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(2.24 MB 1920x1080 virus.png)
How do we make the best of the recent virus outbreak? Nurgles 01/26/2020 (Sun) 14:20:24 No. 19861
You all should have heard about the recent outbreak of what's called corona-virus in china. We should make use of this for propagandistic purposes.

Here are my thoughts:

- Schools and kindergartens are among the primary tools of the (((government))) to create a populace of docile tax-cattle. Schools and kindergartens also are the main place where children - who have a weak immune system - get infected with diseases like the flu and the common cold. We should make memes which are stressing, that it's dangerous to put children in school and daycare, so more people keep them at home, and get fearful about putting their kids in those brainwashing institutions, which may even impact the outlook children have on their indoctrination facilities.

- We should stress, that global travel is what leads to global outbreaks of pandemics, because foreigners are vectors for foreign diseases. The migration crisis led to the reappearance of almost extinct pathogens like polio and tuberculosis in the west. We should paint foreigners as spreaders of deadly disease.

- We should make memes about how to prevent infection, which help people, but also warn them about having contact to other humans. People won't keep their distance to friends and family, but they'll stay away from shitskins when they're afraid, because they don't like them anyways, which will hinder the assimilation of shitskins. It's easier to get rid of people who have no friends.

- We should sow distrust towards (((government))) services. Quarantine is the best way to prevent infection, and there's no cure for new viral strains in any case, so all the (((government))) can do is some feel-good bullshit in any case, which prevents panic. We should call this feel-good bullshit out, so people don't feel safe.

- Effective (((government))) measures would be large-scale quarantines of affected areas, which would lead to an increase in (((government))) power, which is something we should try to prevent. If we grant more power to the (((government))) to prevent one singular cause, this power soon will be applied to every cause imaginable. We don't want that. Or maybe we do, because the establishment is ineffective, and this may accelerate the demise of the contemporary west. I'm not sure here. We should sow distrust in any case.

- We should stress, that people should stay at home if they can afford it. Staying away from crowded areas like workplaces is the best thing to stay safe, and this will lead to an economic impact, which may very well become the crisis we all hope for, because the money runs out.

