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(103.98 KB 396x432 Merchent justice.jpg)
So Blackpilled right now. Anonymous 02/02/2020 (Sun) 21:32:09 No. 20356
First of all, Hitler was a fucking cuck, who, in his moralfagging, chose to spare the Kikes, refused to use WMDs, and just moralfagged endlessly. It must've been his vegetarian diet that feminized him. You know, if we had a cold and calculating White man, like Titus for example, in charge of the US, Britain, or Germany, the Kikes would be on an endangered species list, living on the edge of extinction in the Middle East. Instead, for our last stand against the Kikes, we got a soy boy vegan who couldn't bring himself to exterminate the Kikes en mass. What the jews did in Eastern Europe should've gave Hitler more than enough of a reason to butcher them. Also Hitler should've fought dirty. If I was him, I would've copied designs of the allies, put allied flags and emblems on them, and make the allies slug it out after the false flag attacks. However, Hitler just had to play nice. Maybe it was the estrogen from his diet talking. I don't know, and I don't care. He was a cuck, and the Roman General, Titus, handled the Yid problem better than Cuckler. The 1965 immigration Act should've caused Lyndon B. Johnson to have his prefrontal cortex blown out the back of his skull in a just, healthy world, but racially conscious Whites were too chicken shit to do it, even back then. All they did was LARP and try to wake up the sheep, who, by all accounts, don't give fuck about the agendas of their rulers and never did. Tragically, the US was probably doomed from the start, when the Founding Oil-drillers decreed that all "men are created equally". Not even all Whites are equal: there's sheep and there's the ones with free will who rule them. If Hitler wasn't such a fucking cuck, or if the Romans genocided the kikes more thoroughly, we'd be fulfilling the fourteen words on distant star systems by now. As of now, we have a 99.9% chance of going extinct like the damned Neanderthal. Hell, our race has better odds of surviving the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs than that. Fuck this world. If I could, I'd destroy the entire planet just to deny it to the Kikes and their pet shitskins.
>>21349 wrong again, history proves several races have coexisted on this planet without mixing and destroying each other
>>21461 I guess we'll see what happens next. Right now looks like they won't stop until we're all dead
>>21377 kikes have distorted the word diversity, true diversity means variety, let different races to be without trying to destroy or genocide none of them, which is what is actually happening with the WHITE one
>>21459 so you don't believe in coexistence, its just me, me and only me
>>21462 retaliate then and make a difference, blackpilling is useless
>>21461 this that's why globalism is evil, it wants to mix all races and cultures while they were just fine when they were separated.
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(137.61 KB 1200x1008 zdsoapdoapdo.jpg)
>>21523 globalism is part of the jewish agenda
>>21571 This is why the jews must be destroyed if we win. By not doing so, we're showing the rest of the world the White man's weak for sparing a race that made an attempt on his life. Extermination of the Kikes and their non-White pawns are a necessary evil for our survival. Our survival is the only thing that matters. Nothing else.
(444.74 KB 753x1126 Img-1573561818252.png)
(577.59 KB 979x901 Img-1573560947510.png)
(804.35 KB 1440x1620 1555412248055.png)
>duuuuh wu're duuumed uuuuuh cuz hitler actually juwish Fuck this shit. Society has ALREADY collapsed. It's just still on fire. The goal is to smother the fire after throwing the firestarter minecraft villager jews into their own chaos. only then can a new world rise from the ashes of the old.
>>21598 has /leftypol/ finally figured it out or did they just play themselves by giving us a free meme with porky
>>21601 Made the memes myself. Basically, porky represents people who betray their brethren. EG: faggots on jewtubes trending tab
>>21461 lol no the White man alone has killed and rapped a whole Continent of people (the spanish comming to the americas then rapped tf out of every woman in the americas and killing all the men and the brits killing all the indian peoples and almost exterminating them then the brits again killing all the people in new Zealand and killing almost every og Australian then killing a fuck ton of gooks buy forcing them to buy our drugs)
>>21605 fuck I need to learn how to type
>>21605 >the White man alone Are you conveniently forgetting about the tradition of Hyena Men in Mozambique? About Chios? How about the Sioux? Rape was and still is a cultural part of many races, if you look at history, you'll find out that Europeans, by the time of discovering America, had largely phased out this barbaric behaviour and even back in the 1700 it was heavily punished - in ancient Greece, you'd have your testicles crushed between rocks if you raped or attempted to rape someone. About 'killed an entire continent of people': absolutely not. Again, there have been massacres committed by other races, such as the Mongolian empire. Genghis Khan killed so many people that forests started to grow back and he probably raped more women than whatever happened during the discovery of America. Also, blacks have slaughtered each other since the dawn of their creation, the Japanese murdered more Chinese than White men killed Indians. But yes, I understand that doing the bare minimum of research must be very difficult for you. Don't worry, sub-IQ posters are always refreshing to have here.
