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(52.86 KB 568x344 download.jpg)
(30.21 KB 424x196 kickmea.jpg)
Why Michael Jackson was redpilled and proof that the Jews killed him Anonymous 11/16/2019 (Sat) 22:42:56 No. 11206 [Reply]
I know there will probably be some hate on Michael Jackson purely based on the fact that he's black. Other than the fact that he literally increased the white population by having 100% white children, here's why it's we should be respect him for being practically the only artist who spoke out against Zionism, and why the Jews killed him.

Proof 1: He is on tape talking about the Jewish conspiracy and that he thinks they "suck like leeches."

Proof 2: His song "They don't care about us" is widely believed to have been about Jews and the words "Jew" and "Kike" were censored out of the song. Here's the uncensored version of the song
Notice how most of the comments are talking about the Jews and expressing anger towards them. There's simply just wide acceptance that the song is probably about Jews.

Proof 3: He said multiple times that "they" were after him and that "they" are going to kill him.
We don't know for sure what he meant when he said "they," but I sure know what I think.

Proof 4: He tried to warn us against those who control the news. He said the same people who manipulate the news also manipulate history textbooks. And he was begging people to wake up. Here's the clip of the speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Nu9HPzVuk

Proof 5: He was killed by a Jewish company. Michael Jackson was murdered during his "This is it tour." He was killed by his personal doctor called Conrad Murray, who was convicted of manslaughter for the killing. He died from a propofol overdose given by Conrad Murray. Who hired Conrad Murray? Not Michael Jackson. It was the company that was in charge of his "This Is It" tour, AEG Live. AEG Live are owned by a large Jewish company called Anschutz Entertainment Group which is run by Jews.

Proof 6: His son said once he heard Conrad Murray argue loudly with someone the day before Michael's death. This was probably him arguing about the death conspiracy.

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The kikes always accuse the others of doing what they usually do.
Jackson was cleared in courthouse.
The jew that started the pedo accusations literally extorted the "confession" of the abuse from his son while the child was drugged, then the kike killed himself after Michael's death.

He wasnt, do you know any other big pedophiles in Hollywood or music industry? I highly doubt you can name 5-10 names off of the top of your head.
Ive been working as a stage technician for 7years.
The bands n singers that I worked for range from your local band to big names like Justin Bieber, Jay-z, Rihanna and so on.
And I can tell you upfront that a lot of the male singers are pedophiles.
I wouldnt be surprised if the female ones are too.

My favorite example of this is Jay-Z back in 2014, that nigger had his personal bodyguards pick out several 10-12year old girls from the crowd towards the end of the concert and had them escorted backstage.
Those 10-12year old girls didnt have backstage passes, or bought VIP Tickets, they were regular concert goers.

The media would NEVER blame a pedophile for being a pedophile.
Remember what happened to Ron Paul in 2012.
Remember how the media has always loved Obama and Biden(who is openly pedophile).
Never believe the media, ever.
>>11347 He also literally does the "Nazi" salute in the video of his song they don't care about us. 2:06 and 2:27. This is wild asf
He points at the greedy kikes in other songs too.
A couple of examples


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pU4q-GChilled pepsims
It's noise. But this is a board of bored people too. Still a slide thread though.
<enjoy the man who kept touching his dick in his "choreography".

They drugged MJ's son?

Whitened negro will still produce hybrids.
Yes yes, jews the industry this that.

(393.31 KB 474x700 Do roids, kids.png)
(1.24 MB 1075x1023 thick bitch.png)
MGTOW is the only way Jimmy Fitzsimmons 10/28/2019 (Mon) 02:16:26 No. 8982 [Reply]
You know how ninety percent of people are lemmings. That only applies to the male sex. Women are all lemmings, who, when set free, have only one prerogative: to a fill a hole.

They either fill that hole with food, children, or sex. They are degenerate creatures by their very nature, and that was why the men of generations past kept women under control.

As a new White Nationalist who was redpilled by Sandman, I recommend White men abandon women and continue the White race via in-vitro fertilization.

Let's say you do find a good women. Pic related is her after three to five children.
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MGTOW was created by faggot jews don't you know?

