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(772.81 KB 1734x740 Untitled.png)
STOP TELLING JEW NIGGERS ABOUT THIS PLACE!!! Mourning_Star (Admin) 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:31:28 No. 12516


Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:37:10.
New year, new wave of spammers.
There is a cunnyposter sliding the catalog right now, please if a mod is around take care of it.
Yeah really. Let accelerationists post and let the anons decide. I really don't know the best way forward, there needs to be debate.

That said, the best way forward must include setting nigs against kikes.
>That said, the best way forward must include setting nigs against kikes.
The nigs perform so much casual violence on a daily basis, if we could direct 10% of it towards jews, they would melt the fuck down, we would really start to see a migration out.
Ok mods, so tired of the raids, where do I sign up to be a janitor? It's time to do my duty. Difficulty: I'm not getting on discord.
How do we prevent kikes from becoming mod?
>Hello my name is David Schneider Cohen I am a fellow White man can I become janny plz?
Some vetting
We ask a few questions and look at your actions as a janitor
And then we consider ranking you up to full mod
Edited last time by blackjack on 01/02/2020 (Thu) 17:23:37.
I got on gaycord even though I said I wouldn't. Can't add you as a friend. Do I need to connect to a server?
Alright there's a new sheriff in town. See you in the threads anons.
Hey the Niggerspammer is at it again.
Didn't see any niggers, got the plebbitspammer.
Aw shit, been outed as the JannyNoob. You got me anon.
Just us jannies and mods here now.
(22.14 KB 612x501 images (63).jpeg)
>lets just keep it heckin /comfy/ frens!!
This place is dead, and having jews niggers and kikes means you can btfo them, I'm sick of being cucked on every website because some faggot didn't like what I said.
*fags niggers and kikes
Are you talking about me or the numale in the pic?
>t. Brainlet
What are you struggling with?
+ also
You retards know that having plebbit/normies/zoomers/MIGA fags come here it means they can be redpilled and actually become useful
>I'm schlomo for wanting more people to become redpilled
Fucking retard.
Circlejerking over Tarrant isn't changing anything.
How would you want change to occur? People here talk a lot of about Tarrant but it's not done for idle purposes, I'm sure many anons spread redpills both online and IRL and train themselves in /sig/.
>y-you want it to become 4kike
Where did I say that you massive faggot?
Without the cencorship of free speech on the internet I think a much much larger percent of people would be redpilled
I am, don't you worry.
My point is, if the mods/admin is based? Why worry about who comes here?
*if the mods/admin is based,
, not ?
Alright fair enough

Who was the faggot that posted this shit?
Go back to Cuckchan
begone sodomite.
Old user currently refuge from this site here... This isn't your home and it never was your home.
Something interesting to read about who is in charge of this IB, this will be an opening revelation for all of you...

This anon is right, tbh.

Now look at the attacks from the other ones...
Fucking kike gtfo, etc

While owner is incorporating with the Zionists IRL.

I'm out, you'll never see me again, bless ya lives, anons.
You will recognize me with this pic, which means I know goddamn well, everything. I ain't gonna ruin this place nor reveal any more information, I'm just tired of all the lies that are spreading online on other IB's, although, you have some interesting threads, but based anons aren't with us anymore, including myself :(
Here is the pic.
(6.90 KB 261x177 respect from past.jpg)
(5.52 KB 559x96 AYYY.png)
I am 99% sure the answer will be zero.
Plenty of based anons
Stop demoralizing, rabbi
Fuck off, QUEER!
(45.19 KB 608x402 Adolf Kekler.jpg)
>No based anons
You will never know, because neinAnons would be smart enough not to post it here. 8/pnd can take the heat.
hi fren i came from 4 chon !
Some fag advertised this on 4kike and now I’m here
>>21990 Behave yourself and you are welcome here. Don't be a nigger. Mods are watching.
>>21990 same
(25.03 KB 1035x284 stopit.png)
(246.22 KB 1024x1198 1469395408941.jpg)
A post on half Chan said I should come here lol XD so randum
>>22712 why he fuck is this clown doing that >>22720 lol now your stuck haha
>>22712 Definitely a leftist doing this, probably from Bunkershit or something. You can tell by his gay nigger spacing.
(30.75 KB 395x290 1387154109725.jpg)
came here because some retard is spamming it on 4kike. is this a glow in the dark honeypot (worse than 4kike)?
Fucking cuckchanners. Yeah this site is horrible you should definitely leave and take your faggot flags with you.
>>23056 yeah it glows get out before they track you multiple ppl here got arrested already it very dangerous anon plz leave for your own safety get the fuck out already
>>23056 Yes it is. Go away.
>>23056 Several users have been arrested recently. We’re all laying low. Don’t even touch this place without Tor. If you’re not using I’d be a bit worried by this point tbh. I’m about to flee back to Cuck, at least it’s safe there


no cookies?