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(79.20 KB 1200x600 law.jpg)
Free speech and hatespeech Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 14:32:03 No. 12287 [Reply]
In a lot of countries in Europe the views that are expressed on this board are technically illegal. There are laws against "holocaust denial" and "racism". People who express these sort of views on social media under their own name are often arrested and jailed (and doxed in the process).

What I would like to know is if it is also illegal to express these views anonymously and if so, are there people who have been arrested for this?

If, for example, someone were to accidentally reveal their own identity on this board, could they be arrested for "hate speech"?

And what if that person has posted here, but hasn't technically expressed anything "racist" or "denied the holocaust"?

And if all of this is indeed illegal, are there any ways to circumvent these laws? For example if anyone were to deny the "hall of cost", would it still be illegal?

Any (europoor) lawfags on this board?
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server is hosted in US so that avoids most of the eurocuckery
and we dont have any jew server providers to worry about since the server is inside the basement of old moots friend
Enjoy it while it lasts
So anything that is posted on US websites falls under US laws?

So if a European would make racist comments under his own name on this websites, he is safe?

Seems too good to be true to me.
...i safe now?

Anyways, regarding the racism laws, we should report genetic researchers in those countries for publishing works that are clearly racist and biased. Same can probably be done for holocaust denial too: Find some chemist's publication on spectroscopy of Prussian blue formation and report him for suggesting that the holocaust "facts" don't line up with the science.

Report to wrongthink agencies. Report to Euro equivalents of ADL and ACLU. Basically, dox unsuspecting normies. Nothing will change but anyone we can spread the pain to will be redpilled if they aren't already.
>>12326in on paper yes boot cops dont care so ur not 100% safe

"If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemy’s religion, you are enslaved. If you breed with your enemy, you are destroyed."

-King Polydoros of Sparta (reigned 741–665 BC)

King Leonidas, the most famous of all Spartan rulers, descended from the same dynasty. He succeeded Polydoros 175 years later.
"The coward believes he will live forever If he holds back in the battle, But in old age he shall have no peace
Though spears have spared his limbs."

"One day you too will die. But, the thing that never dies is the judgement on how you have spent your life."

"Young was I once, I walked alone,
and bewildered seemed in the way;
then I found me another and rich I thought me,
for man is the joy of man."

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, you yourself must also die, but he who wins word fame lives forever."

"The traveller must
train his wits.
All is easy at home.
He who knows little
is a laughing-stock

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Great quote. I love Plutarch’s Sayings of Spartans:

>As he was going about among the walls of the Corinthians and observed that they were high and towering and vast in extent, he said, "What women live in that place?

>In answer to the Athenian who called the Spartans unlearned, he said, "At any rate we are the only people who have learned no evil from you."
This one is relevant today when it comes to urbanites shitting on “rural and suburban retards”

>In answer to a man from abroad who said that among his own citizens he was called a lover of Sparta, he said, E"It would be better to be called a lover of your own country than a lover of Sparta."
"We are always convinced that the modern world is a reasonable world, basing our opinion on economic, political, and psychological factors. […] In fact, I venture the heretical suggestion that the unfathomable depths of Wotan’s character explain more of National Socialism than all three reasonable factors put together.” –Dr. Carl Jung

“There is no question but that Hitler belongs in the category of the truly mystic medicine man. As somebody commented about him at the last Nürnberg party congress, since the time of Mohammed nothing like it has been seen in this world. His body does not suggest strength. The outstanding characteristic of his physiognomy is its dreamy look. I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him in the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer. This markedly mystic characteristic of Hitler’s is what makes him do things which seem to us illogical, inexplicable, and unreasonable. … So you see, Hitler is a medicine man, a spiritual vessel, a demi-deity or, even better, a myth.”

