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Brown haired Male with Blonde Female Miscegenation Anonymous 09/28/2019 (Sat) 19:26:04 No. 6348 [Reply]
we've all become sensitized and aware of miscegenation of whites with the display and forced acceptance of black man blonde white women couples, but another theme i see everywhere is brown haired brown eyed man with blonde haired woman. in most white couples the male is rarely blonde, has miscegenation propaganda been going deeper than we've been discussing? should white males with dark features avoid breeding with white females with fairer features? surely if the white race is in danger of going extinct the nordic peoples are in the most danger.
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> irish aren’t White!!!
Cool fanfic Turbo sperg =)
>derived from
You need to draw a line somewhere. Hair color seems like a good line. With broader lines, you could get something along the lines of round eyes or hairy arms expanding the acceptable marriage bracket far beyond what it should be (same eye and hair colors).

You are failing to grasp what being European is - an entire genome.

The arguments for and against using hair color as a indicator of "White or not" basically break down into:

Arguments for:
>Hair color is easily observable
>Usually blond people have a large amount of european dna

Arguments against:
>The majority of genetic europeans do not have blond hair
>Hair color is a purely aesthetic gene and doesn't really affect anything other than looks

Muh blond hair is a jewish hollywood meme to make ebil natzees look silly.
>D&C shilling over something as inconsequential as hair color is really stupid
Nordicists is a nutshell
Y'all faggots posting in a slide thread

(87.75 KB 1160x629 epstine maxwell.jpg)
Epstein (((suicide))) Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 13:28:43 Id:5bfaf4 No. 193 [Reply]
Epstein allegedly commits suicide in jail
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Back in late August, it was revealed Jeffrey Epstein, two weeks before his supposed suicide, put $577 million in a bulletproof trust fund.

“Estate lawyers and other experts say prying open the trust and dividing up the financier’s riches is not going to be easy and could take years,” the AP reported on August 22.

But more than preventing his victims from receiving compensation for his acts of abuse, the trust fund effectively locks down the names of people involved in his child-sex-blackmail scheme.

By putting his fortune in a trust, he shrouded from public view the identities of the beneficiaries, whether they be individuals, organizations or other entities. For the women trying to collect from his estate, the first order of business will be persuading a judge to pierce that veil and release the details.

Did Epstein commit suicide? We have no way of knowing for sure. There is very little verifiable evidence this is the case. The state announced “suicide” is a given fact, according to the corporate media now referring to Epstein in the past tense.

It’s another example of how the corporate media faithfully reads from government scripts and refuses to ask the appropriate questions and demand evidence when officials make statements. Investigative and skeptical journalism is no longer acceptable, that is unless it attacks the establishment’s political enemies.

Notice how the corporate stenographic media has zero questions about Epstein’s highly suspicious suicide, the broken cameras, supposedly sleeping guards, and the autopsy that reveals Epstein (or his double) probably died from strangulation, not as the result of a prison sheet with low thread count designed to rip and tear if a prisoner attempts suicide by hanging in a cell designed to prevent suicides.

dont reply to boomerbot, it only encourages his low iq posts.
Bumpin the thread with some updates on the subject for those who've been asleep the past couple of months.
Epstein, Prince Andrew and the Mega Group Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
BBC Panorama Virginia Giuffre Interview
Prince Andrew interview
We all know the idiot is lying but here's Bombards take https://bombardsbodylanguage.com/2019/11/18/body-language-prince-andrew-interview/
Mate whats are these boards like compared to 4chin?

