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Boomer replies "Okay millennials, but we have all the money" Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 20:49:55 No. 10659 [Reply]
a boomer replies with "Okay, millennials. But we're the ones who have all the money".

Your money is not going to save you from getting abused by nigger and mexican nurses in the retirement homes, boomer scum. And the millennials sure as shit aren't going to save you. Enjoy rotting in the retirement homes being abused by niggers, you boomer scum
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>boomers had easy lives that were handed to them by the Whites who built the US
>only to ruin it all
>but we have all the money
Yeah maybe for another 5 years until old age. Zoomers rise up.
(271.50 KB 600x583 mad.png)
Boomercide when?
(23.30 KB 652x367 myrna-blyth-.jpeg)
Oy gevalt !
She is White boomer feminazi libtard, my fellow American patriots !
It's nothing to do with da joo...oy vey
Nothing to seer here, goy !
(91.23 KB 719x716 IMG_3123.jpg)
Playing within the system will soon not be viable for millions perhaps 10s of millions of people in the near future. There will soon be millions of young White men ready to aim their rage towards anything. I propose this as the perfect time to propagandize to maxium to guide it in the right direction to total anihliation of the system as a whole.

(263.62 KB 468x487 dedication.png)
Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 03:18:42 No. 13811 [Reply]
If you want something in this life you wont get nowhere working 5 8 hour days, you must work 6 days a week sun up to sun down. This applies to everything under the sun from you personal to the political aspirations. If you want want more than barely scrapping by, by full determination you can make it happen. Hardship is what made the White man what he was and today it is what he lacks. Never slacken anons and youll never be weakened.

(41.81 KB 1920x1080 Telegram-Web.jpg)
Telegram thread Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 12:34:39 No. 13697 [Reply]
Redpill me on Telegram.
I am not currently interested in joining any subscription based site/social media/app, but it makes the kikes seethe so if any of you has experience with it please share it, especially the issues related to security and glowniggery.
Here's a piece by (((ADL))) about the rise of extremism on Telegram.
Telegram is great, a free speech zone - rare nowadays. There are many good White nationalist channels there, and even an anonymous /pol/ chat bot: http://t.me/Pol8chbot

However, I recommend buying a prepaid SIM card to create an account that is in no way connected to you. Some have had success instead using various fake number generator sites but that may require a little patience. For maximum security it's also possible to route all traffic through TOR.
>I recommend buying a prepaid SIM card to create an account that is in no way connected to you
That is my main concern. I read that the owner of Telegram is willing to keep free speech on his platform despite the kikes kvetching about extremist contents circulating, but who knows if it will be sold out to someone who will sell everybody's ass one day?
It seems like Telegram is safer as Hong Kongers are also using it. The jews will let Telegram be for now. Also be careful of glowniggers and soybean.

(29.71 KB 296x448 apache-scalping-engraving-1.jpg)
Injun on Injun genocide Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 02:49:15 No. 13282 [Reply]
Anyone have info on what indians did to other indians before colonizers arrived? Ive heard of burning alive and genocide and scalpings and would love to know more
fun fact: injuns actually didnt domesticate horses, we only think such because of misrepresentations that portrayed them as more advanced then they were. This is part of why they got sick from colonizers, they came into contact with domesticated animals for the first times.
Now you are on to something anon, never thought of this before anon
Such is the natural state of all peoples. That only changed with agriculture enabling the total supply of goods to increase faster than the population. Agrarian peoples (also known as aryans, from the word arya meaning soil tiller) did not live in a zero-sum world like hunters and herders, for them productive activity brought more benefit than theft. The next revolution came during the medieval era in the netherlands, trade made it beneficial to not rob and kill people for things you could not produce yourself. Peaceful exchange avoided costly conflict. Of course, this can also be blamed for the acceptance of outsiders that plagues the west today, but acceptance can be unlinked from cooperation.

Back to injuns, most in the eastern US developed farming, but hardly to the same extent as europeans or asians. They still depended on hunter-gatherer skills and retained the savagery of primitive tribes. This was more true the further west you went. Obviously without large scale agriculture or trade there was no record keeping and thus no writing. We frankly do know much about the pre-1500 Americas. It can be said that many British regarded the natives as lost Whites. While they are closer to the British than negros, the natives were clearly not White. The British could have easily exterminated them all after a few decades of settlement and did extract harsh punishment on even perceived crimes committed by natives, but genocide would have been more trouble than it was worth and it was often easier to buy land with a few cheap beads or alcohol or something. I imagine it is much the same way we would be treated if aliens colonized earth.
there's was just recently a thread on 4cuck, an anon was posting testimony from a french Jesuit priest IIRC on the way the Iroquois and Hurons dealt with each other
The "Left" narratives peddled about the colonization of North America by Europeans does tend to leave out how completely non-unified the indigenous Mongoloid populations were. More often than not, the natives used the new European arrivals to settle old scores with each other.
By the time the savages realized themselves that Europeans were becoming the dominate peoples in North America, they were largely being assimilated into it. Christfaggots had no problem getting their daughters to spread their legs to convert the native mongoloids. Most of them didn't die from diseased blankets or European rage; their people died because preferred sex with Europeans to each other.
We only don't tend to notice it much because the number of native mongoloids was much lower in North America than in Spanish-controlled territories. If the numbers had been similar, North America would be a land of mestizos, just like Latin America is.