–Carl Jung during an interview with H. R. Knickerbocker, first published in Hearst’s International Cosmopolitan (January 1939)

Dr. Jung in 1918:

“Christianity split the Germanic barbarian into an upper and a lower half, and enabled him, by repressing the dark side, to domesticate the brighter half and fit it for civilization. But the lower, darker half still awaits redemption and a second spell of domestication. Until then, it will remain associated with the vestiges of the prehistoric age, with the collective unconscious, which is subject to a peculiar and ever-increasing activation. As the Christian view of the world loses its authority, the more menacingly will the “blond beast” be heard prowling about in its underground prison, ready at any moment to burst out with devastating consequences. When this happens in the individual it brings about a psychological revolution, but it can also take a social form.

In my opinion this problem does not exist for the jews. The jew already had the culture of the ancient world and on top of that has taken over the culture of the nations amongst whom he dwells. He has two cultures, paradoxical as that may sound. He is domesticated to a higher degree than we are, but he is badly at a loss for that quality in man which roots him to the earth and draws new strength from below. This chthonic quality is found in dangerous concentration in the Germanic peoples… The jew has too little of this quality–where has he his own earth underfoot?”

And, then, in 1923 Dr. Jung stated (taken from the link just below):

“We [Germans] need some new foundations. We must dig down to the primitive in us, for only out of the conflict between civilized man and the Germanic barbarian will there come what we need: a new experience of God.”
“When, for instance, the belief in the God Wotan vanished and nobody thought of him anymore, the phenomenon originally called Wotan remained; nothing changed but its name, as National Socialism has demonstrated on a grand scale. A collective movement consists of millions of individuals, each of whom shows the symptoms of Wotanism and proves thereby that Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its Gods; in reality they are still there and it only needs a certain general condition in order to bring them back in full force.” –Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in a letter to Miguel Serrano

(78.04 KB 1000x666 half-assed-oc.jpg)
Trump Impeachment General Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 23:45:16 No. 6150 [Reply]
Alright, It's looking like the Democrats are really going to go through with an impeachment this time. In case any anons don't know what impeachment is, it is basically a pre-trial in front the House and the Senate. Impeachment doesn't mean that he is removed from office. He would only be removed if the Senate votes to officially charge him with crimes. They would need a two-thirds majority vote to do this. Right now, the Republicans control the Senate 53 to 45, with 2 Independents. The Democrats would need 21 Republicans to "turn sides" in order to actually remove (ignoring the 2 independents).

What do you anons think will happen? Is it possible that 21 Republicans will turn on him? The Republicans have a long history of turning on their own when it comes to things like this, so I don't think it is out of the question.

I think that Trump being removed like this would be very beneficial to us. The normiecons and MAGApedes still think Trump is the best thing ever, even though he has done almost nothing but suck Israel's dick. If he gets removed from office, it will anger them greatly and drive them further right.
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The boomers that preach that stuff are hypocrites though
(143.29 KB 514x514 1570838279089.png)
Trump may be on his knees for the kikes, but what are they even pinning him with? Everytime it has been bullshit vauge shit that would take 10 minutes to explain. At least with Nixon they could say they had something on him, that they had a specific thing that he did. What the fuck did trump even do? Everytime it has been nothing and they never explain what he did. Contrast that with Nixon. This really is clown world where even if your a president who sucks kike cock that still will impeach you.
Impeachment is just theater to build bona fides for all involved.
(37.05 KB 1024x539 zog.png)
>Defending the government
You shouldn't ever defend them
dont feed boomerbot
boomerbot is a police state

(19.47 KB 220x312 Fascist.png)
Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 13:38:41 No. 11671 [Reply]
Fsg/ - Fascist / Third Position General

Thread for discussion of Italian Fascism and other forms of Third Position Politics, Traditionalism, Corporatism, etc. Also for sharing Fascist literature and information.





Be respectful and please try to keep conversations relatively "intellectual".

