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Demographic Targeting of LEO and Military Anonymous 10/23/2019 (Wed) 20:36:08 No. 8554 [Reply]
A white national socialist movement needs to make good, attractive, easily digested propaganda red pills that are targeted at law enforcement, police, and military. This will matter so much more than going after basement pastries, soccer moms, and other assorted normies. Law enforcement and military are the only ones who really enforce the system and can/will get in the way of a natsoc community and it will be these, highly trained elite aryan warriors that a radical violent national socialist movement will have to fight, and will be slaughtered by. Im not trying to say such a movement should preach pacifism and try to turn themselves into sheep instead of wolves, but its been said many times the pen is mightier than the sword. There are literally entire armies already on this planet at the disposal of whoever it is that can program them. The White National Socialist programming should be superior to the jew programming because ours is on the side of truth, whereas the jewish programming is backwards and riddled with lies. With law enforcement on a white natsoc side they wont come down hard when their jew masters beckon them onto a white natsoc seperatist community, perhaps they might even do something crazier than just disobey such an order. Our current day is prime time for this type of attack, or maybe at least the best deal we're going to get with information being so easily distributed right now.
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Get off your fatass and dome me then you fucking faggot. Go do something productive instead of dragging down those who are trying, you wont though, because youre not here to be productive. You are a jewish shill.
>Now how does that make me jewish?
No one said you were, but thanks for outing yourself as a glownigger.
Cry some moar bluenigger
i know you are but what am i you fucking faggots
(27.67 KB 450x200 BUuB4872625.jpg)
oh hey look i found your guys picture online, its both of you together as you made your posts in this thread

Need some advice sorry guys Anonymous 09/11/2019 (Wed) 04:25:17 Id:a66fd3 No. 4252 [Reply]
So I'm in a fucked up situation right now and I understand that it's partially my fault and I REALLY NEED ADVICE because I've been smooth sailing for a long time in "enemy territory."

I work full time in an office, it's been a great job and I've attained a high degree of status in the company in a very short period of time making a positive name for myself because I went in with a "make friends with everyone" attitude and stayed out of office politics to my benefit making me the neutral party every new person is introduced to first. This job is going to be my career and I don't need it ruined by some random chick with an ax to grind but here's my story summarized since I'm not here for a soap box I need advice:
>Start new job
>Do really good make name for myself, groomed for promotion etc.
>This is a HIGHLY diverse city where Europeans are the ethnic minority by a large margin and I was born here
>The office has been changing hands from old whites to young non-whites to help facilitate massive expansion
>They are desperate to hire anyone and offer a cash incentive to get new employees
>I put the word out to my extended group of friends to see if they have anyone they know unemployed because I wanted the cash
>They hired the Progressive Loonie Tunes character from hell - ON MY REFERENCE!
>My friend never told me who she was or what she was about I just wanted the cash
>She's now on a campaign to out me as a white supremacist and sabotage my so far cushy ass job with career prospects

How the hell do I play this off? Any anons care to help? I can give a play by play if more context is needed. She has so far actively tried to tell people I am a "White Supremacist" through whatever an extended friend group had said about me.
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Neither is your "niggers don't like me, muh paycheck" sob story.
(70.19 KB 1245x260 the mind of the normie.png)
just be chill and look harmless her too the crowd. Remember normies are guided by emotions and HATE double standards more than anything. Never ever be along with her and if you are RECORD RECORD RECORD her ass too give evidence too your superiors she's being disruptive in the workplace and going on a campaign against you. Make yourself look like the victim in front of the workplace when she goes batshit insane at you that way you have witnesses too back your ass up when she goes on a rampage. Evidence is EVERYTHING. t-have too work with 2 trannies at my fucking work and I almost want too vomit while looking at them one of which is a Jew
Tell them/her that if you truly were a white supremacist, you would not have people of color as your (close) friends and you would have moved out of this city/region a long time ago already.

Also, you: "... and our mutual friend told me nasty things about your sexual life and hysterical jealousy but the office is not a place for cleaning our dirty laundry".

