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(210.87 KB 960x640 ESbzxgc.jpg)
why does nazism intrigue me so much Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 16:41:31 Id:3e1c2e No. 2356 [Reply] History File history
i mean i don't really care about their message and goal but the whole discipline thing really interests me. might start a brotherhood for disciplined ambitious men. together we'll rule the world through strength and discipline.
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Here disciplinefag, have this charm of power and glory of ours 卐 and may it cure you of your latent gayness
well uhm acshually that's the hindu symbol of peace so how about you go screw yourself faggot nigger nigger faggot.
All this shit spewed by someone who cannot find their shift key. Ironic.
(94.79 KB 640x789 img_6055.jpg)
Its called instinct, anon.
You instinctively sense that the modern grotesque display of weakness that passes for morality and pretends to be strength is vile and doomed.
You don’t understand this, cant articulate it and will probably deny it.
Tens of thousands of years of evolution and struggle cannot be overwritten by a few decades of propaganda, brow beating and liberalism.
We are the children of a lineage that reaches back through millennia of bloody struggle.
Its in all of us.
Since I don't use capital letters much, you think I'm not capitalist?

(1005.18 KB 119x125 hitler grinsi.gif)
TheSavior Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 03:57:34 Id:eaa6d1 No. 1765 [Reply] History File history
This retard is still going, what do we do about this jew fuck? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjehHJ9Lnd65AMB3qSgM_Nw
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Americans say large white countries filled with natural resources are rich, but they are unable to explain why Russia is poor.
Russia got fucked because of the communism, tbh.
Libertarians are on the right side of history because freedom worked for 200 years in the US and tyranny failed in the USSR and Nazi Germany.


Communists and Nazis think problems should be solved with force, but Libertarians prefer using logic and reason.

If tyranny is so wonderful then why do people try to escape from prisons?

If Americans love tyranny then why did Americans fight Communists and Fascists?

How can Americans sleep at night now while the US collapses or look in the mirror without feeling utter disgust and shame?
<If tyranny is so wonderful then why do people try to escape from prisons? >
because theyre criminals and/or animals anon. most of the people in prison, deserve to be there. note i said most.

<If Americans love tyranny then why did Americans fight Communists and Fascists?>
because they were duped by oligarchs. the people of the time voted isolationism, but the government did everything they could to drag us into war.

<How can Americans sleep at night now while the US collapses or look in the mirror without feeling utter disgust and shame?>
sportstball, muh kike on a stick, MEphones, jew media
Will Americans launch kamikaze lone wolf and hit and run attacks on checkpoints, police stations, and government buildings soon?

Does anyone think that the elites will restore the Bill of Rights, reduce the debt, and end the wars?

Do you see any protests?

The US is no longer a democracy so how will voting help the USA?

The ruling class appears to want a war.

Is the man who just cowardly waits to be sent to the concentration camps any better than patriots who resist?

Are Americans waiting for the Communists to win in 2020 or 2024?

Are Americans waiting for the US Ponzi economy to implode?

(88.90 KB 1001x823 D9SusK0XUAEX7PL.jpg)
discord Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 12:31:30 Id:e122bb No. 2105 [Reply] History File history
anyone got discord anymore
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those are
as an anon, I prefer to stay anon and my limited knowledge of discord supports the idea of a data-mining trap. In any situation on the web, if the user is not purchasing a product then that user is the product. You and your browsing habits are valuable data, gathered and repackaged to sell to others. This is why I always run incognito mode in chrome under windows 10 while checking my gmail. Noone is getting my data.
check'd n kek'd!

>incognito mode in chrome >under windows 10
>while checking my gmail.
>Noone is getting my data.
No seriously fren, you better get any Linux distro or even better yet Tails NOW and promise to not use any browser other than Tor ever again and you might have some privacy. But as for now you have none whatsoever
It's OK anon, I got the joke.
look up alternatives to discord desu
probs will find oldfags on 4cuck

The real reason for all this Greenland talk Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:30:44 Id:4eefe3 No. 1721 [Reply] History File history
Little St. James island was once also Danish. I believe Epstein is in military custody and is trying to argue muh fringe on the flag and muh US corporation.

