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(58.79 KB 618x410 younger4.jpg)
JAMES YOUNGER SAVED FROM INSANE MOTHER Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 04:11:26 No. 10179 [Reply]

>James Younger, the 7-year-old at the heart of the Texas transgender custody battle that incited a national debate, has decided to attend school as a boy under his given name.

>A Facebook post from the Save James account, run by friends and family, reads: "Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose!"

>The boy's father, Jeffrey Younger, insists his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has been pressuring their son James to undergo a gender transition since the child was 3 years old.

>Georgulas enrolled James in kindergarten as a girl and gave him a new name, "Luna," which his teachers would use. Younger feared transgender-affirming therapy sessions and hormone transitioning were just around the corner and that — because of a jury's ruling to deny him custody — he would be forced to comply.

>But on Oct. 24, Judge Kim Cooks reversed the jury's decision and awarded Georgulas and Younger joint managing conservatorship of James and his twin brother, Jude. The ruling granted Younger more time with the boys and meant that both parents would need to consent to any medical treatment given to the children.

>Georgulas has asked for Judge Cooks to be recused from the case and maintains that James insisted upon the transition.

>After Younger was first denied custody rights and the case began to spark public outcry, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the matter.

>In addition to granting joint managing conservatorship, Judge Cooks also placed a gag order on Younger and Georgulas until both of their children reach age 18.

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this outcome only happened because it was a sheboon negress judge. if it was a liberal woke whyte wimmin she would have ordered the bailiff to chop his shit off right there in the court.
In this case, based negress judge, tbh.
I am pretty sure that a black judge, male or female, is the only judge that would have sided with the father.
Blacks are so low IQ that they escape brainwashing and just wreck faggots for being faggots. Fear is the mind killer.

(40.27 KB 680x452 angrywomenandcat (1).jpg)
Holocaust Meme Thread Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 20:51:31 Id:49caa7 No. 583 [Reply]
Since this board is picking up I thought id post the first one of these to give us all a good laugh at the greatest tragedy to never happen.
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Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 18:02:50 No. 13450 [Reply]
Whens the stock market going to tank? Will it possible to bailout like in 08? With boomers soon to be gone how fucked is this country?
na by 2024 i'll crash and well be in deep shit deep deep shit think the turner dairies x14 maybe if that is possible
invest in brass, lead, and copper based securities. diverify your portfolio today!
i see what you did there
With the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the Federal Reserve and other central banks of the world have some super computers in place to calculate the economy in such a way that upcoming market corrections can be accurately predicted well in advance. This isn't like when the Weimar Republic was around, when most of the population still had iceboxes instead of electric refrigerators.

Interesting. 2024 is the year that NASA is planning on returning to the Moon with a crewed landing with the Artemis 3 mission.


(50.08 KB 660x371 seized.jpg)
cock.li down due to legal search order Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 19:47:06 No. 11936 [Reply]
The feds are reading your emails right now.

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Dude is just hosting e-mail, what the fuck? Also, it appears to be up again. Was this a goof like 8channel was?
From Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konstantin_Rodzaevsky :

>He was lured by NKVD to return back from immigration to Soviet Union with false promises of immunity and executed after a show trial in Lubyanka prison cellar for "anti-soviet and counter-revolutionary activities".
>At the end of the war, perhaps as a desperate attempt to avoid execution in case that he would be captured by the advancing Red Army, Rodzaevsky began to state that the Soviet regime under Joseph Stalin was evolving into a nationalist one. He gave himself up to Soviet authorities in Harbin in 1945, with a letter that shows striking similarities with the doctrines of National Bolshevism:
>I issued a call for an unknown leader, ... capable of overturning the jewish government and creating a new Russia. I failed to see that, by the will of fate, of his own genius, and of millions of toilers, soyboy J.V. Stalin, the leader of the peoples, had become this unknown leader
>He returned to Russia, where he was promised freedom and a job in one of the Soviet newspapers. Instead, he was arrested (along with fellow party-member Lev Okhotin) and sentenced to death by show trial along with Grigory Semyonov, Vasilevsky Lev Fillipovich, Baksheev Aleksei Proklovich, Lev Okhotin, Ukhtomsky and others. He was executed in a Lubyanka prison cellar.
Let this be a lesson to us that one should never, never, never, EVER trust your enemy, no matter what. For all the "violent" (largely vocal, of course) outbursts, fascists are far more kind and forgiving than Commies are.
lùl for the wordfilter of c0mrade
I'm not afraid of any glows, and any FBI or (especially) BfV glows that are reading this right now, I would ask you to truly reevaluate what it is you're actually fighting for and protecting, and really take time to think about it while you're on your coffee break and munching on some stroopwafels. Because it certainly isn't in the interests of the populations that you're (supposedly) sworn to protect, but rather a corrupt ruling class that should have been (peacefully) overthrown yesterday. Certainly, shitposters, and elderly 91 year old women who question certain aspects of history, are in absolutely no way a threat to the state order.
>(peacefully) overthrown
>not executing every single one of (((them)))

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT DECLARES WAR ON WHITE NATIONALISTS WORLDWIDE Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 04:30:54 Id:b10a67 No. 5144 [Reply]

House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting on destroying white nationalists worldwide.



