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(148.54 KB 800x939 stuttgartattack.jpeg)
German hacked to death in Stuttgart by Syrian refugee Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:37:33 Id:27eb2e No. 3149 [Reply]
Yet more migrant violence downplayed by media and government.
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Lots of expelled Germans were forcibly relocated by Stalin. It doesn't make them any less German. This was a German.
Pretty much. The BRD is basically Weimar Republic 2.0, so none of this is surprising in the least. Of course, our rulers learned from the last time to not fuck with the economy and inflation too much, less another Hitler and NSDAP-like party rises up. That's why the news made such a big deal about the German economy contracting by 0.1% GDP last quarter. They want to keep this shit show going on in perpetuity if at all possible.
you sure that's not just mel gibson?
You don't understand. These were actual faggots and on top of that the German-Russian is highly unlikely to have any trace of German blood in him or might indeed even be a kike.

Of all the so-called German Russian who came to Germany in the Nineties many literally invented some German grandparent with giving no proof whatsoever while others are of (((German))) descent. Mind you, there were really a lot Kikes in Russia who had lived originally in Germany.

(2.73 MB 240x135 Lahey Drunk.gif)
Nature is a kike. Zon Kuthon 09/22/2019 (Sun) 04:36:25 No. 5507 [Reply]
She's on the side of anyone who's a perfect slave to the Kikes right now, as she favors the group that reproduces the most. Modern Humans, AKA Whites, are not favored.

Whites were only the fittest when their Elites were White Aristocrats and not Jewish Bankers. That's why Whites up until the 18th to early 20th century were thriving.

Whites are an evolutionary fluke that's being selected out. K-selected species are always bred out in the end.

Nature does correct, but not always in a good way. Whites have proven to be a net failure and are being selected for extinction, just like the dinosaurs. We couldn't adapt to being ruled over by a foreign elite, so we're being removed from the Human ecosystem.

Nature favors the kikes and niggers. The general population of Europeans, except for the kings and nobles of yore, are too gentle and nice to exist.

>Embrace the blackpill.

>Kikes won.

>Ashes and echoes.
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Le bump
This is a good thread.
Have a bump.

>mfw can't shitpost about The Happening on obscure balinese recipe forums without electricity

Big happenings will require big sacrifices.
(354.60 KB 1079x1019 Paranoid Pete.png)
(200.87 KB 475x615 Screw your optics.jpg)
I do agree with your sentiment. However, I do agree with people like Tarrant and Bowers. Their intentions weren't to wake the lemmings up, it was to make anti-White oppression reach South Africa levels in order to force the tens of millions of racially conscious Whites to act before the great boomer die off that'll happen by either 2030 or 2040 at the latest. It could even happen sooner, considering that Boomers are hedonistic fat fucks and drug users.

That's why I hate the members of 4chan who screech "Mossad" or "Glownigger" whenever a Tarrant or Bowers thread pops up on there. Those people are either shirkers or kikes. I'm going with the latter.

If Whites are going to have any hope of surviving this, they need to become as ruthless and aggressive as the Romans, who, unlike the Germans, gave the kikes a real holocaust.

It's the cowards and kikes that refer to every blackpilled White man who snaps in clown world as a Mossad Operative that makes me lose faith in my race, for all the tin-foil hat retards from plebbit believe it.

Hell, if Day of the Rope actually does happen, I'd expect to see the threads of it posted to be with comments from Boomers that sit on their ass read, "Sloppy job, Mossad."

Oh and that faggot telling us to commit suicide, he's from 8/pol/. We called him the "Asses and Elbows" guy. He's not one of Dicky's boy. He spams up threads. Ignore him.
>That's why I hate the members of 4chan who screech "Mossad" or "Glownigger" whenever a Tarrant or Bowers thread pops up

Glowniggers hold a grip on 4chan, the sloppy job meme was their doing.
Mainly dumb Qtards-tier are probably the ones stupid enough to fall for it.
Nevertheless they end up ruining every thread, derailing from any actual discussion or even simple fun sharing memes.
Last Tarrant thread I saw on 4cuck was several days ago and it was pruned by jannies after many replies for apparently no reason.

(1.02 MB 2516x1408 povestea lui nihil.png)
Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 15:06:21 No. 5481 [Reply]
Hi goys,as everyone knows, Nihil is a very important figure as you know , but is there anyone who knows how to find him or if I can find a invite link to Discord of /pol/ fashscription.
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lol nigger
There are rumors that he stuffed his butt with some batteries and filmed it. Is that true? I already know he did CBT on himself with a fork.
can confirm he did it
it appears he has deactivated his discuck and turned monarchist
he is only lurking now he will probably see this post
i wont forget your existence nihil
t. a man who likes mint
spoiler alert you wont find him

(65.75 KB 606x643 cucked.jpg)
The JewSA situation Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 01:36:04 No. 5431 [Reply]
Explain why the great democratic JewSA fights everybody else, but Zionism?

