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Liberals=White Supremacy Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 22:46:01 No. 15182 [Reply]
Liberals shut down the conversation and manipulate the optics then get mad at Bowers, get mad at Breivik, get mad at Roof, get mad at Earnest, get mad at Tarrant, get mad at McVeigh. Anyone else think that liberals are actually White supremacists. As they are just giving us no option other than to act at this point?
No, they are kike supremacists.
No. Just as the White man's compassion is his downfall, the downfall of the Kike is his own jewbris. When they've screwed the host over in a long streak, they become overconfident and complacent. This is has happened 109 times previously.

They're sort of like that villain that gloats when he's knocked the hero down, only for the hero to get up and deliver a mortal blow.

(147.07 KB 1832x1031 cB27sdo.jpg)
Anonymous 12/14/2019 (Sat) 05:37:46 No. 15112 [Reply]
8cuck fbi honeypot

Jeffery Epstein included in 2019 trending searches Anonymous 12/13/2019 (Fri) 17:55:30 No. 15014 [Reply]
Realistically, what can be gained out of this beyond normies sharing some memes on kikebook?
The perv is dead, they killed him before he could damage the cabal any further.
There are not gonna be more investigations.

8chan status? Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 18:21:49 Id:5f5436 No. 571 [Reply]
Does anyone know what exactly is going on with 8chan right now? Are they still going with Bitmitigate or did they kick them off too?

Although if we're all honest with ourselves, it would probably better for us all if we left 8chan (which is run by a literal fucking SHITSKIN - pic related) in favor for a better site like this (preferably /pol/ only to keep the degenerates away).
But for that we would all have to choose the same site...

What do you think?
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>any thoughts on /pnd
Never been there
>any thoughts on /pnd/
Nope I don’t browse honeypots
(452.50 KB 1264x1400 ron8kun:pol:.png.png)
>Ron testing some literal who "homemade" blockchain for archival purposes

/pnd/ is glorified /pol/ according to http://archive.li/lP38q
>"I feel like the despair and madness could crush me."
>"8kun is full of fantasies of the coming “boogaloo”"
>"All of this would be bad enough"
>"chilled me to the core"
delicious jew tears, so salty

(24.52 KB 500x500 zion_infinite[1].png)
(151.13 KB 610x345 bitchute.png)
The internet is closing. Anonymous 12/06/2019 (Fri) 22:15:44 No. 14056 [Reply]
Chan culture and all the dissident movements from it depend on the free and uninhibited flow of information. Most of them started and grew with people who "googled" a little too much. Slowly but surely, Google has caught wind of this and started altering its algorithms. Day by day, I feel the internet becoming less and less like an open meadow and more and more like a walled garden. Memes, bits of information are slowly disappearing or becoming harder and harder to find. Communities are no longer formed. Once all the pathways to dissident information are closed off, reality is redefined. Dissent becomes impossible, these is no way to escape the all-seeing eye.

I don't know how many are noticing what's happening to the internet, but it's terrifying. We may well be the last "red-pilled" generation. The age of the open internet seems to be ending.

I was going to link to a tech video on how the number of independent platforms declined over the years, but I can't find it.
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Anyone know how things are progressing with mesh-network technology? It seems like this is the only way forward. The backbone of the internet is controlled and owned. The pipelines have been consolidated and tapped. Who even knows if it's truly possible to communicate anonymously online with all the backdoors. I would think that a distributed mesh network would at least begin to solve these problems. I've seen mesh routers talked about from time to time. Would love to read about the latest updates on this topic if anyone has good info.
Thats why we must become internet archivists. Get hard drives save, save, save everything related to dissident ideas, books, information.
Drop rare books and their translations on libgen. Another great source is http://holocausthandbooks.com/
I'm honestly not worried. The Soviet system tried to stop dissident activity and samizdat. It didn't work.
(762.28 KB 900x2002 150304_consumer-internet1[1].jpg)
I found part of the presentation used in the video, tough not the video itself.

(337.70 KB 640x384 edited3.png)
Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 21:22:11 No. 12582 [Reply]
White Front (Bulgaria) / Бял фронт
Site: www.bfront.org
Twitter - https://twitter.com/WhiteFront1
Telegram - t.me/Whitefrontbulgaria
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(5.12 MB 871x1540 8vni6tto.bmp)
Saw it in propaganda as well so yeah it is in politics idiot, it has no place there unless you are a defective.

Way to go retarded edgelords lol, have you ever talked to "normies" before IRL? Just appear well adjusted, confident and know what you're talking about and people will actually hear you out. Even sometimes become intrigued.

Irony you mention WLP, he would call you gay a as fuck hollywood nazi and in his wordings defective for doing dumb shit like this. You wanna get across to people, dont want to look like a killer thug squad, leave that shit to the weak fags in antifa.

Stfu blackpill virgin, you are just a defeatist and have no idea about people. Correct your fucking spine bro.


As rockwell said 50 years is enough, go radical but dont give them free ammunition with bullshit ok? Again thanks and good luck and best wishes soyboys. Hope you can listen to some reason. If it ain't White it ain't right.
Bulgarians are turkish rape babies and their roots are literally the same as turks (nomadic tribes from central asia).
Only 25% of them can be considered White, the rest are gypsies and god knows what mutts.