(70.17 KB 758x423 Evidence.jpg)
Created a PizzaGate board Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 01:07:00 No. 11258 [Reply]

This is probably the only board you can shill on 4chan.

This needs to be spread everywhere.

>Shilling on 4cuck and plebbit
Yeah so when I checked your board I knew something was off
Shilling on normie platforms like 4kike and plebbit is a permanent ban
Cease your rulebreaking final warning
>This is probably the only board you can shill on 4kike.

4kike jannies ban advertisement of other imageboards, it's literally againt the rules, plus we don't want shills that infest cuckchan to come here.
plus we don't want shills that infest cuckchan to come here.
post sauce on the screencap faggot
Wasn't that from the Podesta mail leaks?
Pizzagate started from there.

However OP stonp being a faggot, we don't want cuckchanners and their shill teams to come to this place, you could have just started a thread on here instead of opening a whole board dedicated to the topic.

Genocide Redpills Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 01:38:59 No. 13658 [Reply]
Post 'em.
(103.52 KB 857x601 white men vote.jpg)
(100.47 KB 1490x381 1460664149896.png)
(267.00 KB 1584x1584 1452294056340.jpg)
(999.31 KB 2696x3477 G3FGOIO.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1460x1176 DEA map2.png)
(1.14 MB 1460x1176 DEA map2.png)

(439.32 KB 1904x1034 !map.jpg)
Anonymous 12/03/2019 (Tue) 13:35:05 No. 13533 [Reply]
come post something on map boys
There's an 8chan /pol/ & /k/ map on zeemaps. Since 8chan is dead I guess its irrelevant now.

(142.98 KB 1438x741 kike mods history ban 4chan.png)
4chan Mods Compromised on /his/ Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:00:52 Id:9afe22 No. 1211 [Reply]
I got banned from 4chan for 3 days because I used le mean racist words on the history board, even though it was part of a serious discussion on WWII.

/his/ is basically a safe space for leftists to argue /pol/ subjects, since it has kike mods that ban any sort of white ethnocentrism.

This is essentially allowing only one narrative of history to be discussed on the /his/ board, the "progressive" anti-white one.

Is this by design, or does Hiroshimoot just not give a shit enough to police his own mods?
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My (((christian))) parents had me circumsized as a baby. I'll never forgive them for it.
(100.86 KB 584x389 christcuckfam.jpeg)
(1.49 MB 1242x1875 christcuck.jpg)
(102.21 KB 634x634 average christcuck.jpg)
(270.79 KB 1504x543 christcucks.jpg)
(8.85 MB 3000x1688 christcucks.png)
Christcuckery is truly a disease and is inherently anti-White. We must go back to worshipping the old Gods if we want any chance of salvation and redemption as a race.
(15.09 MB 608x336 DOTR-RWDS-March.webm)
Commit homicide, nigger.
(164.26 KB 1366x941 Alfred-Rosenberg-portrait.jpg)
Alfred Rosenberg was right.
I’ve noticed that Christcucks even kind of look depraved. I’m not just talking about the average nominal Christcuck who just kinda goes along with it because he was indoctrinated into it through the culture, I mean hardcore Christcuck evangelicals and niggerlovers like in the pics you posted. They have a dysgenic look to them. Christianity is not conductive to vitality and nobility, that is for sure

(58.79 KB 618x410 younger4.jpg)
JAMES YOUNGER SAVED FROM INSANE MOTHER Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 04:11:26 No. 10179 [Reply]

>James Younger, the 7-year-old at the heart of the Texas transgender custody battle that incited a national debate, has decided to attend school as a boy under his given name.

>A Facebook post from the Save James account, run by friends and family, reads: "Going to school. This is what it looks like when JAMES gets to choose!"

>The boy's father, Jeffrey Younger, insists his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, has been pressuring their son James to undergo a gender transition since the child was 3 years old.

>Georgulas enrolled James in kindergarten as a girl and gave him a new name, "Luna," which his teachers would use. Younger feared transgender-affirming therapy sessions and hormone transitioning were just around the corner and that — because of a jury's ruling to deny him custody — he would be forced to comply.

>But on Oct. 24, Judge Kim Cooks reversed the jury's decision and awarded Georgulas and Younger joint managing conservatorship of James and his twin brother, Jude. The ruling granted Younger more time with the boys and meant that both parents would need to consent to any medical treatment given to the children.

>Georgulas has asked for Judge Cooks to be recused from the case and maintains that James insisted upon the transition.

>After Younger was first denied custody rights and the case began to spark public outcry, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott ordered an investigation into the matter.

>In addition to granting joint managing conservatorship, Judge Cooks also placed a gag order on Younger and Georgulas until both of their children reach age 18.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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she needs a shrink. that behavior is psychopathic.
In this case, based negress judge, tbh.
I am pretty sure that a black judge, male or female, is the only judge that would have sided with the father.
Blacks are so low IQ that they escape brainwashing and just wreck faggots for being faggots. Fear is the mind killer.

FBCLID - Kikebook's new user spying query param Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:01:21 No. 13662 [Reply]
If you notice a fbclid in the query params of that article a relative forwarded you this holiday season, it's not just you. They are ramping up the external tracking to bypass cookie laws. Here's a site that explains it a bit more. Of course it was S H U T D O W N so here is an archive link. https://web.archive.org/web/20191121024836/https://fbclid.com/recap-what-people-say-about-fbclid-on-the-web/


no cookies?