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Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.10 – The Trial Approaches Edition Anonymous 02/06/2020 (Thu) 19:35:43 No. 20766
Previous threads 1) Brenton Tarrant meme thread http://archive.is/a5aDR 2) Lets Go Brenton Tarrant - The Letters http://archive.fo/LxW4E 3) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n. 3 http://archive.ph/PCUfW 4) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.4 http://archive.md/7m8Hn 5) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.5 http://archive.is/geqQ7 6) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.6 https://archive.md/gRfw9 7) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.7 https://archive.md/piWw3 8) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.8 http://archive.is/Pxjtm 9) Brenton Tarrant meme thread n.9 https://archive.md/j0NKT
>>22252 I agree. I am just not good with phones opsec and I already take enough risks. I'm willing to send mail but I don't want to do this one specific thing. It's why I ask if another anon could put forth the effort in this regard. I've already sent postcards to Brenton. Actually I might have been one of the only people to post picture proofs of it. If there is any way I can repay an anon for their efforts in completing the list of mailing addresses I will, if it means creating custom OC for them or posting picture proofs of postcards I send to the other saints. I know it's a big ask, and I apologize for that.
>>22254 I mean, I attempted to call Corrections from a phone cell. It helps if you change your voice a bit since all calls are recorded but if you're truly troubled, maybe some anon will be able to help you out - or you wait, as I'm sure some are already on to it. Also, please, don't post the cards as 'proof'. Not anywhere, for no one. It can get you in just as much trouble as calling a prison to ask for contact information on murderers/terrorists [those are harsh terms but it's what law sees]. Don't take too much risks, anon. Stay safe.
Bump against necro-fags
Someone posted this archived happening thread about the Christchurch attack on March 15. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/206256904/ Notice how the lunatic shills jumped in there after a couple of posts and kept shitting up the thread from the get go, in the very moment the thing was still happening and basically nobody could know for sure what it was about, the shills were already there providing the retarded mossad/gaza bombing/sloppy job nonsense. Amazing to be able to analyze how cuckchan is totally irreparably pozzed.
>>22380 Something very interesting is that the pic shows the stream comments while it happened. I always wanted to see them. In general I want to see normies' reactions from watching the video, but obviously the livestream comments are very interesting.
>>22380 I'm glad that Brenton decided to post on the superior /pol/. Being in the thread itself as it happened, I remember distinctly that there were almost no shills until the story began appearing in the news.
>>22380 >Worth doing actually, because dude went travelling beforehand and is showing all kinds of respect to other cultures in their countries. When they catch him/kill him/collect his suicided corpse the news will describe him as a "racist" who posted "racist content" to his Facebook. This, to infinity and beyond. We have to get some of /ourguys/ into journalism and have them shill this on all fronts. The whole thread just hyped me up again. Got to go, have to watch a cooking video.
>>22385 >We have to get some of /ourguys/ into journalism Yeah, good luck with that.
>>22387 >come back from deleting c p spam >see image >times are not so shit after all I miss my folder of drawanon's images. Do you gave the one where Brenton screams into the microphone? Would you be so kind and post it?
Am I the only one who often thinks about how he could've gotten away with it? Imagine if he didn't livestream it, and if he used a black market car. He could've gotten so far away from the scene and then release the video at a later date. Hell, he managed to go visit another mosque, what would've stopped him from just getting away? That would've caused an even bigger shitstorm. Imagine the massive manhunt. The paranoia caused by such an effective terrorist still being at large.
>>22388 Here it is anon. >>22389 The point of the ordeal was having the livestream for the whole world to see. The strategy you are suggesting is good when carried out by a group, not as a lone wolf.
>>22390 We would've seen it at an even higher quality. The scenario I imagine is: him getting somewhere safe after covering his tracks, then upload the video when possible. In hindsight, it was such a realistic option it's quite surprising. Obviously he didn't even consider it because he didn't think it would've been likely for him to get away with it. But as we've all seen, he had so much time that he was able to shoot at random targets on the street, and then even go visit another mosque. He could've started driving to the other side of the country instead. It's just a thought.
>>22390 Wholesome. Thank you greatly. >>22391 One is always smarter after the fact. But consider this: Brenton films his actions, not uploaded as of now. He attempts to escape and they catch him. Two possible outcomes: >the tape is destroyed either on purpose or on accident >it is confiscated and locked away The second point stands out more as A, we would've never been able to see how he did it, thus many of us would still be gravitating around blackpills and B, we would completely rely on media coverage to paint the story, e.g.: multiple kids shot, shooter screams neo-nazi related words, he behaved erratic and struggled upon police arrival, etcetera. Like you said, he had the time but he also couldn't know that beforehand - that's why he had considered his death but still attempted to escape after the second mosque. He did what he could and he did great. Brenton is a good man and I'm very much looking forward to the day he gets out.
