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(23.58 KB 200x279 200px-Turnerdiariescover.jpg)
Things to do before picking up a gun. Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 00:52:18 No. 16495 [Reply]
This post is not to suggest violence isn't necessary. It is. The revolution of the White Nation will, more or less, look as depicted in the Turner Diaries.
In the Turner Diaries, there exists what the Pierce refers to as 'legals.' Legals are people who belong to the organization, but are not actively involved (yet) in military confrontations with the ZOG.
The Turner Diaries also lacks the depiction of the Lone Wolf stage. There are hints to its existence, especially when Earl Turner goes looking for people to recruit in the cities. There is a long passage about how all sorts of people are resorting to violence, because of the social breakdown happening around them.
The Lone Wolf stage is the result of there existing a base of people to organize into a military confrontation with the ZOG, but no organization to do so. What happens in this case, is seemingly spontaneous violence against the ZOG.
Anyway, here are some ideas people could do, that don't necessarily involve picking up a gun and shooting a bunch of niggers/spicks/faggots/Kikes/etc.
1. Write Turner Diaries fanfiction. William Luther Pierce has a higher count than anyone, because without the Turner Diaries, McVeigh would have never done what he did. Tarrant's high score is still going up, because of what he wrote. If you can write really effective fiction, you too can get your own high score.
My suggestion is this: someone create a Turner Diaries fanfiction website, similar to those Creepypasta and SChilled pepsi fiction websites. Users can submit stories (long or short), either based in the Turner Diaries universe, or in some kind of similar situation.
2. Program video games. For the more computer savvy, creating computer games would also be great. A game where you play a school shooter, bullied by niggers, where you come to school one day and blow many of them away, could send a powerful message to any young White man who plays it. Another idea is to create a game devoted to teaching people how to make explosives. The game simulates the process (in 3d, preferably) of what making a bomb would look like, the point of which is to teach people how to do it.
3. Create a White Nationalist bot. The ZOG already does this kind of shit, and there is no reason why revolutionary White Nationalists shouldn't try to flood the comment sections of every news website possible with revolutionary White Nationalist messages.
4. Create an anonymous online organization. I even wrote a fiction story like this myself. You can read it here to get an idea of what I mean: https://pastebin.com/yBwy5g1z
The main point of this type of organization is to polemicize with other groups, to drive their members into more radical positions.
5. Try to create some real life organization. - I would say read Siege and don't bother doing this, but you may succeed where all others have failed, especially if you consciously avoid the 'mass' strategy traps.
6. Develop skills needed for the revolution. - By this, I don't mean learning how to survive in the wilderness or something like that. I mean, learn how to create things like anonymous radio messaging systems, and learn how to print high-quality counterfeit money. These two things will be absolutely essential during the organized phase of the guerrilla war.
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Glowniggers want you to plan out terrorism and get arrested. Useless and immoral terrorism will not aid White survival. Murdering one innocent nonWhite does not magically create one more White person, and destabilizing society could tank White birth rates and cause many White people to die in civil war. We need a political solution, not a violent one.
How organic!
Oh thanks someone quick pull a hunter and kill random replaceable politicians and choose the worse of them the kikist of the kike politicians! in minecraft of course
Midway the book the Organization shifted their strategy in favor of hitting the System where it hurts: the economy.
>killed far fewer zoglings
Do you even know what the acronym zog even means?
McVeigh targeted a government installation, a zionist occupied government installation. A valid military target in accordance with laws of international warfare. Those killed who are not of the tribe were merely golems of zog, Not even people.
Additionally, zog purposely puts childcare daycare and hospitals within military targets so they can hide behind their bodies for propaganda purposes.

(1.42 MB 1000x1000 The Greatest Trial.png)
Defeating the Christkike Spammer. Anonymous 12/07/2019 (Sat) 04:58:01 No. 14118 [Reply]
I don't know what happened. As soon as the Boomer Bot pastas fizzled out, they were replaced by some retard screeching "Judeo-Christian" values and saying the kikes were White.

