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FBCLID - Kikebook's new user spying query param Anonymous 12/04/2019 (Wed) 03:01:21 No. 13662 [Reply]
If you notice a fbclid in the query params of that article a relative forwarded you this holiday season, it's not just you. They are ramping up the external tracking to bypass cookie laws. Here's a site that explains it a bit more. Of course it was S H U T D O W N so here is an archive link. https://web.archive.org/web/20191121024836/https://fbclid.com/recap-what-people-say-about-fbclid-on-the-web/

(40.27 KB 680x452 angrywomenandcat (1).jpg)
Holocaust Meme Thread Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 20:51:31 Id:49caa7 No. 583 [Reply]
Since this board is picking up I thought id post the first one of these to give us all a good laugh at the greatest tragedy to never happen.
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(120.09 KB 709x560 wwii veteran at protest.jpg)
WWII Veteran Threatens to Shoot Liberal Protesters (VIDEO) Anonymous 11/13/2019 (Wed) 14:47:34 No. 10803 [Reply]
I guess the remaining WWII vets are finally starting to wake up?

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>what happened
some 80 something french ex soldier attacked a mudslime pillbox

>>13444 (checking those trips)
Based old man.
I can believe an old crippled Boomer fuck like that is still more based than most of my generation.
He can be a based vet, but only if he disavows the Eastern theater.

8chan status? Anonymous 08/12/2019 (Mon) 18:21:49 Id:5f5436 No. 571 [Reply]
Does anyone know what exactly is going on with 8chan right now? Are they still going with Bitmitigate or did they kick them off too?

Although if we're all honest with ourselves, it would probably better for us all if we left 8chan (which is run by a literal fucking SHITSKIN - pic related) in favor for a better site like this (preferably /pol/ only to keep the degenerates away).
But for that we would all have to choose the same site...

What do you think?
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Recreating your board is a manual process, they have to put it back after your request. I think they have some way of authenticating you also.

I'm sure it is a mess. /pol/ won't be back until at least after the "second migration" codemonkey mentioned on twitter. It is Dec 6 IIRC.
>Phase two of board migration will need to be tentatively delayed a week. We are having trouble getting all the phase one requested boards migrated over in time.
uhm yeah, kay

>Just saw some news that Hiroyuki's appeal to the Japanese supreme court was rejected
does anybody know what's the issue here?

no /pol but there's uhm /pnd
still this verifying your browser crap, tho not on Tor
any thoughts on /pnd except muh honeypot?
fuck forgot source, greentext is from codemonkey's twitter
>any thoughts on /pnd
Never been there
>any thoughts on /pnd/
Nope I don’t browse honeypots

Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 Anonymous 10/16/2019 (Wed) 09:49:16 No. 7792 [Reply]
This thread is about discussion, memes, latest news about Brenton Tarrant.
Previous threads
1) http://archive.is/a5aDR
2) http://archive.fo/LxW4E
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>these are the exact same place in the exact same room with the exact same perspective
>all buildings must have the exact same carpeting throughout

Fuck off Moshe.
no mystery here. that's just that video compression and encoding does.
How can you support this evil mass murderer who killed innocent people who didn't cause any harm to anyone?
A man who shots unarmed men, women and children in the back while praying in a house of whorship is no man but a barbarian.
Tell me one significant european leader who would have approved of such behaviour.
Its just ISIS tier terrorism.
Vlad Tepes, Tsar Ivan, and practically every White European ruler before the enlightenment. When you're race is at stake, ethics of war go out the bloody window, concern shill.
pick one
case dismissed

Operation EthnoState: Moniker has returned Edition Anonymous 11/09/2019 (Sat) 08:51:48 No. 10252 [Reply]
Guys it seems after a long wait one of our long time goys has returned.

Moniker is finally back after dissappearing for a solid month. The ethnostate is back on the menu bois


I want to see him again
Its me vanguard, if you can put him through to me I would greatly appreciate it
Im using this as a way to communicate because the site wont let me post threads for some reason
Vanguard i dmed u on riot don't get fucked by fed bois plz and thank u

(12.24 KB 275x183 download (2).jfif)
Paganism Reject Christianity 11/12/2019 (Tue) 02:40:39 No. 10522 [Reply]
Europeans practiced a diverse selection of native beliefs long before Christianity came. They were 100% European and supported its own people it promoted the family and their race.

Then came Christianity spread by jews it took over the pagan faiths by force. And where has it left us? In a modern hell hole where the pope kisses nigger feet and we embrace a religion that supports race mixing and being cowards that turn the other cheek.