(146.66 KB 301x310 1578442285435.png)
minor psyop minor psyop, action needed Admin 01/08/2020 (Wed) 18:22:37 No. 18203 [Reply]
need some anons to help with shitpostery


i did my part, you do yours,
enjoy the fellow goy comments, add 6 gorillion more.

also dont forget to mark christfag boomer replies as 'inaccurate', the real reason for calling this operation
Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 01/08/2020 (Wed) 18:26:52.
(9.64 KB 899x130 ffffff.png)
(7.37 KB 893x134 ggggggggg.png)
(16.86 KB 424x143 2020_01_10-23_04_43.png)
This is the best one

(4.87 MB 3024x3024 20191229_201750.jpg)
The Creation of an Ethno-State Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 19:23:35 No. 16735 [Reply]
A lot has been going through my mind on this subject lately and I do have a couple of questions:
>how would I best start off in creating it?
Join a party first and run for president after?
>how long would it take to achieve it, considering changing laws and getting to a position of power takes its time?
>how to I best deal with invaders?
Gradually reduce their numbers through cut aid, more hiring of my own people and just letting them die off or active deportation, be it convicts or employees?
>would abolishing a multi-party and parliament system be beneficial?
I imagine having more and more people involved with politics is opening the gates for easier corruption among politicians.
>what laws would I have to change to make life better for my people?
Immigration laws of course, but how about support for families and education?
>restoring national values is important, therefore, a control of educational systems would be somewhat important; how much control is too much?
>would cutting financial aid to Africa and non-European countries stir up a lot of national outrage if said funds would be used to aid my country?
Finally, is it more useful to found my own organisation as to avoid getting branded 'nazi' by left-wingers after joining a right wing party or to go through with doing the latter? How can I make my ideas be heard best?
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You don't get leader status without being slandered. Not sure how you thought this was going to go down.
I know that slandering is normal, what I'm talking about is arrest for whatever it is the government might come up with to shut us down. That is why support on multiple fronts [ties to organisations for example] is only advantageous. That was my point, apologies if my statement caused confusion.
>Yes, I agree. I have been hitting the gym because being skinnyfat doesn't get me anywhere.
Good on you, anon. I started off skinnyfat as well. I'm nowhere near where I'd like to be but it feels good to be in better shape, not to mention the fact that it does change how people treat you majorly.
>Perhaps I shall soon try to introduce people to my ideals. Will have to do a few more lifts before that, though, heh.
Kek. I don't know how much experience you have in talking to people about these sort of subjects IRL, but it can feel awkward at first, but I've noticed that after every time I've done it I feel more confident in my views and better able to articulate them. Contemplating the engagement afterwards allows one to realize the flaws and perfect them later.
>That sounds good in theory but will sooner or later anger the people.
Honestly the only ones that need strung up are the truly dangerous ones who would head such anti-ethnonationalist movements, the little Lenins or Maos, i.e. the intellectual elite. Remove them and the leftist mob becomes just that, an anarchistic and directionless mob that can be dispersed. No reason to kill off every left-leaning average Joe.
> I need to gather people that aren't, like you wrote, memers.
I think this will be easier than you think. I haven't really gotten myself out there yet but if you don't hang around where these types hang out, you likely won't find them. If you're hitting up the gym and making friends and connections over more traditionally masculine activities you'll get good quality individuals.
>I don't know how much experience you have in talking to people about these sort of subjects IRL
Not much - my main issue is that I don't know how to strike up conversations like that. I have been a little bit too uncaring about other people, isolating myself, enjoying solitude and such which is now showing. Speaking or communicating my views by itself isn't the problem, it's really just the fact that I do not know how and where to begin. Once I get started and the other person is responding to my words, it's mostly a discussion where I hope both sides can get their point across. And then there's the problem of a lot of people who might agree with one's ideals aren't ready to become active, meaning either open political activism or just working behind doors for a newly founded organisation. I imagine it to be difficult to gather enough people ready to stick around and aren't undercover agents trying to dox one.
A couple words of advice... practice talking to people - practice talking to strangers and having friendly conversations. I think where you are does play some role here - in cities people are much less friendly and it is certainly harder to strike up a conversation with just anyone. Go to places where it is natural for people to talk to strangers and practice. A couple of my favorites are: in a sauna at my gym (close quarters, many people don't have phones, and everyone is made a bit more vulnerable by being half-naked - being outgoing and friendly in this kind of environment can lead to some interesting discussions), and ski lifts (5 minute ride with someone you might never see again - plus it's mostly White/Europeans). You will have to do some thinking about where might be good options for you to gain more experience and confidence.