Also, perhaps lie about your sexual life by saying you fucked a half-spic, half-chinese hottie and she was better at bed than [your friend]. And gentler too, more behaved.
Of course you don't say spic.

The deal really is to make her look like she's on a revenge and ready to break someone's social status and life just because her senseless rage.

Eat with non-whites, don't complain about you friend frontally but allude, in a jaded and annoyed way, how it's not the first time she tries shit like that because she knows that it's an easy way to hurt white people today and she's a loonie.
Laugh at her for thinking you're some kind of closet Hydra, that she should stop watching crappy movies and think it's a real depiction of every day life.
We... had an affair... she drained me, it didn't end well, I said we should stay friends. I gave her info about landing a job here to help her, but she couldn't let it go. She claimed a girl I knew was a.. err... a whore... you know, for some silly reason I can't even remember. The girl was married and it nearly ended in divorce because of the lie.

(98.29 KB 925x863 Black Hole .jpeg)
New Religion Anonymous 10/18/2019 (Fri) 12:41:09 No. 7964 [Reply]
The universe is a web of energy that connects all things. The energy of the universe flows through all living things. You are the living embodiment of all of your ancestors. Your energy is transferred to your descendants when you die, therefore you must persevere your bloodline. You must understand this universal energy, but studying the physical and metaphysical universe. Pursue knowledge, pursue understanding through science and mediation. Feel this energy by taking care of your body and being fit. Have courage and do not fear the unknown, embrace it, study it. Listen to the universe speaking to you through synchronicities. Understand your place in balancing out reality.
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>muh kike on a stick is just fine
religion is for the weak
Most people need something to believe in. You need to give them a higher purpose so they keep their shit together and not become degenerates.
Believe in yourself, you can do it.
Not new. This is the essence of Cosmotheism, faggot. Look it up.
>There's enough religions already and Christianity is just fine if that's your thing. Just disregard the corrupt clergy of today.
I guess the one of yesterday that burned white men and women alive for being too smart is fine?
Or what about the one that grew in the 4th century to become an imperial religion, based on a large sum Jewish books?

Stupid, deceitful religion is.

(604.03 KB 475x637 Gomrade.png)
oppression Many fisto 08/10/2019 (Sat) 11:05:37 Id:d46633 No. 178 [Reply]
My gommunist many fisto

After intense discussion with my life partners poodle during which fluffles consensually mounted my leg. I have come to a firm determination to over throw the oppressors of Walgreens after they have repeatedly refused to provide strawberry ky jelly to the oppressed proletariat, in the form of myself. I have repeatedly and shrilly informed them at length about my needs but they insist on only stocking blueberry or pineapple and both trigger my allergies. This is clear oppression since i have a right to enjoy butt secs in the flavour of my choice.
In addition, Walgreens have consistently refused to use my proper pronouns even though i supplied them with a complete & detailed list on both sides of a laminated A4 sheet.
The store manager is a nazee because hes white & bald.
I have informed Walgreens HR department but they are basically Trump supporters which are basically fascists, basically.

My list of demands:

1.Redistribution of strawberry ky to the proletariat.
2.The abolishment of all lines at Starbucks.
3.Avocado toast must be provided in all safety rooms.
4.Absolute equality for all, especially on the subject of cleaning up poodle shit.
5.Mandatory soy enemas.
6.The complete dismantling of the patriarchy.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(13.05 KB 474x328 dfb.jpeg)
What the fuck did you just fucking say about antifa, you literal nazi? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in rimjobs, and I’ve been involved in numerous butt plug insertions, and I have over 300 confirmed suicide attempts. I am trained in throwing shit and I’m the top glory hole gobbler in the entire US. You are nothing to me but just another shitlord. I can wipe my own ass with my tongue with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with not apologising to me for your cis, white male privilege? Think again, fascist. As we speak I am contacting George Soros and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm you literal nazi. The storm of complaints i will send to your employer. You’re social media will be suspended too, racist! I can be anywhere, any time, as long as i can borrow my mom’s car and I can literally make you feel ill in several ways, and that’s just with my stench. Not only am I extensively trained in gender pronouns, but I have access to the entire range of meds & hormones a man needs to pretend he is a woman and I will use it to its full extent to become a pretty, pretty lady. Just like i always wanted. If only you could have known how triggering your little “clever” comment was, maybe you would have held your cis tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now im literally crying. I will suck Tyrones cum out of my girlfriends ass and he will make me eat it! Im fucking pozzed, kiddo.