This is all about draining the swamp. The glowniggers operate under City of London corporate status and Epstein was LARPing as a pedo Danish duke. Cap this.
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Americans love their beloved government overlords. The only time Americans get angry when the Gestapo shoots an unarmed American in the back is when the officer is black.

Americans don't care if they must give their fingerprints to travel if Muslims do, too.

One reason Americans hate freedom now is that the media runs horrifying stories about a dangerous problem and downplays concerns about tyranny.

Another reason Americans hate liberty now is because Americans think freedom only benefits others and tyranny only applies to other people.

If you don't wear shorts, you won't care if shorts are illegal.

If you're white, you might think that you're immune from the police state.

If guns are banned, Americans think that they will be safe, but Americans don't realize that gun bans apply to everyone.

Every problem has a knee-jerk reaction, but no one thinks about the unintended consequences.

If wages are low, Americans scream that the minimum wage must be raised. No one cares about prices rising or businesses closing.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

1920 universal suffrage was enacted, women, coloreds got the right to vote....

...the great depression happened 2 years later.
What would racists say if they took a DNA test and found out that they were 1% Indian?
>What would racists race-conscious people say if they took a DNA test and found out that they were 1% Indian?
Nothing, because you know what? 99.99 percent of all DNA is the same, hell, even a chimpanzee shares about 98 percent with men and I don't care. I care about the precious 0.003 percent that make the difference. If that part of your DNA is in fact Indian you ARE Indian and have just as much right to complain as some guy from Outer Mongolia.
The US used to love personal responsibility, freedom, morality, peace, and balanced budgets.

Americans are now embracing welfare, tyranny, immorality, war, and debt.

Some Americans are not adjusting well to the changes and the hypocrisy.

You just need to go outside to see the insanity. Have you noticed the panhandlers, the illegal immigrants, the cashier high on drugs, a black man using his fingers while pretending to shoot you, the homosexual in the gym shower leering at you, the white man spitting, the fat girl wearing pajamas at the supermarket, and the old lady driving slow on purpose in the parking lot talking to herself?

People living in the US would think this was normal, but Americans don’t realize how far the USA has fallen until they travel abroad.

Being a fat, tattooed single mother in Vietnam would be shameful.


How can Americans sleep at night while the US collapses or look in the mirror now without feeling disgusted?

(79.88 KB 612x438 breaking news.jpg)
Suppressed News Story? - Black H.S. Football Players Gang-Rape White Players in "Hazing Ritual" Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 04:38:44 Id:6901cd No. 1251 [Reply]
Since when is being gang-raped part of a "hazing ritual"? WTF?

The local Cleveland news media isn't giving us all the important details. For instance there are rumors in Berea that the main 4 perps were apparently black players and the 11 victims were all white players. The main perp was Jabriel Williams, 18, who organized the gang-rapings. The other three perps can't be identified because they are minors, but they were 17, 17, and 15 in age.


There isn't much you'll find online about this case. A feral nig-nog basically ran a gang rape train on the younger white boys in his football squad. The media brushes it off as a "hazing ritual".

The absolute state of our society!
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Our overlords don't even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry. Flagpoles must be banned to protect property values.

Why not just put Americans in prison when they're born?
>Williams has been charged with rape, sexual battery, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, hazing, tampering with evidence and obstructing justice, according to the court records.

My communist neighbor would have volunteered to be a victim.
I hope the fathers of these White lads are gonna do something about this, if the boys don't go columbine on these fucking niggers first
Americans deal with cognitive dissonance by using mental gymnastics to justify their narratives. Americans deny facts, ignore unintended consequences, change history, and are unable to recognize hypocrisy or double standards.

Americans think that they are all holy saints and everyone else is evil.

Americans say that they are victims, blame others, say nothing is their fault, and swear that they are responsible for nothing.

The very same Americans who insist protests should be legal then turn around and say hate speech should be banned.

The very same Americans who say that they support gun rights then turn around and support NSA wiretapping.

If told that Deniro is a Jew, racists will insist Deniro sucks.

If told Deniro is not a Jew, Nazis will say Deniro is their favorite actor.