Jew: Don't reproduce goy, you don't need women when you have bromance
>In Chapter 8, Tacitus describes that the opinions of women are given respect. Tacitus further discusses the role of women, mentioning that they often accompany the men to battle and offer encouragement. He says that the men are often highly motivated to fight for the women because of an extreme fear of losing them to captivity.
>In Chapter 11, Tacitus describes a form of folk assembly rather similar to the public Things (folkesmōt) recorded in later Germanic sources where, in these public deliberations, the final decision rests with the men of the tribe as a whole.
>In Chapter 18, Tacitus says that the Germans are mainly content with one wife, except for a few political marriages, and specifically and explicitly compares this practice favorably to other "barbarian" cultures, perhaps since monogamy was a shared value between Roman and Germanic cultures.
>In Chapter 19, Tacitus also records that adultery is very rare, and that an adulterous woman is shunned afterward by the community regardless of her beauty.
>De Origine et situ Germanorum
>-Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Men will always worship pussy like the dogs that they are.
Fucking cuckolds. You will become a slave to a woman who will turn your child into fuck meat for her black boyfriend/pit bull.
Only under a society that follows the bible and remains obedient to their spouse, can society function.
Until then, MGTOW and beta bux I suppose.
Gotta love Yuri. But you are right, 1% create the ideas, 9% spread them, and 90% passively consume. or however that saying goes. We need to reach the 9% now. They are normie enough to not buy 14/88 or even MGTOW, but can still understand the idea that they are oppressed and need to act in their own self interest, as you say. Remind them that they can't get a wife, something all their ancestors had but is now denied to them, not through some fault of their own or "society," but because people made it that way, and those people have names and addresses. I wonder what the best way to go about is, now. Would bringing the word "incel" into common parlance be enough, remind them what their place in the world is and get them angry about it?

White women fuck dogs and horses. They only way to get them to fault being with White men is to make it the only thing they can flaunt. You will sooner turn all the jews into matzah than have the kind of social control to do what is necessary to make that happen. Not that it's impossible, but one step at a time.


READ HOPPE, footnote 53: https://mises.org/library/short-history-man-progress-and-decline/html/p/526
But really, you all shouldn't even care about what women want to what will make them happy. You need to balance man's desire to copulate with many women with the finite number of front holes in world and man's limited resources to support their existence. I don't think there is a good answer, which I why I would leave it unregulated. In fact, I would leave it all unregulated, government match making programs are just going to mate prime specimens with genetic waste so long as costs are separated from benefits, as they always are whenever the government does something.

That's great and all, but you can see where the cucking started. Men should not be motivated to do anything because of women.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Sounds pretty gay.

(178.82 KB 1280x720 FreeSpeech.jpg)
TheSavior Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 13:20:52 No. 11482 [Reply]
Can anyone give me a quick rundown on this guy? he claims to have "destroyed neinchan" and other times that he is the owner or moderator of neinchan. He is pretty known as far as i can tell but what exactly did he do?
OP pic on this thread will tell you everything you need to know
He's some tranny nigger who got Kommandant banned from jewtube a couple of times and now he's on a personal crusade against nein because oldfags here exposed him.
Pretty shit crusade because I didn't notice shit from him
Also can confirm that saviour never was part of neinchan management ever but Im pretty sure he tried to infiltrate the (((discord))) and failed miserably

(124.07 KB 429x601 1572724680235.png)
Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 14:15:14 No. 10615 [Reply]
Since the cuckservatives are getting btfo'd with mid level redpills, how can our natsoc brothers take advantage of the situation?
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Fuentes seems straight out of the amren mold.
Modern terms:

"Liberalism" = Slave morality for the Masters.
>your success is evil! be ashamed of your anscestors!

"Conservativism" = Master morality for the Slaves
>work hard for the system and you will get yours eventually!
>many capitalist nations are actual state-run marxo-Commie shitholes
>created laws to ensure it.
We need to outlaw lolbertarians.

>A true volkish government's main function is to safeguard freedoms, not to restrict them.
Nobody among the National Socialists said this. Hitler even made a crack on how if all you want to do is have muh freedum then go live with apes.
(63.21 KB 850x400 Goebbels_capitalism_jews.jpg)
(57.03 KB 700x700 Primoquote1.png)
Capitalism goes beyond "owning property". It's about collecting unearned income off of that property. Like being a landlord. It's just rent-seeking, but they've got so many people to buy in [or have their standard of living tangled up in parasitism and afraid to lose whatever meager status they do have] that capitalism means freedom or some dumb nonsense.