He even said that resistance against White Genocide was against White European morality, then proceeds to go into some Christcuck rant about that we must vote Trump to stop White genocide and uphold Christkike values.

He could be the Boomer Bot or some Cuckservative Boomer who wondered onto this site. Anyway, he or it is shilling and derailing multiple threads at once.

Screencap his or its posts for evidence.
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(81.47 KB 378x357 1517317705904.png)
>(((my fellow organic neichan users)))
If those who oppose counterproductive and immoral violence are the real kikes, then why do the circumcized kippah-wearing mods keep censoring their posts? Why do (((the mods))) want to shut down the discussion?
Imagine believing that this shilling could work

I wonder who's behind all these posts?
>if I'll "judea-ise" the terms, this will convince the goyim to believe me !

Even the admin explained you about how to use violence in smart way.>>17066
>"defeating the christkike spammer"
>the christkike is still around

(144.63 KB 675x900 jew truth goyim know.jpg)
Tikkun Olam Redpill Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 17:17:16 No. 12427 [Reply]
So many liberal jews love the term 'Tikkun Olam', as well as do some judaized goyim like Barack Obama who said in front of AIPAC that Tikkun Olam has been the guiding force in his life (link below). Where does the term come from, and what did ('does) it mean? I recently found this paper by a kike named Byron L. Sherwin who says the following:
<Today, tikkun olam is usually translated as "to repair the world," "tikkun" being translated as "repair" or "fix," "olam" being translated as "world." However, tikkun ha-olam is the term used throughout classical Hebrew literature. [...]
<In classical Hebrew and Aramaic texts, the range of meanings of the word "and of various declensions of its verbal root T-K-N, include: repair, establish, institute, edit, restore, prepare, legislate, improve, perfect, remedy.Though often denotes "the world," which seems to reflect the universalistic meaning denoted today by tikkun olam, it is clearly not the meaning of "olam" in the "tikkun ha-olam" in most classical Hebrew sources, beginning with Tannaitic literature. For example, after reviewing all Talmudic occurrences of the "tikkun ha-olam," Reform leader and social activist Eugene J. Lipman concluded that "none of the material adduced here could serve to bring me to the conclusion that the Talmudic sages were speaking of all humanity... [the referent here relates only to] the jewish community
<...the term "tikkun ha-olam" was expanded to include various other types of halakhic legislation which establish conditions aimed at supporting and sustaining various types of jewish communal and individual needs. This observation correlates with Lipmans conclusion that "in the Talmud, Tikkun Olam means 'for the proper order of the jewish community,'" rather than as contemporary views depict it: "to build a better world.

And there we have it. "Olam" (world) in Talmudic sources referred exclusively to the well-being of the jewish community. The jewish author of this paper claims that there has been a case of semantic displacement in the use of the term, but anyone who is aware of the goals of this tribe sees that the actions taken today by the ZOGs of the world and their minions are almost exclusively in the benefit of the jewish community. These liberal, less outwardly religious jews are still following Tikkun Olam in their pursuit of a world shaped in the image of the jewish community and their ultimate benefit. The paper drops one more unintentional redpill on the nature of American jews in particular:
<The influx of Eastern European jews to America around the turn of the twentieth century, introduced Commieic and socialistic ideas that were also identified with the universalistic, cosmopolitan ideas of Prophetic Judaism. [...] sociological studies confirmed that most "American jews had been raised with the understanding that liberalism or political radicalism constituted the very essence of Judaism, that all the rest - the rituals, liturgy, communal organizations - were outdated, vestigial trappings for a religion with a great moral message embodied in liberalism. "According to an astute observer of American jewry, for American jews, "politics is our religion; our preferred denomination is liberalism." A slogan of this secularist approach is: tikkun olam.
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Saturday is the sabbath so Schlomo had all day to work as much as he pleased
jews already joined aryans by mixing and they still want us all dead, so they can rule over the lowest castes. Quite sad.
No they are parasitic backstabbers. They're leading us straight to hell.
Don’t respond to shills
You should kill yourself.