The other big piece of advice I can offer is to actively read and learn how to better gain peoples' trust, etc. I recommend you read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. This book isn't revolutionary, but it may open your eyes to some interesting strategic points that you might not have been previously conscious of.


(4.76 MB 5312x2988 Jewboys.jpg)
Kiwi Anon Anonymous 12/19/2019 (Thu) 11:11:13 No. 15713 [Reply]
Thought i'd jump on the train and put these stickers round my town. Sloppy work but its what I had lying around. The risk is upto 14 years in prison. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2019/03/chief-censor-bans-christchurch-shooting-video-distributors-could-face-jail.html so if no updates you know why. This is not just spreading knowledge. IT IS A FREE SPEECH PROTEST in a liberal fascist country. I am doing this because when the attack happened I instantly hated Brenton. It wasn't until I looked into why I began to wake up and understand. Now I know he is a saint and a true hero of my country. I want my people to know what I know. So they will no longer look at him as a terrorist and we can stand together united. I have placed some under a swingset outside a primary school. Got to educate the youth. Also left a little suprise for the jewboys. This is just the beginning. More to come.




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Use raspberry pi you bought with cash.
Use printer you bought from craigslist.
Use public wifi only without your phone with you.
Proceed from there.
Just a heads up, pretty much ever printer is compromised at this point. Now you could get creative and have them purchased from overseas or printed by a friend far away or in a safer country to print them and just ship them in the mail. I know that's a lot of work tho so it's all a matter of how bad you care about OpSec.


>This list is no longer being updated.'

> Printers
Don't use color printers. You don't need them and they're gay. If you want color, paint stuff with sharpies.

Buy an old BlackWhite laserprinter like the old kyocera FS-1020d, or something for 30$. Not only are those really excellent printers, they also can only print black dots, which can easily be spotted with magnifying classes. That makes hiding a tracking code very hard, so there probably is none. As they have very old-style large toner containers, you also can be sure, that there's nothing but black toner in the printer.

Newer BW printers use toner containers, which theoretically could hide some small container with less-visible ink/toner for adding a tracking code, but the old ones made for businesses can't. Their toner cartridges are refillable and only slightly more complex than a waterbottle.

I'd also like to mention, that everything leaves physical traces, which can be found by forensics. They probably can even prove with which sharpie you painted the funny-looking swastika. But it's a huge difference, whether they get a nice encoded serial number, or just some random blotch with slightly unique characteristics.

Also think about making QR code stencils for spraypainting. You'd have to make several stencils per QR-code, and spraypaint only parts of the code with every stencil, but if you work cleanly, and align the templates right, it's possible to spraypaint QR codes. Cutting the stencils is work, but it's doable.
ring the bark on the tree

(75.83 KB 1022x310 White Egyptians.jpg)
Every non-White Civilization throughout history was built off the corpse of a White one Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 03:07:57 No. 14390 [Reply]
Mespotamia, Egypt, Ancient India, and Persia were all products of White people. This fact makes me wonder if Europe's not where Whites had originally evolved, but fled to in desperation to avoid extinction.
Semites never built their societies, they just built over the corpses of the White Civilizations that inhabited the Western half of the Orient before them.
It was even possible Whites inhabited parts of ancient China before being driven West by migrating Siberian Tribes.
It seems that according to some, Europeans inhabited most of the globe, before being driven back.
I think the Kikes developed their hatred of the White race in Egyptian times, when the kikes were enslaved by White Egyptians before Moses used his "staff" to smite the White man from Egypt with the plagues.
However, I believe the plagues were the subversion of society, and they didn't go free. They just manipulated gullible White Pharaohs to let them go and wreak havoc through subversion and demographic genocide.
It would the White Race's decline has stretched back millenia.
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I was watching a tv show the other day and they were in Lebanon, they pray in a church made by European Crusaders.
You can add Ancient Europe to that list now known as China the birthplace of the first European civilizations. Northern China had the oldest civilization of walled cities got over populated by low iq brown asians forced them to move further west, which is where the asians got the entire start for their civilizations like getting the wheel, and other bronze age technology that were built by the yamnaya who would become the Scandinavians, they had descendants in China up until they got wiped by Islamic hordes in 900 ad. Then add North America being settled first by Western Hunter-gatherers around 50 thousand years ago.