(124.53 KB 909x499 Image 11-13-19 at 3.38 PM.jpg)
The Real Conspiracy Behind the Impeachment of Donald Trump Blind House 11/13/2019 (Wed) 22:47:33 No. 10851 [Reply]
1 post omitted.
This guy is an idiot, but he does seem to inherently understand ZOG-political theater is staged. He just doesn't understand who writes the scripts, or who the intended audience is.
The president of the ZOG is a symbolic figure. The great sin of Trump is that he pretty blatantly appealed to interests of the white working class, which is a mortal sin. The powers that be in the ZOG know Trump didn't mean any of it, but not everyone is in on the symbolic fraud aspect of mainstream ZOG-politics. To those who take the symbolic aspect of ZOG-politics seriously, narratives about Trump being a crypto-White Nationalist are taken seriously, especially when you have "Right" wing retards who also believe he represents the masses of the White Nation and go around telling people such ("We president now!" type nonsense).
The Democratic "Party" has no real choice but to also pretend to go along with this nonsense. The people that run that state-institution don't care about any of this nonsense, but the people who believe the Electric-Jew and the screeching of the "Left" wing of the ZOG think either Trump is an agent of the Russians (not the Kikes!), or that Trump is the next Hitler (despite being a Hollywood celebrity from New York).
nah, they want to promote the "ebil White racist nationalist president" so they can demonize Whites, nationalists and every other buzzword trump fits, so when the blue wave crashes there will be no resistance to the blatant and violent government led anti-Whiteness that ensues.

trump was always a plant. no one gets in but the made man. he'll probably be selected again just because he is the fucking grandmaster at appeasing Whites into inaction, enraging the left which has equaled violence, and literally turning all his brainlet supporters into homo loving immigrant supporting boomers. if anything because its got to be funny for kikes in the know how he is betraying Whites. this is spankbank material for them. the MSM has never been happier to promote the killing of a White man.
This doesn't really stand up since Trump hasn't moved off the overarching Western Europe energy policies of the Washington Consensus. His attacks on Denmark, France, Germany, and other involved parties in the Nordstream II pipeline [whose construction also runs counter to your claims] is a repeat of the Reagan administration's attacks on the Trans-Siberian pipeline. Trump and Hunter Biden aren't doing anything differently, it's just a petty squabble over collecting fees and skim.

What you're mistaking as some difference in policy is really just the real world absolute power of the United States to actually do anything about it. The US is in REAL decline in terms of hard power, not just soft power [which is almost evaporated and is being kept on life support because of rival/enemy investments they don't want to completely implode].

(296.89 KB 284x412 richard-holzer2.png)
ANOTHER "SHOAH" AVERTED! Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 23:27:47 No. 10061 [Reply]

> A man who repeatedly espoused anti-Semitic views has been arrested and accused of plotting to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue, federal officials said Monday.

>His co-conspirators turned out to be undercover agents, who arrested the man shortly before they say he planned to bomb the synagogue early Saturday morning, according to court documents.

I'm calling bullshit. Pipe bombs are so easy to make and talking to anyone you don't know about plotting to bomb a synagogue is just stupid.

>The alleged plot would be the latest attempted attack against a synagogue in the U.S. in just over a year.

Oy gevalt! Remember the hollowhoax goyim!

>The investigation into Holzer began after an undercover FBI agent purporting to be a woman who supports white supremacy contacted him on Facebook.

On second thought maybe this guy is a fucking moron.

>Holzer told the agent he had checked out the temple property and met with undercover agents at a Pueblo motel on Friday. He brought a copy of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” with him, displayed a Nazi armband and appeared animated on the drive to the motel, the documents said.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>fucks up the greentext
>says POC instead of niggers

Found the newfag nigger

Racism is sin, you stupid cattle.
Watch what Jesus Chirst says about such retards like you.

Galatians 3:28
Not everyone is a christcuck, nor necessarily a LARPagan
>posts a bunch of verses kikes made up to exercise supremacy while thinking they apply to whites
Oy gevalt goyim kill random jews! Its empowering!

(298.28 KB 1356x2114 d1bbf540cec90d761581f19c9605a323.jpg)
Anonymous 09/19/2019 (Thu) 00:26:33 Id:22b78f No. 5128 [Reply]
How come normie conservatives are so stupid? And fall for Jewish tricks?
17 posts omitted.
They only care about their money and look at everything from an economic perspective, which is also exactly how jewish psychology works - nothing matters but money.
>How come normie conservatives are so stupid? And fall for Jewish tricks?