(232.74 KB 1543x1417 16logo.jpg)
"16Chan" Is Honeypot Anonymous 10/13/2019 (Sun) 19:28:46 No. 7589 [Reply]
I started two Russia threads on 16chan and they blocked me from starting new threads, the site asks for "a picture" to start the thread even if I send a picture (or more than one).

16chan's "users" are going to block, derail, twist, spin, distort, water down, white wash, etc anything serious (not even necessarily pro-white, etc).

16chan's end goal is to promote blacks/Jews-Israel/pedophilia/time wasting/etc.

We are doomed.

Never waste your time on:

1) 4chan
2) 8chan
3) 16chan
4) Blockchan

Also never watch:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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This is debatable. I don't agree but I can see why they'd do that.
/culture/ is a recent creation I think, isn't it? It only needs more coverage. Not that I care much anyway, I don't post on 16, I barely lurk at all, the quality of their posts ranges from meh to quite stupid. It's like if civnats had heard about the chans and wanted to play naughty games and be edgy.
>there should be as many bunkers as possible.
There are not many public ones. Some have been deserted yet are still running. How are end and nano doing right now?
Last I saw, end is just as whiny anti-tarrant than 16.
End is fucking atrocious.
im not necessarily pro or anti tarrant. he did what he did, this cannot be undone, even if we wanted it. while i am not in total agreement with the pro tarrant crowd, they do make some good points. its my belief that if it comes to violence, then one should at least be effective. in ways tarrant was, in ways he was not. if i were to boogaloo out, i would have chosen different targets. but 16chaim (as some earlier anon called it) is steaming hot garbage. last time i was there, the entirety of /pol/ was slide threads. aside from the occasional shill, bot, and jidf poster, most of neinanons can have great discussions, which is why nein became my home after hotwheels made /pol/ swastika free globally moderated board, jannied by leftypol.
There is a big Tarrant thread and Tarrant enthusiasts on mlpol.
I still did not make my mind about 8kun's /pnd/, to be honest I never post there.
I don't know any other place with pro Tarrant posters (there are some on cuckchan where the topic is still allowed, but we all know that piace is terminal with shill cancer).

Pornography Discussion Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 02:32:06 No. 11261 [Reply]

with all the recent hullabaloo about gab and other similar social sites banning porn, it is necessary to discuss the topic.

i do think aspects of porn are degenerate, i do believe the oversaturation of pornography does mark the degredation of morality of our society, i do not think banning or outlawing porn in and of itself will be the panacea to cure falling white birthrates like the extreme left and right think. while i am critical of the abundance of porn, and the alphabets showing it to kids, i do think there is a legitimate cause of the problem that lies elsewhere. i do believe pornography is a form of artistic expression, and has its place in a society. this does not mean i think it should be exalted, nor do i think it should be plastered on the side of every bus.

i think the moral busybodies of the left and the right, use the anti porn stance as an easy target and as a boogeyman for what they perceive to be social ills, while completely ignoring the root causes of those ills. some of humanity's oldest known drawings are pornographic in nature, and i believe sexuality is part of the human experience. in classical times the female form was used to display grace and beauty of our species, and the masculine form was to display strength and power of our species. somewhere along the way i think we lost track of the deep meanings of such art, and now the jew media uses it to tamper with mating pressures in the modern world.

i for one do not wish to live in a puritanical world where pornographic art is extinct, nor do i want to continue to live in a world where crazies show it to school aged children. i think our society has de-maturizied in this regard. when in the old days, porn was there for those who needed it, but it was far enough away from polite society that one wasnt over exposed to harmful sexuality. i kinda miss the days where naughty references in pop culture were tongue in cheek, and even still had a level of classiness, instead of lunatics doing naked cartwheels in the streets in front of rainbow flags.

your thoughts anons?
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Yet more than one lifetime sexual partner does result in divorce being 15 times more likely for men and about six times more likely for women.
rules as written
Man and a woman having sexual intercourse is fine by me as long as they love/have known each other for a long time. And both of them should not have an open relationship obviously.
>Ancient Greeks killed fornicators and adulterers and so did Vedic Aryans, as I’m sure any sane society does. They’re scum
Thank you for this information. Then, at the very least, we should sterilize anyone who has ever committed fornication.
thats sure to keep the White race going...