>>22389 I don't think escaping surveillance and forensics would be that easy. He really did a near flawless run given the constraints. If someone can do it and get away with it, maybe we'll see that happen but we haven't. The closest is someone like TED who got a low score IIRC.
>>22393 Both Crusius and Earnest had a great chance to run for the hills but for some reason they both turned themselves in
>>22397 Probably because they got scared or at the very least nervous. No way they had the same mental strength at Tarrant after only weeks of preparation so I doubt they were able to deal with all of this. Maybe they didn't plan beyond shooting people so who knows. Haven't read their manifestos tho so I could be wrong
(49.20 KB 800x430 crusius arrest.jpg)
(39.29 KB 760x455 crusius arrest 2.jpg)
>>22398 I don't know about Earnest but Crusius says in The Inconvenient Truth that he'd prefer to die at the hands of police or the people he was attacking, and that prison would be the worst possible outcome for him. Clearly something changed with him after he drove away, because the next logical step for someone with that mindset would be suicide. The latest news is that he has lost a weight and is not eating. You're probably right that he lost his nerve and is not going through hell. Unlike Tarrant he only had a month to plan. Earnest on the other hand, while he alerted the police as well to his location, appears to be in much greater spirits from his court photos.
>>22400 >is not going through hell. *now
>>22400 Yeah being confronted with death is tricky. It's technically easier to shoot someone else than it's to kill yourself. Cause once you stop for a second when the gun's on your temple and you imagine the great nothing that awaits you you kinda quit that. Crusius most likely felt different just writing that down but with the weight of his gun and the dead bodies all around I doubt he thought 'aye, that's where I wanna be'. Cause in the end he most likely preferred life though, like every sane person would and is now regretting not lurking more or doing a couple more minecraft projects before making his move. I'm almost sure he wishes he wouldn't have let himself get caught up in the hype like that but oh well. He's in Texas, right? Sucks. How old is he?
>>22403 I definitely cannot criticize Crusius too hard on this. I can sit here and type that I'd blow out my brains without hesitation if I was in his shoes but I wouldn't really know what I was made of until I was actually there in the moment. >I'm almost sure he wishes he wouldn't have let himself get caught up in the hype like that but oh well At the very least he didn't end like Manshaus, with no kills besides his chink "sister". Twenty-two spics isn't bad for a month of prep. I just sincerely hope that Crusius doesn't become wholly disillusioned with what he sacrificed his freedom for. >How old is he? 21
>>22404 >21 >mfw he could be my brother Fuck this gay world why is no one talking these people out of it? Not including Tarrant but Crusius and Earnest who I think stated he only lurked a year and a half should've kept hiding their goddamn power level and then play CoD. >I just sincerely hope that Crusius doesn't become wholly disillusioned with what he sacrificed his freedom for. Just checked out his thread here and an anon wrote Crusius stated that he wouldn't want to live knowing his family despises him. Yeah nothing to add. He's gonna get murdered by ZOGbots and when he's strapped down on that table the the needles next to him he's gonna regret everything. I really fucking hate that young people get so blackpilled that they think shooting a bunch like that is the only way they gonna get recognition >mad_world.mp4
>>22397 Sure they could run for the hills but they would have just caught in an ensuing manhunt anyways. The main purpose would just be to escape and continue their spree.
>>22406 >why is no one talking these people out of it? The reason people do it is because they see no future for themselves. The weight of no chance for a legacy and the thought of their country sliding into some disgusting globohomo Brazil is too much to bear. I suspect for some of these lads the alternative isn't doing nothing, the alternative is suicide so they choose to fight back against those who made their future only a bleak hell. The truth is there are hundreds of times more young White men silently committing suicide than are lashing out first. The only path through this mess is forward, one way or another.
