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(29.71 KB 296x448 apache-scalping-engraving-1.jpg)
Injun on Injun genocide Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 02:49:15 No. 13282 [Reply]
Anyone have info on what indians did to other indians before colonizers arrived? Ive heard of burning alive and genocide and scalpings and would love to know more
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there's was just recently a thread on 4cuck, an anon was posting testimony from a french Jesuit priest IIRC on the way the Iroquois and Hurons dealt with each other
The "Left" narratives peddled about the colonization of North America by Europeans does tend to leave out how completely non-unified the indigenous Mongoloid populations were. More often than not, the natives used the new European arrivals to settle old scores with each other.
By the time the savages realized themselves that Europeans were becoming the dominate peoples in North America, they were largely being assimilated into it. Christfaggots had no problem getting their daughters to spread their legs to convert the native mongoloids. Most of them didn't die from diseased blankets or European rage; their people died because preferred sex with Europeans to each other.
We only don't tend to notice it much because the number of native mongoloids was much lower in North America than in Spanish-controlled territories. If the numbers had been similar, North America would be a land of mestizos, just like Latin America is.

>Christfaggots had no problem getting their daughters to spread their legs to convert the native mongoloids

Implying that this happened way more often than European dudes taking injun cunts?
(48.70 KB 474x658 Founding_Nigger_Fuckers.jpeg)
>Implying that this happened way more often than European dudes taking injun cunts?
No, just like the Founding Nigger fuckers of that thing called "America" were much more prone to fucking niggers that any English-speaking European woman back then.
Read about the Death pits, also the Aztec genocide of other tribes. The Cherokee nation genocide of other tribes. The Sioux are still hated by other tribes to this day and called snakes for genocide these are mdiwest plains injuns. Also human sacrifice was common among injuns there is Spanish accounts of them eating each other after battle. The tribes all practiced slavery before and injuns actually owned one of the largest amount of slaves after the USA was eastblished, the injuns had slaves that ran away on the trail of tears.

Dharmapill Thread Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 04:38:50 No. 17910 [Reply]
Daily reminder that the concept of dharma or natural law was common to every Aryan society on the planet prior to Christianization.

What is dharma? Dharma is the eternal, universal, axiomatic ordering principle of the comsos of divine origin. This concept is common to all non-Abrahamic traditions which can he counted as truly Traditional. The Aryans of India called it dharma in Sanskrit, dhamma in Pali, tao/dao in Chinese, asha in Avestan Persian, ma’at in Egyptian, it is darna among the Lithuanian Romuva pagans. The Japanese has a concept of Shintō – “The Way of the Gods”. All of these refer to the concept of dharma or the Eternal Natural Way. This is a non-denominational concept which transcends narrow ideas of religion.

Dharma can be applied to individuals, groups, races, species or even the cosmic order as such. A person’s dharma refers to his own essence or manner of being. Each has a proper place within hierarchy, organized in a harmonious whole when each is in his or her place.

In-depth excerpts:
>Etymologically, the Sanskrit word dharma is derived from the root dhr which means 'to hold, have or maintain'. The dharma of a thing may, therefore, be described as that form or power which makes it what it is and prevents it from becoming something different. Water remains water so long as it has the power of wetting things, and fire remains fire so long as it burns whatever is put into it. What keeps whole universe in order and everything in its proper place is dharma

>the dharma of a thing does not lie in any external requirement ; it arises out of a thing's own nature, and in the case of man, manifests itself as soon as impurities are removed

>The idea that an individual realises his true dharma only when he sheds off all the impurities is of fundamental importance ; it paves the way for the identification of the concept of dharma with the notion of rita which signifies cosmic or divine order. Rita also means Truth, A person who realises his true dharma establishes true relationship with the Absolute

>We may, therefore, say that, to a degree, the dharma a thing is that line of conduct which is determined by the stage of evolution at which it has reached and its inner nature. The dharma of a brahmin is different from that of a vaishya or a kshatriya because the former stands at a higher rung of the evolutionary ladder and has a preponderance of the sativic element over the rajasic and the tamasic.
>Whatever helps the evolving soul to cultivate qualities which bring it nearer and nearer to God and finally enables it to realise oneness with Divinity is its dharma ; and whatever obstructs and retards this process self-realisation or God realization is adharma.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Based as fuck, great post OP
(167.11 KB 1080x1080 hitler saint.jpg)
(37.38 KB 324x499 dharma manifesto.jpg)
No problem, anon. I'm glad there are people who find this interesting and likely see the same connections to National Socialism (especially of more esoteric / pagan varieties) that I do. Learning about these things has only deepened my view of how extraordinary of a man Hitler was and the Truth of what he advocated for. I'd also recommend that anon's check out The Dharma Manifesto.

