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(142.75 KB 1229x562 nate higgers.png)
(38.59 KB 1217x367 tor stuff.png)
Zeronet chans Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 17:48:16 Id:bf173a No. 1196 [Reply] History File history
Lets discuss decentralized chan boards (post links to all the ones you know) and how to get all the former 8channers on one unified board.

decentralized chans:




All of these chans have /pol/s. 08chan doesn't work for me, though.

Set your tor browser as your default browser so that zeronet opens in tor.
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>gook cartoon pic
go back to 4chan

Lol, a (((windows))) user trying to teach others about Tor and security.

>open tor browser > open menu > options > general > scroll down to "network proxy" >
settings... > in the "no proxy for" box type or paste: > ok > type:
All this will do is that you will be able to access zeronet from your tor browser - the actual zeronet software WILL NOT ROUTE IT'S CONNECTIONS THROUGH TOR meaning that ZOG will still see who you are if you're being a bad goy!
To actually route it through tor, you first need to install the tor package (which is seperate from the tor browser) with
sudo apt-get install tor
(if you're using windows install linux immediately, and if you're using a non-debian based distro I'll assume you know how to do this yourself)
Then just follow the guide: https://zeronet.io/docs/faq/#how-to-make-zeronet-work-with-tor-under-linuxmacos
There is no "other 08chan", 08ch.net only has instructions to access the zeronet 08chan
ummmm why do we have the same ID. Same VPN or what
This ID clash happened to me on another thread. I just assumed the other anon was on the same tor exit node as I was. Maybe there's something else going on.
(143.93 KB 372x368 hmmmm.png)
It's a Jap cartoon pic (gooks are koreans) and they were common on 8chan.
Anime is a good non-kiked alternative to (((western media))).

I have linux operating systems installed on virtualbox (Like whonix). I haven't used zeronet much. I've just tested it out on my native os a bit.

I just looked up how to run zeronet in tor and thats what I got. What I read didn't say anything about that method not using tor's connections.
I should have done more research. I was being sloppy. I offer this video as penance. DIY: Disabling Intel ME 'Backdoor' on your Computer:

(46.99 KB 910x607 f33f.jpg)
The Jew is a reproductive system Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 10:52:29 Id:d0eb1d No. 765 [Reply] History File history
I have finally come to understand what the Jews are, and I came up with concrete definition upon which may all come to agree on.

“The Jew is a set of mental illnesses/ disorders which act similarly to the reproductive system in human beings/ primates.”
1. What is a reproductive system?
It is a system of sex organs within an organism which work together for the purpose of sexual reproduction.

2. What does the reproductive system define?
A biological sex.

3. How do you recognize a biological sex? (I.E. female or male?)
By their second genetic characteristics. (I.E. psychical features)


1. What is a Jew?
It is a system of set of mental illnesses/ disorders within an organism which work together for the purpose of propagating themselves.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(76.76 KB 1022x336 JQ.png)
Tl:dr The jew is HIV.
Also, if jews as a religion were destroyed, then they'd simply just be loons. It's like removing an HIV virus's RNA.
Replace jew with 'misinformed idiot' through the entire body of the text and you have the evidence needed to keep yourself out of a psyche ward and possibly in the care of others who will not seek to enforce medication, constant monitoring and a care plan for you. They might just accept that you're a plain case of misinformed, none dangerous, free speech enjoying misinformed idiot. "Also the 2nd amendment was to keep you safe from others who might wish to harm you due to being a couple of slices short of a loaf mate.' It's why I support it, keeping idiots like you safe from internment camps or frontal lobotomy has a knock on effect of keeping the equally misinformed idiotic religious nut bags you fear safe from you and each other as well. None of you are the actually dangerous people. The genuinely dangerous people are those who want YOU ALL locked up and gagged for being openly idiotically (((you))) Yes ((you)) who think you are not ((you)) I mean ((you))
It's not funny because it's tru
This guy beat me to it. Jews are semi-sentient AIDS virus.

>Designed in a lab
>Gets spread through degeneracy/decadence
>Destroys immune system and lets lesser diseases like niggers kill you
>Makes it's hosts spread it all over the world seeking new victims
>Kills the host eventually

(142.98 KB 1438x741 kike mods history ban 4chan.png)
4chan Mods Compromised on /his/ Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 22:00:52 Id:9afe22 No. 1211 [Reply] History File history
I got banned from 4chan for 3 days because I used le mean racist words on the history board, even though it was part of a serious discussion on WWII.

/his/ is basically a safe space for leftists to argue /pol/ subjects, since it has kike mods that ban any sort of white ethnocentrism.

This is essentially allowing only one narrative of history to be discussed on the /his/ board, the "progressive" anti-white one.

