectthread.JPG)
Greta maintains her eco-fascist credentials by saying fuck-you to the weak Nordic environmentalist movement
I guess she's just bitter because she didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize

The Internet is becoming lame TV Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 00:25:23 No. 7918 [Reply]
This fucker sure shut down fast. It's practically impossible to go anywhere where:
a large amount of people gather (millions)
and you can also speak freely without some niggerkiketranny banning you, or deploying a twitter mob to go after your job

Big tech is now another layer of government enforcing imaginary laws that have real world implications like getting fired or kicked off a payment processor. America sucks, it's a jewish penal colony.


And to those righteous anons out there, we had some great laughs, and learned and taught a lot, hopefully something will happen with all that we've become. it's been good my dudes.
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One wonders if spying on friends, starting trade wars, enacting sanctions, overthrowing governments, bombing enemies, and arming terrorists are good ways to spread peace and freedom to the world.
i ask myself why is it always normies getting shot up? why no high value targets? sure they are harder to get to but one kill would have a much greater effect than even 50 random mudslimes in some church....

...i don't think there has ever been peace or freedom without violence and tyranny first...it's a cycle.
>i ask myself why is it always normies getting shot up?
it's because these people are normies to us but not to the shooters. they see their class mates as root of their personal evil instead of the bigger game. ZOGlings literally fester on every shooting, presumably even glad in secret that all the built up rage is again deflected from them.
Just look at the state of schools and society at large but what will a legion of counselors do about?
nothing and all you will hear from them is muh cyberbullies!
tl;dr young males revolting in a sick society is normal but their righteous anger is cleverly directed away from those (((responsible)))
(61.88 KB 703x629 gretard.JPG)
She's just said 'fuck you' to the evil Nordic environmentalist scum and maintained her eco-fascist credentials
I guess she's just bitter because she didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize
(463.85 KB 601x567 5.png)
Fuck! Wrong thread. better post deviants

(118.33 KB 1634x348 Boomer torment.jpg)
Do boomers deserve this for what they've done to the West? Anonymous 10/25/2019 (Fri) 04:21:43 No. 8652 [Reply]
Pic related.
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Everyone get a load

you look like you need a little bit of som schooling, lemme help ya out

Ya cant take the HEAT
then go to RUSSIA

You gotta

i hope you learned your lesson, now quit YAPPIN on the internet and GET A JOB
>work hard like a boomer
lol boomers had a functioning world gifted to them, compare what you had to do for a living now and back then.
boomers are scum
>the guy paid a nigger to "ignore any ~unreasonable~ request" that's not the same as paying someone to actively abuse her.
lol. you are clearly the low IQ brainlet here if you think a nigger will consider the specifics of the request instead of just making this old ladies life hell. tell me more about what you think niggers are capable of, both mentally and morally.

i also said the nigger would probably treat her like shit regardless of anything else because niggers hate white ppl....you argue like a plebbit faggot.
That guy is from the generation before boomers so boomers are still as cucked as ever

(138.89 KB 736x906 1550969324126.jpg)
Deep Propaganda Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 10:23:31 Id:134f5e No. 4529 [Reply]
This is a thread for developing propaganda to persuade intelligent well-to-do people and for developing a deep ideology to unite the reactionary forces of the world.

You have work to do, take it seriously.

>about women....
next post
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Complete fail.
This is what a real woman looks like.
We don't need to validate the enemy's words.
If anything, show real feminists, ugly, old fags, alone, or those with colored hair, and put a short list of what they stand for such as:
- wants no family and just many sexual partners, like a whore
- acts as a man, failing at being a woman
- not being feminine at all
- is repulsive to real men
- dooms civilization
- is secretly sad
then next to this monster, show a real woman, with a family and a husband, a house, happy, well dressed.
- is not alone
- is fulfilled and prides her family
- loves her husband and pleases him
- also has a sexual life that is meaningful and sane
- does her part to guarantee the survival of our people (don't use racially oriented words such as race, kin, etc.)
I think we could even use "her people" instead of "our people", it brings clarity to the fact that a women should only extend her compassion towards her family and her kin.
Obviously, her family is white, but we may want to avoid taking too perfect looking people either if we want to have a wide range of targets.
Only Tel Aviv? Israel needs complete annihilation from history, jews complete erasure from the human genome.