The author advocates for monarchy and Varnāśrama-dharma, a term used for the transcendental Hindu social institutions where all of society is harmonized into a greater organic whole and each social division being recognized by its particular duties and behavior. He opposes this dharmic social organization of hierarchy and harmony to “conflict theory”, which is best illustrated by Semitic ideologies such as the Abrahamic religions, Marxism (which he calls Abrahamic) and various other types of popular ideas today such as feminism which puts men against women. It’s a short book but highly recommended, I’m often surprised how much I refer to it.

I downloaded a few others papers on dharma I've yet to read and take notes on. If I find anything good I think anons may like I'll post excerpts like I did in the OP.
“the Tao [dharma], which others may call Natural Law or Traditional Morality or the First Principles of Practical Reason or the First Platitudes, is not one among a series of possible systems of value. It is the sole source of all value judgements. If it is rejected, all value is rejected. If any value is retained, it is retained. The effort to refute it and raise a new system of value in its place is self-contradictory. There has never been, and never will be, a radically new judgement of value in the history of the world. What purport to be new systems or (as they now call them) 'ideologies', all consist of fragments from the Tao [dharma] itself, arbitrarily wrenched from their context in the whole and then swollen to madness in their isolation, yet still owing to the Tao [dharma] and to it alone such validity as they possess.”

“The rebellion of new ideologies against the Tao [dharma] is a rebellion of the branches against the tree: if the rebels could succeed they would find that they had destroyed themselves. The human mind has no more power of inventing a new value than of imagining a new primary colour, or, indeed, of creating a new sun and a new sky for it to move in.”

t. C.S. Lewis
The Hindustani-speaking people in "Pakistan" and "India" actually belong to a single Nation. They even watch the same Bollywood films, with no subtitles.
It's as if the English-speaking "Canadian" Europeans were generic-Wahabists, and the English-speaking "American" Europeans were Hindus (or Germans and "Austrians," if you prefer). That would also make the Québécois (the only other European Nation in North America) the Pashtuns.

(27.05 KB 780x405 Stephan Balliet.jpg)
germany 1488 10/10/2019 (Thu) 14:51:23 No. 7371 [Reply]
Can someone please tell me about the Stephan Balliet dude. He failed but had a great motiv. I have seen alot of hate to him just cuz he failed, i dont think we should hate on him cuz its the
thought that counts. Lets praise him like we do to Philip Manshaus! Remember he is one of us
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(103.62 KB 645x773 1574593321180.jpg)
The memes were funny but I felt bad for him, especially when he said "I'm such a loser"
Yeah, dumbest thing to say at such a moment, especially since he still had time.
>this entire article

>mfw I have no face

What the fuck is wrong with Germany?

>Three people were watching live as Stephan Balliet streamed his failed attempt to storm a synagogue in Halle, Germany, on Oct. 9, the Yom Kippur holiday, instead shooting to death a woman passing by and a customer at a kebab shop. Three people who watched the 36-minute long video of the crimes committed, recorded by a camera on Balliet's helmet and streamed on the internet portal Twitch, apparently without reporting it to the police.
>Investigators with the Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) are now searching for those three people in order to question them and, presumably, prosecute them.
>The video of the attack was ultimately viewed by more than 2,000 people. Balliet's manifesto was also shared online, including by two brothers in the city of Mönchengladbach who are now under investigation for possible incitement charges.
not if you know how to make firearms properly, they will work just fine
Not even New Zealand was cucked enough to go after the people who saw it live I don't think

(11.92 MB 400x300 Gen X Kebab removal.mp4)
Being too nice is the least of our race's problems Anonymous 12/21/2019 (Sat) 05:56:38 No. 15893 [Reply]
It comes down to simple testosterone, you see. Males in first world countries are only 40% less of a man than a man born from the Stone Age until WWII. Plastics and pesticides are possible causes, but shitskins are exposed to the worst of that shit and they're hardly feminized at all. I think the primary factors for the feminization of Western Men are stress, sedendary lifestyles, poor suger and carbs diet, and too much sex via masturbation.

If you wanna be more masculine and have the testosterone levels of Ahmed or Tyrone, you are gonna need to exercise more, eat red meat and veggies, and stop masturbating.

I sometimes wonder what would happen if the testosterone of White men had never declined, White men would probably be beating, hacking, and slashing
Niggers, Spics, Sandniggers, and Pooniggers in dark alleyways. They'd be using machetes, medieval swords, and pipes, especially in Europe where guns are banned.