Is this by design, or does Hiroshimoot just not give a shit enough to police his own mods?
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>he just now realized this
Of course a chan is going to be soft on degeneracy.
t. degenerate
>serious discussion on WWII
>muh kikes muh niggers muh subversion muh cucks muh degeneracy
You were banned for neetsoc propaganda on a board dedicated to discussion of history. /his/ mods == gods.
inb4: kike
>look at 4chan on a vpn
>people are replying and laughing with isreali posters
kys fuckwitt

(89.03 KB 750x750 1a1a1aa1aa1a1a1aa1.jpg)
Libertarian Party now established in Oklahoma Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 10:09:39 Id:1ce60d No. 762 [Reply] History File history
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lolbertarian party is kind of a joke but the mises caucus held promise
Libertarians think that they should give up defending freedom because Americans hate liberty, but Libertarians should keep resisting tyranny for selfish reasons.

While the elites control the money, government, and media, the 99% have the numbers.

One Libertarian may not be able to resist being sent to the concentration camps, but one million people might.
fuck Q
people in the know reads all 9 pages of the Tahlequah Daily Press
If (((you))) want to shill for race mixing then it might be a good idea to use pictures of actually attractive gooks instead of those abominations you posted
Americans scream Libertarians are racists, but Nazis say Libertarians race-mixers.

(358.37 KB 1920x1080 ECHk652XoAEnYs-.jpeg)
(131.44 KB 640x1348 Post-Modernist Architecture_1.jpg)
(116.84 KB 960x837 Post-Modernist Architecture_2.jpg)
(210.53 KB 1312x904 Post-Modernist Architecture_3.jpg)
Redpilling normies on the link between Jews and Modernist Architecture Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 05:25:59 Id:5675dd No. 1332 [Reply] History File history

What do you know about the Jewish influence in Modernist architecture? When did it start? What keeps it going?

We can post these red-pills on Jon's tweet. Like he said, "strike while the irons hot".
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Could very easily work, give it a tag #FightWhiteSupremacy or some such, and make people explain how it's not white supremacy because they are jewish. Kek.

So subtle. They either let themselves be tarred with white supremacy, or they come out as all jewish.
Here is a pretty good article where Jews brag about how they created Modern Architecture. They explicitly say that it was for Jewish reasons. And it's on a left-normie website, too, so smug liberals can't just dismiss it as a "conspiracy theory."
(321.16 KB 1006x964 Seal_thumbs up.jpg)
Thanks, its a start.
Living Machines by E Michael Jones

(198.49 KB 1100x1200 1a1a1aa1a1a1aa1.jpg)
Viral video captures border patrol conducting checks on Amtrak train in Syracuse Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 05:09:50 Id:9dfe87 No. 674 [Reply] History File history
>"It was shocking and I absolutely felt like I was profiled," El said due to his race/ethnicity -- he's black and Latino -- and his last name that he said is his father's Islamic name. "It makes me angry."
sounds like that nigger should have been profiled.

>What will you do when they come for you
If that's the way the die is cast, then I'll see how I feel at the time... Live to fight another day or make a stand.
The US feels like it is committing suicide.

The elites control Wall Street, Hollywood, the media, and the government.

Globalists wanting to destroy the USA with wars, welfare, debt, illegal immigrants, and tyranny is one thing, but Americans who just accept this are another.

What if every conversation, book, movie, news story, bumper sticker, website, and song was about the collapse?

Would Americans wake up, protest, prepare, buy guns and gold, and resist or would Americans just become jaded and do nothing?

Is surrender the answer to tyranny?

(60.87 KB 1280x720 1556667059234.jpg)
Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 10:13:58 Id:664d17 No. 1276 [Reply] History File history
>1. DECLASSIFY has begun:

>Hillary Clinton collusion with the Chinese Government
>HRC was sending on purpose ALL HER EMAILS to a Chinese Govt >front company - when Secretary of State and also after her tenure at the State Dept.
1 post omitted.
>3. FBI was informed of the HRC-China connection - back in 2015 - but DID NOTHING >about it

>FBI covered up the whole thing, during the Clinton email investigation.
>Peter Strzok, Comey, McCabe involved - and many more at FBI and at the obama DOJ
>4. the FBI was informed of the HRC emails going to the Chinese Govt.
>by 2 Officers of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community - ICIG:

>Frank Rucker and Jeanette McMillian
>5. Who was the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community - ICIG ?

>it was Charles McCullough
>6. listen to what fmr IC Inspector General Charles McCullough says:

>"There was personal blowback - to me, TO MY FAMILY, to my Office [by the Clinton >people]"
>"After that, I was totally marginalized, and threatened"
>IC Inspector General Charles McCullough was threatened - by WHOM ?
>in the video he says "by members of the Hillary Clinton campaign"
>John Podesta?
>Sid Blumenthal?
>Cody Shearer?
>And who else threatened the IC Inspector General Charles McCullough?
>John Brennan?
>James Clapper?
(113.15 KB 700x500 WeAllHang.jpeg)
(62.84 KB 509x369 HangHerHigh.jpeg)

(252.65 KB 1500x917 Google blacklist.jpg)
Google blacklist pic Anonymous 08/16/2019 (Fri) 05:13:38 No. 1256 [Reply] History File history
I guess I could comb it for addresses to visit, since Google FORBIDS it, but maybe someone is more bored than me and will do it

Thanks to this document, we can now see a whole list of sites to visit.

