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(151.68 KB 1280x720 1571020296986.png)
Hey niggers discord deleted my shit Paul 10/14/2019 (Mon) 22:45:11 No. 7683 [Reply]
Hey it's paul. Been laying low for a while. Things are going well. Discord deleted my shit and I've been getting weird phone calls, got kind of sketched. Is there a new server?
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first for discord is cancer
pls gib actual discord link
or your tag and then i can verify i am woke
> Get banned off of discord again
> create new discord ID
> Use a publicly published link to join discord
> ADL / SPLC use link too
> Collect user data
> shut down discord
> Wash, Rinse, Repeat
fucking cancer

(266.00 KB 612x501 1565370758681.png)
(160.25 KB 1024x1024 D-CKvk4W4AEwuvf.jpg)
(2.52 MB 1836x6493 antarcti a.png)
KOMMANDANT IS BACK General Lava 09/10/2019 (Tue) 16:16:26 Id:b8f84c No. 4187 [Reply]
New Video. Dropping bombshells about being behind Epstein prosecution.
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I respectfully disagree, you can have a nationalist society, that has a capitalist economic system. We just have neither a nationalistic society nor a capitalist one. None has existed in our lifetime, closest there is, is current day Hungary
what is that first picture supposed to be?
Surface anomaly in Antarctica that some claim to be a large man-made steel door to an underground base.
tell james earl jones to fuck off
He mentioned how jews own and control the media in a later upload, but I agree, he really should start making videos about the jq.

Atomwaffen leader gets ERPO'd Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 20:20:37 No. 8234 [Reply]
Police Seize Guns From Man Thought to Be Neo-Nazi Leader

Using a red-flag law, the authorities confiscated a cache of weapons from a man believed to be a leader of the Atomwaffen Division, a violent extremist group.

Oct. 17, 2019

SEATTLE — When Kaleb J. Cole landed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport after a trip to Europe last year, federal officials were waiting at the gate for a chance to question him. In his luggage was the trefoil flag of a neo-Nazi hate group. On his phone, a photo of two people posing at the site of the Auschwitz death camp.

The officials did not charge Mr. Cole with any crimes that day, or in the months to come, despite information that he was a leader of the Atomwaffen Division, one of the most violent extremist groups in the country. But last month, according to records provided by a prosecutor’s office Thursday, the authorities in Seattle moved to seize a cache of weapons from Mr. Cole, using a state law intended to prevent gun violence.

“This was an individual who had access to firearms and was preparing for a race war,” Kimberly Wyatt, a prosecutor in King County, Wash., said in an interview on Thursday.

The move was part of a larger effort by investigators around the country, including the F.B.I., to crack down on members of Atomwaffen, as officials seek to counter the rising threat from hate groups. The Atomwaffen Division has been linked to a series of killings.

The group’s members are scattered in cells nationwide, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which describes the group as seeking a societal collapse and race war to achieve its goals.

In petitioning to seize Mr. Cole’s weapons, law enforcement officials said Mr. Cole was believed to be the cell leader of Atomwaffen’s chapter in Washington State. They wrote that Mr. Cole had participated in firearms training and recruiting at “hate camps,” where members performed military-style exercises and wore skull masks over their faces. In a video, they chanted anti-Semitic slurs and “race war now.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Pre-Crime division at it again.
There is already a thread >>7995
I don't get what your constant copypasting wants to achieve here.
This is a small board and you must have reposted this stuff dozens of times already.
and jail. you would avoid going to jail, and that shit is horrific.

Watch the insider video shot by the inmate, drugs, weapons, assaults, mold everywhere. crazy medieval shit
thats what the feds do now. hunt white boys posting words and pictures online. their orders are to enable MS-13, the Zetas, Sinaloas invading the border, and to ignore the Somalian and Muslim terrorists their masters shipped in here to kill us.

imagine being a White federal agent and telling yourself, "This is a good job. I am doing what is right." Fucking brainlet traitors.

(90.02 KB 797x512 dickyspencersuicidesquad.jpg)
(206.68 KB 627x481 dickyspencersuicidesquad3.jpg)
(93.52 KB 796x772 dickyspencersuicidesquad2.jpg)
(458.43 KB 800x856 dickyspencersuicidesquad4.jpg)
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explain. i dont follow dickie. honestly.
I thought TRS split with the Dickster?
I think he's talking about Kike Eunuch's B'nai B'rith BioQueen "ex"-wife made frequent appearances on TDS.
Nigger I forgot TRS even existed until some he-said-she-said went around here claiming the blackpill spam was indeed from there and I went to go check. Sure enough, "blackpill monday."
bumping because whoever is spamming the blackpill shit is back