(66.56 KB 680x418 1486579264505.jpg)
>>22406 >mfw he could be my brother mfw when it could me. I'm roughly around this age and it is honestly surreal to see someone like Earnest, who is only twenty, so younger than me, or Crusius, do these things. It really testifies to the state of America when young men feel that this is the only option. They may have been, to an extent "caught up in the memes / hype ", but people don't do this stuff if they're not serious. There will be no recognizable America by 2050, let alone Europe. People can attack me for being blackpilled, but this is the truth that we are faced with if drastic changes are not taken now. Crusius said it best, we young White men have no future. The whole jewish system is set up to train us to be perfect producers and consumers, take the best years of our lives, and then allow us some time to ourselves when we're 60+ and decrepit. The environment's gonna be fucked (regardless of whether one believes in global warming), flooded with the worst humanity has to offer and automation will take all of menial jobs. There are really only three options left in this world >become a good goy and forget everything you've learned >stand up against ZOG >opt out of the system and become a hermit
>>22408 >because they see no future for themselves. >I suspect for some of these lads the alternative isn't doing nothing, the alternative is suicide This hits goddamn it all to hell. The sad part is that even if one were to recognize someone who's so hopeless one couldn't help them and group together to find solutions because the state is gonna clamp down and raid everyone for being nazis >>22412 >we young White men have no future. Not with that attitude. Be as blackpilled as you wanna be I'm enjoying shit while it lasts. We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity. I don't think many look at it that way and make short term decisions based on gut instinct but don't plan so they end up wasting this brief time the have
>>22413 >We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity Don’t believe what (((scientists))) tell you
>>22408 What you are stating is correct. However, if looked at for longer than a few seconds, I suspect the reason for so much despair is that many of these young men are so disconnected from their roots that they simply do not have anything to cling onto once life becomes troublesome. Yes, materialistic goods offer temporary happiness but they need something more, they need a goal in life, something to work toward, someone they do it all for, and be it 'just' having a family and raising their kids the right way. They need a community. As WOTW has stated it perfectly in his video [first link related], people need to be together like they used to be. As a White man, living among those alien to your way of living will ruin your psyche and it seems to be the case for Crusius and Earnest; The only thing I'll regret in life is not being able to reach out to so many of my own kind to show them that there is still a lot of beauty left in this world to fight for. https://youtu.be/ROyXmxKgzRc Bonus to remember what we are fighting against: https://youtu.be/JxQamW6Vo4U
>>22414 You need to have some degree of trust in science. Thinking that the earth is flat and melted butter heals wounds won't get you far.
Fresh news from the Germany. Local media are on full kvetchening mode. >"Officials said that investigations into 12 men detained in police raids across Germany Friday had indicated they planned major attacks, following media reports over the weekend the group aimed to launch several simultaneous mass-casualty assaults on Muslims during prayers." >"According to media reports, the group planned to use semi-automatic weapons to imitate last March's attacks in Christchurch in New Zealand in which 51 people were killed at two mosques" https://www.thelocal.de/20200217/german-far-right-group-planned-christchurch-style-mosque-attacks-reports Media also report the group being armed with both homemade and professional made arms, but wanted to buy more in Czech republic via Czech right wing extremists >"On Saturday, February 8, the squad decided at a meeting in Minden, Westphalia, to procure additional weapons for attacks on mosques, refugees and politicians. In the Czech Republic, through contacts with local right-wing extremists." >https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/rechte-terrorgruppe-um-werner-s-eine-spur-der-rechtsextremen-fuehrt-zu-waffenhaendlern-nach-tschechien/25555260.html From the above article it is also obvious they made a mistake in their opsec - they communicated through Whatsapp. That way supposedly their group got informer inside. Interestingly, it was 13th member.
(74.49 KB 927x480 struggle for existence.jpg)
>>22417 Today science is truly indistinguishable from religion and is anything but a disciplined, rational approach to understanding reality, it's simply an instrument in the hands of globohomo to push its agenda. When in the past we had priests pushing certain narratives and formulating theological dogma and the peasants parroting half-digested exoteric versions of this, today we have wagecucks parroting half-digested and distorted versions of jewish science. While both are condemnable, the former was far less sinister in its intentions and goals, I'd argue. This was far from a social order in accordance with the Natural Order, but I doubt that it ever thought about wiping out all nations on Earth, mixing the higher with the lower and upturning all authority and natural ways of being as does modern scientism and its acolytes today. Scientism is designed to sway the masses, who often accept it at face value instead of doing their own research. this is especially true of the 'I fucking love science' soys. they don't love it, they barely know what it is. >>22413 >Not with that attitude. Be as blackpilled as you wanna be I'm enjoying shit while it lasts. I'm not blackpilled. I despair at the current state of our race, but we live in a time in where it is still possible to fight back and avoid the final form of the dystopian order that the jews are constructing before our eyes. >We didn't exist for 4 billion years, we live around 90 years and will be dead for an eternity. Why even care about race with such a mindset?