People like Spectre and Wise would probably be starring in snuff films where masked White men behead them ISIS-style—set to the toon of loud, blaring death metal. Synagogues would become fortresses, complete with security guards armed with automatic weapons to keep the bad goys out.

In summary, Whites would be as violent and savage towards immigrant shitskins as they are to us now. Non-Whites would avoid rural and suburban areas out of fear of being shot, stabbed, and brutalized.

However, modern White Nationalism wouldn't exist, we'd have Wigger Nationalism instead which is better. Honestly, I have more faith in skinheads and Wignats than most White Nationalists. They're more violent and they don't give a rat's ass about optics. They don't cuck. Webm related.
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(2.11 MB 480x480 1577388503259.webm)
Adding to this, western nations have already introduced testosterone replacement therapy which can be abused to surpass supposed 3rd world test levels. Ive seen people as young as mid-twenties taking testosterone, both males and females.
(123.91 KB 499x600 2020 (2).jpg)
>future superpower
(5.31 KB 271x186 testosterone-vitamin-d.jpg)
Eating cholesterol is always bad.
Just work more jobs to earn less,
and pay more for smaller houses.
Now hurry up and eat that slob.
Are you saying that testosterone, cortisol, cholesterol, and vitamin D are basically the same? You might not be wrong.

That guy in the webm was clearly holding back. Cunts hardly ever have a chance, no matter what, unless it's with a child. I very much doubt T-therapy is as popular as you make it out to be, especially for females.

(106.87 KB 800x533 shut it down.jpg)
Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 22:22:57 No. 17985 [Reply]
The jew found out about the /pol/ library and shut it down. oes anyone have a backup?

Link that was taken down: http://mega.nz/#F!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg
It says folder is not available.
Later, it redirects me to login page.
What exactly this archive contain ?
The names of books, for example ?
Because, as I said, it was taken down?
Books, Gbs of books that were uploaded for years by good anons.
(698.23 KB 999x872 yaginuma-san.png)
For anons that dont know, this was a huge library from the old NSG from the old 4cucks, when wwas still possile to post there. Probably it was my fault, I kinda shared it with Yaginuma-san, that anime director, when I repilled him. And when twitter shut him down, they probably also reported the link. Sorry.
I miss zundel's bunker.

(344.42 KB 980x742 1575533368982.jpg)
aus/pol/ Neinchan edition Anonymous 12/05/2019 (Thu) 08:49:27 No. 13834 [Reply]
Come home White man

Also fuck chinks

>From farms and coal mines to airports and water supplies: How China is gobbling up millions of acres of land, vital infrastructure and companies - as part of its 'disturbing' plan to exert greater influence and control over Australia

>Jacqui Lambie declares 'we're sitting ducks', calling on Australia to pull back economic ties with China

>Beijing labels espionage concerns a 'shoddy soap opera', dismisses Yang Hengjun torture claims

>China Is Aiming to ‘Break’ Detained Australian Writer, Lawyers Say

>wignat fed does wignat fed stuff to catch other wignat feds in wignat fed organisation Reclaim Australia

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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So vibrant! So much enrichment!

Aussies of Nein, how is the bushfire situation in your area?
Also, what about Tarrant's hometown? Has it burned?
(1.58 MB 1776x998 aussie shitpost.png)
(1.97 MB 1774x994 a fucking chink.png)
The australian shop owner isn't even australian
Yes mate. Fucking oath it is.
I hate that it has come to this, and I'll get shit for saying this, but White gangs are necessary in this day and age.
Any White cunt that doesn't treat you like a brother is NOT redpilled.
Open question to Aussies:
Why are you guys marrying chink women so much? Of these four: 1: (White men wanting chink women/not wanting White women)
2: (chink women wanting White men/not wanting chink men)
3: (White women wanting chink men/not wanting White men)
4: (chink men wanting White women/not wanting chink women)
which is propelling the trend the most? Are there any fixes that would work for the Aussie culture?

A recent visit to Melbourne and Sydney was ridiculous.

(28.16 KB 319x500 futurism.jpeg)
Archeofutursim Anonymous 12/28/2019 (Sat) 05:51:01 No. 16571 [Reply]
I just got done reading this book. The author made some very interesting points. He believes (and I agree) that society should have 2-tiers. The first live very traditional lives, mostly as farmers in small villages, while the second tier live in highly advanced cities and work on advancing technology and getting us into space.
47 posts and 8 images omitted.
You seem to be projecting the faults of your kike worshipping religion onto White spirituality, and Hitler. Sorry we’re not bowing down to your jewish god, living in monasteries as celibate, pacifist, monks, and proclaiming that our jewish overlords rule us through God’s will. Sorry that we actually care about the environment our children will grow up in, and that will get in the way of jewish industry. I’m sorry Mr boomer, I now realize that evolution, and our traditional spirituality is false. And that the world was created by a magic jew, who will fix everything during muh rapture, so real life doesn’t matter anyway.