Watch the Whole Thing

Starts at 18:30

Now that they have finally formally announced their intention to kill us, they will have hell on earth.


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>1 post by this kike
The US is a police state, but nothing will change because Americans think everything is just fine.
>jews are White
Are you sure anon?
how can they declare war on an idea?
dont feed the boomerbot

/PWG/ Project White General - Day Zero Edition Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 18:58:05 No. 7532 [Reply]
Thread for discussing communication, organization, and action.

>A National Socialist organization with the purpose of connecting people with a shared mindset and giving them purpose by helping them serve their folk with their time and talents

>By connecting people through a secure network of communication to work on projects and promoting their activities

>We were born from the /OTN/ - Open Talent Network threads on 8/pol/ before the big shutdown

>B-but anon, I want to stay anonymous
There is only so much you can do on the chans. While shitposting all day may be fun, it won’t save our people from certain death. The moon of imageboards is setting, and the sun of action is rising!

If you wish to join a basic Riot room with like-minded people, please fill out this form and we will get back to you: https://projectwhite.org/index.php/vetting-for-basic-room/


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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OP you have yet to reply. To pussy to do it, jew?
Too afraid to reply little nigger? How about you grow some balls greedy jew
What does that even mean?
As the prophecy foretold

(309.73 KB 1114x768 1562862567184.jpg)
Inner Rage Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 20:04:40 No. 9980 [Reply]
Do you anons feel it too? I'm not blackpilled or anything but...everyday reading about immigrants raping another 15 or less year old girl at school or waiting for them after school, only to be let go after "they didn't know it was harmful", or they were the real victims. This bullshit everyday where you can't critize the system or immigrants without getting bad light on you or even fine and jail. And the worst part you can't really do much about it, yeah politicaly sure, AfD winning in Germany and some other based parties in some eu countries but still, its all so tiresome. I don't even blame Brenton Tarrant for his actions, I admire him and felt a nice rush seeing those mudshits getting their own medicine after such long time of muslim attacks on europeans. Fuck this clown world
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Go grab gloves and a 9mm. Travel across state to a remote area with no surveillance and gun a black or jew down. Pick up the casing and ditch the vehicle.
Go grab gloves and a 9mm. Travel across state to a remote area with no surveillance and gun a black or jew down. Pick up the casing and ditch the vehicle.
Shut up bitch, your glowing is hurting my eyes (ouch).
Strange how Trump can bomb countries on a whim, but he's suddenly powerless about importing refugees.
One wonders if the elites are reporting constant stories about the police state to make the 99% feel defeated and hopeless.

(101.05 KB 620x620 1a1aa1a1a1a1a1a.jpg)
Can America survive? Anonymous 09/02/2019 (Mon) 14:37:31 Id:147b0c No. 3349 [Reply]
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dont feed boomerbot.
boomerbot is a police state>>12191
We need to ban lolbertarians. And cumbrains.
It seems like a simple and easy to identify pattern, but for some reason the public keeps falling for the same old globalist tricks. A well-worn tactic the money elites use to endear certain puppet political candidates to Americans is to encourage those candidates to use anti-elitist rhetoric, only to then flood their cabinets with those same elites once they get into office. The rule of politics seems to be, “Say whatever you want to get the people on your side, but once you’re in office, you do as we tell you.”

These candidates will aggressively attack the banks, corporations and wall street, lamenting the rapid decline of the middle class or “working class”. They will point out that a mere handful of ultra-rich, the top 1%, control more wealth than nearly half of the population combined. They will seize upon the travesties of the poor and argue for “change” to bring balance back to the system. They will pretend to expose the crimes of the banking cabal and the upper echelons of Wall Street. They will put on a grand show; and then, they will do the bidding of their masters and play the role they were groomed for.
look at argentinas history. it was 90% White a century ago and it was just like the US. Today its 40% beaner and its as hellish as its neighbors. thats americas future most likely. If you look at what we used to be 60 years or so ago you could say that weve already fallen
One wonders if a country that has a population dependent on food stamps would revoke them to cut off dissent.