Unfortunately, i was unable to put my plans for glorious revolution into action and overthrow the oppressors.

I have just returned from an extended period of incarceration at the behest of the FASCIST at Walgreens under what they claimed was 'mental health issues'.
After having informed Walgreens HR of my LEGITIMATE GRIEVANCE in writing i was summarily arrested by the FASCIST PIG ENFORCERS who arrived at my moms house the next morning and used EXCESSIVE FORCE to violently remove me from the basement and put me in the back of their patrol car even though i loudly and repeatedly informed them that i did not consent. I am quite large and they used a lot of force to get me through the door and i will amend my list of demands to include wider doors on all vehicles to prevent fat shaming and chafing. They also emotionally abused Fluffles who as a good gommunist was only showing solidarity by barking and jumping up and down. I am only glad that my life partner had been staying with Tyrone for the last 2 years or zir would probably have suffered a fatal panic attack. They also unpersoned me throughout this entire ordeal by never using my pronouns and refused visiting rights to Fluffles, my mom and my life partner who i can only assume were desperately concerned by my imprisonment. This horrific treatment continued throughout my incarceration, during which i was FORCIBLY MEDICATED and probably sexually abused while unconscious #metoo,

I am considering taking legal action and expect compensation since I was basically put in a NAZI PRISON CAMP AND TORTURED for demanding my rights!
My therapist says my medication needs adjusting but will medication stop INJUSTICE?

After all this I still don’t have enough KY in the correct flavour and have to get my mom to drive four hours to the nearest supplier because i refuse to buy from Amazon because Jeff Bezos is a skin head. I haven’t enjoyed being penetrated for over a year and am getting increasingly desperate. I have asked Tyrone and zir to ease in but sometimes they cant hear me through the fursuit.
We need a manlyfisto.

(789.29 KB 1527x813 dfaadfadfadf.png)
Why is a video about nuking a city on youtube trending? Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 04:22:30 No. 7708 [Reply]
is this predictive programming?
What do you think they have planned?
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There are no nukes.
i noticed that too. im convinced they handpick everything on the front page, and only allow certain topics based on search results. innocuous shit like cars or something
everyone has nukes
No nukes is good nukes
Nukes AND milk

(113.82 KB 700x600 Brenton_sharpie2.jpg)
I wanted to give a status update on the Ethnostate Project Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 09:31:16 No. 8738 [Reply]
Our main funding source was going to be @Moniker who has dissapeared. I am actually a bit worried he was told to knock it off by the feds. I dont care though we will find another way to advance our cause as a wolfpack. This way the herd stays alive. The jew cannot silence us all.

Seriously what the fuck where is Moniker though?

Anyways, I think our next step is to make a 5013c. If any of you soyboys have a clean record I think you should join your fellow goy on the board of directors of a major non profit that will double as a "Rent crisis" Charity. This way we can take the normie non taxed jew bux.
Can someone explain what this project is? I've missed something, obviously.

What the Fuck are we waiting for? Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 10:36:06 No. 8743 [Reply]
Its time to build the ethnostate lads. We have waited long enough.

We have sat around trying to figure out what jew operation we can concoct to try to make ends meat. Well, fuck that lets just man up and start building the ethnostate one Jew dollar at a time. As former Moot, I am formally announcing we run a fundraising drive on one of my current investments. I know it looks fucking Normiefag tier, actually possibly even fag tier with all the new degenerates that post there. However, we can avoid the degenerates. We can move along with our agenda, post our memes. The goy I run Tiblar with is one of us. He just wants to not be homeless like all of us poorfags. Anyways here are the official links.

https://tiblar.com/WhiteEthnostate/Bottom line is this. We need about $1,000,000 to buy some land, a large scale building for us to do anything major. Obviously I will consult with you guys before anything is done. You guys can spread this thread to the far reaches of the internet with as many shill posts as you want. WE need this man. It is time to finally rise up. The fire is rising.