Thanks, Google!

Remember, use Tor and IP hop a lot. You don't want homos breaking down your door to Probe your sons for contraband in The Name of the Law.
i thought kick ass torrents went down a couple of years ago
Here is the list in text format, for your cut-and-paste pleasure.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

There are a fewe dead ones. One got killed only a few days ago.

This one is a GEM, though. Barry's actual ID pictures.

Redirects to a new site, but it works.

Ilovemyfreedom.org is the correct spelling for the one I spelled as ilovemyfredom.org

(87.99 KB 1257x816 110.jpg)
Why Almost-Genocides Always fail Anonymous 08/15/2019 (Thu) 23:25:17 No. 1222 [Reply] History File history
Throughout history, various groups have risen up and attacked others. Unless the group being attacked is absolutely and completely annihilated, they rise again from the ashes and become a source of suffering for the group(s) that attempted to crush them.

This has never, even once, failed to happen in all history. In the Old Testament, evil tribes not wiped out due to foolish actions continued to be a source of Balaam-like trouble for Israel from that time forward, using seduction to do evil as a corrosive and negative influence where force of arms failed.

Throughout history, the only complete cure for any tribe found to be practitioners of extreme evil is complete annihilation.

The one mark of a tribe that needs to be erased from the planet that seems to be more consistent than all others is their abuse, sexual abuse, and murder of children, which always, ALWAYS goes hand in hand with homosexuality.

Tribes that do not practice such evil, or approve of those who do, will not be marked for annihilation by God himself or mankind.

Benjamin, Sodom, and Gomorrah were destroyed. Only a promise from God preserved a very, very few Benjamites from death, but not even the original Jew himself, Abraham, could save Sodom and Gomorrah.

There doubtless were a few good people in the tribe of Benjamin. They escaped. There were less than TEN in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The German people have been attacked for well over a century. They still exist, and memories of indignities heaped upon them, and by whom, are still alive.

I believe they will throw off their oppressors, and that it will not be pretty.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Where will they go?
To the back of the queue to await their next chance at destroying the world. Just like what you said is cyclical in your OP - so is corruption and failure to ultimately annihilate these groups. You have the Jews you deserve.

(24.95 KB 390x488 cm.jpg)
Cripplekike has declared war on /pol/ Anonymous 08/09/2019 (Fri) 10:45:58 No. 8 [Reply] History File history
I started typing this up when it seemed 8chan wasn't too far from coming back, to be posted on 8/pol/, but the overall shift in media tone and the latest actions by the cripple is making this become relevant to free speech imageboards in general so I'm putting this out on some major refuges. Feel free to post it in whatever bunkers you are aware of.

In short the cripple has been part of getting 8han deplatformed and he has spent the last week agitating for deplatforming and has used his inside knowledge to suggest methods to attack servers and services. What is is more in his talks it's no longer just about Jim but his hostility has widened to include 8/pol/ and currently seems to be shifting even further. In short he has completely turned on /pol/acks.

The reason why was revealed in a killstream after the attack at this time code: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XOY0RG-eG0#t=44m
Basically Fred has totally embraced judaism, both politically and spiritually, things which have of course both been driven off 8/pol/ onto their own refuge boards. These boards were the only ones he was still visiting and if you knew 8chan you'd be aware thay they've been prevented from gaining any significant influence elsewhere on the site by the /pol/ user base. This is likely what made him simply want /pol/ out of the way; it could not be subverted.

Here are some examples of recent tweets:

Telling Ron /pol/ needs to be SHUT DOWN. Specifically /pol/.
>No Ronald, it's not enough. Shut down /pol/ when it's full of incitements to violence. Force people to find other sites to upload manifestos.

Using his inside knowledge to dig up which services 8chan is dependent on so they can be pressured to deplatform us.
>Why shouldn't I get their new host out there
>You're not thinking from the perspective of someone who wants it to stay down.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>No Ronald, it's not enough. Shut down /pol/ when it's full of incitements to violence. Force people to find other sites to upload manifestos.
Lol, what does he want? Drive away /pol/acks the only non-degenerate people on 8chan, only leaving the neet/faggot/(child) porn community?
I bet he would love that. Just think back to the time when he defended child porn bugcartoons on twitter
It probably will...
But perhaps with a ban on muh evil NadZEes
Always remember, 8chan is run by a fucking Filipino! HE IS NOT ON OUR SIDE
>connection failed
test, test shitboard one two
that's one thing I miss is the non faggot /lit/ on 8
also, this place best be ready for a flood when 4 decides to go down like it always does for a day or two for routine maintenance. now that 8 is gone


no cookies?