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(193.78 KB 1082x606 paint it blue.jpg)
The Blue Men - Prep Thread Storm 11/16/2019 (Sat) 22:22:43 No. 11202
>If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.
That's what Dylann Roof wrote in his manifesto and it got me thinking.

The simplicity is actually brilliant. It's technically easy and we don't need to reason or explain, just show. It's neither illegal nor distasteful. You can slip an image anywhere completely innocently into any discussion. It's SFW, maybe even funny and goes right into the brain:

Jews are statistically over-represented. Jews propagate anti-white policies. Jews are alien.

No tiresome statistics necessary. Whoever sees a blued jew, however short, can't disconnect from that like one can from meme text one might like or not, might find funny or not. Being blue is simply neutral yet different. And with Jews being gene stealers often looking like us that's just the point.

I think it works best if no further text or memes are added to an image. Most people should figure it out on their own or if not it'll be a bit of a mystery and hopefully spark some curiosity among normies.

blued jews (pols, celebs, bankers, corporate people)
infographics asking people to participate
help with photoshop lol
lists with notable jews
on-topic discussions

So do your part and show what you deserve slate's "particularly anti-semitic"
I saw that last night, it's gaining traction
That was a surprisingly well-done video. I don’t know anything about the channel but he did a good job in spurring interest in what exactly these mysterious blue people have in common. Hopefully it is vague enough that jewtube won’t nuke it immediately. 49K views on this great. I had thought this meme had peaked honestly. I saw some retards on Twitter thinking it might mean Democrats though. If only they knew...
(45.70 KB 1280x720 blues clues.jpg)

Saw a reference to pic related in the comments. This has memetic potential as well.
content creator is mr obvious. hes one of us. he is anon, /pol/ack. he is not natsoc, alt right or anything, but he is unbelievably redpilled on the jq. check out his other vids. not trying to fanboy for eceleb, but he does good work.

initially, i was salty about him saying bluish originates on 4cuck, but after contemplating it a bit, im glad he didnt name us, to keep the low quality types from migrating here
Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/25/2019 (Mon) 18:31:10.
A lot of these videos are being taken down. I pull this with youtube-dl
They are avoiding giving this meme any ground
They even tweeted about it before (>>11576), which makes it even funnier. People like to push the narrative the kikes are superintelligent but all signs in their conduct point against it. I'm glad they're giving this more energy kek.
>which makes it even funnier
frankly, I had to check if it was their old tweet and if I was mistaken but no, they are that dumb
Maybe their shabbos associates/spouses etc. should be painted in some other color so people start seeing that color combination everywhere in business, politics and so on.

It would be a literal scientific experiment.
the last of our threads on cuck had like 50 replies before it got archived. did the mods this?

and cuckchan takes all the blame LMAO
no they took all the credit many ):
The only thing that matters is that the information is getting out there and that people are being redpilled. It's better that we sit behind the scenes anyways.
>but for now we should go with the known ones
This, for certain. If you start going after ones that have sources for and against them being from the tribe, you're only going to blow the meme out of proportion. Individuals like Sotomayor and Jesus Christ might be crypto, but not documented, at least consistently.
Does anyone have those NS drawings and racial science book photos/illustrations showing the typical body and facial characteristics of a jew? That stuff was suppressed and memory holed hard after the war, perhaps more than anything else. If people read those, they would begin realizing that a lot of worst scum in government, various companies and organizations have those traits, without having any apparent jewish background or even knowing themselves that they are kikes genetically. Those should be posted on every corner, it would make people start drawing conclusions pretty quickly. And it's not even hostile in any way, it just describes the physical appearance of various nations in a scientific manner.
(227.76 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_1.jpeg)
(205.77 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_2.jpeg)
(233.61 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_3.jpeg)
(244.78 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_4.jpeg)
(233.24 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_5.jpeg)
(213.30 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_6.jpeg)

I don't know about old NS works, but the only thing i know about is Russian research book from 2005 year, which called "We and They".

