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Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 20:40:40 No. 8240 [Reply]
What do you guys think about the movie "Look whos back"? I think the director did good job marking it as a comedy and putting in some jokes, but also showing people's opinions about immigrants and stuff, so it was kinda a redpilled movie about how people still remember him as a good guy in Germany. What do u guys think?
I don't know that movie but humor seems to be the last way some things can be said on screen
(2.04 MB 1918x993 lookwhosbackredpill.png)
I think it was pretty well good redpill movie, especially when it showed how people reacted in public, also how it showed him being the good guy and it even showed like nationalist demonstrations and some immigrant crime (the guy on moped getting attacked was in uk i think)

(335.74 KB 489x606 162jh.png)
Neinchan /pol/ is a patchy board Anonymous 08/23/2019 (Fri) 05:47:46 Id:eee7ba No. 2077 [Reply]
Lets share books on history and politics friends :)
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I tried to download a couple files from 88nsm but it won't allow me to using a VPN. Seems kind of sketchy. Has anyone else has this problem?
based touhouposter
Mein Kampf (ford)

Who started WWII
Important read

The Horse, the Wheel & Language

The Tarim Mummies: Ancient China and the Mystery of the Earliest Peoples from the West by J P Mallory
No pdf but worth a buy.

This is the third time i have posted this after deletion, mods.
Can you stop sucking your own cocks?
it's on libgen

(546.73 KB 564x527 NoBourgeoisiePerversions.png)
(397.15 KB 500x376 NoSubhumanNoProblem.png)
(188.61 KB 800x600 NotMyComrade.png)
(1.25 MB 560x902 RaceMixingIsBourgeoise.png)
(480.74 KB 700x393 TheSovietWay.png)
(298.78 KB 550x649 WeWillFindYou!.png)
(485.84 KB 881x499 AThreatToTheBourgeoisie.png)
(358.27 KB 1920x1080 pjimage.jpg)
(368.81 KB 569x800 The2ndSolution.png)
Stalinist Communism Anti (((Marxist))) Posters for Dissemination Dimitri 09/13/2019 (Fri) 05:39:03 Id:02b689 No. 4508 [Reply]
There is a difference between Stalinist Communism
International GloboHomo (((Marxism)))
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(613.46 KB 1920x1200 2s.jpg)
The marxist filth then attempted to pilpul with
>The USSR also didn't force integration with niggers on the White Nation.
and here:
>Not too many different colors in Stalin's Russia. One certainly dominated.
>The ZOG told the masses of the White Nation that "communism" meant forced integration with niggers.
Trying to imply that his uncle stan was a racial Nationalist.
The fucking retard also attempted to imply that White nationalists and particularly National Socialists were somehow supportive of communism:
>Pierce made many remarks about the USSR, but he didn't write a book about White Nationalists attacking the USSR. He made one about them attacking the ZOG, retard.
And while samefagging:
>Spot on. It's not a coincidence that the most dead serious White Nationalists -- guys like Yockey, Carto, Pierce -- all clued in on that.
>If you actually read Siege, Mason makes several remarks about "communism" that shows his thinking was more in line with Yockey than Rockwell.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.09 MB 3200x2400 3s.jpg)
When called out as a cultural marxist he denied it even existed, further trying to pilpul by switching the name cultural marxism with the phenomena itself, here:
>"Cultural Marxism" is a term invented by a ZOG-loving faggot
>We know you hate the term ZOG. It's too concise, too accurate, leaving no wiggle room for Kikes and their servants to escape. Quite unlike "Cultural Marxism," in fact.
Completely ignoring the Frankfurt school and its visible effects like they never even existed, lol.
He then attempted to claim that National Socialism was not opposed to degeneracy by using the sodomite Ernst Rohm as 'proof' of our tolerance, lol.
> If the National Socialist German Worker's Party had a well-developed line against faggotry, why did they let an open faggot become the head the Sturmabteilung, the Party's paramilitary wing?
>The National Socialist German Worker's Party didn't have any well-developed thesis on faggots >either, and had many open faggots in its ranks (Rohm),
>Historically speaking, it would be much easier to make the case National Socialism was more >tolerant of faggots than Bolshevism ever was (and some self-professed National Socialist faggots >have pointed it out in the past).
When asked for citation the fuckwhit posted this gem:
>Pic related
In a hilarious self own that only demonstrating that they wanted to kill the pervert and would but for the political fallout at the time and the intercession of Hitler who decided to give Rohm the benefit of the doubt, showing laxity on the Fuhrers part but no more than that.
The marxist turd then goes on to acknowledge National Socialisms opposition to degenerates here:
>>Congratulation, you just proved that National Socialism opposes sodomites. Thanks.
>No one (in this thread, anyway) said they didn't. Even the author of the book I just cited goes into >some detail regarding how this myth was spread.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(2.59 MB 1920x1080 5s.png)
Unable to make any headway the retarded marxist (but i repeat myself) tries to inform a National Socialist what National Socialism is, despite quite obviously never having read a single page of even Mein Kampf.
Denying Natural Law as one of our fundamentals for instance:
>Because "Natural Law," something which has almost nothing whatsoever to do with how the NSDAP justified any of their policies.
And pontificating on what a Nation is:
>Same race + same language = same Nation.
>Same race + different language = different Nation.
>Different race + same language = different Nation.
>Different race + different language = different Nation.
>Engelbert Dollfuss here is telling you Nations aren't real. "A thing of Blood" is a phrase used to >substitute race for Nation, because all ZOG-faggots think Ashkenazi (Euro) Kikes in Israel are part >of their "Blood Nation." The ZOG-faggot doesn't identify with his real Nation, but with some >imaginary thing called "Western Civilization," beginning with Kike mythological history. Just like >the ZOG taught them to do in those things they call schools.
>If you don't speak German, you aren't part of the German Nation, period.
>>But what about genetic clusters within the white meta race, gommrade?
>This is the ZOG-faggot mocking the common understanding the masses of the White Nation have. >The ZOG-faggot is admitting they don't believe in the existence of Nations, while trying to locate >being anything at all is associated with a set of alleles. They also think faggots are like this.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Sadly, this only touches on gommrade buttplugs complete retardation. He was most likely an iron march lurker that only picked up on the most autistic parts and decided to parrot them to blend in.
So what was the point of all this besides the stupefying exhibit of seeing a marxist try to fit his cock and balls up his own anus?
Education. For newfags unfamiliar with how the commienigger operate it should be quite eye opening. They behave almost exactly like jews do when they bicker with each other in the fucking talmud, try to play the victim or attempt to sell you something. They begin with lies & dissembling and just pilpul from there. The concept of fundamental truth is beyond them and ITT it really shows. Marxists of all kinda are spiritual jews and every single one of them must die.

