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/pol/ Humor Thread Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 23:42:18 Id:c83958 No. 3462 [Reply]
You laugh you lose.
there is already a ylyl.

Rare 9/11 Webm Thread. Poast Em Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 22:27:06 Id:3dfc2f No. 3455 [Reply]
Please post what you think happened I mean was it just the Jews or was (((Bush))) (((Cheney))) in on it too?
Fuck Off Faggot

Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 10:18:09 Id:8e165d No. 3222 [Reply] History File history
Is anyone else aware that the internet is heavily censored? In ADDITION to the endless LINKFARM behavior of google.

Does it make anyone else crazy?

Are people aware the internet is controlled so as control NOT ONLY WHAT PEOPLE CAN SAY but to also effect and PREVENT specifically white people from effectively organizing?

I have looked into Tor sites none of which have been posted about in many years and are likely therefore defunct. I have considered IRC which DOESNT really exist for mobile. Which PROBABLY means it is ONE OF the best bets.

Is POL IRC a possibility in the future? Tired need sleep. PLZ read my post. Danke :)
redpill me on tor/deep web pls.
Just harder to censor. Or at least was Not much else to it. Could just as easily be a ruse.

They keep getting shut down because I suspect they either do CP or the sites are bugged from the start. More efforts to control the population.
Don't you like "democracy"?
They've been censoring it for at least a decade, I remember so many fringe sites disappearing from the internet or at least being completely removed from search engines (especially (((goygle))) )

What they are doing now is full 1984

(99.80 KB 800x450 cl0wz.jpeg)
Any word on awd Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 00:58:59 Id:be9bf6 No. 3138 [Reply] History File history
Does anyone know what is going with awd? Last I heared was they are making a comeback and they made a video on it. This is old news just wanting to see what's been going on around here n shit.
Idk, but I know they are on


Just post about them, might get an answer back.
all wheel drive? lmao what THE HECK!

(101.05 KB 620x620 1a1aa1a1a1a1a1a.jpg)
Can America survive? Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 14:37:31 Id:147b0c No. 3349 [Reply]
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Americans are so retarded today that they say the US government only spends money on welfare.

Americans scream Stalin invaded France in 1940 before Germany did.

Americans say winning is losing.

Americans insist that the US is a free country because the laws are not being enforced.

Americans claim sales taxes are not taxes because you can choose not to buy products.

Americans hate personal responsibility so much now that they have motorcycle accidents and then become outraged that the government hasn't banned motorcycles.

The government is destroying the US, but Americans want more government.

Amercans insist supporting tyranny is validated by the authority of their own conscience.

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redpilling a soldier a day will KILL ZOG someday
Americans scream that the US must have tyranny to arrest Clinton and deport illegal immigrants, but the USA is a police state now and Clinton is not in jail and the immigrant aliens haven't left.

Americans insist that you cannot possibly have morality and a free country with mudshits, but the US had freedom and morality and black people in 1999.

What if the police state isn't to be used against your enemies, but will be used against YOU?
Fuck soldiers.
Fuck niggers.
If you love freedom, you might wonder if you should spend your life savings to fight for freedom.

You might wonder if your effort would do any good.

You might ask yourself if Americans deserve to be saved.

You might wonder if surrender is the only answer to tyranny.


(95.53 KB 1082x669 1a1a1aa1a1aa1aa1aa.jpg)
Wearing mask in public to become illegal under proposed law Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 05:19:34 Id:ad762f No. 3394 [Reply]
its just going to make it harder to celebrate halloween
Already illegal in Georgia and has been since the 50's, iirc. I don't know if much has changed because of the law, though.
Everything is illegal, but Americans think there is no crime if no one reports it.

(22.43 KB 640x360 97lczpC4yMrJ_640x360.jpg)
Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 04:06:21 Id:66441c No. 3290 [Reply]
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I just want a machine gun and a handgun in minecraft.
bombs are for pakis.
You don't have to strap it to yourself, you dumb cunt. Suicide bombing is for pakis. Strategically placed bombs are for the White man. In minecraft.
I imagine there are some groups of thugs/griefers that could give you one for a pretty penny in minecraft.
This. Gun control was enacted during the previous Weimar Republic government.

(95.59 KB 1024x862 1565976458266.jpg)
Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 03:01:23 Id:e9808d No. 2296 [Reply]
How many CIA niggers are here compared to 8ch and 4chan /pol/? I wouldn't be surprised if this site was already covered in them.
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To elaborate, I don't mean to "go rogue" in a violent matter, or anything else of the sort. But what I mean is have a glownigger become red/blackpilled about how things are, and to educate other glowniggers on things as well. Thus, bringing more of them on our side. If you don't have a stake in the internal security apparatus, then all of this might as well just be simple LARPing. I never call for violence, though, because that's unproductive, not to mention, low-IQ as fuck.
Do the feds really hate niggers that much?
>in a battle with jihads and niggers
>violence is low IQ
I guess even the Feds are redpilled on dindus after dispensing much of the EBT gibs to them.
yet the gubbmint keeps gibbing da gibs

(1.18 MB 2370x2630 auschwitzeletrocution.jpg)
(701.93 KB 826x569 auschwitzsuisideshotgun.png)
(1.25 MB 1101x1917 auschwitzbearandeagle.png)
Holocaust meme thread Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 02:45:41 Id:56cbbb No. 3387 [Reply]
post your best
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(255.14 KB 925x767 auschwitzrollercoaster.jpg)
(99.67 KB 1000x684 blackbackground (7) (1).jpg)
(167.11 KB 962x1012 torturebeforenuremburg.jpg)
(186.27 KB 853x1432 21questionsaboutholocaust..png)
theres already a thread for that anon.

(95.28 KB 720x757 1aa1aa1aa.jpg)
City Councilman wants to ban plastic utensils in NYC Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 01:07:07 Id:c783c1 No. 3379 [Reply]
Do you work in the plastics industry, OP? Or own shares?

The US is now a police state where everything is illegal and Americans have no rights.

The 1% could confiscate guns and order Americans to go to the concentration camps tomorrow, but the ruling class do not have the manpower and the camps have not built yet.

The elites seem to prefer to slowly kill every possible bit of freedom. Yesterday bump stocks were banned, today silencers will be banned, and pistols will be outlawed tomorrow.

Not only are the ruling powers determined to kill off the 99%, Americans are embracing their slavery with glee.

The media screams the USA must bomb Iran and Americans clap with delight.

The elites say debt doesn't matter and Americans agree.

Trump could decree that every American get their thumbs chopped off with machetes and Americans would jump with joy.

Have Americans ever read a history book?

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no cookies?