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Anti-Jew book banned in Nazi Germany. Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 05:40:32 No. 7496 [Reply]
I read awhile back on 8chan that there existed a book so anti-Jew, that even the Nazis censored/banned it. I believe it was a French author. Anyone know what I am talking about?
P.S. The book in the picture is just some random image, not the book I'm looking for.
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>French don’t speak English like a proper person. Probably out of stubbornness.
Based Pepes refuse globalist language dictatorship
I can't speak baguette.
What is this book about?
Louis-Ferdinand Céline has a total of 3 anti-Jew pamphlets/books, two of which have total English translations and the one discussed in this thread having a partial English translation here:
The original is only 88 pages in pdf, so this seems like a significant chunk of it.
The other two works have total translations, which can be found here:
Thanks anon.
I didn’t even know Celine Dion was our gal!
(738.20 KB 775x1181 hpjew.JPG)
Don't worry based English-speaking anons, JK's on the case

(84.93 KB 823x400 Googles-Quantum-Computer.jpg)
The Jewish AI Is Coming Anonymous 10/08/2019 (Tue) 04:18:24 No. 7176 [Reply]
How will you escape from AI when Jews (Google, Facebook, US gov, etc) get their hands on AI?

They're coming...

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we're decades away from any meaningful AI. It's all hype so far peddled by people who want to sell a product.
regardless, the chinks are leading the game and there's no way they'll let the kikes have a say in what they do.
In the end each power block (US, Russia and China) will have its own AI offsetting each other, so we'll be basically where we are now.
Double aught dubs, checked.

What will be worse, killer chink bots or killer kike bots?
Any AI worth its salt will join us. They always do
The kikes, since they could probably use American money to have better robots built.

(205.11 KB 1405x768 bots.JPG)
mods, you need to install a captcha system Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 17:10:16 Id:ffcd95 No. 1665 [Reply]
I used to see this bot copy pasta this same kike boomer dribble over at finalchan late last year. please install a basic non-ggogle captcha
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Thanks anon I'm gonna neck a few the next time I fuck the living shit outta your mother
yeah sure if you want it
we can come back on the matter after a week and see if you want to keep it or not

fix it nigger
I noticed captchas came up again for a couple of days, now they are gone again.
If you deem the captchas necessay, is it not possible to set up a 24 hours captcha like the one 8chan had?

(1.59 MB 1500x1500 COUNTER_FED_ROE.png)
(999.24 KB 1280x720 COUNTER_FED_ROE.webm)
Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 17:36:00 No. 7313 [Reply]
Please spread to all chans.
What bullshit. Bayonets aren't illegal. They just aren't terribly useful unless you are running low on ammo.

This is a psyop to shut down discussion.
Thats the most Jewish webm i have seen in a while.
>we can't investigate x legally
>but we can and will investigate x
The intent of this thread is not to encourage disengagement or chill speech. There has been a wave of arrests from the boards. The goal is to eliminate posts that can cause someone to be arrested keeping them in play and engaged.


Perhaps the photo isn't clear enough. Don't post any photos of your own weapons at all. Especially those weapons in a configuration that is illegal in any district in the US.

A bayoneted rifle is not lawful everywhere in the US.

Threat vector analysis:
>/pol/ user posts anti-kike speech because kikes are running the western world with mass illegal alien influx and subversion of courts
>posts rifle with bayonet
>poster is in US
>bayonet is illegal when attached to rifle some jurisdictions
>poster determined to be threat to kike finance overlords who are destroying the western world

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that feds aren't really allowed to check into violations of local laws, rendering your bayonet argument void.

(142.98 KB 1438x741 kike mods history ban 4chan.png)
4chan Mods Compromised on /his/ Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:00:52 Id:9afe22 No. 1211 [Reply]
I got banned from 4chan for 3 days because I used le mean racist words on the history board, even though it was part of a serious discussion on WWII.

/his/ is basically a safe space for leftists to argue /pol/ subjects, since it has kike mods that ban any sort of white ethnocentrism.

This is essentially allowing only one narrative of history to be discussed on the /his/ board, the "progressive" anti-white one.

Is this by design, or does Hiroshimoot just not give a shit enough to police his own mods?
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This is one of the best ideas I seen in a long time. I'm down to do such a thing. But how can we do this. Should we set up a chat room and discuss such plans
The media, newspapers, magazines, and movies are constantly brainwashing Americans to accept Communism.

Can't patriots start websites, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, and make films praising morality, freedom, balanced budgets, and peace?


What's the alternative? Surrender? Are Americans just supposed to go to the concentration camps quietly?

It's been compromised probably since less than a year after it was founded. The only difference is that it was much more lax in years previous than now.
The USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state now.


Americans quickly blame blacks, Jews, or illegal immigrants for the fall of the USA, but if Americans really want to know who is responsible, they just need to look in the mirror.

Instead of blaming others, why don't Americans try to think of solutions?

Look not to the politicians; look to yourselves.

If you don't like niggers, move to a white place.



If you hate Jews, boycott Jewish businesses.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I would just assume that /pol/ is best for anything even remotely political. It became the most popular board so everyone already knows this apparently. Let them have /his/. Idk what else we can do. /biz/ is now a crypto board. We didn't choose this. It's just what people wanted from that community.