National Socailism was a cultural and spiritual renaissance Anonymous 09/24/2019 (Tue) 12:09:50 No. 5809 [Reply]

National Socialism still lives on in those who know the truth, and we can still have it back, for our nations, and for our race. Heil Hitler.
6 posts and 1 image omitted.
This is ridiculous. Socialism doesn't work, it never has. Hitler wasn't socialist, he just called his party socialist to compete with the commies.
Capitalism means you don't have a Nation.
Capitalism is importing in millions of nigger slaves to do work you don't want to pay Europeans to do.
Capitalism is importing in millions of spicks to do the work your nigger slaves used to do.
hey....what's a good way to turn vids like this into webms for distro?
404'd Looks like Bitchute nuked the video. Did any anons grab the video?
Living in a police state is dehumanizing.

Americans are just slaves, zombies, and sheep now.

(131.70 KB 1280x906 46893864585_599f98ce0d_k.jpg)
Books on Democracy Anonymous 12/26/2019 (Thu) 20:34:26 No. 16472 [Reply]
I want to read about democracy. I want an analysis of it.
I want to be enlightened about its mechanisms, its flaws, its strengths.
Is there any book that you recommend?

I have been thinking about its effects on politics and I need to expand my thoughts.
I am coming to the conclusion that the democracy of nowadays causes countries to be stuck doing nothing, mostly because of politicians focusing on short term goals to please the public, and dismantling the work done just a few years before by the previous government.
However, this is product of my thoughts, I want to read a book by someone who is experienced in these matters.
1 post omitted.
The Problem of Democracy by de Benoist. There are also good sections from Mein Kampf and Codreanu's For My Legionaries though that thoroughly BTFO it in my mind.
(22.83 KB 331x499 hhh.jpeg)
you can dl it from library genesis
I'd recommend Thomas Ferguson's Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems for a decent attack on the nature of "American" democracy. This book, however, is written by a left-wing (Trotskyist?) person trained in political science, and doesn't go nearly far enough in its conclusions. It's worthwhile primarily for the meticulous case the author makes though, and the data he collects in doing so.
I would go so far as to say "America" actually has zero political parties, because a political party without an army is nothing more than a state-sanctioned institution. The Republican and Democratic "Parties" don't actually act like political parties at all; there are no party congresses, no real party lines, local cliques of conmen actually control it on the ground, with pretty much zero-input from any "national" body, until they want to make someone go away.
You might also enjoy an old NewYorker article called "The Unpolitical Animal." It's basically a quick summary of the work of the political scientist Philip Converse, and will open your eyes to just how little the average person cares about ZOG political theatrics.
The best book, The God That Failed, has already been mentioned, but Michael Malice has a good chapter on democracy in his book The New Right. He’s a far right jewish anarchist, just so you know. Sorta like noted anti-semites Murray Rothbard and Walter Block, if they were part-time comedians instead of economists.
OP here, thank you anons, I've started reading God That Failed, of course I will check out the other books too.
It would be great to see more recommendations and discussion

fuentes in HS g0yper 12/12/2019 (Thu) 03:38:18 No. 14840 [Reply]
if you search "nick fuentes high school" on twitter, you can find MULTIPLE people attesting to him 1. pooping his pants running 2. selling weed and other hilarious things

Doesn’t refute anything he says about the kikes
To be honest I could not care less about any eceleb.
(588.13 KB 1858x1056 2019-11-08 15_50_37-Window.png)
Jesus fudgepacking Christ you niggers are retarded. You supposedly high IQ autists keep falling for obvious Israeli psyops and its incredibly pathetic. The recent operation shilling Lil Nicky Fuentes is one of the most blatant examples of kikery I have ever seen in this shithole. Let me help you faggots out...