It's explain anthropology difference between Slavs and jews by head, ear, nose, mouth, eyes shapes, etc.

Unfortunately, it's only were published in Russia and available only in Russian too.

Anyway, pic-related is some examples from that book.
These pics are explain the skull difference.
I poorly translated it into English, so please no bully.

t.Slav anon

Thanks !

Maybe i will translate other categories as well, but in the next days.
I will post them in this thread or maybe crate a new one.

t.Slav anon
I didn't know Ryan Gosling is a jew.
lol why is this bot trying to sell me glass windows PFF
>it wants to drill a well in my back yard
that's some fucked up gay faggot shit, if I heard some lol
>Taking down the ZOG machine blue by blue by blue...

Carry on you fabulous fucks
The world is run by dirty blues
Why does snow elf boomerbot spam this thread and only this thread?
Leave gypsy leave!Go and sell your wears elsewhere!
>wtf when the slavic gyspy bot is back
(648.55 KB 1143x1280 1574228849802.jpg)
(634.86 KB 601x799 1579398911816.png)
those are pretty dank
What's going on with this? Is it still gaining traction, or at least going steady?
>>20344 Does anyone here even go on facebook or twitter or watch the news anymore, such that we would know one way or the other?
How do you do, fellow 99 percenter goylem? We've got the nazis on the ropes, keep charging. We're the majority now.
>>21040 Why is this bot still here?
(185.76 KB 2550x2926 ER.png)
Still no updates? I hope this is still going strong. Also if anyone's up for another meme-ops, there's pic related. Extinction Rebellion is a leftist environmentalist group that is linked to (minor cases) of violence. Recently there was this article: >Enough is Enough: XR co-founder filmed calling for 'take down' of civilisation https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/nick-ferrari/enough-enough/xr-co-founder-filmed-calling-sabotage-civilisation/ In it they also called themselves "White supremacists". It was probably some kind of self-criticism, but still. There are already multiple edits in the Tarrant thread. If anyone is interested in this, I'll start a thread about it.
>>21385 >Still no updates? I hope this is still going strong. Unfortunately it's not going at all. The ops depended highly on some extremely active individuals and after 4kike banned all our threads and Jim sold 8/pol/ out there is no place to start from. It was difficult already when the ops ran on 4kike since twatter and faceberg removed most of our posts. Best chance I see, and this should've been the direction from the beginning, is specifically targeting other threads/twatterposts etc., that is blueing images just as they appear. I actually see someone doing that occasionally.
>>21385 >>21398 just keep posting blued pics and memes to various platforms, those that know, will know what it is and what it means. we will have to slow cook it since we cannot rely on namefags and ecelebs to give it oxygen
>>21385 >In it they also called themselves "White supremacists" Hahaha what? I read the other day that the shitskins in this movement are triggered by the "excessive Whiteness" of it, with them being kept out of the spotlight, so some of them are quitting.
>>21423 >Hahaha what? This is the quote from the article: >Mr Bramwell was filmed at the event saying: “Extinction Rebellion is the spirit of our age. It contains absolutely every dichotomy and absolutely every flaw and beauty that our present society encapsulates. It is White-supremacist, it is racist. It is also very very beautiful and there is incredible people doing incredible work within the organisation. It is also deeply deeply patriarchal and people like Roger Hallam completely and utterly 100 percent exemplify that patriarchy" I assume this is self-criticism in the same way that Hollywood still criticize themselves for being too White. The article is pretty interesting though and contains calls for violence. It would be pretty easy for us to "high-jack" their movement and it would generate many lulz.
>>21724 Jesus fucking Christ, how hard is it to ban these posts? Just auto-delete posts that contain these links, or just auto-delete Russian (or whatever language this is) posts.
>>21730 Was going to post the same. At least this time I managed to send a report. Looks like there are steady bots: this russian druggie stays here, while boomerbot is now in the Virginia thread.


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