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(991.17 KB 2654x2908 Jewish World Order 1.jpg)
jews redpills KILL ALL JEWS 08/25/2019 (Sun) 23:47:47 Id:2895a1 No. 2405 [Reply]
jews have been kicked a lot of times. the only solution to the juden problem is to kill every single one of them
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Do you have the infographs showing photos of pre-World War 2 newspapers recounting how "Over six million jews died in World War 1"?

I'm also looking for that testimony of a civilian who lived in Hitler's Germany recounting how life was under him and how many benefits the average citizen had.
The image had a stale yellow background.

Thanks in advance, I recently lost my redpill+rare historical photos folders in a hard drive crash (backup included...).


At least I still have my links, this is a very comprehensive pastebin of redpills covering pretty much every subject imaginable.
A true classic.


On the holocaust, photos exposing the true nature of concentration camps.
Which reminds me, anyone got the infograph on the Haavara agreement?


A theatre in Auschwitz.


The BALFOUR DECLARATION, extremely important.
(3.49 MB 1600x2812 (((feminism))).png)

(14.29 KB 478x543 do u dare.jpg)
Gas the Kikes Race War NOW Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 07:05:55 No. 8374 [Reply]
I will not forgive them for what they took from me. I feel my blood boiling and it only gets worse by the day. I will take over this world or die trying.
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(874.20 KB 1557x1200 africanized_west.jpg)
Gather as much useful informations as you can while you stay there, it can be used to spread awareness and further the rightfulness of our cause.
I got some great Africa stories and I’ve only been here for like 4 months
write them down and then drop some redpills around to BTFO niggerlovers.
Here’s some top notch African engineering
>tfw spent too much time slitting beds open when robbing homes and not enough time putting them together

THE ÜBERMENSCH! Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 18:40:28 No. 6630 [Reply]
Theirs three things to the perfect national socialist has a self improvement and a revolutionary mind set I have this mind set the last thing is completely under national socialism this three things in my view makes the perfect national socialist now how do we get into this mind set?
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LeVeyan Satanism
Not at all. I’m not an atheist. I’ve seen the web of the universe personally. It is real and connects all things. But that doesn’t mean that all things are equal. Different beings have different types and amounts of this energy within them. There is heirachy is this world.
Disproven one thing that I have said

(153.64 KB 1279x693 Jewgle.jpg)
Google employees question surveillance tool that detects large worker meetings Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 15:13:09 No. 8608 [Reply]

> Google employees on Wednesday accused the tech giant of building a digital surveillance tool they say could be used to interfere with attempts to organize protests or other labor-related gatherings.

> At least four employees raised concerns about a plug-in for an internal version of the Google Chrome web browser that would detect any attempt to schedule a calendar event with more than 10 rooms or 100 invitees and automatically report it to management, Bloomberg reported. The employees argue that the tool is meant to crack down on labor organization efforts.

> “These claims about the operation and purpose of this extension are categorically false,” Google said in a statement to FOX Business. “This is a pop-up reminder that asks people to be mindful before auto-adding a meeting to the calendars of large numbers of employees.”

> Google said the tool was developed to cut down on a recent increase in internal spam, including event invitations and emails that were sent to large groups of employees. The tool underwent a review for privacy, security and legal concerns ahead of launch and is not intended to block use of calendar invites, the company added.

> Allegations regarding the surveillance tool were detailed in a memo written by a Google employee who argued it was “an attempt of leadership to immediately learn about any workers organization attempts.” The tool is said to not be removable once installed on computers.

> Employees first learned about the tool in September and have reacted with a mixture of mockery and criticism, according to the report.

> Google workers have raised concerns about company leadership’s handling of various issues in recent months. Thousands of employees in company offices around the world staged walkouts in November 2018 to protest Google’s response to claims of sexual misconduct by multiple executives. At the time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai expressed support for the demonstrators.

> Google has also faced criticism over its apparent work to build a censored search engine for China. Company executives confirmed earlier this year that the project had been abandoned.

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they were always evil.
>started by 2 jews
>bankrolled by the NSA to make a massive incrimination/surveillance system
>marxist social engineering from the start

honestly, this isn't surprising. most mega-corps like walmart etc train management to spot and stop unionizing. anyone working for google now is likely a far left shithead anyways, and last i remember the only strike i ever heard of was for some SJW bullshit anyways.

fuck google. i hope all the diversity and feminists they hired destroy them.
they were always evil.
>started by 2 jews
>bankrolled by the NSA to make a massive incrimination/surveillance system
>marxist social engineering from the start

honestly, this isn't surprising. most mega-corps like walmart etc train management to spot and stop unionizing. anyone working for google now is likely a far left shithead anyways, and last i remember the only strike i ever heard of was for some SJW bullshit anyways.

fuck google. i hope all the diversity and feminists they hired destroy them.
site not responding like it normally does. cant tell if something was posted or not as message window doesnt go blank. also posts not showing up unless page refreshed.