Modern day Mongolia used to be White too then became eurasian from overpopulating browns and asian hordes like China from Islam, Genghis khans tribe were known as the grey eyed people along with surrounding tribes being noted with light eyes. His sons and his tribe were noted to have red hair. His father apparently was described with blonde hair. Much of his original force were noted as being tall blondes. His mutt army didn't become turkic looking until he converted to islam to become a bigger war lord which he used to kill other shitskins. The funny thing is Ghengis Khan did more damage to Islam than anybody else, also stopped a Ottoman force of a 1 million from invading Europe. Told his general Subotai to not go past the middle of Poland then outright told him to stop when he gained momentum. Ghengis Khan was /our/ guy.
You need to learn how to read if you think that says he had White skin.

Ancient Egyptians were the same as modern Egyptians. Genetics backs this up.
It’s in the name, Mongoloid.

(7.09 KB 224x225 angry wojak.jpg)
Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:11:02 No. 17861 [Reply]
Back in around late 2012, a Yid came to our School to talk about privilege. As soon as he entered the class, he had very different features from most Whites. Hell, I've seen some mongrels who are like 1/4th injun looked a lot Whiter than him.
His face from the sides was very sloped, both his chin and forhead. He wore a Yamaca and both his eyes were bulging, almost out of his orbital bones.
As he lectured us on White privilege, my right hand balled into a fist. Most of my other classmates, all of whom came from a White Middle and Upper-Class, agreed with the filthy shylock. I, a working-class White kid, wanted to tear that filthy little shylock's throat out. I was only 14 years old, and this was back when I started ninth.
I grew up in Toronto, in a black, nigger infested neigborhood that was a microcosm of South Africa. My Dad was a working-class White who couldn't afford to move. My mother was a fat cheating landwhale who fucked every nigger there, so my dad kicked her fat, stretch mark-riddled ass from his property. That whole "loyal White Women" meme only applies to boomer Women. White women from Gen X on wards are coal-burning whores who'd rather hump a knife than one of us, at least from my experience. all women and 90% of men are fucking Sheep, and the jew is their Shepard.
If we ever retake our homelands, we'll have to rape White women to continue the next generation of Whites. Then after that, once the jew's conditioning has been broken, they'll back in the home, barefoot and pregnant as nature intended. Petty morality needs to be thrown out the door to save our race. The breakaway White Nation could be an autocratic police-state with a social credit system for all I care, I just don't want to be under the rule of jewish despots that hide under a phony vail of democracy and libertarian principles.
As for the religion of the future White Nation, I don't give a shit. It could be Aryanized Islam or Aryanized Christianity. I'm an Atheist, not the Fedora-tipper who uses his Atheism as an excuse to be a sexual degenerate, but the objective kind. I'm an Atheist because I've been so blackpilled as a Christian.
If there was a God, he would've punished the Kikes for trying to destroy his greatest creations; they wouldn't be his chosen people unless God himself was a sadistic sociopath. It was that blackpill alone that made realize he didn't exist. Religion is just a philosophy. Nothing more.
My Dad, despite having some redpilled qualities, is still brainwashed. He reads Atlas Shrugged and believes Bioshock's Rapture is a good template for a breakaway White Civilization.
MFW I'm a working-class White lectured by wealthy jewish Parasites about being privileged.
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didn't see you but I was talking about a woman who would do that none stop from the beginning of neinchan

and this is why we don't have women on imageboards
Oh shit, I said they weren't spic tits. Where's my fucking sword, shield and White knight banner?