Literally almost everything you said about paganism, and Hitler is far more applicable to Christianity lol. Your religion literally celebrate being a cuck, and not reproducing as “pure” Christianity is directly at odds with the scientific fact of evolution, which is the basis of the social Darwinism that you claim to follow. You shill against the “Nazis” as living failures, yet you take their philosophy of eternal struggle as your own. You act as it was pagan cuckery that lead to the modern world, yet it is actually Christian.

It was the Church in Germany shilling against the Second World War due to the “evils of war”, not the National Socialists. It was the church that betrayed Whites in Rhodesia, South Africa, and now Europe, and America, to the foreign hordes at our gates. It was the Christian Kingdoms that grew complacent with their idea of the “Divine right of Kings” that destroyed the empire’s that pagan’s built. It was Christianity that formed the base worldview, which lead to the enlightenment, liberalism, and the modern world.
I’m not a christian, where did you even get that idea? Rewrite your post with the right assumptions. Assume I am a Nietzscheian on religion, it’s the best one word answer I can give.

Also, the church was right to oppose the war. Hitler should have helped Lindbergh win the election in the US and not taken back danzig until a fascist was in the White house.
>I’m not a christian
The previous anon has you pegged, lying Christfaggot. "such dominance was more fleeting than their mortal body" - such a spew of word salad could only come from the mind of a Christfaggot.
Make no mistake, anon 17697, Christfaggots in the "Right" wing of the ZOG practice their own version of Muslim Taqiya, and have no qualms lying about through their teeth about their faggot love affair with Jesus.
>Assume I am a Nietzscheian on religion
It is well documented the love affair many academically-inclined Christfaggots have with Nietzsche, simply because the popular understanding paints him as some sort of nihilist. They like reading atheists that they think fit into their preconceived notions.
>Hitler should...not taken back danzig
The Christfaggots are slowly learning about what the German Nation actually was. The mere thought of Danzig, and especially Austria, shakes them to the core. The masses of the White Nation learning the name 'Engelbert Dollfuss strikes absolute terror in their hearts, because it is the beginning their realization that National Socialism can't be used as ideological window-dressing for standard "Right" wing ZOG politics.
(11.05 KB 231x219 Nnihilism.jfif)
You have to 18 or older to post here.

Also, that's a paraphrased quote from a 40K book, lol, as are these
>only the arbitrary whims of a mad god(s)
>Hitler and those old rulers were weak fools, they had the whole world within their grasp and let it slip away.

But do you mean the national socialism wants world domination, cause you'll have to get line, bub, every ideology to have ever existed and it's dog wants that. Engelbert Dollfuss was nothing special, a thousand other people said what he said. Even modern anarchists recognize that the (re)unification of Austria and Germany would have done a lot to offset the hardships caused by the ToV. I only oppose the reconquest of Danzig because it was bad tactics, plain and simple. Don't attack an ally of the only country [asside from the US] you don't have the means to beat, the Kriegsmarine was a fraction of the Royal Navy, any invasion fleet would have been mulched.
(62.42 KB 680x645 nigger1844.jpg)
Oops, forgot the pixels. I need to do a better job at naming my files.

>He's just a crass Marxist
Marxism is a jewish-created ideology which advocates for atheism, materialism and explains history through class struggles. Strasser is not Marxist in the slightest. To Strasser there is nothing that leads him to believe that society must sometime undergo a revolution that will bring a utopia on Earth. And while Strasser advocates for the seizure of the means of production, he does not advocate for any sort of artificial abolition of class. He's what commies would call a class collaborationist. In one of his manifestos that I translated from German back on the old board he explicitly says this and mentions that the drive for profit is still key to the economy that he advocates for. Strasser's idea of "seizing the means of production" is that the state takes over ownership but entrepreneurs can sort of "rent out" usage, though workplaces would have some sort of joint partnership between workers, entrepreneurs and state, with some sort of profit-sharing system as well. I completely agree with you though that he was a total cuck on the JQ, but one can appreciate someone's ideas separate from their beliefs on the jewish Question, of course.
Isn't Strasserism = Bolshevism ?
National Socialism >>> strasserism
(398.28 KB 964x2048 Strasserismisretarded.jpg)
Strasserism was against private property and free enterprise, essentially the same as Marxism. And no nation can survive and prosper without private property and free enterprise. The capitalist economies also share these attributes, but with one major difference: in National Socialist Germany, central banking was under control of Germany, and the Reichmark was turned into a debt free currency.