>>21607 don't forget Shaka Zulu whose warriors literally depopulated the whole of Southern Africa in unparalleled genocidal campaigns. The nigger savagery is nothing short of mind-blowing, it's not even 30 years back when Hutu tribe members machete'd tens of thousands of rival Tutsis to death and mutilated thousands more in barbaric fashion. Frankly, there are no more humane and civilized conquerors in human history than Whites.
>>21611 >it's not even 30 years back when Hutu tribe members machete'd tens of thousands of rival Tutsis to death and mutilated thousands more in barbaric fashion. The Tutsi is the Kike/Manchu of Africa. Their monarchy had been overthrown in 1959, and they forced their way back into power in 1994. Their nigger leader, Paul Kagame, had been shipped in by the ZOG a few years prior (their started 4 years earlier from Uganda), because they had been failing before that. We are the European Hutus. What the Tutsi did and is doing today to the Hutu is what the Kikes are doing to the White Nation. We're going to do so, so much worse than the Hutu (righteously) did to the Tutsi, when the White Nation Liberation War comes to the thing called "America."
>>21605 the flaw in your argument is spanish aint White, and most of the poor victims you mention are barely considered animals
>>21614 >spanish aint White Your name appears to be correct, retard anon
>>21603 Well, you're a genius then because you've just created a nice new op that I will be carrying forward
>>21601 Porky has always been ripe for mixing with the merchant. Porky definitely represents an actual type of person (a judaized gentile capitalist), but to ignore one to the exclusion of the other is slipping into error, though it’s a worse error to ignore jews
>>21331 Agreed ethno globe is the final solution. Future generations will curse us if we don’t take out the trash. Luckily, race specific bio weapons make this easier to achieve as seen in China with the corona virus.
>>21347 Daily reminder that Exterminating parasites is normal behaviour
>>21349 The only exception is Japanese but they fucked up ww2 by attacking America instead of the Soviet Union.
>>21596 and what if during the struggle they surrender ? not 100% of the jews are bad or yes ?
>>21694 Slave camps
>>21605 wrong, they defend themselves because natives didn't want them there
(148.13 KB 1029x839 3847kjfsjdfks1.jpg)
(865.52 KB 951x1050 3847kjfsjdfks3.png)
>>21614 >spanish aint White educate yourself, european meds are all White
>>21657 >>21658 sterilization will be cheaper
>>21694 Based theoretical surrenderers
>>21700 Slow ethnic cleansing through sterilization is underrated in these circles
>>21705 It's just good logistics
>>20356 yeah, but whatre you gunna do? i keep saying tactical retreat to expediate collapse and then we bumrush in from the mountains, but that would require struggle and the absence of anime pillows to hump. guess we're fucked.
>>21767 >anon rediscovers White flight Move innawoods then you niggerpilled fuck. You're either fighting or you're fleeing. That's the human condition.
>>20356 One thing is true though. Hitler was White, he was not indian. He should have eaten some form of meat as it is what europeans are adapted to. But, if he was indian, it would have been strongest for him to not eat meat. It all depends on the race, to be most productive, you must eat in your racial diet.
>>21782 Vegetarianism is redpilled. Hitler's radical love for animals and the environment only further solidifies his role as a benevolent man against Time. He was truly a higher being. “Thou shalt love God in all living things, animals and plants.“ t. Alfred Rosenberg
>>21797 I wouldn't recommend vegan diets especially for an athlete. And I wouldn't want my son on a vegatarian diet. The intent behind it is admirable though when it's taken as a personal choice and not forced on others. Factory farming a shit though.
>>21797 Look at your canines, mate. We're carnivores. Eating just plants is nice and dandy but not our way.