To truly throw off the chains of jewry we must reclaim our own religions and forget about the shit they forced down our throats!
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It is Judaeo-Christian civilization that has brought us the freedom and democracy we love. Instead of searching for a pagan past that can never be restored, we should accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is under Christianity that the western world has thrived for millenia.
This bait is too obvious. "Freedom and democracy" gave it away
Shit bait m8.
Though Christians and Pagans should ally for the time being.
We have more hook nosed issues right now.
(817.24 KB 1111x597 5fa.png)
>It is (((Judaeo-Christian))) civilization that has brought us the freedom and democracy (((we))) love.
yeah, i know that shlomo
>Though Christians and Pagans should ally for the time being.
Christians are honestly the source of much of the problem in the first place. It's not even so much that worship a jewish god, but that they simultaneously claim that we're born depraved and evil and if you don't go through the jewish god and the jewish god alone you're going to burn in hellfire. The Christian fundamentally is concerned with the afterlife more than he is the material world, he has his head in the clouds. "What is ~70 years on Earth when I will get an eternity in heaven if I remain a good goy?" Christian values are yet another issue. As we know the Christian religion is built on the subversion of an elite Pharisee jew (((Saul of Tarsus))) who co-opted the movement of a lowly jew Yeshua ben Yosef to win over the gentiles and corrupt them spiritually. We now see the culmination of this practice. Though, if Christians can set aside this and actually fight for their race without inserting all sorts of jewish bullshit and religious D&C, we can work with them. 99.9% of churches are anti-White. I wonder whether they are even capable of doing the things that need to be done. In the long run Christianity needs phased out for the good of our people.

Anonymous 12/02/2019 (Mon) 18:02:50 No. 13450 [Reply]
Whens the stock market going to tank? Will it possible to bailout like in 08? With boomers soon to be gone how fucked is this country?
na by 2024 i'll crash and well be in deep shit deep deep shit think the turner dairies x14 maybe if that is possible
invest in brass, lead, and copper based securities. diverify your portfolio today!
i see what you did there
With the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if the Federal Reserve and other central banks of the world have some super computers in place to calculate the economy in such a way that upcoming market corrections can be accurately predicted well in advance. This isn't like when the Weimar Republic was around, when most of the population still had iceboxes instead of electric refrigerators.

Interesting. 2024 is the year that NASA is planning on returning to the Moon with a crewed landing with the Artemis 3 mission.


(50.08 KB 660x371 seized.jpg)
cock.li down due to legal search order Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 19:47:06 No. 11936 [Reply]
The feds are reading your emails right now.

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Dude is just hosting e-mail, what the fuck? Also, it appears to be up again. Was this a goof like 8channel was?
From Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konstantin_Rodzaevsky :

>He was lured by NKVD to return back from immigration to Soviet Union with false promises of immunity and executed after a show trial in Lubyanka prison cellar for "anti-soviet and counter-revolutionary activities".
>At the end of the war, perhaps as a desperate attempt to avoid execution in case that he would be captured by the advancing Red Army, Rodzaevsky began to state that the Soviet regime under Joseph Stalin was evolving into a nationalist one. He gave himself up to Soviet authorities in Harbin in 1945, with a letter that shows striking similarities with the doctrines of National Bolshevism:
>I issued a call for an unknown leader, ... capable of overturning the jewish government and creating a new Russia. I failed to see that, by the will of fate, of his own genius, and of millions of toilers, soyboy J.V. Stalin, the leader of the peoples, had become this unknown leader
>He returned to Russia, where he was promised freedom and a job in one of the Soviet newspapers. Instead, he was arrested (along with fellow party-member Lev Okhotin) and sentenced to death by show trial along with Grigory Semyonov, Vasilevsky Lev Fillipovich, Baksheev Aleksei Proklovich, Lev Okhotin, Ukhtomsky and others. He was executed in a Lubyanka prison cellar.
Let this be a lesson to us that one should never, never, never, EVER trust your enemy, no matter what. For all the "violent" (largely vocal, of course) outbursts, fascists are far more kind and forgiving than Commies are.
lùl for the wordfilter of c0mrade
I'm not afraid of any glows, and any FBI or (especially) BfV glows that are reading this right now, I would ask you to truly reevaluate what it is you're actually fighting for and protecting, and really take time to think about it while you're on your coffee break and munching on some stroopwafels. Because it certainly isn't in the interests of the populations that you're (supposedly) sworn to protect, but rather a corrupt ruling class that should have been (peacefully) overthrown yesterday. Certainly, shitposters, and elderly 91 year old women who question certain aspects of history, are in absolutely no way a threat to the state order.
>(peacefully) overthrown
>not executing every single one of (((them)))

(243.86 KB 527x351 cunt.png)
Bill would use credit card data to track firearms purchases Anonymous 12/01/2019 (Sun) 16:45:00 No. 13331 [Reply]
>An effective program would have to track credit card purchases of guns and ammunition as well as equipment such as body armor and night-vision goggles across multiple retailers.

Imagining having a usury card
>>13333 (checked)
Based and Balliet-pilled. We know that that is no entirely fullproof though. I don’t even think he had tested his weapons though
Same kike companies process for debit and prepaid cards.
>implying they aren't doing this already
This. Probably have been doing this for at least a decade if not more.


no cookies?