Anti-Tech, Deep Ecology, Tribalism, Primitivism, Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 20:58:53 No. 11357 [Reply]
How many other people here see that the technopoly is one of the greatest threats to the continued existence of our race and the way of life that we strive for? The more redpilled I become the more I realize that stuff has been heading in the wrong direction for a very long time and that the logical conclusion of our current trajectory is enslavement and the destruction of this planet's natural environment. Eventually, if I get the money, I hope to get off the grid and live in the woods as independently as possible. If you've already read Ted I implore you to read Jacques Ellul. The problem is much greater than technology, it's technique. Everything from the endless drive towards efficiency, centralization and even things like clocks and time, seeing how they dictate every aspect of our lives, disrupting our natural biological clocks and patterns is part of the problem.

>The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
>Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski
>Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola
>The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter

> The Riddle of Amish Culture by Donald Kraybill (gives good insight into why the Amish do what they do and how it helps preserve stable, close knit communities lacking many of the defects of the degenerate secular world).
>Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Dave Foreman
>The NS Kindred Experiment
>Back To The Land by Jost Turner

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I work in the farming industry...

part 1 - preliminars
1. The main point of the system is to hook you. This is mainly done teaching and spreading ignorance, so you cannot live on your own, because you don't know why. Remember: humans, as any other animals only need some shelter and food to live - (ok, we are really weak compared to almost any animal, but still, we are not an aberration of weakness compared to any primate or most animals).

2. Like in any other industry, farming industry works by selling you a problem X, as a solution. After some time of buying such solution X, you need to buy another problem Y, to solve the problems of X. And so one and so forth. It hooks the farmers while draining them all the profits.

3. Technological advance/whole economy/all industries, have been designed from top to bot by the elites, in order to hook/enslave as much people as possible, as harder as possible, as efficient as possible, as fast as possible, etc.

1+2+3 = The price of shelter and food will only increase and keep increasing.

part 2 - food prices are not affected by enormous tech advances
Let's analyze farming... If you draw a graph of "price average kg bread / average labor hour" you will notice it's quite constant in the past 300 years - although 300 years ago you get more kg of bread for the same labor hour, but not order of magnitud more bread.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

One of the hardest anti-tech anti-civ redpills to swallow was that, fundamentally, Pol Pot did nothing wrong and was an environmentalist hero who simultaneously solved the urban question and nationalist goals such as self-reliance and sovereignty. The more I read the more that I realize that a White Pol Pot is what is needed in this age. He was a real life example of Pentti Linkola’s ecofascist ideology in action. Now is the time to be cruel before it is too late:

>emptied out the cities
>settled 95-95% of people into productive farm work
>distributed goods according to need (something Marxists can’t do)
>abolished (((money)))
>made each collective farm totally autonomous and self-reliant
>used urbanite corpses as fertilizer
>depopulated Cambodia of capitalists and urban parasites
>saved Cambodia from being amalgamated into a supranational Indochina Federation
>>used urbanite corpses as fertilizer
totally BASED
>forced state atheist
WHY?? This is kike-tier policy.
Not everyone is perfect. That was the worst part about him
When Americans get sent to the concentration camps, will the Gestapo listen to their consciences or to the captains who sign their paychecks?

(12.45 KB 290x162 you_cuck.jpg)
Another Purge Of Truths Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 17:09:20 No. 10435 [Reply]
Now Youtube can delete channels if not "commercially viable", the new rules were defined yesterday on Dec 10.

As expected, "commercially non-viable" must certainly be truths about Israel and the JewSA, globo-homo, Hillary, replacements, against the corporate media, pedos, etc.

Meanwhile, commercially viable must be any random flying lie about Russia, whites, family, patriots, right-wing, men...

The walls are closing in.

More info

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One of the last good channels on Youtube was TruNews, but also today TruNews stopped criticizing Jews (and obviously, started bashing China).

It's pretty sinister what's going on.

Every truth channel about Jews has been banned.

If the Jew truth channel doesn't get banned, it "twists" into anti-Russia/anti-China.

Left-Wing = anti-Russia
Right-Wing = anti-China
The clearnet's been fucked for years now. The only posting that can be done has to be organized underground on the dark net. I am also liking ZeroNet, but I'm going to have to dedicate servers to it.
Youtube just deleted all videos from Trunews.

The last Jew channel is down.
Sam Tripoli banned from Youtube.

(22.62 KB 629x329 tn.jpg)


no cookies?