Fascists and other influential people who lay the foundations of the philosphy of Fascism:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.11 MB 978x1152 fascist_personalities.png)
If you were to give an advice on which book you recommend as first read to fully understand Third Position, what would it be?
Can someone redpill me on Strasserism, in particular on Gregor's conceptions about it?
It's basically national socialism but it's actual socialism rather then it being Hitler's version
Here's a good post from /fascist/ on it. My screenshot might not be the best so here's the active link to the first post:
The BO used to be or is still a Strasserist so you could probably ask shit there too and get some detailed answers

(520.96 KB 1080x1612 20191121_050538.jpg)
Murdoch Chan in real life Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 04:45:03 No. 12029 [Reply]
Does anyone have a real life picture of Murdoch Chan? Only for research, of course...
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I meant the voice actor, you fucking retard. kys
The Murdochs take great care to not be doxxed, good luck with that. Also she's married
(17.63 KB 474x361 MurdochChan.jpg)
Ah. In that case, pic related is the image you're looking for. You're welcome coomer
(475.38 KB 993x912 20191121_192934.jpg)
>She's married
Not if she spents a night with me.
You're right, she'd probably die laughing when she sees your waifu body pillow collection

(840.50 KB 2032x3528 1553047349845.jpg)
REDPILL THREAD! Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 00:28:18 Id:ab9b45 No. 81 [Reply]
Redpill thread
Sense the third fourth shoah happened now I have to remake some threads again!I made two now ones siege and the other one is what some one else made but I saved it and posted it now so lets get this started!
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On race and IQ
(133.58 KB 1024x639 1573157599521.jpg)
Jews pushing transexualism
(101.04 KB 754x767 1547107592215.png)
(55.77 KB 633x360 1519136044409 (1).jpg)
(1.98 MB 3434x2959 bilderburg (1).jpg)
On race, racemixing, interracial marriages divorce stats and on Bilderberg kikes
I have nothing to contribute sadly but I want to say thank you to OP and others for their underrated effortposts here.
Extremely valuable though many redpills are really borderline blackpills.
Great job, nonetheless!
Reminder for our citizens

All the jews (and faggots and commies) who came back from the camps know the Shoah is a lie.
Understand the sheer implication of this fact regarding all these jews' honesty.
Which also extends to all the other jews, either not Europe back then, not caught or simply younger, who are perfectly aware of this fraud.

(1.53 MB 1053x706 Pedica te ipsum.png)
/Latina/ Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 14:10:55 No. 11676 [Reply]
Let's talk Latin and Politics, fratres.
Be a part of the cultural revival that made Classical ideals and Latin great again, /pol/. A frequency dictionary that lists words, starting from the most commonly used ones. If you know a 1000 most common words, you already know about 80-95% (depending on complexity) of the lexicon of any given classical text.
>IUDAEUS = jew (shill)
>FIDENS, AMICE = based (faithful), friend
>LUCENTUS OBSCURAE AFRUS = glow in the dark nigger (african)
>QUIDAM FUTENS FOLIUM = a fucking leaf
>FIDENS ET RUBRAE PILULAE = based and red pilled
> NOVVS PATHIVCS = 'newfag' (NOVE PATHICE if you're calling somebody it)
> SE VAPORE = 'gas yourself'
> PRO GLORIA PATRIS = 'for glory of the fatherland'
> NUNTII MENDACES = 'fake news'
> VENE ET CAPE = 'come and take it'
> DIES FUNIS = 'day of the rope'
> VAPE SE = gas yourself

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Mendax muliebrisque
>LUCENTUS OBSCURAE AFRUS = glow in the dark nigger (african)
tenebris lucens aethiops(Roman "Africa" was just north Africa)
> SE VAPORE = 'gas yourself'
temet vapore neca
> PRO GLORIA PATRIS = 'for glory of the fatherland'
pro gloria patriae
> NUNTII MENDACES = 'fake news'
rumores mendaces
> VENE ET CAPE = 'come and take it'
veni idque cape
os meum ubi...
> NECE SE = kys
te ipsum caede
it would be cringeworthy posting lumina in tenebra afrus whenever i see cia, but it is good what you are doing op
Ok zoomer
diis audientibus sacri quicumque estote hoc filo non interfuturi
ceterum censeo iudaeam vastandam esse

