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(570.63 KB 1060x900 Banned - Do not read.png)
HIS NAME ERIC CIARAMELLA Eric CIAramella 11/09/2019 (Sat) 00:17:38 No. 10227 [Reply]
Like Trump or not in the times of the great memory-holing it is our sacred shitposting duty
to name the Cryptojew
Eric 'Da Whistleblower' CIAramella
at all times at any cost.

May his treason not go unanswered.
(97.02 KB 845x625 Eric CIAramella.jpg)
(122.96 KB 600x360 Shitskin Zaid.jpg)
Glownigger Eric CIAramella's mudslime lawyer
funny to notice of these shitskins are totally free to blabber about coups and revolutions, but when a right winger does he will immediately be red flagged and someone will frame him for terrorism or something

(145.62 KB 880x844 1567883326099.jpg)
the meaning of life Anonymous 10/28/2019 (Mon) 18:01:48 No. 9058 [Reply]
The purpose of humanity is to create an objective understanding of reality that has power over the inanimate and converts it to the animate and thereby spreads life to the utmost degree - beyond earth, beyond the sun, beyond any limit of space or time.
Genetic material is the basis for all objective reality - it is proof of understanding of the patterns of reality. It exists, therefore it has true knowledge of reality.
Every element of perception - the physical organs that sense reality - are all constructed by the same/similar/analogous genetic patterns regardless of species.
So life is a mechanism for gathering information - an ecosystem works together to spread information to every member of the ecosystem to expand the boundaries of that ecosystem.
The mechanism for this is often called 'natural selection'.
Those that believe/spread false information are killed.
Those that spread believe/propagate true information proliferate.
Each gene that leads to truth therefore is spread and copied across individual organisms and even across species - the pressures for survival create analogous genes in different species that represent the truth in the context of that organism's DNA, so even if the gene is encoded different in DNA, it basically does the same thing as in another species.

Your primary identity is not your individual self, that your primary identity is your individual self is one of the utmost jewish lies. In modern times, your individual emotions are overemphasized and used to tell your more lies.
This is a major problem in this community - you are all self-consumed faggots that care more about your ego than the truth because you are stuck in a feedback loop of your own emotion from lack of exposure to the truth.

Your primary identity is your race.
Your race is your gene pool, it is a critical functional boundary separating you from the rest of humans. Under natural circumstances (under condition of free will), individuals of a race almost exclusively breed with members of the race.
More commonly, people breed within sub-races, or ethnicities, according to convenience - this usually has to do with geographic and/or social boundaries.
The boundaries can be large-scale, such as the geographic features that separate countries/language-zones, or smaller-scale, like a valley or plain within in a country.
Whatever the case, in proportion to the degree of separation, the group becomes genetically unique and suited to the land it dwells in.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Race is the general biological characteristics of a group of related people.
Culture is a racial construct.
What defines the group? This is my point, any definition is going to be arbitrary, arbitrary but not meaningless. Most people use historic regions of varying specificity: continent, country, province, etc. This doesn’t not give a good boundary point for what makes a race, ethnicity, nation (the idea of a nation, combined ethnic and political uniformity over a given region, is not one I support as follower of HHH, but it is still a useful phrase and genetic differences/similarities means nations would exist in loose forms within a private law society), etc.
read OP
a race is a group of generally compatible ethnicities that can mix functionally

arbitrary on what scale?
you're having your view of objective reality beaten down by a jewish standard of specificity which is itself arbitrary to the core.
overcomplicating your cognition isn't going to help anything at all, much less help convince people of the truth of race and ethnicity
Words like “generally” or “functionally” are arbitrary when applied and vague in theory. Give me a specific point at which groups of people cannot mix.

All language is metaphorical and only works so long as there is shared meaning to words. In a technical disagreement (i.e. what defines the race), there must be a specific definition or else we will talk past each other.

If anything, my view on race is far more realistic and more tactically sound than saying anyone who has white skin is white, or of European descent is white, or of European descent west of the Hajnal line, or only Germanic and nordic people, etc. You don’t want to make enemies you don’t have to, but still want maximum separation from the undesirables.