Fascists scream white people never owned slaves, but racists are completely unable to explain why blacks have names like Jackson, Jordan, or Smith.

Racists think the that police state only applies to shitskins, but when white people are arrested, Nazis swear that the Jewish media is lying.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Why in the fuck isn't this gay bot spam deleted?

(22.36 KB 512x512 1aaaaabaa.jpg)
Trump sides with Democrats to raise debt ceiling Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 15:53:42 Id:4ad775 No. 894 [Reply] History File history
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Communism killed morality in the USSR by closing churches, but the divorce rate in China is still low.

are you tired of winning yet
divorce is low in chicomland because men outnumber women almost 2 to 1. if youre chink, you keep your female on lockdown, or she will get some other asian micropenis.

im still waiting for the winning to start

the end goal is to erase any other loyalty that supersedes loyalty to the state. loyalty to family and loyalty to skyjews are the only loyalties have that rival or come before loyalty to nation or loyalty to government. commies want loyalty to government, family, and religion to be the same loyalty to the same entity.

Americans don't care if something is outlawed, but Americans will go batshit insane if something is legal.

Americans don't care when someone is arrested, but Americans lose their minds when someone is released from prison.

(1021.40 KB 1768x847 Screenshot_8.png)
Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 09:01:44 Id:a3d043 No. 2324 [Reply] History File history
>time to redpill some normies
hello fellow normie how do you do
Trying to redpill the normienigger cattle is a waste of time. Just let them come under the knife. Fuck them.
retard you were a normie once shut the fuck up nigger

(14.78 KB 289x289 ccc.jpg)
Mortgage applications fall despite low rates as trade war fears grow Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 04:35:14 Id:ffd9e2 No. 1040 [Reply] History File history
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>asian house smell

do they smell like ass?
mortgages = usury = slavery

We should hope to see mortgage applications drop entirely, teach people to own what they use and not get in to these long contracts of slave agreements!

for freedom

Americans are so retarded today that they say the US government only spends money on welfare.

Americans scream Stalin invaded France in 1940 before Germany did.

Americans say Nazis don't exist.

Americans scream destroying your economy with a trade war is a positive indicator.

Americans insist mortgages should be illegal.

Americans say vaping must be banned because a few vaping companies don't want to be kosher.

Americans don't mind if articles about the police state are censored, because Americans don't care about tyranny or censorship.

Americans claim Muslims don't believe in God.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

I don't know how to describe it, exactly, other than it smells like chinks, and it is unpleasant. Its a very distinct smell. All houses that have been inhabited by chinks have it.
This time, it's different.

(49.38 KB 640x637 1475280992052.jpg)
Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:58:52 Id:c09496 No. 1725 [Reply]
If there's ANYTHING the left and the right can actually fucking agree on following Epstein's death, its that we need to lynch each and every one of the psychopathic child-fuckers running Washington right now. (((They)))'re not even hiding it anymore.

How can we convince them that we have a common enemy in light of everything we've don to each other?
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If Iran is so dangerous then why doesn't the US government encourage Americans to buy guns to protect themselves?
Americans scream that the US should be a police state because illegal aliens exist and insist that freedom will be restored when immigrants are deported, but when has any government ever restored freedom?

Are Americans really this stupid?
>but when has any government ever restored freedom?
Governments do not create freedom they create the legal system required for slavery and slave marketplaces. The only people who can restore Freedom are the Free - should they choose to lead those in bondage to safety yet in this decadent age, the Free will most likely choose to waste away in isolation while the cattle of Mankind, the great balance of it will exist to be fettered and chained for a thousand years.
The US is a police state now. Americans should be out in the streets with pitchforks and torches, but instead they would rather shut up, cover their ears, and put their heads in the sand.



(26.63 KB 497x331 trump.jpg)
Zion Don Strikes Again Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 20:28:52 Id:bf2628 No. 2389 [Reply] History File history
Just the absolute state...
The Onion site seems to be fake news.

Delete it
>he took The Onion seriously
What a retard.

They've done some funny stuff in the past. The Grabbler is my favorite:
KEK, someone falls for the onion in 2019.
Hard to believe, but there it is.


no cookies?