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(7.50 KB 224x224 nazi pepe.jpg)
Tarrant memes Anonymous 10/10/2019 (Thu) 17:49:22 No. 7389 [Reply]
Hey guys! I had memes about ST Tarrant but managed to delete them :( Can you guys do me a favour and post all your memes about him?
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There are two Tarrant threads already up in the catalog.
Go check em.
(129.68 KB 1133x693 dfdffd.jpg)
How do i find those threads and catalogs? Sorry i am new here haha. And why do i always need to have files in my replys/posts?
>how do i find those threads and catalogs?
just click the link, saves me the hassle to explain lol
contains links to the archived memetic warfare threads from 8

>need to attach images
you don't, just ignore
Thanks mate
Is this nigger serious?

(32.56 KB 631x172 Skjermbilde.PNG)
refugees 1488 10/10/2019 (Thu) 16:08:47 No. 7382 [Reply]
Oh God. Its time to load our guns guys!

They will all be sent to bankrupt Greece, since I doubt other neighbours will let the invasion go through their territory without fighting tooth and nail.

(39.25 KB 987x389 elon_musk.jpg)
Israel And Elon Musk Anonymous 10/09/2019 (Wed) 21:42:31 No. 7342 [Reply]
I told you that Elon Musk is a sellout.

His rockets only explode if the goy wants to leave the kike negro dystopia.


(21.35 KB 326x284 It's all over.jpg)
If you're not blackpilled, you're delusional. Anonymous 09/22/2019 (Sun) 19:09:37 No. 5595 [Reply]
Here's the reality. You can't redpill a normie because a normie is a lemming, a sheep whose opinion is shaped by the elite who runs society. The reason why things were different is because society was run by White European aristocrats up until 200 years ago, not Jewish Bankers.

That leaves ninety-percent of the population brainwashed. The other ten percent who couldn't be brainwashed spent the last forty to fifty years LARPing and playing optics in the delusion of waking up a bunch of lemmings.

I'd say ten percent of the White population is redpilled to some degree. However, most of them now are killing themselves out of despair or getting drunk or high. The others are on image boards such as this, complaining or LARPing.

Are the ones who commit suicide ahead of the curve? I mean, they don't live to see their civilization destroyed by kikes. They don't have to live to see the Jews order hoards of niggers with AKs to go around killing off the last pockets of the remaining White population. Can you really blame them?

Most of /pol/ is populated by delusional LARPers, who LARP because they're too cowardly to accept reality. For if they accepted reality, they'd end it. Real men take the blackpills, for (((whitepills))) are for cowards.
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The brainwashing was done in the past, but it was Christian and church brainwashing to keep people docile. It fell out of favor so stuff like 'science' has replaced it. As much as I like science there is too much flowing around that has no scientific reproduction qualities and is just propaganda for democracy, multiculturalism and other nonsense belonging to those two.

Majority of those who are red pilled and act out on it are disciplined by police. They are often not the most intelligent either, since people with a brain figured out they're just going to get their ass kicked in by police + have a brainwashed counterprotest mob to identify and screw them in some way. You can't have a high position in society without accepting the status quo, or playing around it and just hating on it all in private. A lot of those same elites who push multiculturalism and democracy despise it in private, but have no power to change it so they play it.

I disagree with your notion of 'ending' it being the right thing. Wanting to end it just indicates you have a lack of purpose in life. There have been some truly horrid times in European history where the church butchered and oppressed anyone who had a sane outlook on their lies and how reality was. You can kind of see the multicultural, democratic elite class and their academic + media whores as a new form of church + state.
Wow you beat us to it. Well go ahead OP. Show us how much of a man you are. lol
Why do you even come here to make these milquetoast statements that any boomer posts on FB
Because he is the boomerbot
>milquetoast statements that any boomer posts on FB
go easy on that dude, there's a lot of countries where you go to jail for speaking out like this, literally

(1.96 MB 1920x1080 saveUs.png)
Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 18:24:05 No. 7006 [Reply]
The world isn't going to end in 12 years and even if it were to, telling children that is fucked.
But telling that to your average fence sitter won't do much.

So instead why not just use their cognitive dissonance:

If we are all dead within the next 2 decades than what's the point of pension?
All the whuite retired-/ politician should give their tax payed pension to the greater good. Afterall they said that it is mankinds most serouis issue pretty much ever. And the left seems to struggle getting the money for their green projects.

If we could get a few black- and woodjew checkmarks on this I think our planet just might be saveable.
(1.41 MB 1920x1080 saveUs.png)
is it really fixed? You fucking spelled atmosphere wrong
This whole board is pretty shitty, but this idea made me laugh. Thanks anon. I'll try to remember this argument next time a climatard is claiming end of the world.

(75.52 KB 790x411 QTerrorists_.jpg)
Time to expose the "Q" kikes. Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 03:00:29 Id:134c69 No. 1891 [Reply]
Reason why they got the 8-chan site shut-down is described in this image.
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The thing I never got about the Q LARP, was that the level of vetting involved with getting the high level secret squirrel jobs that Q apparently has, why they would risk their careers talking about secret squirrel shit knowing releasing classified materials carries a longer prison sentence than murder. Secret squirrel shit is secret. The last thing those involved in those leaves do is talk about it
Q is a propaganda campaign intended to offer a conspiracy-themed affirmation of the postwar White genocide project and neoliberalism. It does this mostly by aping source material from the old Rumor Mill News and Drake/Wilcock/Fulford fairy tale.