(142.59 KB 1903x792 Screenshot_20191104-205938_2.jpg)
Isaac's pensees Anonymous 11/05/2019 (Tue) 02:10:39 No. 9995 [Reply]
This is a collection of my thoughts I've been cataloging for the last month or two. I figured at 10, I'd share them. Any ideas or comments on any of them are welcome. Sorry if the last one isn't very coherent. I've only just been giving it form and it's become a bit rambly.

1.The true right is concerned with living in accordance with and submitting to nature. The true left is concerned with conquering and overcoming nature.
2.The purpose of every campaign to take a historical icon or historical event and make it a negative that the offending class(White Christian Males in most cases) is not to make our understanding of history more honest. It is to portray history from the eyes of nonwhite groups in an attempt to make those groups feel animus towards whites, and make the whites guilty and nonresistant to any attack they may sustain.
3.What they speak of in the 1619 project is not the history of America, or the original Americans, but of an entirely different group that was oppressed in America. This is not American history, but marxist history.
4.The left wing seems to be veering into a form of satanic paganism with child sacrifice and worship of the earth. Also, they all self identify as witches.
5.The purpose of any action will eventually become more pure as people get closer to the ideal. Contraception>Gay Marriage>Transgender>Pedophile
6.Given that Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are all different sides of the same idea, it is possible that when Beauty is subjectivised in a culture, that the other three will shortly follow. Much more than this, It seems that beauty is the easiest to subjectivise of the three of them given it's ethereal, hard to categorize nature.
7.Don’t kill yourself. Whatever you’re feeling now, hell is a lot worse.
8.In a multicultural society liberalism will be inevitable because it is a parasite that latches onto the interests of minority groups. It is an ideology that allows minority groups to seize power even if they don’t believe it in the slightest.
9.The left wing is a coalition of groups with only superficial similarities and shared goals. Due to this, the more power they attain, the more they will start infighting. Their only shared goal is deposing the majority in power, and as soon as that happens they will go their separate ways and the coalition will colapse.
10.The thing identified as “White” by the dissident right is more complicated than it first seems. At first blush, they will seem to only care about the appearance of being white. Then when asked if jews are white they say no. This is where a synthesis of alt right and E. Michael Jones views on “Whiteness” seems appropriate. There are three divisions of white people that exist. They are Catholics, Protestants, and Jews. The alt right seems to reject this intellectual division of whites, in favor of a pure visual categorization of race. They also reject jews as being white though so there must be more to it. So it's time for a diagram of what may be considered “White”.
(pic related)
The only reason we don’t see jews as white is because they are capable of keeping a distinct culture and ethnicity. The same would be true of Germans if they refused to assimilate to other host countries.
This is where EMJ goes wrong though. He believes that because people with white skin can assimilate to white countries, non-whites can also assimilate. Clearly this is not true, and doesn’t happen in reality.
To sum up:You are only white if you have white skin, and don’t belong to a strongly cohesive ethnic in group. The only such in group I know of is jews, so basically no jews are white unless they accept Christ.
3 posts and 2 images omitted.
He's trying to construct a useful dichotomy. No use in nitpicking about what "Right" means in your corner of the world.