(5.80 KB 240x219 b099ce79.jpg)
Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 11:26:09 No. 8747 [Reply]
Why not build an island for the ethno-state? Bunch easier.
what i originally suggested or buy one
Terraforming australia would be good. I think like at least 50% of it has no natural water sources so developing river and stream system would make it superior. Also its natually protected by nature that kills off weak and stupid creatures.
>kills off weak and stupid creatures
australian aboriginal people are the stupidest in the world. they are dumber than niggers.
Because even if every /pol/ user of European descent used all their NEETbucks, wagie lettuce and good boy points to do so, the (((media))) would just label it a white supremacist terrorist compound and probably send the US military or the UN do any manner of evil against its inhabitants.

HAPPENING Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 10:25:53 No. 8384 [Reply]
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(403.47 KB 1486x490 when.JPG)
>Munchausen syndrome by proxy
and yes, she does. There's a lot of it about. Women are such attention-whores that some are even willing to destroy their own children to be accepted in the group
wtf does it take to make a man go postal?
diagnosing your own child could and should be a violation of ethics
In an ideal world, anon. We don't exactly live in one.
(1.41 MB 1408x5896 abomination.jpg)
daily reminder that mutilating your body is worse enough if done by (((own decision))) but should be a capital crime punished accordingly if forced upon an innocent child.
>if the internet had never existed
Internet is a multiplier but I think it all started much earlier with the corruption and perverting of especially social and medical science. Its leftist-inspired push to declare any perfectly normal human emotion as pathology while creating nothing but guilt, feelings of incompleteness and sadness.
Today the numbers of soldiers with PTSD skyrocket, ever more children are diagnosed with ADHS and droves of people suddenly think they are actually of the opposite sex.
Why wasn't that such a problem fifty years ago? It's ridiculous how megalomanical doctors and psychologists seem to have no ethics anymore and almost compete what new kind of horror they can unleash.

(34.14 KB 427x190 skrewdriverfaithstruggle.jpg)
Faith In The Struggle Anonymous 09/09/2019 (Mon) 23:16:41 Id:2a1a8a No. 4091 [Reply]
In these days of uncertainty, and political control of western mind by the Zionist media, what have the European - and, closer to home, the British - people got to give them a glimmer of the hope for the future? As you look around and see the hold that the three party dictatorships has got on Britain, you could be forgiven for sitting back and letting this tide of depression and no-hope flow over you. "Three party dictatorship?" you may ask. It has become a three party dictatorship since the men who control the purse-strings decided that the 'Gang of four' and their Liberal allies were just chips off the same old corrupt block as the already controlled Tory and Labour parties.

Any Political party that constitutes a threat whatsoever to this monstrous set up will be viciously slandered by the puppet media, as well as being limited politically by hypocritical means (Race relations acts etc.) and finally criminalized, to attempt to draw public support away from the particular party's cause.

In a normal society the public would question why it was that their own people were being oppressed and jailed for wanting to put their own country and culture first. They would also want to know why other races and cultures were constantly promoted and feted, while their own infinitely superior history, and way of life, were severely neglected and, indeed, belittled. But this, as we know, is no ordinary society. The corridors of power, of this once great nation, have been hijacked by creatures of the worst kind. In some circumstances some of these creatures are actually British people. These traitors, even more than the aliens who control their every move, must be dealt with more severely than anybody else, when the final reckoning finally comes. These people have sold out their race and nation for personal gain.

We, as Nationalists, must overcome the most massive obstacles ever put before a political movement, before we can hope to grasp the reigns of political power. The first and most important thing we must posses is faith. Faith in the greatness of our race. Faith in the ideology of our movement, and finally faith in the inevitability of our final victory. This faith will sustain us through dark periods of oppression, captivity and even death. Faith is not something that dies with the individual, but an everlasting flame which will not be extinguished until the end of time. It is this, and this alone, which our enemies cannot destroy.