> ALL e-celebs are israeli psyops. YES, ALL OF THEM
> No, that one guy that you are sure is legit is absolutely NOT LEGIT
> If they are "alt-right" and have not been banned from youtube permanently then they are your enemy!
> Anyone who just suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts sucking up all of the political oxygen is NOT FUCKING LEGIT GOD DAMNIT
> These kikes are tracking dissident thinkers (you) who will later be exterminated. WAKE UP!

Known shills:
> Dongle "King of the jews" Stump
> Alex Hicks-Jonesberg
> Lauren Southernstein
> Juden Peterson
> Jared Gaylord
> Richard "hot stuff" Spencerberg
> Nicky "mexican kike" Fuentes
> Britani "enough space between goblina eyes to land a jumbo jet" Venti

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>ALL e-celebs are israeli psyops. YES, ALL OF THEM
Even the quite ones at the back of the class?

(1.15 MB 1770x3914 What_the_jews_are_up_to.png)
Anonymous 09/26/2019 (Thu) 15:27:13 No. 6099 [Reply]
Memory Hole thread

Blasts from the past

Got any old favorite threads from years ago? Link them here. Try to copy/paste as much as you can in your post, along with pics or video then include the link to the post.

Pedx/Tedogate (tedx on pedophilia)

Tucson Pedogate
8 posts and 5 images omitted.
Weimar Germany
In this thread I will post quotations from various sources to provide an insight into Weimar-era Germany (1919 - 1933).

Subjects I intend to cover include:

>economic crises
>moral degeneracy
>the rise of feminism and gender relations
>ethnic tension
>popular culture
>changing architectural ideals
>the birth of mass consumption
>the fall of Weimar

If this thread interests you, please bump to keep it alive.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Apart from all the negative health outcomes, I think the scariest part is that it skews a woman's selection of sexual partner meaning less stable relationships and more single mothers. I have not spoken to one woman who is on birth control who was aware of this. They seem to just believe the last thing they're told, so explaining this to them is ultimately a waste of time because the jew-media is their daddy/husband now, constantly manipulating them to first become chemical-laden sluts and then useless, bitter mothers forever dependent on the government teat.
>>6187 ...I'm listening?
(2.57 MB 1570x6466 war_on_oxytocin.jpg)
>useless, bitter mothers
This is probably the biggest plague the kikes have inflicted on the west with their fucked up perversion and subversions.
Because of feminist bullshit I also doubt this is an issue that is well studied.
I am pretty sure the continual deterioration of the mother/child bound will take many decades to be fixed, if it will ever be.
(7.41 MB 480x360 cianiggers.mp4)
does this count?

(163.49 KB 955x1080 77855bd77d678b35.jpg)
New Anti-Hatecrime laws in Germany Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 00:58:14 No. 15285 [Reply]
Looks like the (failed) Halle Attack did have major impacts on Germany. A new law forces web providers to not only delete hate comments and terror propaganda, like the tarrant video and manifesto, they are also forced by the governmemt to report the users IP adress to the german feds, otherwise they have to pay a huge fine.

So german anons who want to spread stuff are more likely to get fucked and persecuted like they own Chilled pepsi.

What do you think of this?
54 posts and 8 images omitted.
Good. This will most likely accelerate things even more. Guess woodendoorbro wasn't such a failure after all.
It probably won't. If you get arrested for sharing a Tarrant video, most Germans will say you deserved it. Just think about it, most Germans think its okay to arrest a 90 years old lady for denying the holocaust. I mean nobody stands up or anything.
Germans are bluepilled to the core and will give up privacy if it means to hunt down Nazis.
Prison will hone someone sharing a Tarrant video into a man of action instead of a shit poster. Imagine if you ran into him in person while in prison for sharing his video haha
It would seem to me that most Whites who aren't lemmings are concentrated in North America and South Africa. That's tragic considering Europe is the ancestral homeland of our race.
(118.57 KB 380x788 national action comfy.jpg)
Breivik, Manhaus, frog boomer, Balliet, Ernst, Traini


no cookies?