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THE ÜBERMENSCH! Anonymous 10/02/2019 (Wed) 18:40:28 No. 6630 [Reply]
Theirs three things to the perfect national socialist has a self improvement and a revolutionary mind set I have this mind set the last thing is completely under national socialism this three things in my view makes the perfect national socialist now how do we get into this mind set?
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LeVeyan Satanism
Not at all. I’m not an atheist. I’ve seen the web of the universe personally. It is real and connects all things. But that doesn’t mean that all things are equal. Different beings have different types and amounts of this energy within them. There is heirachy is this world.
>I've seen the web!!
sure my friend, here have this nice white jacket
Disproven one thing that I have said

(103.68 KB 300x170 know_more_news.png)
Know More News Anonymous 10/06/2019 (Sun) 20:56:33 No. 7095 [Reply]
Why did Jews let this channel grow so much?

The best channels about Jews are all gone now, then this guy pops up with 100k followers.

The banned Jew Watch channel worked for years straight and never was allowed to get more than 5k followers.

Is Adam Green legit?

Every "Jew channel" has been deleted or shadow banned, it's hard to believe Youtube would let a criticism of Jews gets 100k followers.
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Влажные фантазии Ивана с грязыми штанами
(68.84 KB 393x287 6263311.jpg)
Totally real growth, definitely not manufactured. Exactly 1000 new subscribers every week is just a coincidence!
I checked it out and Fitzpatrick is boomer af. Adam Green mostly just seems milquetoast imo.

(91.46 KB 330x691 1478950652725.png)
(376.13 KB 900x900 f4tHJeZa.png large.png)
Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 20:22:50 No. 7903 [Reply]
Which board tan would you impregnate?
Go vote now, commie cat is winning!
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I did my part
(35.37 KB 921x578 we-did-it-reddit.png)
A successful operation, gentlemen.
fascist only six votes :(
(5.87 MB 640x480 skeleltor kek.webm)
This is what real democracy looks like.
(73.13 KB 1204x800 steponthegas.png)
Erika is leaving the others in the dust.

(789.29 KB 1527x813 dfaadfadfadf.png)
Why is a video about nuking a city on youtube trending? Anonymous 10/15/2019 (Tue) 04:22:30 No. 7708 [Reply]
is this predictive programming?
What do you think they have planned?
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There are no nukes.
i noticed that too. im convinced they handpick everything on the front page, and only allow certain topics based on search results. innocuous shit like cars or something
everyone has nukes
everyone has Nuke Lies maybe
No nukes is good nukes

Brown haired Male with Blonde Female Miscegenation Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 19:26:04 No. 6348 [Reply]
we've all become sensitized and aware of miscegenation of whites with the display and forced acceptance of black man blonde white women couples, but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman. in most white couples the male is rarely blonde, has miscegenation propaganda been going deeper than we've been discussing? should white males with dark features avoid breeding with white females with fairer features? surely if the white race is in danger of going extinct the nordic peoples are in the most danger.
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it could be that there are just not many blond men anymore. also, anyone with an agenda is always going to go nigger with white female, im pretty sure you are just obsessing over nothing. you sound like a nordicist who is jealous of the med master race. it's understandable.
>Nordic Blonde hair blue eyes are the superior master race.
thats not what history or even architecture testify. music either.
still waiting for someone to claim that whites with brown eyes aren't white.
Seriously, whites ability to kick ass is exceeded only by their ability to squabble amongst themselves.
tell that to OP

(30.27 KB 474x811 jenny_lawrence.jpg)
The God "Problem" Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 18:45:09 No. 6435 [Reply]
The ruins we see were caused by Jews, but because their religion race follows commandments.

Have you ever thought that the "problem" is that God is in charge of everything?

In the end it doesn't matter if you're righteous or not, but who makes the rules, by the rules you win or lose, thrive or fail, enjoy or suffer, etc.

Everything is as it's always been, God commands you and you can only obey. He decides, not you. God made the rules, the beauty and the ugly, the right and the wrong, the good and the bad.

Obviously, you can't beat the ultimate force, you don't have the eternal infinite unlimited energy to keep going on forever. The best you can do is accommodate yourself in some other planet and prosper there without Jewish freakishness.

But at least you have the right to clarify the messed situation you're in and don't keep living in deceit, get it more clear.

In other words, our power is limited, but we don't have to eat shit because of it.
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Read Daniel 11, KJV, anon. It's about white genocide as a modus operandi of tyranny. It's necessary to eliminate those proles smart enough to see through tyranny and fight against it. The word "white" is changed in later versions of the Bible to things like "pure" and "good" by idiots and subversives. The history has been rewritten. But everyone has access to KJV so what's your excuse for not wanting to skim over the collected oral wisdom of the past 10k years? I'm not even Christian but the truth in the old testament is undeniable to me. It covers tyranny, communism, excessive taxes, genocide, rebellion, etc. i.e. all of the same problems we are facing today. It is obvious based on reading this book why communist governments historically thought it necessary to strip people of their religion. This book is about fighting off tyranny.