(67.74 KB 1002x604 1_trillion.jpg)
One Trillion To Israel Anonymous 10/11/2019 (Fri) 06:14:59 No. 7424 [Reply]
The JewSA has spent over 1 trillion dollars for Israel.
Killing your own nation doesn't come cheap
Our population is around 30 times larger their theirs, so if it's 5.7k for every American, then it's ~190k for every Israeli, but maybe I'm reading that wrong.
if i had 5.7 k$ in the bank, i wouldnt have half the problems i have in life right now, instead it gets taken through taxes and given to the bagelbergs...

this far no further
And that doesn't even include the trillions siphoned off illegally and the trillions that's funded all the jew's proxy-wars
Just imagine how successful the US would have been and what they could have achieved if they had no jews or niggers

(108.87 KB 1000x608 fuckedinfrastructure.jpg)
For California, massive power blackouts could become a way of life Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 05:11:04 No. 8594 [Reply]

>As PG&E begins a second round of fire-safety power shutoffs, it warns a third, bigger blackout could be needed as soon as the weekend.

> LOS ANGELES — Hundreds of thousands of residents of Northern California whose power will be shut off in the next two days got even worse news Wednesday: Another, even larger, blackout is likely over the weekend.

> The state's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Corp., or PG&E, began shutting off electricity to nearly a half-million people Wednesday afternoon, the second massive blackout in two weeks. It said hot, dry winds and low humidity were creating a high risk of sparks and "rapid wildfire spread" from its long-neglected power lines.

> The blackouts will eventually spread to parts of 17 counties — including such large communities as Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa but not San Francisco or San Jose — at least through Thursday afternoon and through Friday afternoon in other parts of the region, PG&E said.

> Mark Quinlan, PG&E's director of environmental health and safety, said that's when the last of the dangerous conditions are expected to end, and only then can its crews go out to inspect 8,000 miles of power lines for damage.

> In the southern part of the state, Southern California Edison said Wednesday night that it was monitoring more than 300,000 customers for a potential power shutoff that could begin Thursday. The potential coverage area includes such large communities as San Bernardino, Malibu, Irvine, Glendale and Palm Springs but not Los Angeles itself, which is served by a separate power company.

> A power "customer" can be a single residence or a large business; a standard conversion that many utilities use assesses 2½ people per customer, meaning as many as 450,000 people could be affected in Northern California. Southern California Edison's potential blackouts could affect more than 750,000 more.

> At the famed Alice's Restaurant in Woodside, in San Mateo County, owner Jamie Kerr bemoaned the "major frustration."

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

It's likely a deep state op to test thresholds of social unrest. They did it in Cali in the early 2000's. Results were favorable for zog, people were begging for their air conditioners back. I'm sure results will be similar this go 'round
The psyche of Commiefornians has been worn down by Michelle Obamas healthy low protein gruel in school lunch program.
Could also be to test the waters for projects Pogo and Zyphr and see how it goes.

Nuke is getting forked Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 17:01:17 No. 8205 [Reply]
Get in before the snapshot /pol/ There is about to be a fork made of the coin, and you'll get the new one for pennies if you get in now.
Heil Hitler!
Praise Kek!
I'm illiterate, put it in plain English for me, i've been thinking of getting into crypto but felt like i missed the bus...tell me what to do.
What did OP mean by this
false alarm.

(194.82 KB 980x551 5db72d162030270d190e9927.JPG)
The terrorists have taken the oil Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 20:26:25 No. 9082 [Reply]
America is going to get it. Count on it.

Brown haired Male with Blonde Female Miscegenation Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 19:26:04 No. 6348 [Reply]
we've all become sensitized and aware of miscegenation of whites with the display and forced acceptance of black man blonde white women couples, but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman. in most white couples the male is rarely blonde, has miscegenation propaganda been going deeper than we've been discussing? should white males with dark features avoid breeding with white females with fairer features? surely if the white race is in danger of going extinct the nordic peoples are in the most danger.
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what does any of that even mean?
Argue all you like that different hair colors are different races. However when an Rh+ and an Rh- have a baby it will die without modern medicine. Dying babies is the definition of different species.
You are definitely schizoid amerimutt OP
Then you better gather the few hundred thousand of them in the world... And realize that zog bloodlines also see their rh neg blood as a claim to their legitimacy
lol,k, tell me what i did wrong and why.
I'm rh- wife is +,neither one of us are amerimutts.

(822.77 KB 2400x1598 white-supremacists1.jpg)
You deleted my home, now I delete your reality Anonymous 08/19/2019 (Mon) 12:57:02 Id:15ba96 No. 1554 [Reply]
If migrants didn't believe white nations were superior - they wouldn't come here.
Meme it so.
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The report function doesn't seem to work, but this shit needs to be gone and filters need to be added to get rid of it.
This. I know it's written by a massive cuckservative and it manages to not really name the jew by saying muh illuminati instead but Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control is a very good book to read if anon wants to learn more about this concept.
the fucker who released niggers? who waged war with jews on his side? who changed his speech depending on whom he was talking to?
if he was for white lands, he should have said so
no jews
no niggers
whites only


no cookies?