I agree though that those words are confusing, as left wing could refer to any community, e.g. Nazi Germany. Since we're talking about Truth here, the opposite of Right might as well be Wrong,
I appreciate actually responding with your own thoughts. I don't think anyone else over all three chans I've posted this on did.
9. I agree that most of the left are useful idiots. The point was that after they attain power it doesn't matter how dumb they are, they won't have a unified interest, and they won't be able to rule stably.
10.I don't agree with EMJ on everything, but he is right that the only subgroups left in "White" identity are catholic, protestant, and Jew. Also, my view on jews is informed by an interview eric weinstien had with a rabbi. They talked about how the jewish in-group has two characteristics:Your mother was a jew, and you weren't christian. According to them if you convert to Christianity(not any other religion), you stop being a jew. I can understand why you'd disagree though. Thanks again for the thoughts.
>1.The true right is concerned with living in accordance with and submitting to nature. The true left is concerned with conquering and overcoming nature.
You're a religious person caught up in idiotic dichotomies. "Left" and "Right" don't refer to anything meaningful, not ideologically anyway.
>feel animus towards whites, and make the whites guilty and nonresistant to any attack they may sustain.
Until the masses of the White Nation see that thing called "America" as the beginning of the separation of our real Nation, they will always come to identify with it, and never have any answers for "America's" crimes.
Slavery is the crime of the nigger-loving capitalist, who would sooner import every nigger they could get their hands on, rather than pay a European a fair wage to work on the land. Only someone absolutely in love with niggers would go and buy one at some sort of auction. Only a Christfaggot, in other words.
>1619 project is not the history of America
Christfaggot capitalist slavers loved niggers so much, they couldn't get enough of them. They had to collect them all!
>marxist history
"Marxists" didn't bring millions of nigger slaves to that thing called "America." Christfaggot capitalists did. They did it because they loved niggers so much, just like all the Founding Nigger Fuckers of "America."
>4.The left wing seems to be veering into a form of satanic paganism with child sacrifice and worship of the earth.
The people who founded that homosexual interracial porno called "America" couldn't stop themselves from fucking niggers. Perversion is the very heart and soul of that thing called "America." "America" created the faggot identity, and forced pornography on the planet.
>Contraception>Gay Marriage>Transgender>Pedophile
Sounds like a pitch to get the Catholic Church on board with the ZOG. Hint: it already is.
>7.Don’t kill yourself.
Translation: Don't fight the ZOG.
>8.In a multicultural society liberalism will be inevitable

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>This is where a synthesis of alt right and E. Michael Jones views on “Whiteness” seems appropriate.
Jones, while fairly honest for a Christfaggot, runs away from Nationalism like all religious fanatics do.
The destruction of that thing called "America" isn't going to be a war between "Left" and "Right." It is going to be a war between Nationalism and religious obscurantism. Just like in Syria. We're going to pull in the white working class, and the Christfaggots are going to get the trannies and faggots, because the ZOG has already bound itself into that knot. The "Right" just hasn't found a way to get you to accept your future president Buttplug yet.
>There are three divisions of white people that exist.
The White Nation is all the English-speaking Europeans on Earth, in "America," "Canada," Ireland, Scotland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We are a single Nation. The other 'white' people are the people who belong to the other European Nations; Germans, French, Russians, Danes, etc.
Christianity is a mind-disease, not a class of Europeans.
>The only reason we don’t see jews as white is because they are capable of keeping a distinct culture and ethnicity.
This much is true, and the history of the USSR (and even "America") has proven there is no way to stamp out this identity. The only solution is death.
>and don’t belong to a strongly cohesive ethnic in group. The only such in group I know of is jews
Sicilians are another group that has historically resisted assimilation into the White Nation as well.
The left will never attain power, their masters will. Its a moot point i suppose. But yes, they always collapse. Having no hard truth as a touchstone will do that.
> the only subgroups left in "White" identity are catholic, protestant, and Jew
Ask me how i know you’re an American.
Jews are not and will never be white. They play games amongst themselves about that but it isn’t the jew criteria that matters its ours. And only then if we have the power to act upon it.
A. If any one has any identifiable non white ancestry then they are not white.
B. If anyone has any known jew ancestry then they must be classed as a jew.
These definitions will not satisfy a pedant but they function as a good heuristic that can be used as a firm basis of action.