What about all the people that complain about Zionism? So Zionism never did a SINGLE thing wrong? So all these things are normal now? And the complaints are "the problem"? Are all these people "anti-Semites" (haters)?

These are simple questions that can save you a lot of debate.

It's a mistake to "debate" Russia, China, whites, blacks, Muslims, Palestinians, WW2, immigration, the "Left", gender, globalism, global warming, etc if you don't know who rules the JewSA and what's its direction.

What does that fucking JewSA want? Why does it ignore what people say and vote for? Are they really right? What if I disagree? Who's right then?

You either wake the fuck up or you let be turned into shit by the JewSA.

The average American with the negro dick in their mouth, millions of illegals at the border and a lot of Jews in charge of every bank and everything that matters in the US, still thinks the problem is some shit from any random corner in the planet, wake up.
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Give the citizens a chance to wake up.
Nobody bitches and fights authority more than Americans, when they finally understand who is the "authority" they'll destroy them.
Most Americans are circumcised based on a lie, and they'll stop doing it when they understand the lie.
We are still fighting to make infant circumcision illegal, and we WILL WIN this.
Fuck Jews, fuck jew-loving Christian filth, and let's end this barbaric bullshit.

What i hate about Jews is the claim that hatred of them is based on antisemitism. Jews like chabad and the satmar are taught to hate goyim. So they treat the gentiles like garbage and are eventually hated for it. Then the kikes whine antisemitism.
(52.36 KB 261x398 retarded MIGA kike.jpg)
>still being a Trumpnigger

(44.58 KB 627x849 cooming.jpg)
Anonymous 09/18/2019 (Wed) 02:43:47 Id:f6e7a0 No. 5024 [Reply]
How do I escape the grip of pornography?
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Literally billions, are you kidding?
i don belif
Cut your dick off faggot.
How do you ironically watch porn?

Anonymous 09/01/2019 (Sun) 06:51:36 Id:cf26f2 No. 3198 [Reply]
Muslims are not better than Jews by any stretch of the imagination.

Glassing Israel is far better than letting Palestine take over.

Allowing Christians to properly reclaim it (and conquer the rest of the near east) is better still.
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(44.73 KB 355x236 papefrançois.jpg)
As Christians, we should love true Jews (Jews who accept Yeshua). It is the false Jews (those who reject Yeshua) who are the problem. As Christians, we must proclaim boldly that we are the true Jews and that we follow the L-RD G-d of Israel and the world!

>28 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly, neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh; 29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly, and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter; whose praise is not from men, but from God.
don't forget that indonesians aka the one nation in the world with the largest population identifying themselves as muddies have a significant number of anons roaming around various imageboards larping as WNs and shilling for muzz acceptance in an effort to make WNs think that they are brothers in the same struggle against world jewry. these people were behind the /islam/ board on 8 and when they got kicked off both 4 and 8 they even fucking made their own indonesian language imageboard where discussions of cutting infidel necks and fapping to trap porn exist side by side almost 100% naturally, taking a page out of actual arabs. these people have always been the ones behind the "believe us kuffar we are not like the kikes" type posts. if any of you fell for this shit and even defended them, then it's understandable because you think at least they also hate jews, but first you have to understand WHY they hate kikes. they only hate kikes because they failed to be as successful as the kikes are in global subversion.

these indoniggers i talked about even have their own autistic interpretations of huwhite nationalism but with the whole racial component replaced by malayans and some elements of pan-asianism. this sounds cool if you're one of those who think that each race should live separately and work on their own versions of national socialism or whatever, but take one look at how they actually define their ideology and you will realize what these people actually want is a sharia superstate in asia with of course themselves being at the top. sounds familiar? yes, they do think and behave a lot like the fucking commies if you set aside their specific doctrines and just look at the patterns. have said it before and will say it again, this particular semitic religion is bad enough on its own but it tends to bring the worst out of subhumans while at the same time making them (and ignorant observers) think that they are the virtuous ones with some form of holy birthright.
(137.70 KB 1156x1496 Oyvey.jpg)
Daily reminder that (((Abrahamic religions))) are basically all just heretical sects of Judaism

"Hurr durr I'm a new prophet in the Abrahamic chain of religions so I guess it's a new religion now"

It's only an illusion of choice. They're all religions dedicated to the same Jewish G-d so they're all the same religion.
The only serious opposition to Israel and the ZOG in the "Middle East" is Arab Nationalism and Shia Islam. Arab Nationalism also happens to be viewed by all those Sunni monarchies as the biggest threat to their existence (which, of course, it is).
kek I noticed those guys on 4cuck, they usually post with a "muslim" memeflag, when I asked they even posted a few of thier muslim memes and he told me they made that stuff on /islam/
To be honest I never knew those guys existed.