Im quite sure that gommrade buttplug will continue to bicker and strawman because gommunizm will whine as always. But since i was the only one bothering to reply to his gibberish that should fizzle out pretty quickly.

Remember, gommrade, just like gommunizm this time your suicide attempt will work!


(186.85 KB 630x1200 femen.jpg)
Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 18:27:45 No. 7530 [Reply]
Hey /pol/,

Let's assume, today you'd fuck a SJW-chick, still wishing to redpill her. There is ONE bitchute-video you can show her.

Which one would it be?
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(9.77 MB 640x320 Fags_and_Adoption.webm)
(4.88 MB 960x720 every_spy_a_prince,_jews.webm)
(12.92 MB 640x480 GERMANY LABOR DAY.webm)
that's not alan watts...

(89.56 KB 221x255 1563808684681.png)
SIEGE/AWD/NATSOC GENERAL Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 23:59:22 Id:c90a7d No. 78 [Reply]

SIEGE by James Mason:
PDF - archive.org/details/SiegeByJamesMason
AUDIOBOOK - youtube.com/watch?v=hysf446ysJc&list=PL1W0oCPjgdDSxW029hjFBASgfMEtmmycq [Embed]

Is SIEGE and Atomwaffen Division linked to Satanism?
Not anymore I think with their new posters and their new video Also James mason is just an extremely open minded individual, he converted to Christian Identity. Most AWD members are pagans in some form.

Isn't this just a honeypot?
Not at all, this has nothing to do with nazi larping or being a skinhead stooge. The System is quick to take down SIEGE related websites because it actually poses a threat to (((them))), unlike so-called Alt-Right sites that stay up for years because it's controlled opposition, it works within the confines of the System and is thus harmless.