What else should we do?
(1.71 MB 400x400 1580219898790.webm)
are all those new threads a form of kikery to derail our board and our more synthetic threads like this one?
>>21978 Hmmmmm
China Numba Wan
>>21978 There is a Bloomberg shill currently on the board, the boomerbot is bumping threads from the bottom of the catalog from time to time, and there's still the russian drug bot in the old Blue the jew thread.
(423.63 KB 1200x995 coofer.png)
(802.06 KB 1080x1440 chad epidemic.png)
Friendly reminder to all anons ITT that if any of you gets infected with a deadly virus like Corona-Chan make sure to visit your local (((government))) buildings and non-White neighborhoods and cough all over the place and spit on all doorknobs. Don't be selfish, spread the love and joy of Corona-Chan to all niggers and glowniggers in your area.
>>22066 You could literally visit your local federal synagogues and shake their hands lmao
(65.47 KB 725x510 iloveyoubernie.jpg)
(820.22 KB 3264x2448 me at synagogue.jpg)
(73.52 KB 750x419 Group-Photo-Web.jpg)
(58.88 KB 855x553 justconverted.jpg)
Dear White people. I'm not like the other jews. I like you. Just. Be. A. jew.
>>20924 Bayonne? NJ?
(4.99 MB 1280x720 Winnie the Flu.webm)
(102.25 KB 1278x798 botnetman.jpg)
(698.51 KB 600x735 chinigger.png)
https://web.archive.org/web/20200216040638/https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/02/15/coronovirus-bill-gates-warns-10-million-deaths-virus-spreads/ >Coronovirus: Bill Gates warns of 10 million deaths as virus spreads to Africa >Bill Gates has warned that coronavirus in Africa could overwhelm health services and trigger a pandemic which could cause 10 million deaths. >The Microsoft founder and global health pioneer was speaking at the AAAS meeting in Seattle just hours before the first case was confirmed in Cairo, Egypt. >There are now fears that the disease could spread to sub-Saharan Africa where it could spark an uncontrollable outbreak, with health services unable to monitor or control the virus. Are you ready for the coming wave of chinigger rapefugees, /pol/?
>>22253 >10 millions Rookie numbers, not enough to even START depopulating Africa.
(707.47 KB 368x640 used_mask_seller.mp4)
(153.92 KB 500x383 cases outside of china.gif)
>>22253 RE5 wasn't that bad tbh
(1.95 MB 255x144 1417018102548.gif)
>>22396 Yeah, I kinda see Wesker as the hero of RE5. He wanted to save his people from destruction and build a White ethnoglobe.
(1.06 MB 2576x2560 CDC.jpg)
>>22455 ethnoglobe? I'd prefer White ethnostates. That's what every race is fighting for, territory for their own kind.
>>22464 Well, shit. Is there any way to confirm this is not fake?
>>22477 Fuck off cuck Other races must all die
>>22396 RE5 was shit, fucking nigger woman AI partner ruins the fucking game
>>22486 If you go to Twitter, people ask her about it and she just blocks them. Hasn't tweeted since a day before this happened
>>22464 >CDC can anyone with a twitter send it to this guy or ask him? He's a doctor with a decent reach and quite critical of the CDC WHO etc. https://mobile.twitter.com/DrEricDing
Coming soon to a city near you?
N95, N100, M600 series with P100. Sealed safety goggles to go with the half-mask. Reduce exposure to public spaces especially where asians might be. Don't rub your eyes.
>>22501 You do it
>>22501 If you verify your phone number here I'll create an account for you. Please upload a photo ID for correctness.
(1.84 MB 202x360 samhyde2.gif)
>>22066 >the memes
(78.42 KB 500x664 3pi7ul.jpg)
Anyone going out and about with their masks on? What kind of reactions are you getting?
I will do my part to try and become infected then spread it far and wide among jew and libtard areas to the best of my ability
>>22579 Can't wait to see the first Coofer manifesto
>>22579 Sir, please let me thank you for your heroism, and encourage you, to add public officials do your list. You're a role-model, and they should name a street after you, sir. We should prepare memes about how jews, libtards, and the state intentionally spreads the disease.
(155.63 KB 1200x995 coof nationalism.jpg)
>>22596 Funny thing is it could almost be the perfect set up. Perfect plausible deniability if you just keep your mouth shut. There's really no way to trace it back to you because you're just some guy walking around, it's not like there's a single instant to capture on camera or something. And if you're young and healthy there's a damn good chance you'll survive anyways and can laugh or coof it up for the rest of your life.
This 12 minute video is absolutely worth watching all the way through >no green and red zone separation >infection control specialists ignored and even kicked off the ship >all decisions being made by bureaucrats
>>22552 >Anyone going out and about with their masks on? What kind of reactions are you getting? I don't wear one but I live in a big city so you see the occasional dude on a bike with a mask. Most people would think that's because of pollution but recently a acquaintance of my mom, a former nurse, wore a mask. She said its because she had the flu but everyone was a little bit upset. Bottom line, younger people wearing a mask is nothing what will get much attention but if the boomers start it, oh well
(103.44 KB 2048x1256 b1.jpg)
>>20945 whats with the skull emblem?
>>21066 what is she babbling about?
>>22771 its a sign. basically it means he has the athority to kill anyone who may badmouth china to the rest of the world. the people trying to kill fang are the same people he works with.
>>22771 He's an operator operating operationally
(2.73 MB 332x720 body_bag_street.mp4)
(798.87 KB 1280x720 bug_policeman_dies.mp4)
(283.57 KB 347x453 btsp.png)
>>22949 dem White hazmat suit is raaaacis'
(163.08 KB 640x522 italian-hazmat.png)
https://www.ansa.it/english/news/2020/02/21/coronavirus-six-infected-in-italy_10bbd4fe-9e6d-4339-bf64-f740acd48145.html Coronachan strikes Italy, this time on italian people (not chinese tourists like previous case).
>>23118 >having contact with someone just returned from China lol what retards


no cookies?