(7.54 KB 360x203 americoon.jpg)
The Despicable US Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 19:40:55 Id:09c0dd No. 1679 [Reply]
So just happened that I visited the MTV's website and that looked like a website from Africa now, even those few that didn't look African were ONLY white teen single mothers (you know), rappers, well known drug users, sexual deviant, all tattooed people and the like.

Except in the Weimar Republic and Soviet Union, never in human history we saw such a deliberated inversion of values.

Jews put normal people in the front, but only to sell prison tier of stuff later and try to "normalize" the inmatery.

Anyway, it may be too hard to remove Jews from charge, as it would require the whole world united against them, and some races are literally too inferior to notice they've eaten shit.

The only option is leaving this joke of JewSA-ruined planet, so the question is how long we have left to leave?

How long we have before being able to leave the literal prison named Earth?
>The only option is leaving this joke of JewSA-ruined planet, so the question is how long we have left to leave?
Just fight until your last breath. You're just going to be reincarnated back into it anyway if we don't solve this mess now.
Nuh uh
If you die a coward or traitor then your soul becomes unworthy of coming back and is just sent to the void and disintegrated
So anyone who wants to run is fucked but doesnt have to fight if he doesnt want to, it is a choice
you kind of glow but i also can't really disagree with you

(79.60 KB 680x684 1569051640510.jpg)
TRUMP TO END POLICY OF IRANIAN APPEASEMENT! Anonymous 09/21/2019 (Sat) 09:08:21 No. 5459 [Reply]
>Trump's new national security adviser will warn him not to engage in "appeasement" with Iran, and to become a "leader of the free world" in the manner of Ronald Reagan.

>Robert O'Brien, previously America's chief hostage negotiator, has compared the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to the 1938 Munich Agreement, which allowed Adolf Hitler to annex the Sudetenland.

>In his book "While America Slept," described as a "wake up call for the American people," Mr O'Brien lambasted Barack Obama's "lead-from-behind" foreign policy," which he said had made the world more dangerous.

>He urged a "return to President Reagan’s ‘leader of the free world’ foreign policy and ‘peace through strength’ national security approach."

This decision is both based AND redpilled if you ask me. We cannot continue this policy of appeasement towards Iran. I'm glad Mr O Brein brought mentioned Germany in 1938 because, my friends, we are going through the same thing again unless the terrorist regime of Iran is put in line. We have a moral duty.

I was initially worried with Bolton going but now I see Bolton was probably not tough enough on Iran if anything!

What about siding temporarily with iran to nuke israel and then round up all other kikes and gas em.
Nazis think Fascism is the natural order, but anarchy is the true survival of the fittest.

Debt, welfare, closed borders, nationalizing companies, tyranny, censorship, gun control, forfeiture, and NSA wiretapping is not the natural order.

The US Wild West in 1870 is the natural order, not North Korea.

>ZOG-loving faggot spewing shit about Iran
I hope Iran nukes Riyadh, then Hollywood, then DC, then Tel Aviv.
I hope they find a way to secretly give revolutionary White Nationalism the money it needs to start buying weapons in mass, so we can kill government officials, celebrities, Kikes, faggots, niggers, spicks, boomers, etc.
The White Nation is in a war to the death with the ZOG. Either that hollow-nothing of an identity called "America" dies, or the White Nation does. There is no future with both of them in it.
(87.24 KB 1000x667 AP_19201004713022-1000x667.jpg)
America is going strong! The wall is being built and the regime in Iran and Venezuela are collapsing!

Lowest unemployment rates ever under President Trump!

Don't be tricked by libtard fake news!

G-d bless America! G-d bless Israel!
Banned for endorsing israel

(119.35 KB 1070x868 1528117847817.png)
old Guns 09/04/2019 (Wed) 22:41:38 Id:87eb41 No. 3590 [Reply]
why do we have a 8chan style 5 as a symbol now?
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I think it's supposed to be a 9.
it looks like the "S" from the shadowrun logo
is it supposed to be a hydra?
lol u clueless faggots

that's not a nein logo at all

it's because showme is too lazy to even change one pic from the default one

(26.61 KB 550x458 nasa.jpg)
NASA Is Likely Controlled By Jews Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 19:57:44 Id:5260af No. 4991 [Reply]
1) In 13 years Hitler made a rocket and made it into low orbit.

2) In 70 years NASA can't achieve a shit.

Who else realizes (((who's))) holding humanity back?

It's getting clear that (((they))) don't want their slaves to leave Earth now before the whole Messiah thing coming to happen.
3 posts omitted.
If you work for NASA as a contractor and you criticize the government you get fired.

They are full commies.
NASA lies, they put out fake news
Everything on this planet was clearly ruined on purpose. We should've progressed much more. After the WW2, (((some))) took the lead and here we are now fucked, deceived, hysterical, broken, ruined, daily bullshit, wars stored in the corner for the final shit show stunt.
Why the fuck would you criticize anything under your real name?
that's because the nazi germans nasa stole died


no cookies?