If we want to go full 1488, we also need to exclude questionable european races, such as bulgarians, greeks, albanians, maltanese, sicilians and southern spaniards.
Alas we come at an impasse, anon just remember the sheep are to be led not followed.
Hm Maybe take care of the literal horde of negroids amerindians and semites first. I guess we'll see what happens!
(152.99 KB 1000x501 you_not_white_posters.jpg)

(370.35 KB 500x375 1571383962988.jpg)
Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 12:17:30 No. 10912 [Reply]
We all know why niggers live in such a state of depravity, but why do liberals and media have to constantly cover for them? Take Hati for instance, a shitty island nation where the niggers there have deforested their whole country just about. I look it up and these faggots blame colonialism in some articles
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Hey newfag welcome to our fine board guess you came here from the slate article
Americans want to have a civil war because of illegal immigrants, homosexuals, and pot, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
Boomerbot strikes again!
(24.49 KB 301x490 SoyusMaximus.jpg)
leave neinchan faggot cuck
>responding to a month old post in a thread that hasn't be responded to in 12 days
leave neinchan faggot cuck

(113.35 KB 960x960 Negroid loverer.jpg)
Oppritunity..? 12/05/2019 (Thu) 18:54:33 No. 13901 [Reply]
Looks like the basketball Americans have been getting to her. Can you imagine if some psychological expert anons redbilled "Bhad Bhabie"? Can you imagine if this total slut starting acting...better, only for her to claim her secret is knowledge of European heritage/Racial anthropology? Shes obviously going to be very vulnerable, or at least open minded given the feedback she must be getting from the community she thinks she's apart of.

Thoughts? If not her, we at least need to actively be trying to convert known celeberites. "Lil boosie" would be one whos open to being jew pilled.

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i think it's a fucking stupid idea to spend any effort on mudsharks dude.

a thread died for this
Isn't she a half jewess?
Yep. I just looked it up. Father is jew mother is Italian.
>>14048 Her twitter post about jews seems to hint at her being more jew woke then being a jew
she is a living example of why public schools need to be abolished. she cant speak, she cant spell, her elocution is terrible; notwithstanding she is rude and ignorant. and of course the jew media exalts her and has made her a 'celebrity'. the decline of the west, personified.

Stand with the Iranian people fighting the Islamist regime Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 03:04:04 No. 13401 [Reply]
Iran continues to be a threat to its neighbours and to the world. If we do not stop Iran, they will destroy our freedoms.

The Iranian people are protesting peacefully against the Iranian Islamist regime for their insistence on threatening their neighbours with death that has earned them their position as a pariah state burdened with sanctions. The regime has responded with gunfire and tear gas, because the Ayatollah does not want freedom, but rather despotic Islamism.

At this critical turning point in Iranian and world history, it is high time to ask who we wish to support. Do we want to stand with crazed dictators seeking nuclear weapons like the Iranian regime, or do we want to stand with decent democracies like Israel, America, and Saudi Arabia?

This choice is all the more important because of the crazed Islamism being exported by Iran. For instance, the Ayatollah infamously clamored for the death of an author just because he exposed the falsehood of the Moslem faith.

It is time we stood as real Americans against the Iranian regime. No more Ayatollah! No more Rouhani! We must vote to help the Iranian people! We must support one of my favourite world leaders, Netanyahu, leader of the jewish nation!
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>Plebbitfaggot (((/ptg/))) thread
Yikes, fuck off ben garrison
JEWS like Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro have been vocal opponents of mass immigration. The "JEWISH" liberals are basically just liberal White people, since they do not believe in JUDAISM. Those who believe in JUDAISM have never been a threat, and instead are our friend
Shoah Status: Annuddah
We should take all the sanctions that are placed on Iran, take them off of Iran, and place them on Israel instead. They're the rogue nuclear state (we know this thanks to Mordechai Vanunu), they sponsor terrorism (ISIS), and they've attacked the United States (USS Liberty).
(1.18 MB 708x1115 White_man's_burden.png)
(1.31 MB 1700x1252 stuck_in_the_middle_east.jpg)

Nobody cares about your internal semitic conflicts, foreskinsucker.

Go fuck yourself with your "Oded yinon plan" and shove your "Samson option" into your ass.

>The "JEWISH" liberals are basically just liberal White people,
>just liberal White people
>but not the jews, goy !

Daily reminder, that jews are not White and Cultural Marxism (a.k.a liberalism) is a jewish tool to undermine the Western societies.

(50.64 KB 474x631 Russian.jpg)
(42.92 KB 472x321 soros.jpg)
George Soros Tried To Ruin Russia Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 19:54:13 No. 11353 [Reply]
The Open Society was banned from Russia because of subversion.

1) Open Society tried to ruin Russia

2) jew-made movies attack Russia

3) Every jew-owned TV channel attacks Russia

4) Every jew-owned newspaper attacks Russia

5) Every jew-owned magazine attacks Russia

6) jew-controlled UN attacks Russia

7) jew-controlled EU attacks Russia

8) jews hate Trump because he tried to make it cool with Russia

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>You can't criticize jews or question the holocaust in Russia. You can in the US.
This is legal mumbojumbo which has no relevance in daily life though.
In the US senate and congress would ban questioning the holohoax in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the first amendment but you will likely lose your job if you call (((them))) out on the.
in Russia everybody will joke about it.
(13.26 KB 340x311 putin.jpg)
(256.04 KB 900x500 putin moscow.jpg)
jewtin puts Russian ethnonationalists and White nationalists in prison. Meanwhile the numbers of non-Whites migrating into White areas of the country, raping, assaulting etc. ethnic Russians are increasing.
Yeah, it seems that in USA you can do a lot of things on paper, but have severe social and economic repercussions for doing so, while in Russia it's banned but most people don't give a fuck and do it anyway. Slavs understand that laws are only as valid as far as one can enforce them, while oversocialized Americans fall for Talmudic memes.

That doesn't make Putin any less of a kike though.
Personally? No. But they're constitutionally obligated to.
>while in Russia it's banned but most people don't give a fuck and do it anyway.
Seems pointless to ban it at all. Same in France, how many violate their "hate speech" laws? A lot, but they don't give a fuck. These people are our friends, they fight for freedom.


no cookies?