We all gonna die!
Imagine being this retarded

imagine being this degenerate

(149.36 KB 517x421 roof.jpg)
St. Roof Thread Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 18:30:54 No. 13742 [Reply]
What's going on with Dylann Roof lately? I haven't heard anything since he wrote that letter to Tucker Carlson.
58 posts and 39 images omitted.
>Christian values
Fuck off with your slave religion.
(39.88 KB 374x321 bowlwaffen.png)
I am not into any scene whatsoever so I didn't make up my mind about this "bowl" stuff: was it ironic at the beginning like the OK sign? Since ADL put the bowlcut too into its dumb hate symbol list etc.
>>Dylann Roof specifically asked for Pinckney and later opened fire on the congregation, killing Pinckney and eight others.
Does anyone have any information about this?
I watched the entire FBI interview with Dylann Roof. The agent asks him all kinds of specific questions like:
>why did you target these people specifically? (multiple times)
>why did you pick this specific location? (multiple times)
>where did you get the gun?
But he never mentions the politician and neither does Roof. He tells the agent that he was just looking for a location where he could shoot a group of blacks. He also doesn't mention the politician in his "manifesto".
I honestly think it's just a coincidence that the politician was there.

It started in the discord group of the Daily Stormer. People were posting semi-ironic Bowl and st. roof memes. After a while they got banned and started their own Discord group called Bowl Patrol. Then it turned out Discord in completely pozzed and they went to Telegram I think. They also made some low effort podcasts, (which were funny at times)
Ok, thank you for the info.

Volunteering Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 19:25:27 No. 17968 [Reply]
Where can a woman volunteer that is based and red pilled
16 posts and 2 images omitted.
Women should absolutely know how to defend themselves and their children in case the man is not at home when something happens.
The LARP is real.
>not being a feminist is LARPING
>Not finding fit wholesome chicks to breed with
>only noticing girls who dress like sluts in the gym
>fucking a land whale because you’re DYEL and need to preserve your ego
>can’t attract quality girls so they must not exist

Whew lad
Nice strawman arguments.

>ad hominem attacks
>desperate attempt to shame men (on an anonymous image-board)
>u r incel

You're the fat femanon who's been shitting up the entire board aren't you?

(14.54 KB 501x585 Aryan.jpg)
Operation #FreeTarrant Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 02:09:36 No. 18128 [Reply]
You know how a bunch of broads swooned over the Boston Marathon Bomber? Well, we should find a way to get THOTs to protest at Tarrant's trial. I have a plan for this. We pose as THOTs, post propaganda about how Tarrant is sexy and doesn't deserve life in prison on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr with fake accounts, and watch them protest at his trial.
On an unrelated note, I asked a purple-haired feminist if she would rather fuck Tarrant or a soy boy doing the glory hole face, and she begrudgingly picked Tarrant over the soy boy. Women find cold and calculating men attractive over those moody, emotional liberal men.
Pic related. We're Kiking the Kikes.
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
I worded this so badly and I have so many mistakes in mt spelling eh im not even going to correct my self
Earnest and Crusius will likely be executed as well. Crusius for sure
This, sadly. And add Bowers to the list.

Anon is right.
Unlike Operation Blue the jew where many other people from outside Nein partecipated, I don't see this idea catching up, especially on cuckchan where anti Tarrant deradicalization shills are rampant. We are too few to bring such a psyop to success alone. Also, there are too few actual women who would come out on social media as Tarrant supporters, as OP's plan expects.
Someone should write a short fiction story, where one of those guys is broken out of prison. The more details, the better. Title it "Un-jailed by the ZOG." or something. Write it as a future paper-back bestseller about "Greatest prison escapes of the 21st century" describing the details. Have the prison breakers go on to be leading figures in the war, and even influential statesmen in the post-ZOG Ethnostate.


no cookies?