Its because propaganda even terribly blatant is what guides the masses. Have you noticed how absolutely degenerate mass media and all TV is? If you had NSDAP tier propaganda that told the truth and promoted white families and traditional values within a year the population would gladly be giving Roman Salutes. This war is a war for the mind and soul of the white race. The Jew wants it destroyed and the National Socialist wants it saved and healthy. It takes propaganda levels greater than the USSR to keep the charade going and its starting to crack. This is why there is the massive (((SHUT IT DOWN))) mania that is spreading across all tech companies and even law makers. (((their power))) comes from the top down. Ours comes from the ground up, I know it is black pilling but honestly it will get worse before it gets better. Wiemar Germany was literal hell, is this no different? Mass debt, mass degeneracy, Marxism, political parties that only represent lobbyist which are mostly Jews or foreigners, controlled media. The only difference is the mass migration and we aren't burning money for firewood. The good news is all the 3rd world golems are easy to see as are the race mixing whores with their abominations. Our people will survive as they have for millennia, but the sleeping giant is moving, and with it the Jews howl in fear. The dumb "Normies" will come around. They are literally programmable as you have witnessed yourself. We are winning, if we weren't there would not be this mass hysteria and propaganda that has escalated in last 3 years.
They're liberals.
>Great Depression
Everyone I've ever know who lived in those times,(all of them have since passed away) had a real appreciation of life that I don't see in other generations since. They all understood how to live a very austere lifestyle, but still managed to live their lives to the fullest.

(817.28 KB 1554x498 INFINITY WAR.png)
INFINITY WAR (2018) Anonymous 09/20/2019 (Fri) 03:31:59 Id:d43405 No. 5286 [Reply]
>the greatest work of propaganda ever created.

Anons, I could write a book about this movie, documenting just how scary it all is, but I'm still putting the pieces together after seeing this movie for the 2nd time. It can't be understated how powerful they are, based on this movie alone. They are socially engineering the cultural landscape 100 years from now. They are also playing both sides, which makes me wonder how much this is driven by social engineering as opposed to just greed.


I'll be looking through the archives for whatever is already out there on the movie, and report back with what I find.
24 posts and 19 images omitted.
You gotta love the chriscuck spin on that.
>Jews use 6, so 6 is bad
Dude, please.
The 6th planet has a hexagonal cluster of 6 vortices at its pole. The fundamental particles (also described as vortices) come in groups of 6. 6 is not "bad". It is powerful. At least, the Israeli creators of this propaganda seem to think it's powerful. I wish I fully understood this power, or at least why it is so important to them. IW tells a story of integers, and how they interact; of how all the integers below 6 fall within an algebraic system that is ultimately controlled by 6. I know this sounds retarded, but we are trapped within the harmonic cycle of Jewish reality. Maybe they don't fully control the eternal waves of civilization, but they are somehow surfing along those waves, and this is possible because they have some fundamental understanding of this numerological property of the universe that I wish I understood.
This is still only what I would call worldly power. 7 falls outside of this system. 7 is the Snake in the bible which starts the eternal harmonic oscillations of humanity.

So sorry. I'm not Christian, but I've been reading the bible more lately. The appearance of the number 7 in Daniel 10 and Revelations is interesting. I wouldn't care about this mythology so much if it weren't for the fact that the highest-earning movies of all time weren't produced by Israeli propagandists who seem to believe this shit.

The *snap* in IW is the rapture. The conversations about Thanos's plan are conversations between the Christian god and his enemies. I presume that Jews, since the creators are Israeli but also because of the symbology that appears over and over and over again throughout the movies.
Also wanna say that I suspected the Christian angle might turn some people off and it wasn't necessary. Start with Thanos and there are many analogies that can be drawn. In some scenes, Thanos represents the Christian god, in others White Nationalism, in others Western colonialism. The creators consider all of these things to be evil.

Sure I could have stopped short of "Thanos is White Nationalism", and maybe I'm a fool for going further, but there seemed to be a religious element to the symbolism and I wanted to bring Christians in on this since at least some elements of the story seem to be directly attacking them. Ideally I would produce a different version of the analysis for different audience, so as not to turn off atheists who reeeally hate confronting the fact that most people are in fact religious and care about religion.