(296.06 KB 640x480 apu.png)
Internet anonymity Anonymous 10/31/2019 (Thu) 15:18:02 No. 9534 [Reply]
A few years back I used to post on different chans using just regular browsers. I actually believed I was protected by some kind of privacy laws. Then when it became clear to me that all the right wing websites and forums were being monitored and everyone that frequented them went on a list, I stopped posting. I had deleted my accounts that I used on different websites and I only lurked through Tor and occasionally posted via Tor on websites that allowed it. I knew I was probably already on a bunch of watchlists (even though I did nothing wrong or illegal), but hoped this would mitigate the damage. I wanted to stay as low as possible on these lists, so to speak.

I figured I would later set up a VPN or something so I could continue shitposting, but never actually took the time to do it. I didn’t know what kind of VPN I would need and also had concerns that using a VPN would “move me up higher on the list”. I can imagine that a relatively large portion of VPN users are right wing (especially since they often advertise on right wing websites) and that using a VPN can attract unwanted attention. I also figured that if I bought VPN service via a creditcard or something, I might be jeopardizing my data even more than if I used nothing at all.

I often made OC that got reposted by other anons and would like to get back to doing that. I already viewed /pol/-tier material without VPN (or anything else) in the past and know that I’m already on some list or another. I know you can’t be completely anonymous (for example, you can’t hide from the CIA), but I would like to know how I can achieve the best amount of anonymity without having to do complicated tech shit.

I assume I would have to buy a VPN via cryptocurrency, but how do I do that so it can’t be traced to me or my bank account. I have seen a lot of people saying a VPN + brave browser is relatively safe. Also to what extend does Tor work for shitposting? Is it possible to upload anonymously to Youtube via Tor? (You have to give a phone number if I recall correctly) What about Bitchute, Minds, Gab, Twitter,…?

I also posted this on nanochan but it was deleted for some reason.

TL;DR: safe and easy ways to achieve online anonymity
82 posts and 9 images omitted.
You should be proud to be on their lists. See you in the FEMA camp, bud.
Just so you homosectoids are aware, the CIA isnt pn these site specifically tracking every poster and archieving your data for future use. That kind of behavior is mostly seen in the FBI.
The CIA is on these sites meme'ing and trying to weaponize memetics for use in mostly other nations for obvious reasons (see arab spring).
I post whatever I want so long as I dont specifically call to violence and breaking any existing laws, I dont give a fuck who is tracking me.
Brainlet here. I don’t understand half the shit of what needs to be done to stay anonymous. Is Tor enough for someone not familiar or able to do any of the complicated stuff?
(269.31 KB 734x948 EP-Gray.png)
No, buy and read pic related. It's not on libgen unfortunately

(18.66 KB 280x280 Roids Chad.jpg)
/sig/ The final redpill Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 23:57:23 No. 13792 [Reply]
If you wanna beat the jews, you gotta take the juice. The only reason why jews are against steroids is because it turns basedboy cucks into chads. I used to be a sad doomer, who never got laid. I was a a pathetic, lanky nerd. Now I'm 260 lbs of pure muscle from roids.

I encourage all young White men to juice up. I became redpilled from doing roids alone. Because whenever I met an uppity nigger, I just wanted to cave his skull in, and, in one case, maimed one for mugging me with my bare hands.

We should start the "Juice Acceptance" Movement. You only suffer ill effects if you take too much of the stuff, as in genital shrinkage. The jews don't want young Whites to find the cure to the cuckoldry. That's why they say it has negative health effects.

The average roided-out White man could kill an Israeli Special Forces operative with his bare hands in hand to hand, with no training whatsoever.

The hashtag should be #juiceup. We need to encourage young Whites to take steroids.
42 posts and 8 images omitted.
Imagine if the race war is gonna come and you can't run fast or for long periods of time because you've not trained cardio. Not exactly ideal
Cardio adaptations are somewhat fleeting unfortunately. You have to be constantly in training. Regular walking is a good start though!
Mhm keep being a weak legged faggot
They stick around for quite a while, don't fool yourself. If you can run for an hour, lapse for a bit, you can easily do 30 mins without a problem.
Ok, here's my /SIG/ challenge to you anons. It doesn't matter if you are strong if you have no balance, no proprioception. How do you learn balance? Easy.

Every day, get dressed standing up. Including your shoes and lacing up your shoes. To start, do it near a bed so if you fall over you aren't going to hurt yourself. That's it. Do it for 30 days, and you will notice a big change in how you move and the things you can do.


no cookies?