Which country will it be located in?
What state?
You need to accept crypto. No way I'm putting my credit card in there.

(11.34 KB 225x225 black_astro.jpeg)
Black Man On DA MOON black_astronaut 10/06/2019 (Sun) 15:18:09 No. 7069 [Reply]
Until a person of color has set foot on the moon NASA is a racist white supremacist organisation.


4chan make it happen.
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Those who disagree obviously haven't seen or read Gayniggers From Outer Space. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=msL-XFs3Ggs
>fried chicken
Niggers cannot go to the moon because they know it is made of cheese and the nigger fears the cheese

National Socailism was a cultural and spiritual renaissance Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 12:09:50 No. 5809 [Reply]

National Socialism still lives on in those who know the truth, and we can still have it back, for our nations, and for our race. Heil Hitler.
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This is ridiculous. Socialism doesn't work, it never has. Hitler wasn't socialist, he just called his party socialist to compete with the commies.
Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
Capitalism is importing in millions of nigger slaves to do work you don't want to pay Europeans to do.
Capitalism is importing in millions of spicks to do the work your nigger slaves used to do.
The elites committed fraud and received billion dollar bailouts instead of being jailed.

Politicians get campaign donations to make laws that enslave Americans.

The Gestapo enforce the decrees and think they're not responsible for anything because they're just following orders.

Immoral American sheep don't care that the government is carrying out illegal wars, torturing, unconstitutionally wiretapping, and running up the debt as long as there are bread and circuses.

Americans think pollution will be stopped by regulations, but companies just can pay a bribe.

Americans scream a trade war will make Americans rich, but actually tariffs just raise costs and kill exports.

Americans insist a high minimum wage is necessary, but minimum wages just increase prices and kill jobs.

Americans say banning guns makes everyone safe, but gun bans just take away your right to self-defense and the Gestapo won't protect you.

Americans deserve everything coming to them.
hey....what's a good way to turn vids like this into webms for distro?
Maybe one reason crime is low now when everything is illegal is because no one calls the police anymore.

If feeding the homeless is illegal and you feed the homeless, are you going to call the cops?

(114.74 KB 488x742 cover.jpg)
READ A BOOK Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 05:01:53 No. 8590 [Reply]
Revilo P. Oliver


> CONSERVATISM, when that word was first used in a political sense, correctly implied the maintenance of existing governmental and social institutions and their preservation from all undesirable innovation and substantial change. In Europe and the United States, however, the term has now acquired a quite different and linguistically improper meaning: it implies the restoration of political and social institutions that were radically changed and subverted to produce the governmental and social institutions that now exist.

> Strictly speaking, therefore, 'conservatism' has come, paradoxically, to mean reaction, an effort to purge the nation's social and political organization of deleterious accretions and revolutionary changes imposed upon it in recent times, and to restore it to the pristine state in which it existed at some vaguely or precisely defined time in the past. The persons who now call themselves Conservatives,if they mean what they propose, are really reactionaries, but eschew the more candid word as prejudicial in propaganda.

> In Britain, for example, persons who by conviction call them-selves conservative (as distinct from politicians who think the word useful to stimulate the glands of their victims) have no wish to conserve and preserve the existing situation, which has resulted from the invasion of their country by hordes of aliens who are, by a biological necessity, their racial enemies. On the contrary, they desire a reaction, a return to the time when the British Isles were the property of the creators of their civilization, the Aryan inhabitants,whether Celtic or Teutonic in origin. And I doubt whether there is any contemporary institution — not even the present degradation of the Monarchy — that a British "conservative" would wish to preserve as it now is and without restoring it to its condition in some more or less specific period of the past.