>this book means what I say
You complain about the people who read these ancient words, because to you it's just words. You don't see it as spiritual poetry valued by your ancestors. You have been dehumanized, indoctrinated to forsake your history and culture. You have thrown down white heritage, the intellectual lineage that created social tools like language and religion to begin with...and after all that you claim to be the leader of a white movement. It boggles the mind.

Grow up maybe. Otherwise, you can't lead anyone with your foundation of nihilistic individualism. With so little connection to the past, you aren't even identifiably human. More likely a nigger, kike, or glow at this point.
>Read Daniel 11, KJV, anon.
Again, religious retards interpret the Bible without any restraint. The text of Daniel is was written during the rain of Antiochus IV, this is why the "prophecies" appear to be accurate up until the death of Antiochus IV in 164 BCE. This should be obvious, by Christfaggots live in a fantasy world, and think magical beings control their lives.
Of course, it goes without saying Daniel 11 has nothing to do with "white genocide." Christfaggots think Ashkenazi (Euro) Kikes are their fellow White Blood Brothers anyway, which is why they think Nazis did a lot of "white genocide."
To quote the text, briefly:
Daniel 11:"And a mighty king shall stand up, that shall rule with great dominion, and do according to his will.
11:4 And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken."
This is an obvious reference to Alexander the Great, not Earl Turner. The stuff about the "king of the North" and South are references to Ptolemy I and and Antiochus II. Nothing to do with "white genocide," unless perhaps you think ancient Kikes in Israel were white people, like all Christfaggots do.
Far from being talking about "white genocide," the entire chapter is basically just a screed against Antiochus IV, a great persecutor of Kikes, and thus, a pretty swell chap. But this won't stop Christfaggots from interpreting the text in any fashion they want.
>But everyone has access to KJV so what's your excuse for not wanting to skim over the collected oral wisdom of the past 10k years?
How could anyone who thinks their history is the same as the mythological texts of ancient Kikes ever think people like this anon will fight Kikes? They won't. They worship Kikes. Through Kike mythology they define their own identity. This person is hopeless, and when the White Nation Liberation War comes, they will be decisively on the side of the Kikes.
>I'm not even Christian but the truth in the old testament is undeniable to me.
Christfaggots also freely lie about what they actually believe, just like Muslims do. It's the Christfaggot version of Taqiya.
>It covers tyranny, communism, excessive taxes, genocide, rebellion, etc. i.e. all of the same problems we are facing today.
Christfaggots can read anything they want into ancient texts. Nothing is too fantastic for them. They are reading a magical book, filled with personal messages to them.
And still there has been no White Nationalist Christianity to take root in "America" a hundred years after Christian Idenity was invented. This should tell you all you need to know about how Christfaggots prefer to interpret the Bible.
>It is obvious based on reading this book why communist governments historically thought it necessary to strip people of their religion.
After the White Nation Liberation War, Christfaggots like yourself will wish "communists" were their rulers. We're going to kill millions and millions of you, for forcing integration with niggers on the White Nation, and enslaving our people to Kikes.
>You don't see it as spiritual poetry valued by your ancestors.
Europeans had this ancient Semitic garbage forced on them. Their real religions were systematically destroyed by this nonsense, nonsense they couldn't even read until the Bible was translated into vernacular languages only a few hundred years ago. As soon as that happened, people more and more openly stopped caring about that book of Kike mythology.
>You have been dehumanized, indoctrinated to forsake your history and culture.
You think the "history of culture" of Europeans is contained in a book of Kike mythology. It is people like you who already rule the ZOG. It is people like you who enslaved the White Nation to Kikes, and forced integration with niggers on our real Nation. People who think Moses looked like Charlton Heston, because that's what Hollywood taught you.
>With so little connection to the past, you aren't even identifiably human.
The Christfaggot prefers their fellow nigger Christfaggots to whtie atheists, and would sooner have their daughters marry nigger Christfaggots than European atheists. They're "unequally yolked," after all.
(41.38 KB 960x960 cry pillow.jpg)
cry more kike
he doesn't read the bible. he is another post truth antifa tranny.
nothing but crying and name calling just like a jewess.

(44.04 KB 492x429 chang.jpg)
China's Moon Project Can Help Us Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 00:44:50 No. 6907 [Reply]
The Chinese has a project for the Moon in the next 5 years, if we manage to get a ride with the Chinese to the Moon we can escape from this shit.

The Chinese does anything to make a some buck, then people would have only the job of relocating up to other parts of the Moon later (and starting a new country).

As NASA is clearly compromised by Jews and full of shit, so how feasible is it to "get a ride" with the Chang in the next 5 years? And start a settlement in the Moon?

In more 10 years this planet may be going to be pure Jewry and niggerism, with the media talking shit all day. At that point people may be so anesthetized that they don't even bother eating crap with all Jews billionaires in plain sight.

Also Elon Musk is starting to resembles a sellout with his eternally broken rockets in over 19 years straight.
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In the age of ZOG "democracy" you have to filter what you watch and read, or fall for the monster of the week.