(362.92 KB 960x768 OLORIN 1.png)
TROLLING THE FRENCH GOV. OP. OLORIN 1 11/20/2019 (Wed) 14:23:10 No. 11893 [Reply]


After several successful operations in recent weeks, we are increasing our tactical intensity and launching Operation OLORIN 1 this week.

The goal? Exploding the Overton Window by putting the word #DemocratieParticipative in TT of Twitter.

#DemocratieParticipative is the name of a french website, the most censored website in Europe. Also known as DP or DEMPART.(We were on 8chan btw). It's a very big website for France (~200.000 visitors/month) with a lot of influence of french politics.

The site was totally blocked on French territory after a LICRA (French ADL) law. And after pressures from the European Union the World jewish Congress.

But we managed to run the website since then, through US-hosting, TOR and VPN.

And this monday, we even managed to put the website back on clear web.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

If you want to tweet in French, here are the same tweets, translated :



If some of you can give us an hand, even with just one tweet, it will help us.

It's vital for us to share about our website.

Thank you mates ! <3
>>> Here's the website btw. In baguette language, of course.

(129.82 KB 750x594 world_IQ_map2.jpg)
Didn't know anything about this, I though /dempart/ was an art board, lmao.

I don't have social media accounts to partecipate, but I am proud of you baguettues with your recent initiatives, like the IQ maps memes for example.

Rebuking Charlie Kirk's claims America was never a White Nation and the founders didn't want that Anonymous 11/15/2019 (Fri) 00:28:10 No. 10961 [Reply]
Charlie asked an IE supporter in NC where in the constitution it stated America is a nation for White people only.

Answer: The preamble

Charlie also asked for proof of the founding Father's wish that America should be a White ethnostate.

Answer: The Naturalization act of 1790 which restricts immigration and naturalization to "free White men of good character."

He also goes on to shout "E Plurbis Unam, out of many one" while implying this means "out of many races, one american people."

This is wrong. The original interpretation and meaning of the motto is "out of many (13 colonies) one (nation)"

Archived proof in screenshots. I am banned from everything so please make sure these circulate.

Inb4 spic fuentes, votecuck, alt right. nah, all that shit is gay, but it's important to defend the attacks waged by those like Kirk, who straight lied his ass off in NC. The presented proof checkmates that kike shill.
7 posts omitted.
reports don't file. expired captcha errors. been this way for over a month
>Murica was always a rootless mutt land formed under Enlightenment degeneracy.

prior to the establishment of the federal government american was 98% WASP. 1 ethnic group and 1 religion. the masonic founders of the feds brought the enlightenment crap. educate yourself on american history
sure, but as stated in OP the point of the thread was demonstrating how to shoot down those arguments, NOT to shill for spic feuentes or trump
same here, broken captchas really fuck up the posting too.
>he isn't a WASP but a LARPer

(174.43 KB 1280x1152 jean raspail 3.jpg)
Quick thread on future American Strategy Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 07:00:49 No. 11434 [Reply]
Seeing as Whites are individuals, and the movement has never been more balkanized and useless, I'm seeing the only option as a mass tactical retreat (with Whites leaving who will maintain infrastructure, pay taxes, or die for ZOG?) then after the inevitable collapse on the diversity hires, a brutal reconquista from the North down. People are too comfortable otherwise, and the "internet mind" of this time is too polluted with patriotard shit, and civnat cuckery.
(719.18 KB 636x854 iuiuooiiu.png)

what you suggest is cowardice
you really think people are going to start fighting back? lol
Whites are peaceful, kind, and generous... until theyre not


no cookies?