We will face increasing media slander, which we will not be allowed to reply to. We will face increased harassment by the politically-controlled police force, which, against maybe their own consciences, will nevertheless obey orders, and set us up for prison sentences that are totally unfounded. We must expect this, and be mentally and physically prepared to forms of opposition will we have the strength to survive, and carry on our struggle throughout our lives. If we here in Britain are to win through to our goal, our key members, and indeed as many as possible of our total membership, must be spiritually and politically committed to our belief in race and history.
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>the survival of the European races
He just gave the reader a tell.
Didn’t you get sick of getting btfo in that other thread, gommrade?
You are thinking all wrong, anon.
Most people are essentially inert, grazing animals at this point. They are content to complain, consume and fornicate. Because of this they don’t really matter, they will just follow - resentfully or otherwise.
Other things that don’t matter:
Political - a puppet show.
Media - all lies.
Mass movements - of what? The apathetic?

What does matter?
The selection of our people who still have a backbone.

'Therefore, in the fight for our new idea, which conforms completely to the primal
meaning of life, we shall find only a small number of comrades in a social order which has become decrepit not only physically, but mentally. From these circles only a few exceptional people will join our ranks, only those few old people whose hearts have remained young & whose courage is still vigorous, but not those who consider it their duty to maintain the status quo.
Against us we have the innumerable army of all those who are lazy-minded & indifferent rather than evil, & those whose self-interest leads them to uphold the present state of affairs. In the apparent hopelessness of our great struggle lie the magnitude of our task & the possibilities of success. A battle-cry, which from the very start will scare off all the petty spirits, or at least discourage them, will become a rallying signal for all those that are of the real fighting mettle.'
Mein Kampf
What you’re really asking is 'how do i stop being inert myself and wtf can i do?'
First you must believe in something because in order to sacrifice and die for something a man must believe in it.
Then comes action.
And Strength flows from action, anon.
Start local and don’t blab or boast: Keep you’re trap shut.
Political redecorating: Posters, stencils, spraypaint.
Social commentary: Petrol, bricks.
You will inspire others who will see the results or your actions.
Be the change you wish to see in the world, anon.

/SIG/ Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 00:43:13 Id:51b800 No. 2916 [Reply]
It’s time to clean your house. What have you done today to improve your mental/physical/spiritual wellbeing anon?

>What is /SIG/ and what is it doing on /pol/?

Since /pol/ is an anti degeneracy board it is only logical that we try and promote the healthiest lifestyle possible. We are against drug abuse, alcoholism, pornography, gluttony and laziness. Taking care of oneself is incredibly important in order to make any sort of positive change in the world. Before we can know right from wrong, we must enrich ourselves spiritually. Before we can argue we must improve our mental knowledge of philosophy. Before we can take back our communities, we must be in top physical condition.

>Why should I self improve?

It’s almost impossible to not indulge in the decadence of the west these days. It has created a mass of MSM slaves focused on vanity and material things, which the powers that be exploit in order to make a submissive population. To truly be independent and righteous individuals we must re-capture our manhood.

>What is the general philosophy of /SIG/

To truly live is to struggle. You must internalize this truth in your being and actions and spread it to others whom you care for. Society as it is now will not last, it’s volatile. The Natural Order shall prevail, as nature is inherently Fascist. You as an individual can always choose to go against the flow and struggle and persevere while the rest of society rots and withers away. It's not an easy path, but you go on because you know that you are in the right and that in the end you will be vindicated. Live to live your life correctly and that will bring happiness to yourself and those around you.

>Basic advice

-Stop drinking sodas and eating junkfood

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I've been going on walks at night, between 2-5 miles. It's been helping my psyche, getting out of house and getting fresh air. I know it's not much, but ist a start
(3.25 MB 640x360 Doomer Goebbels.mp4)
Good man.

In his early twenties Joseph Goebbels wrote these “ten commandments” for dragging yourself out of depression:

>Be good to everybody, especially to mother, father.
>Do not talk much, think a lot.
>Be alone often.
>Try to make your peace with life.
>Get up at 8 and go to bed at 10.
>Read and write the bitterness out of your soul.
>Take plenty of long walks, especially alone.
>Do not neglect your body.
>Try to come to terms with God.
>Do not despair
sounds like he was somewhat inspired by Roman philosopher emperor Marc Aurel
I think he a doctor of Philosophy.


no cookies?