(64.24 KB 512x512 125335-HD.jpg)
Politically Incorrect Boxing Forum Boris Badenov 11/15/2019 (Fri) 07:31:44 No. 10988 [Reply]
Interracial sports shouldn't exist. Any man would lose a wrestling match if he were pitted against a literal car. Any man would lose if pitted against a gorilla. Imagine sportsfags watching a team of gorillas steamroll over a team of humans in a football game and saying
>Now THAT is an athlete; Gotta admire their physical ability
No, it would be stupid. When you accept muh subspecies, it doesn't make any sense to admire a boxer, or a track runner, or even a jazz musician, if they are of a different race, and the only reason whites do this is that they buy the line that "race is a social construct". They think that people of different races overcome the same obstacles in any given task. Seeing as basketball is now 90% black is proof that they don't. It's proof that the gorilla analogy is at least somewhat appropriate.
Boxing and full contact martial arts seem degenerate, they're harmful to the body - I have no problem with practicing self-defense but why is it a good idea to put yourself in harm's way of concussions and all that?

Also, I've heard bare-knuckle boxing is at least better, hands break before it would hurt heads as much.

I guess you can get hurt walking or playing American football or whatever (maybe football should be abandoned as well) so maybe I am overthinking this but I am for harm reduction when you can manage it
All you need to know on sports being degenerate is that enough White men let their daughters dress and act like harlots in front of hordes of Negroes.
(539.50 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 trans - 11.jpg)
that forever, but now pic related too

(375.48 KB 650x2018 crime_statistics_01.jpg)
Anonymous 10/26/2019 (Sat) 16:13:17 No. 8766 [Reply]
I need infographics so I can convince listening normies about the fact, that racism is good and natural.

Plz post everything you have regarding racial differences regarding IQ, crime, and so on, as long as it's related to niggers, shitskins, and their ilk.
70 posts and 98 images omitted.

OMG. Those are great... Thank you!
Dude, totally make more of those. Those graphics are great, and they're EXACTLY what I wanted. The world is in dire need for infographics like yours. I've been looking for quite a while, and the only thing I found was the realization, that stuff like yours is censored and algoritmically buried. (((They))) wouldn't censor it, if it's not important, to get this stuff out.
(364.24 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 08.jpg)
(331.03 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 01.jpg)
(502.80 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 02.jpg)
(546.60 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 04.jpg)
(390.12 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 05.jpg)
(346.84 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 06.jpg)
(337.90 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 07.jpg)
Thanks anons. It's just stuff that everyone here has seen or has access to. Later I'll put the high-res PDFs on here when I've filled in the white space.

1. I use the archives (4plebs, most of the other don't even capture /pol/) to find a lot of it.

2. I try to show things that are irrefutable like actual Pride parades, photos of African slums and, of course, mainstream news headlines (let them hear it from the horse's mouth).

3. For stats/graphs, it has to have a trustworthy source, preferably something like FBI UCR which anyone can access, thus making the analysis easily repeatable, though I admit that some of the stats may be bullshit. The amount of work it would take to check all the analyses...well, a) they don't always make it easy to do those analyses, lumping hispanics and arabs with whites in the FBI crime stats for example, and b) my primary goal is to make people angry. If they get to the point of googling the stats themselves then I've already accomplished my goal, though the Left is working tirelessly to make sure that every stat is refuted by some moronic privilege-based counter-narrative, and of course that's what google will show first.

4. I put in the best-resolution version of each image that I can find, because if I ever print this then it needs to still be readable after resampling.

5. Sometimes borders are necessary if I think the graphics can't be visually separated easily.

6. Sometimes I invert all or part of an image if it is unnecessarily dark/black, because I want this to require less ink to print, when possible.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(284.56 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 17.jpg)
(408.61 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 09.jpg)
(301.12 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 10.jpg)
(266.33 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 11.jpg)
(248.17 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 12.jpg)
(309.77 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 14.jpg)
(307.84 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 15.jpg)
(399.05 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 16.jpg)
(468.72 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 21.jpg)
(247.08 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 22.jpg)
(254.36 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 23.jpg)
(316.43 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 24.jpg)
(292.96 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 18.jpg)
(311.58 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 19.jpg)
(321.19 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 anti-white - 20.jpg)


no cookies?