(53.58 KB 650x519 herbivore gorilla teeth.jpg)
>>21803 >veganism No one mentioned veganism, which is degenerate and unnatural. Not even Savitri Devi, who was very radical in her views on animals and vegetarianism, was a vegan. >>21804 >Look at your canines, mate. This doesn't mean anything, gorillas don't eat meat and look at there teeth (pic related). Even with that said, there's always the point that we can do something, but should we? Hitler clearly saw something in it, and many of the arguments are compelling. >“An extended chapter of our talk was devoted by the Führer to the vegetarian question. He believes more than ever that meat eating is wrong. Of course he knows that during the war we cannot completely upset our food system. After the war, however, he intends to tackle this problem also. Maybe he is right. Certainly the arguments that he adduces in favour of his standpoint are very compelling. – Dr. J. Goebbels. Goebbels’ Diaries (entry of April 26, 1942)
>>21804 Can't really disagree
On the vegan/vegetarianism question, that the anon >>21805 mentions Hitler's vegetarianism is a good thing. There shouldn't be any push toward such diets at this time, but there definitely should be push-back within White Nationalist circles on the question. A White vegan who is interested in what we have to say is worth more than 10,000 Christfaggots that think the Sky Kike created chickens for them to eat. After the revolution, most of the change in diet is going to be forced. Part of this is simply going to be to get rid of obesity, part of it is going to be best practices to feed the population after a devastating National Liberation War. Millions of people are going to die fighting the ZOG, most of them through starvation and disease, and wasting too many resources on meat-production isn't going to fly. After the crisis situation has passed, we will promote a broad sort of vegetarianism. The purpose is going to be 'virtue-signalling' on a National level, and is mainly going to be used to keep our people believing we are morally-better than the rest of the planet. Meat will still be obtainable, because the nature of farming will change. All farms will be required to be 'no-kill' farms, as in, you have to wait for the animals to die a natural death, or to reach a certain age around where natural death occurs, and they can't be put into cages. Eggs and milk will still be easy to obtain, chicken meat somewhat harder, and beef and pork harder still. Fish will only be legally obtainable from fish-farms, under similar restrictive rules, as well as pretty much any other animal people eat (crab, lobsters, etc). Exotic meat will be illegal (no cats, dogs, bats, monkeys, etc). Those who do choose to consume meat will be subsidizing the farmers who choose to raise the livestock. Most likely, the post-revolutionary gov'ment will probably leave most meat production up to private individuals, though will send people to the farms to make sure they aren't violating the no cages/natural deaths laws. This will also serve a dual purpose of eliminating what remains of the religious ZOG-lovers. It is possible, of course, that lab-grown meat will make this all superfluous, but even for the first few decades the lab-meat is out, it will probably be more expensive, and many people will avoid it due to concerns about it not being natural. So the farms will continue for quite a long time afterwards, and even when all meat is lab-meat, they will probably still exist as historical museum/zoos, where people can go visit to see such animals up close. And cow-milk and chicken eggs will probably never be out of demand, even when the animal's body can not fetch any higher price than the lab meat. Cats and dogs will, for a time, be the biggest consumers of other animals, and the impetuous to get lab-meat going is probably going to be about bring the price of pet-food down to reasonable levels.
>>21842 Nah, that won't happen. Factory farming practices might become less cruel though.
>>21849 >Nah, that won't happen. In fact, it is going to happen, and probably more radical than what I have described here. The basis of a revolutionary White Nationalist RAHOWA line is going to be vegetarianism, and we're going to keep it in our backpocket to deal with external threats to the post-revolution White Nation-State. We will use it to force other Nations to do certain things we want done on a world-wide scale.
>>21853 Don't vegan diets fuck with testosterone levels in men?
>>21857 >Don't vegan diets fuck with testosterone levels in men? It could, if you consume too much soy, but stimulating testosterone production in men can be done with lots of cruciferous vegetables and mushrooms, by inhibiting the enzyme aromatase, which turns testosterone into estrogen.
>>21853 >Pushing your globohomo agenda and noahide laws while larping as HARD White nationalist kys Chaim Vid related is what anyone shilling for veganism/vegetarianism wants you to be, an unironic goy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-QaGzenEaQ
>>21853 B8 made me chuckle, thank you, but you're a ZOG's dream of a soy goy.
>>21871 >muh ZOG-pork Anyone who is REEEEEing over the idea they might have to pay more money for meat after the end of forced integration with niggers and slavery to Kikes is a ZOG-faggot. Moreover, a ZOG-faggot that will never pick up a gun to fight.
>>21888 Your post was a lot more than increased meat prices. Meat production will not wait for natural death, c'mon now. Even if you have some insights it doesn't mean you have some crystal ball vision of the future. Get over yourself.


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