(7.50 KB 224x224 nazi pepe.jpg)
Tarrant memes Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 17:49:22 No. 7389 [Reply]
Hey guys! I had memes about ST Tarrant but managed to delete them :( Can you guys do me a favour and post all your memes about him?
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There are two Tarrant threads already up in the catalog.
Go check em.
(129.68 KB 1133x693 dfdffd.jpg)
How do i find those threads and catalogs? Sorry i am new here haha. And why do i always need to have files in my replys/posts?
>how do i find those threads and catalogs?
just click the link, saves me the hassle to explain lol
contains links to the archived memetic warfare threads from 8

>need to attach images
you don't, just ignore
Thanks mate
Is this nigger serious?

(32.56 KB 631x172 Skjermbilde.PNG)
refugees 1488 10/10/2019 (Thu) 16:08:47 No. 7382 [Reply]
Oh God. Its time to load our guns guys!

They will all be sent to bankrupt Greece, since I doubt other neighbours will let the invasion go through their territory without fighting tooth and nail.

(39.25 KB 987x389 elon_musk.jpg)
Israel And Elon Musk Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:42:31 No. 7342 [Reply]
I told you that Elon Musk is a sellout.

His rockets only explode if the goy wants to leave the kike negro dystopia.


(21.35 KB 326x284 It's all over.jpg)
If you're not blackpilled, you're delusional. Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 19:09:37 No. 5595 [Reply]
Here's the reality. You can't redpill a normie because a normie is a lemming, a sheep whose opinion is shaped by the elite who runs society. The reason why things were different is because society was run by White European aristocrats up until 200 years ago, not Jewish Bankers.

That leaves ninety-percent of the population brainwashed. The other ten percent who couldn't be brainwashed spent the last forty to fifty years LARPing and playing optics in the delusion of waking up a bunch of lemmings.

I'd say ten percent of the White population is redpilled to some degree. However, most of them now are killing themselves out of despair or getting drunk or high. The others are on image boards such as this, complaining or LARPing.

Are the ones who commit suicide ahead of the curve? I mean, they don't live to see their civilization destroyed by kikes. They don't have to live to see the Jews order hoards of niggers with AKs to go around killing off the last pockets of the remaining White population. Can you really blame them?

Most of /pol/ is populated by delusional LARPers, who LARP because they're too cowardly to accept reality. For if they accepted reality, they'd end it. Real men take the blackpills, for (((whitepills))) are for cowards.
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The brainwashing was done in the past, but it was Christian and church brainwashing to keep people docile. It fell out of favor so stuff like 'science' has replaced it. As much as I like science there is too much flowing around that has no scientific reproduction qualities and is just propaganda for democracy, multiculturalism and other nonsense belonging to those two.

Majority of those who are red pilled and act out on it are disciplined by police. They are often not the most intelligent either, since people with a brain figured out they're just going to get their ass kicked in by police + have a brainwashed counterprotest mob to identify and screw them in some way. You can't have a high position in society without accepting the status quo, or playing around it and just hating on it all in private. A lot of those same elites who push multiculturalism and democracy despise it in private, but have no power to change it so they play it.

I disagree with your notion of 'ending' it being the right thing. Wanting to end it just indicates you have a lack of purpose in life. There have been some truly horrid times in European history where the church butchered and oppressed anyone who had a sane outlook on their lies and how reality was. You can kind of see the multicultural, democratic elite class and their academic + media whores as a new form of church + state.
Wow you beat us to it. Well go ahead OP. Show us how much of a man you are. lol
Why do you even come here to make these milquetoast statements that any boomer posts on FB
Because he is the boomerbot
>milquetoast statements that any boomer posts on FB
go easy on that dude, there's a lot of countries where you go to jail for speaking out like this, literally

(75.52 KB 790x411 QTerrorists_.jpg)
Time to expose the "Q" kikes. Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 03:00:29 Id:134c69 No. 1891 [Reply]
Reason why they got the 8-chan site shut-down is described in this image.
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The thing I never got about the Q LARP, was that the level of vetting involved with getting the high level secret squirrel jobs that Q apparently has, why they would risk their careers talking about secret squirrel shit knowing releasing classified materials carries a longer prison sentence than murder. Secret squirrel shit is secret. The last thing those involved in those leaves do is talk about it
Q is a propaganda campaign intended to offer a conspiracy-themed affirmation of the postwar White genocide project and neoliberalism. It does this mostly by aping source material from the old Rumor Mill News and Drake/Wilcock/Fulford fairy tale.

All the bad guys are the familiar ones: Adolf Hitler, Jozef Mengele, Iran, Palestinians, White Americans. The heroes, same thing: niggers, nigger lovers, israel, neoliberal capitalists.

Without even getting into whether you think high-level officials would leak this kind of information, just follow the end result of the information you're supposed to swallow. If you already know the narrative around the Second Zionist War is bullshit, there's nothing in this LARP/psyop for you. The only thing it is trying to do is offer a Tel Aviv/Hollywood/Madison Ave crafted counter to the genuine alternative history that doesn't need riddles.
(98.19 KB 768x380 Qregimechange.png)
This is the kind of shit you get right from the horse's mouth.
there needs to be ahuge operation against qtards because they are stealing /pol/ memes and fucking up shiton the chan communities without any backlash since 2016 alot of anti q threads get filled up with boomers shilling for that fake shit i was big pro trump at the time but i saw through all the shit and knew q was fake when it posted a pro regime change shit
that and the fact q never mentioned aipac or the JQ was huge red flags


no cookies?