(792.79 KB 664x614 ride the tiger.jpg)
Traffic Anonymous 10/19/2019 (Sat) 08:39:49 No. 8037 [Reply]
The quality of threads on this site are better than the other chans, but the traffic is too low. How can we increase traffic so that there can be normal dialogue, but also keep shills to a minimum?
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In principle, at least some will try it, but the question is: Do they laugh and let others fall in the trap, or do they get on another computer and warn people. They will say something like
>Don't do this! It got me banned!
To which a defusing response would be something like
>Yeah guys I agree. This is a bad idea. In fact, I'm getting pretty sleepy.
>In order to bring new people in, it is necessary to actually post threads about happenings.
not necessarily. i think i posted about crusius when that was happening? either that or some type of major happening, and no one even replied.

its just a low traffic place. from what ive seen forums are either decent and low traffic or high traffic and shitty.

you just cant count on mods anymore.
>and gore
no. i hate that shit. its good there is a no porn rule here, there should also be a no gore rule. what we need are good and attentive mods. im sick of being degraded and debased by all the nasty shit on the chans. what most of us want is good discussion and a sense of community or belonging. gore is only a reaction to mods that dont keep a clean forum.
why do you spam this everywhere? no one is buying what you are selling
Don't feed the boomerbot, it's some chink demoralization poster, probably paid per post

(335.74 KB 489x606 162jh.png)
Neinchan /pol/ is a patchy board Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 05:47:46 Id:eee7ba No. 2077 [Reply]
Lets share books on history and politics friends :)
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anyone got a pdf of March of the Titans?
I tried to download a couple files from 88nsm but it won't allow me to using a VPN. Seems kind of sketchy. Has anyone else has this problem?
based touhouposter
Mein Kampf (ford)

Who started WWII
Important read

The Horse, the Wheel & Language

The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West by J P Mallory
No pdf but worth a buy.

This is the third time i have posted this after deletion, mods.
Can you stop sucking your own cocks?
it's on libgen

(186.85 KB 630x1200 femen.jpg)
Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 18:27:45 No. 7530 [Reply]
Hey /pol/,

Let's assume, today you'd fuck a SJW-chick, still wishing to redpill her. There is ONE bitchute-video you can show her.

Which one would it be?
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(9.77 MB 640x320 Fags_and_Adoption.webm)
(4.88 MB 960x720 every_spy_a_prince,_jews.webm)
(12.92 MB 640x480 GERMANY LABOR DAY.webm)
that's not alan watts...

(47.07 KB 667x374 filterslides.jpg)
Shills begone! Filter slide thread Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 23:56:32 No. 8261 [Reply]
Jews and their paid shills have completely infested pol and are spamming race mixing, lefty bullshit and general distraction threads to keep us from discussing whats truly important: Jews comitting white genocide, jews controlling the economy with usury, jews promoting degeneracy and so on.
By including the word jew or jews when posting a legit thread and having legit posters filter for it, we can circumvent their petty shilling tactics. If the shills themselves start to include jew in their threads as well, that will also be a win since it just highlights the issue further. Save and spread this meme to other chans as well.
This makes no sense.

(26.12 KB 474x266 ritv.jpg)
Red Ice BANNED Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 23:42:14 No. 7912 [Reply]
Red Ice TV was banned from Youtube.

>Varg gone
>Red Ice gone
>Allsup gone

Is American Renaissance next?


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(226.58 KB 478x354 Amren kike.png)
So you're saying Rabbi Mayer Schiller isn't a proud h'White man and our greatest ally?
(34.02 KB 759x381 Reactionary Jew 1.jpg)
(764.25 KB 1044x1364 Reactionary jew at kike dinner.jpg)
(217.35 KB 1024x381 lana-jews-good.png)
(59.62 KB 990x287 lana-reactionaqry-jew.png)
Nigger, Red Ice called for an alliance with so-called "nationalist" jews, like "Reactionary jew" Nadav Salomon. That destroyed whatever credibility they ever had.
Yeah, publicly and then backed off later that day. Hardly master Jewish tricks.
(4.16 MB 720x404 Reactionary Jew Uncensored.mp4)
No they didn't. They continued to defend it, and threatened someone who uploaded the uncensored video, in order to protect the yid's (Nadav Salomon) identity.

There has to be zero tolerance for jews and jew-enablers.
(1.24 MB 1000x1500 no good jews.png)
>only Qcumbers don't tolerate jews
What, nigger? I never said they were feds, just that they were kike-enabling traitors.

(1.19 MB 1199x630 Shut up. boomer.png)
(217.93 KB 1000x750 Day of the Pillow.jpg)
The Baby Boomers deserve whatever they get. Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 22:58:20 No. 7908 [Reply]
If there's any group in the West that deserves to suffer, it's the White Baby Boomer.

When the Silents were rioting against Hart and Celler, and having their children put in black schools by the ZOG, baby boomers were at Woodstock getting high and fucking each other. You fucks had the chance to stop this when Whites were 90% of the population, and you fucks didn't!