(838.16 KB 800x800 1553116247909.png)
Possible school dist-adminstrative glownig spies Anonymous 11/06/2019 (Wed) 05:14:54 No. 10081 [Reply]
On school adminstrative computer I was listening to some racist stuff and then other tabs with "Israel quote" showed and snitch kermit opened in new tab, nothing illegal i did but still creepy feeling of big nose spy peering lingers

(6.43 KB 293x98 download (6).jpg)
jewgle exposed yet again Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 01:58:50 Id:2b1f82 No. 1139 [Reply]
project veritas just released another video exposing google yet again for censoring people who post on youtube and are considered undesirable , and the have quote "black lists" for certain site where they try and censer or attack

Edited last time by wickedbrambles on 08/15/2019 (Thu) 01:59:20.
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Such dir ein Madchen fur die Nacht in deiner Stadt: http://gmy.su/:npbR?jVZi1cxd
fuck off
Die besten Frauen fur Sex in Ihrer Stadt: http://gmy.su/:T5hR?&wzuvi=7NWA0J8YU5vG
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(26.99 KB 231x219 spam.jpg)
sie ist ein untermenchen schweinen. dein whuren ist wilkommen nicht.
this copypasta has been all over the place, either a chatbot or some weird fag.ignore it, dont feed. let the janies clean it up
this copypasta has been all over the place, either a chatbot or some weird fag.ignore it, dont feed. let the janies clean it up

WHICH RACE, WESTERN MAN? Anonymous 11/04/2019 (Mon) 23:23:18 No. 9991 [Reply]
With that question in mind, post your best sauce on the nonwhite environmental shit-show that niggers have made of their lands (and now ours, thanks to (((immigration))) for white replacement).
>be TWC video thot
>read tweetstorm from RaceToSaveThePlanet hashtag
>put on smug anime girl face
(111.88 KB 1024x533 1562076353894.jpg)

The capitalist question Anonymous 11/02/2019 (Sat) 08:16:43 No. 9782 [Reply]
>Tarrant said: "Were/are you “left wing”?

>Depending on the definition, sure.

>Were/are you a socialist?

>Depending on the definition. >Worker ownership of the means of production? It depends on who those workers are, their intents, who currently owns the means of production, their intents and who currently owns the state, and its intents."

And he is right. The real problem of our race is not communism, it is capitalism! Capitalists are responsible for non-white immigration because they want cheap labour. They are the real enemy of our race! Only a communist state would be an ethnostate, just look at North Korea. It is a communist state and an ethnostate. We have to kill the capitalists too!
6 posts and 6 images omitted.
frankly speaking, knowing some Russians I suspect many nazbols actually are natsoc but refuse to call it that because they are proud of their past. having lived in a former communist ehtnostate in my early years myself I can also attest it felt pretty much nationalist socialist so I don't necessarily blame people who look back fondly.
it's also true that the state of the world is the result of jewish capitalism rather than anything else and that needs to be addressed mercilessly before all other things.
He meant the anti-white leftists, retard.
Right, many nationalists from capitalist countries think that communist countries are multicultural and that communists are responsible for non-white immigration although the opposite is true. Communist states are always ethnostates because they have a planned economy where the state calculates exactly what the individual citizen should do and how much the individual citizen gets. This anti-white Antifa "leftists" are not real leftists, they are just liberals.
I believe many associate communist "internationalism" (=the realization of communism in every nation) with globalism.
The end result of both is shit, so I stand with Saint Tarrant on this >>9790
>The real problem of our race is not communism, it is capitalism!
Communism is not a thing for itself and it never was intended to be so! Communism is just the manifestation of the super-capitalist jew trying to undermine the State and gentile private-sector.
Communism is an outdated tool of the jews and we'll not see them funding another communist revolution ever again. Leftism, tho, is under use nowdays. Not under marxist lines, but in forms that range from highly-inarticulated (promisses) of left-wing socialism to kosher stormtrupers (antifas) to fully integrated in the neo-liberal system soycial-democrats.

The left brings us only idiotic ideals! You must be anti-capitalist, but never leftist!
Capitalism is indeed the dictatur of the merchant! What we gentiles need to do is to raise again our levels of consciousness to our social prime state, where the estate of dependency of the merchant to the warrior class and the priestly class is highlighted and we are no longer slaves to the illusion created by the merchants!
Think about what Plato describes in his Republica's. It's the brains, then the muscles THEN the merchants and then the unskilled labourers or slaves. What we live today is the inversion, the degeneration of a healthy system.
The funny thing about the healthy system is: it's backed by nature! The gods created it! We just need to revolve to this natural state, thus we are the true REVOLutionaries!