What is SIEGE generally about?
It is an analysis of all the Fascist movements since the beginning, and it explains why modern Fascist groups have failed, then proposes the alternative to Total Aryan Victory. It promotes dropping out of the System(Varg style) and also forming a network of terrorist cells to directly disrupt the System and seize power through strategy, tactics and raw violence, might is right.
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>It literally advocates the government supporting non-violent 'neo-Nazi' groups.
They do a similar thing to the Al-Qaeda types. I think this was first admitted by the government in a paper by Cass (((Sunstein))) titled "Conspiracy theories: Causes and cures." In it, Sunstein revealed (for the first time?) that the US government operates chatrooms for Wahabists, and tries to get them to believe shit they want them to. It's probably how they got their world-wide ISIS recruitment drive going a couple years back.
muh sechund amuhndmunt tho
b-but I thought the cohenstitution was going to protect us?
Apparently kikes got smarter on this, they know that a direct attack for the abolition of 2nd amendment will attract the rage of the burgers, so they just circumvent it with these Red flag laws instead.
So much for Siege culture!
>Kaleb J. Cole
What a gay ass name,

(47.07 KB 667x374 filterslides.jpg)
Shills begone! Filter slide thread Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 23:56:32 No. 8261 [Reply]
Jews and their paid shills have completely infested pol and are spamming race mixing, lefty bullshit and general distraction threads to keep us from discussing whats truly important: Jews comitting white genocide, jews controlling the economy with usury, jews promoting degeneracy and so on.
By including the word jew or jews when posting a legit thread and having legit posters filter for it, we can circumvent their petty shilling tactics. If the shills themselves start to include jew in their threads as well, that will also be a win since it just highlights the issue further. Save and spread this meme to other chans as well.
This makes no sense.

/PWG/ Project White General - Day Zero Edition Anonymous 10/12/2019 (Sat) 18:58:05 No. 7532 [Reply]
Thread for discussing communication, organization, and action.

>A National Socialist organization with the purpose of connecting people with a shared mindset and giving them purpose by helping them serve their folk with their time and talents

>By connecting people through a secure network of communication to work on projects and promoting their activities

>We were born from the /OTN/ - Open Talent Network threads on 8/pol/ before the big shutdown

>B-but anon, I want to stay anonymous
There is only so much you can do on the chans. While shitposting all day may be fun, it won’t save our people from certain death. The moon of imageboards is setting, and the sun of action is rising!

If you wish to join a basic Riot room with like-minded people, please fill out this form and we will get back to you: https://projectwhite.org/index.php/vetting-for-basic-room/


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

8 posts and 4 images omitted.
Hi OP, I filled out the form. Look forward to hearing back.

Nuke is getting forked Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 17:01:17 No. 8205 [Reply]
Get in before the snapshot /pol/ There is about to be a fork made of the coin, and you'll get the new one for pennies if you get in now.
Heil Hitler!
Praise Kek!

(16.84 KB 480x360 splat.jpg)
Hong Kong Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 16:56:19 No. 8202 [Reply]
China wanted extraditions from Hong Kong to mainland China.

Hong Kong didn't like that, so they started chinking the fuck out.

People are making this out to be a pro-democracy protest for some reason I don't get.

Here's the BBC's summary, which is shit: https://archive.fo/Ooa8s .

There deserves to be a thread about this, but this is the best I can do after having consumed exactly zero news since 8chan has been down.

(26.12 KB 474x266 ritv.jpg)
Red Ice BANNED Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 23:42:14 No. 7912 [Reply]
Red Ice TV was banned from Youtube.

>Varg gone
>Red Ice gone
>Allsup gone

Is American Renaissance next?


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(34.02 KB 759x381 Reactionary Jew 1.jpg)
(764.25 KB 1044x1364 Reactionary jew at kike dinner.jpg)
(217.35 KB 1024x381 lana-jews-good.png)
(59.62 KB 990x287 lana-reactionaqry-jew.png)
Nigger, Red Ice called for an alliance with so-called "nationalist" jews, like "Reactionary jew" Nadav Salomon. That destroyed whatever credibility they ever had.
Yeah, publicly and then backed off later that day. Hardly master Jewish tricks.
(4.16 MB 720x404 Reactionary Jew Uncensored.mp4)
No they didn't. They continued to defend it, and threatened someone who uploaded the uncensored video, in order to protect the yid's (Nadav Salomon) identity.

There has to be zero tolerance for jews and jew-enablers.
>Having stupid opinions = Feds
Go back to your Q-shit
(1.24 MB 1000x1500 no good jews.png)
>only Qcumbers don't tolerate jews
What, nigger? I never said they were feds, just that they were kike-enabling traitors.


no cookies?