Worse, these greedy, timid fucks let in spics and niggers to inflate the price of their shitty homes they bought in the 80s. "I don't care if muh grandchildren will be living in South Africa 2.0, I'll be long dead by then." You know what, I hate the boomers, more than the kikes. It's in their nature. Boomers sold us out for ethnic food and wealth before we were even born.

They're actually the most bluepilled generation of Whites. Most redpilled Whites I met are Zoomers, Millenials, and Silents. In my experience, most of the redpilled baby boomers were the ones who walked into any Tarrant thread and screamed "false-flag" or "sloppy job, Mossad".

In essence, bluepilled boomers are greedy fucks, and redpilled boomers are often insane idiots, who probably fried their brains from heavy drug-use in the 60s and 70s.

If it wasn't due to the fact that our White majority-status hinges on their lives, I'd gleefully watch them get beaten up by shitskins in the damned nursing homes. They deserve that AND MUCH, MUCH WORSE.
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easy. romance the old hags and have them sign over everything to you. someones got to get dem reparations.
I used to hate boomers a lot myself. But I don't view boomers as being the ones fully responsible for our plight. The ruling class makes the decisions about the economy and the borders. Boomers just repeat what they hear in the media. Honestly, I have been thinking that if any other generation was in their shoes, they would have done the same. Rebellion comes naturally to the next generation, which is why zoomers are conservative. They are rebelling against their pozzed parents. It's not an articulated position, its simply instinctual ie "Parents are lame."

Yes, Boomers are bluepilled, but millenials are exactly what the jew world order wants. (the millenials on sites like these are the EXCEPTION not the RULE, be honest) On average the millenial has no social skills, is physically weak, effeminate, liberal, loves faggots, globalism, abortion, and hates "Cis White Males" guns and nationalism. They are also the most skill-less generation.

This isn't entirely their fault, millenials have inherited a shit economy and a shitlib culture. However, on average millenial scum are happy to go along with the agenda, even more so than ANY previous generation. This is because the brainwashing is more potent now. every millenial carries a cell phone which pumps programming into them even more than any boomer could watch tv.

yes silent generation was based. boomers were indiscerning, childish and selfish. gen x is apathetic (this was the natural reaction to their money hungry parents) inaction and non-participation were their protest. I'm glad I didnt join the military, that was a correct decision. I knew instantly that 9/11 was a false flag because i had just studied the JFK assassination when it happened. However, still most gen x are normies. we merely adopted the internet, we werent born on it, and that is where the real information, outside of system control, resided.

to reiterate, most millenials are the fucking worst, but i have also seen some very impressive millenials. it's a trip to see 20-somethings that know everything about the jews and the NWO. it took the older generations longer to learn this, and years to debunk all of the BS that was on the early internet so millenials could "get woke fast." You're welcome. It was the work of those awake in the older generations that properly educated you through the internet so that you could know our plight at a young age, where your youthful fire could translate that into a street movement. damn shame the alt right was led by shills.

my hope now is that zoomers grow to form street gangs, because that will be a sign that things are moving forward. politics is over, so local infrastructure and networking becomes king. the building of resilient and independent communities is what we need. hopefully they will take that kind of action. only groups of zoomers will be able to defend themselves against roving muslim, spic and nigger gangs. nothing else will help them. every effort needs to be made to demonize individualism and venerate GROUPS. groups survive, individuals get their asses kicked.
>The Boomers forced integration with niggers on the White Nation, and called it "Civil Rights."
Dwight D Eisenhower did that with the National Guard. So, the feds did that. George Wallace stood against them. So, the states stood against the feds. This has always been the struggle. The problem is the feds. Boomers might have consented, but they didn't enforce shit.
>abolishing current pension system
suggestions like this are worthless. we dont control the lawmakers and they are never going to do what we want.
>Boomers might have consented, but they didn't enforce shit.
If they didn't rise up and start fighting the government, they deserve whatever happens to them.
If the youth of this generation don't rise up and start fighting the government, they will also deserve whatever the next generation does to them.
Revolution will only come from the youth. The youth of the White Nation, and only the youth of the White Nation, form any sort of potential revolutionary basis to recruit people into a guerrilla struggle.
Anyone with a mortage, with a spouse, with children, over 30, etc, has already made the decision to stick it out with the ZOG. These people are never going to be recruited to pick up a gun and fight.
The only people who we can get to are the youth. If millennials won't work, then we have to go younger.
This isn't an arbitrary decision. The very logic of revolution and war demands us to do this.
We have to get to the most violent young white men (and women, if we can find any) we can, either before the ZOG recruits them into its military apparatus, or before they throw them in prison. We have to make the future clear to them: a wage slave of the Kike, or a revolutionary soldier.


no cookies?