Right wing revolutionaries!

Happening at Walmart Anonymous 09/04/2019 (Wed) 01:56:07 Id:2f33ec No. 3485 [Reply]
Attention all. Read article, wallymart sucking commiecrats dick. More cucked than black bull cuckold bang my wife porn.


Walmart to discontinue selling most ammunition. Read article at lunch today, ran to buy last box of 5.56. employees have been gagged. Counter clerk said every employee there received an urgent memo not to discuss Walmart choosing to go the way of JC Penney. She only told me, because I used to regularly buy ammo there.

Since Walmart got bored with making money and entered into politics, I propose a review bomb. Since cuck CEO only listen to leftist advertising agencies, and became convinced that this is what Americans want, we should send them a message. We must use the language they will understand.
Walmart only cares about its image.
One of my favorite pastimes was buying ammunition and toilet paper at 3am at Walmart, because it's my right as an American, because fuck you is why.

The tree of liberty withers

Shit's accelerating with fleetness and alacrity now...
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
In the heartland they stilldo, 'twas a giant virtue signal for the blue hairs
see the bright side guys, if they continue on that path we'll end up with the only ones selling guns and ammo being /ourguys/
no more money for the jew, what's not to like about that?
So, walmart buyers are going to be even less likely to be armed.
'El Paso 2.0: Fish in a Barrel'
buy from some other better company?
So this was all true!?

(375.92 KB 1279x921 Capture1.PNG)
(377.02 KB 1281x922 Capture2.PNG)
Anonymous 11/01/2019 (Fri) 23:23:17 No. 9751 [Reply]
Hello anons.
What does a person do when faced with the choice of either buying into the system (401k, IRA's, buying Gold, purchasing equities or gov. bonds, etc.) or dropping out entirely (trailer/camper living, not spending money where possible, purchasing survival gear such as ammunition, food, tradeable supplies)?
I have this worry, for lack of a better word, from time to time about where I am best focusing my resources. I am a wageslave extraordinaire. I work my hours, I pay my debts, I pay my rent, I am the best goy right?
But planning for the future can not only be about stocking rounds of ammo, and buying water storage containers. Planning for the future involves building a proper foundation for a family and getting to the point where you can raise your children to become true warriors for our survival.
Where should a man focus his energy? Is there a middle ground between the two? I think that there is a proper middle ground but I've never been able to feel confident in which direction I am focused on.
The key factor I believe is when an individual believes the system in place will finally fail. A person spending 100% of their income on USD investments, paying off debts and what not, will have absolutely zero if the sytem collapses. A person spending 0% of their income on those things will be able to spend that money on proper supplies in the event of a collapse. That person gets to spend their pre-collapse life shirking debt collectors and lawyers.
That's where I am at you guys, I'd love to get some thoughts from people who understand what I am getting at. I also am dual posting this on another chan that I think is also worth reading the advice and discussion from.
Pic semi related, reading it is what spawned this thread.
1 post omitted.
invest in ammo.
Real motherfucking advice right here.
>Flip cars and kill politicians
good question. given the corruption we are surrounded by, and the volatility evidenced by history, it can easily become a concern to start doomsday prepping. Lord knows there is always a conspiracy site yelling the economy will crash next week and the only solution is gold and water filters. i have a little insight here based on my mistakes (gen x oldfag here)
people went prepper crazy for Y2K and nothing happened. people went nuts over 2012 mayan calender. most uneventful day ever. really in my lifetime there have only been a few notable events. 9/11 (really the only effect here was paranoia and the loss of personal rights, the 84 recession and 2008 housing bubble bursting (lots of money lost, but still a controlled contraction to consolidate power, not a collapse) Far Leftism/sjw/jewish cultural decay (which has created cancel culture) and the immigration crisis (not accelerated to a level that is disastrous for our future.
i thought collapse was coming. i bought the water filter and survival seed bank. never actually needed them, or the other prepper gear i bought.
what you need to do is be a "common sense" prepper. prepare for car breakdowns, look into the history of weather issues/natural disasters in your region, save and stock up like you might be unemployed for a few months, imagine what you would do in an extended power outage, or if the supply trucks stopped coming to walmart.
best advice i would have given myself: HEALTH IS KING. become the most annoying intolerant person on earth when it comes to what you will and will not put in your body. do full body weight lifting routines, hiking, sprints, MMA (need striking and jiu jitsu) take shooting courses. carry concealed. the most likely self defense scenario is and will be someone trying to fight you in a store, parking lot, or road rage situation. practice situational awareness, know how to get away from someone, or brutally dominate if you have to.
dont trust the stock market (even though i dont believe it will ever collapse. it will be maintained so the feds can keep control.) they want you in debt, poor, sick, weak, confused, alone, divided. they fear a strong educated and militarized group of people who understand how evil they are.
i dont regret stopping the pursuit of college degrees after my first one. i dont regret the self education i did through books and online (truth is not taught in school or on TV for a reason) i dont regret the "common sense" prepping i did as it did help me weather a few hurricanes and later snow storms. i had the $100 cash for a tow instead of some ripoff like AAA. i had a larder of food, and the basic products i use to endure 2 months of unemployment. i feel much safer now that carry concealed.
the key here is to prepare for practical scenarios like i listed earlier. the future will be browner, poorer, legally more hostile to whites (corporate policy will also be) infrastructure will become undependable, cities uninhabitable. once again HEALTH and resiliency matter most. Local human networks because the government will not help you, but a church, gun club, bowling league etc will. these are people you can call for help.
we are already in nascent anarcho-tyranny. this means selective enforcement of laws like we saw in Charlottesville, big tech censorship, twitter lynch mobs etc. it will be worse when all of these brown people become cops, judges, mayors, CEO's etc. i am in the process of switching banks because of how "woke" mine just became, and all the call center people, including the manager, are brown people who i know are fucking with me, and i dont trust them.
vote with your feet and move to a better place, but dont expect it to stay white and conservative. those areas are targeted too.
be able to go mobile if you can. if there is a disaster the best bet is always to be away from it.