That guy "Serpentza" and the "China Uncensored" channel both seem to only trash China 24/7.

There are much less "political" channels (or paid propagandas?) about China.

Anything about China, Russia, Iran, Palestine, white people, CRISPR and religion you have to filter a lot.
Obligatory bugspray to keep the Chinese shills at bay

动态网 自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 May 35th The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 反右派斗争 大跃进政策 百花怒放 The Hundred Flowers Campaign 文化大革命 Cultural Revolution 迫害 邪教 呼喊派 東方閃電 法轮大法 大法弟子 伪火 天安门自焚事件 Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident 招远麦当劳案件 Zhaoyuan McDonalds Incident 洗腦 屠殺 民主 自由 刘晓波 Liu Xiaobo 艾未未 Ai Weiwei 铜锣湾书店 Causeway Bay Books 独立 港独 藏独 新疆独立 新疆维吾尔自治区 Xinjiang Uigyur Autonomous Region 集中营 Concentration Camp 迫害 Persecution 习近平 Xi Jinping 维尼熊 Winnie The Pooh 修宪 习近平思想 习泽东 习特勒 Xitler 独裁 個人崇拜 Cult of Personality 平反 赵紫阳 胡耀邦 魏京生 王丹 六四 民运 学潮 大纪元时报 新唐人电视台 九评共产党 VPN 翻墙 反送中 Five Demands 五项诉求 警匪一家 黑帮 宇宙大法 法轮大法 转法轮 轮子 佛光普照 还政于民 香港 习包子
>so how feasible is it to "get a ride" with the Chang in the next 5 years?
How fucking stupid are you?
(188.86 KB 1500x1487 babel.png)
How YOUR Country is Selling Its Soul to China
It's starting


China's Chang'e 4 Mission Spends 10 Lunar Days on Far Side of Moon


Space 'elevator' to the moon may soon be a reality


Will China's Space Agency Send Turtles To Moon’s Dark Side?


Hey niggers discord deleted my shit Paul 10/14/2019 (Mon) 22:45:11 No. 7683 [Reply]
Hey it's paul. Been laying low for a while. Things are going well. Discord deleted my shit and I've been getting weird phone calls, got kind of sketched. Is there a new server?
Hey Paul its BlackJack

Miss you Discord Daddy

first for discord is cancer
pls gib actual discord link
or your tag and then i can verify i am woke
> Get banned off of discord again
> create new discord ID
> Use a publicly published link to join discord
> ADL / SPLC use link too
> Collect user data
> shut down discord
> Wash, Rinse, Repeat
fucking cancer

(109.15 KB 1080x1350 blonde.jpg)
The Enslavement Question Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 05:02:36 No. 6043 [Reply]
Let's imagine the white race is no longer at risk of extinction because of technology, so because of it would you accept to be slave of Jews?

Because there wouldn't be the risk of white extinction, then would you go slave of Jews?

I mean, the world would be full of technology, no more deaths, no more illnesses, hunger, etc, but at the same time you would be at the Jew's disposal and whatever Jews want for you.

For example, whites would be around forever, but if Jews decided all peoples on Earth had to watch gay porn everyone would have to watch gay porn, period.

If by chance you tried to resist or flee from Earth, some AI machine would get you back MKultra-brainwashed to watch gay porn again very happy without any question, no freedom to say "no, thanks".

But whites would be alive.
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The only porn that isn't gay or cucked is lesbian and girl solo stuff, but those are also fucking boring.
(94.67 KB 396x351 enough_of_this.png)
>I can only think with with muh dik
When did we get the sudden influx of 4cuck refugees? You don't belong here, just like the shitskin hordes don't belong in Europe. In fact they're a great analogy for this situation, as in you behave just like them, by refusing to even so much as integrate and instead bringing your backwards practices to your new host.
At least quit bumping the objectively worst catalogs in the thread with your worthless shitposts, faggot. I'm talking to you lurkers too, here. There's a reason the rule goes "lurk for 2 years."
*threads in the catalog
who the hell is that manbeast anyways? some mma chick?
no, sir. this is all i have

(2.16 MB 3264x2448 1565670386334.jpg)
(117.23 KB 1024x768 1565667695992.jpg)
(129.10 KB 1024x768 1565667679305.jpg)
(122.93 KB 1024x768 1565667639164.jpg)
(127.86 KB 1024x768 1565667621710.jpg)
(117.88 KB 1024x768 1565667599811.jpg)
(126.04 KB 1024x768 1565667584898.jpg)
(41.67 KB 480x640 images (3).jpeg)
Lets Go Brenton Tarrant Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:14:34 Id:70edb9 No. 4799 [Reply]
The letters
494 posts and 241 images omitted.
>The identity of the officers has been suppressed
they are scared because they know race traitors won't be dealt with kindly
(34.72 KB 480x271 2.jpg)
Checked and heiled.
Officially they are suppressed because trial has not started yet.
Ok guys, thread reached bump limit.
I archived it.
I will be baking the third.
(131.46 KB 1280x720 big guy.jpg)
This is a big thread


no cookies?