>>22418 WhatsApp? I think they trusted in the stating 'end-to-end encryption'. But nothing of value was lost - in fact, I believe this was a setup by the (((government))) anyway to stir up the hysteria and keep people from logging into their Minecraft accounts on the 15th of March. They want to show presence, you know - but I still expect someone intelligent to keep their OPSEC up and surprise the countries. Also, the fact that they took to the Czech Republuc for firearms reeks of federal setup. No one goes to the Czech Republic for anything other than hookers, shitposting by shilling Babiš and/or Zemam on yet another protest against the (((government))), and Bernard beer.
>>22419 Not the anon but I believe this mindset should make you care even more. 90 years - it's all we have to change things, there will be no second chance and everyone born after 2025 will be living in hell once they grow up. The childhood most of us had is going to be practically non-existent with triple-gender nonsense, diversity specified classes and even more rootless people. We don't even have the 90 years, we have, at best, 40 years to act between being a dribbling brainlet and an arthritis ridden no-one. Time is truly running short.
>>22412 >it is honestly surreal to see someone like Earnest, who is only twenty, so younger than me, or Crusius, do these things I think there is even a bit of a generational gap within our groups here. Relative to Zoomers we are Boomers. Because as bad as it was for us growing up, they are growing up in a school district of maybe 10-20% Whites that is literally entirely hispanics and blacks otherwise. If you look at the arresting and court pictures of Crusius he is basically the only White there. Zoomers are a minority under 18 years old, but even then that is an average. So you have all these pockets where they are truly living in a South America existence within North America, a separate universe from the White Flight Suburbanites. Meanwhile they are being shit on as evil racists that should just die already, but their everyday reality is being bullied and physically assaulted.
>>22420 Anon, it sounds like it was the 13th member that joined as an insider and was able to view their chats more than the specific technology used (even if it's not the best either). Maybe you know a lot more about it but it seems a bit hasty to say something like nothing of value was lost.
>>22421 >The childhood most of us had >tfw didn't have that childhood
>>22422 That court video of Crusius underscored very well how much much of Texas is completely occupied territory. Even the person serving as the judge over the case has a Hispanic last name. Crusius is gonna be strapped to a table undoubtedly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVMGl1NboCQ
>>22424 >he didn't attend classes of 100% Whites until the age of 13 >he didn't go into the woods with grandparents to do homework there >he wasn't told to wear his parents' child clothes because 'they still can be used' >he didn't meet with friends and their parents to be educated about farming and engines >he didn't grow up in a 100% White community and still lives there >his first phone wasn't a Nokia >he didn't ask classmates to send Boten Anna over via bluetooth >mfw being a millennial I hadn't seen my first foreigner until I was 12.
(1.14 MB 1024x576 Braun Suicide.png)
>>22426 >his first phone wasn't a Nokia W-well at least I experienced this..
>>22425 >Crusius is gonna be strapped to a table undoubtedly. Not necessarily. Look up Barend Strydom (the White Wolf). He did something similar in South Africa and was freed, along with a bunch of other militants. I honestly think it's possible this is going to happen in America too at some point. Especially with the way things are going. And even if it doesn't happen, there's a good chance that the death sentence will disappear in the future, with democrats/liberals gaining more power (although it's possible they make an exception for White Nationalists).
>>22429 >Strydom, who claimed to be a Christian, meditated and prayed for a number of days before committing the crime; he later claimed that God gave him no sign that he must not carry on with his plans. Based
>>22412 >2050 No, we have ten years—maybe twenty—to sort this shit out or White civilization is busto,
>>22430 Yes, this line has cracked me up every time I read it. It's even better when he explains it in interviews. It goes something like this: "I prayed to God to give me a sign if he wanted me not to do it. I did not get a sign, so I went ahead and did it" There are some good videos and documentaries about this guy on YouTube and even a short movie. There is a video in which he is giving an interview to a journalist and an old guy randomly walks up to him and congratulates him and calls him a hero. He may have staged it with the old guy, or the guy may have just been a friend of him, but it's still funny/White-pilling.
I'll make the new thread, goys. Just give me five minutes max.
>>22436 wew, that was fast
>>22425 The courtroom literally looks like a scene from Mexico
>>22442 Australia has it's problems but thank god we don't share borders.
>>22383 great comp. fucking saved. post it in the new thread, anon.
>>21220 He didn't jump through semantic loops to avoid exposing kikes though. Keep fapping faggots.
(7.46 MB 2048x1152 newzealand-zoomerscongrats.webm)
can someone post the song


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