my .02
>(not accelerated to a level that is disastrous for our future.
*NOW accelerated to a level that is disastrous for our future.
Depends on what your personal goal is.
1. Many white children. Drop out as much as possible, off grid ideally. Accept material hardship in return for family & a future.
2. Pic related. Anything the system takes from you will be taken back in full and more besides, so who gaf about the taxes? Its not like you expect to die of old age anyway. Train, equip, act.
read siege

(9.36 KB 693x980 IOTBW.png)
/WG/ White General - By the Moon's Rising Edition Anonymous 10/30/2019 (Wed) 22:06:30 No. 9418 [Reply]
One simple and harmless message, tried and true.

>create media shitstorm
>provoke endless screeching on social media
>further expose or re-affirm the establishment's anti-White hyprocrisy

>It's Halloween! Wear a costume to disguise yourself, and show some spirit!
>Simplistic design, no excessive use of font and text decoration ( pic related )
>If you can't print anything out, make sure it says "okay" and not "ok" when writing.
>Make sure that posting signs and stickers is legal in your area. /WG/ does not condone illegal activity, and this is a board of peace!
>Consider laminating your posters to protect them from the elements.
>THIS IS NOT HATE. It is a simple statement that should be common sense, that it is okay to be the way you were born including if you are White. Again, this is to expose the hypocrisy of not only the establishment media, but society's social atmosphere as a whole.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1 post omitted.
(312.68 KB 500x550 beginner's guide.png)
But won't the glue spray freeze?
toothpaste works great, but
shellac a poster with cream of wheat, and they will have to tear out the wall to remove it
Thank you Nihil, very cool!
(159.48 KB 600x336 starshiptroopers.jpg)
>I'm doing my part
Https://www .bitchute .com/video/T2ED6vi05Grk/
we used to grind glass of light bulbs to dust and mix it into wallpaper paste together with rat poison

t. ebil german


no cookies?