> In the United States, a comparable mutation of the word's political meaning has taken place during the decades through which I have lived. I began as an American conservative: I wished to preserve the American society in which I grew up, not because 1 was unaware of its many and gross deficiencies, but because I saw it threatened by cunningly instigated agitation for changes that would inevitably destroy it and might ultimately result in a reversion to total barbarism. And with the euphoria of youth, 1 imagined that the existing structure, if preserved from subversion, would, under the impact of foreseeable and historically inevitable events, accommodate itself to the realities of the physical and biophysical world and perhaps give to the nation an era of Roman greatness.

> Over the years, as the fatal subversion proceeded gradually,relentlessly, and often stealthily, and was thoughtlessly accepted by a feckless or befuddled populace, I became increasingly aware that 'conservatism' was a misnomer, but I did entertain a hope that the current of thought and feeling represented by the word might succeed in restoring at least the essentials of the society whose passing I regretted. And when I at last decided to involve myself in political effort and agitation, 1 began a painful and very expensive education in political realities.

> Since I have held positions of some importance in several of what seemed the most promising "conservative" movements in the United States, for which I was in one way or another a spokes-man, and I was at the same time an attentive observer of the many comparable organizations and of the effective opposition to all such efforts, friends have convinced me that a succinct and candid ac-count of my political education may make some contribution to the historical record of American "conservatism," should someone in an unpredictable future be interested in studying its rise and fall.
1 post omitted.
> If what I tried to do is more than an example of a kind of sophisticated credulity, readers of the present and students of the putative future may find some interest in the "education", in Henry Adam's use of that word, I received as my most pessimistic fears were again and again proved to have been wildly optimistic. And if this book is to have such interest, I shall have to explain how I came to involve myself in activities that effectively diverted a large part of my time and energy from a form of scholarship in which, if it be not vanity to confess it, I had flattered myself that I could attain the eminence and influence of an A. E. Housman or a Wilamowitz-Moellendorff.

Before I do so, however, I must interject an explicit warning, for this book may come into the hands of readers for whom it is not intended. I do not propose to entertain with anecdotes or to soothe by retelling any of the fairy tales of which Americans seem never to tire. If these pages are worth reading at all, they deal with a problem that is strictly intellectual and historical, and they are therefore ad-dressed only to the comparatively few individuals who are willing and able to consider such questions' objectively and dispassionately,thinking exclusively in terms of demonstrable facts and reason, and without reference to the personal wishes and emotional fixations that are commonly called 'faith' or 'ideals'. It is not my purpose to unsettle the placidity of the many who shrink from unpleasant realities and spare themselves the discomfort of cogitation by assuring themselves that some Savior, most commonly Jesus or Marx,has promised that the earth, if not the whole universe, will soon be rearranged to suit their tastes. As Kipling said of the fanaticists of his day, they must cling to their faith, whatever the cost to the irrationality: "If they desire a thing, they declare it is true. If they desire it not, though that were death itself, they cry aloud, 'It has never been'".

> Persons who are not capable of objectivity or are unwilling to disturb their cerebral repose by facing displeasing facts should never read pages that cannot but perturb them emotionally. If they do so,they must blame the curiosity that impelled them to read words that were not intended for them. The reader has been warned.

< inb4 reddit spacing
>Revilo P. Oliver
Thanks for the recommendation. Looking into his Reflections on the Christ Mythnow, and he seems like quite the interesting author. Will definitely continue reading his stuff.
Modern conservatives are part of the problem. All they want to conserve is the current status quo, and that's not good enough.
(110.29 KB 475x475 3a2heuwv.jpg)
Alex Linder recorded an audiobook (with added commentary), it's well worth listening to.

He did two other works by Oliver - The Jewish Strategy and The Enemy of Our Enemies.
I will say this again for those who never heard this before.
"Modern Conservatives," are permissives - nothing more than Centrist Democrats.
Why Permissives? because they PERMIT the leftist takeover of our government. They PERMIT disenfranchisement of White (European) Males. They PERMIT 'Political Correctness. They PERMIT Zionist Occupation of Washington D.C.
Understand yet?


no cookies?