All the bad guys are the familiar ones: Adolf Hitler, Jozef Mengele, Iran, Palestinians, White Americans. The heroes, same thing: niggers, nigger lovers, israel, neoliberal capitalists.

Without even getting into whether you think high-level officials would leak this kind of information, just follow the end result of the information you're supposed to swallow. If you already know the narrative around the Second Zionist War is bullshit, there's nothing in this LARP/psyop for you. The only thing it is trying to do is offer a Tel Aviv/Hollywood/Madison Ave crafted counter to the genuine alternative history that doesn't need riddles.
(98.19 KB 768x380 Qregimechange.png)
This is the kind of shit you get right from the horse's mouth.
there needs to be ahuge operation against qtards because they are stealing /pol/ memes and fucking up shiton the chan communities without any backlash since 2016 alot of anti q threads get filled up with boomers shilling for that fake shit i was big pro trump at the time but i saw through all the shit and knew q was fake when it posted a pro regime change shit
that and the fact q never mentioned aipac or the JQ was huge red flags

our show? Anonymous 10/01/2019 (Tue) 11:12:52 No. 6501 [Reply]
Is this our show it seems very antisemitic
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>private interpretations, not dictated by the logic of the show itself
Well, of course it's an interpretation. It's a fucking space opera but the fact remains that these shows use cultural patterns which people recognize and who the hell else would people immediately think of than not kikes when they see the Ferengi? The fucking Swiss?
It's really the first that comes to mind.
inb4 fanboyNope, I hate DS9, I swear I do
(136.31 KB 604x718 le elusive merchant.jpg)
Big ears = big nose. The actors that played the Ferengi are mostly Jews too. The Grand Nagus was played by the jew Wallace Shawn. He also
played Vizzini the Sicilian in the film "The Princess Bride." Which is a movie full of Jewish actors and adapted from the novel of the same name
that was written by a Jew.

The Mechanics of Deception (9/11 and The Princess Bride)
lol its funny how the villainous/criminal characters always have jew like features. it's similar to how the depictions in the "dystopian hitler won" entertainment narrative always depicts a better outcome for whites than what it currently is.
Quark was also played by a jew, as was his brother, Rom, and nephew, Nog. I always took it for granted that the the Ferengi were space jews, and that the jewish producers of the show were in on the joke. It's so plainly obvious that it could not be otherwise.

(207.27 KB 680x444 Heil8chan.png)
8chan coming back! Anonymous 09/29/2019 (Sun) 02:29:10 No. 6374 [Reply]
Sounds like 8chan might be back soon.

>Everything should make sense soon. In final stages of setting up new systems now. I'm not going to promise a date yet, but things are looking optimistic.

The 8chan diaspora needs to end, 8chan went down, the democrats are running around unchecked. The rule of memes needs to return!
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It's going to be called 8kun.
I heard about that.
I am curious and can't wait to see how it will be.
I still have this place to come to anyway.
Thank you Neinchan.
Why necro the rotten corpse of a board that killed itself. The forest burnt down to clear the way for new growth. I will not go back to anything 8chins related
Can they just replicate the architecture and put it somewhere away from brown hands ?
8chan's problem was not the architecture, it was political and (((they))) forced cloudflare to pull the plug.
The new, hopefully de-centralized, system needs to take future attempts of state level actors to take it down like this into account.

(300.54 KB 1800x1013 Being_1800x1013.jpg)
Trump Marines Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 15:30:07 No. 7143 [Reply]
Some burger explain this:

President Trump has activated the U.S. Marine reserves to respond to an “emergency within the United States,” citing “threats to the Homeland.”

concerning a directive involving the United States Marine Corps reserve units via MARADMINS number 550/19, signed on Oct. 3, 2019, authorized by Brigadier General Daniel L. Shipley, Director, Manpower Plans and Policy

This new order is summarized as, “MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES.” (The term “ISO” means In Support Of.”)

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And they're 100% whores for Israel.
Its voting time guys, what else is there to see.
While Im still curious about what happened at that airport during the vegas shooting, Im not holding my breath for anything this time either.
Sounds too much like 2016
go back to plebbit
The public education system creates the voters Americans currently deserve. Low iq and emotionally driven. Universal suffrage killed our nation along side fractional reserve banking. Sadly, I think air conditioning will win the boogaloo for zog
(306.11 KB 1108x896 highincidenceprojectlasvegas.jpg)
>vegas shooting
Trump lighting up his own voters and getting caught doing it. That's why it dropped off the news with warp speed and why all the JIDF trumpnigger shills were trying to pretend it was about zio-stooge bin Salman.

(408.59 KB 1800x1292 8chan_free_speech_cartoon.jpg)
A NEW BOSS HAS APPEARED Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 08:37:23 Id:db81ef No. 4733 [Reply]
is it dead, or....
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whats the url for 16chan?
(29.33 KB 340x565 seriously.jpg)
i dont understand...
how can people still beleive Q is not a psyop
pathetic really
I don't care as long as I'll have the channel back.


no cookies?