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Rules (in progress) moderator 08/14/2019 (Wed) 01:11:33 Id:62c836 No. 983
This message is part of official neinchan terms of service Global rules still apply IMPORTANT REMINDER: if you see that you have been banned for something you are absolutely sure you did not do then the problem is that an already banned ip has been assigned to you, if you wait for a few minutes and try again it should work everything on this site is satire and not to be taken serious ANOTHER IMPORTANT REMINDER: this is a Minecraft fansite and any material, actions or ideas expressed here are referring to doing or expressing something within the videogame "Minecraft" Users are responsible for any misunderstandings that may occur 1. Keep topics close to politics any non political threads will be banned I will create a thread for one liners/ questions examples of non political threads >how can whitey compete > btfo x >x is correct b/c Y Btfo > fag fag fag fag Fag one liners like >individualism sets us free (link) (no argument) spam, excessive gore for no reason , and disruptive threads 2. No porn/scat PERIOD you will get banned if you post any. Posting ANY CP will get your Info handed over to feds. 3.No DDOSING/ talking about DDOSING it is illegal and will not be tolerated. Raids ETC are allowed as long as no CP or illegal shit is involved 4. No planning violent attacks or attacks period. You will be banned if you post a thread planning attacks 5. Reddit is specifically not allowed 6. Avoid advertising other boards unless relevant to the conversation or discussion 7. plebbit spacing = post deleted "x is police state"=post deleted "Wow."= post deleted "bill of rights is repealed" = post deleted "any incoherent paradoxical bullshit that reads like boomerbot post" = post deleted supporting or being a subhuman (subhumans include but are not limited to: trannies, redditors, any person of any race that is not white, anyone with a sub 100iq and any person with leftist political views. [definition may be subject to change]) = permanent ban 8. Advertising 8chan since after the FBI takeover is a permanent ban 9) rule Nein = By clicking "POST", or "REPLY", you are acknowledging the existence of the israeli nuclear arsenal.
Edited last time by blackjack on 01/29/2020 (Wed) 15:47:13.
Everything is fine lad just since your mate had fuckery with the glows we've started using tor exclusively
Luckily nothing illegal is happening since everything here is about things in Minecraft
Wouldn't want any misunderstandings about that
Phew, good to know. I was worried this was a political discussion forum.
neincraft amirite
We’re being spammed by some shady drugshill with a NatSoc flag
There is drug spammer sliding the threads:



His account name is Kelbrah.
taken care of
This drug shill is getting more mad.
Now he searching for old threads in the catalog and bumping them too.
(260.16 KB 582x608 on_you_go.png)
I think we should ban this nigger for spam instead
Europoor from the ridiculous rage thread here. Just wanted to offer to volunteer if you need someone to look over the board during night shifts. Note: if you don't need someone right now in a different time zone but at some point in the future you can get back to me at anypoint if you need to.
you cool using (((discord))) or you wanna use something else
Sure, just gotta download it once I'm home - I'll leave a short note here once I'm done, is this ok?
ye thats cool
Got it. If you're still here.
>>20034 Weird it told me I was permabanned when I tried to post in another thread but now I’m fine
>>20035 Read the massive red text faggot in the OP blind nigger
The glow/shill/spam posting that's eating up 2/3 of halfcuck's catalog is running rampant in the virus general right now.
>>21315 On this site or halfcuck? Didn't notice anything here besides the occasional boomer bot
>>983 pdf is now supported
>>21996 Based
>>21371 It was just a weird 2-hour window it seems. The 5 slide threads over the last few hours are more concerning.
>>22032 noticed it. we are aware that the elections are gonna cause massive shit we are not really prepared if im being honest we are still taking in mods if anyone is interested you can just post below
>>22034 to come back on this though most anons here will already know what a slide looks like and that politics are almost always rigged anyways
Why was the thread about the Bloomberg videos deleted? the one with 19 replies or so?
>>22061 because it was pretty low quality slide tier
>>22034 I'd be interested in helping. I only really want to delete the drug and illegal picture spam though, or whatever the lowest amount of power is. And I don't want to join a discord or IRC, no offense.
>>22065 we need to stay in contact with mods somehow so no IRC or discord disqualifies you from applying but if you still want to help out you can report posts and spam
>>22068 *illegal posts
>>22068 No problem, I'll just report then. Cheers.
>>22063 >implying there's any point to sliding on a board with 10 users Also the OP post was decent and anons were having discussion. Meanwhile threads like these stay up: >>10081 >>21197 >>21629
>>22102 The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon, I can see why mods decided to delete those threads. However, since this is a slow board, you can always try to open an US election general, where we can collect news and updates about the topic without having people opening multiple threads for every new thing that might come up.
>>22114 >The Bloomberg shilling is a thing anon I know, but my thread wasn't shilling and I specifically said that I wasn't supporting him as a candidate and that voting in general was useless, which was kind of the point of the thread to begin with. It was was more an examination of the character of Bloomberg and his motivations. It's sad that even though I clarified all of this multiple times, there were still retards responding with "lol don't you know voting is useless xD?" This place seems to be heading in the cuckchan direction of reading the title/seeing the image and immediately giving an emotional response response to it, without reading the thread. It's even more sad that the mods seem to be like this too. After I posted the thread, there were a bunch of low quality Bloomberg threads and the mods must have deleted my thread along with it.
>>22136 Stop whining, your post was good but didn't deserve its own thread.
>>22137 >but didn't deserve its own thread. That may be so, but there are far worse threads up right now. Both new ones and threads that have been up for days, even weeks.
>>22162 Maybe report the worst ones
>>22162 Indeed. Hopefully mods remove the cheese pizza thread that's on every board atm.
>>22193 nice job mods
>>22193 >log off for an hour >this shit happens again goddamn
>>22306 Why does this board get so many spammers (drug spammer, boomerbot, pedospam, etc)? I don’t see this type of shit on JulayWorld
>>22370 Because it's small, therefore easier to moderate and allows actual discussions to be had. They don't like that.
>>22370 Idk it always hits in waves It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday So a massive spam wave is probably gonna arrive soon
>>22373 >It's been silent except for a chilled Pepsi spam yesterday You wish. I just got done deleting the astrochan spam under literally every single thread on pol and there was yet another see pee spam on all boards today. Hopefully, that was it, at least for today. Fuck's sake.
>>22374 well shit, good job m8
Hey mods can you add nofollow on the anchor tags. Leaving that on leaves a direct trace back to our site for any undesirables. It should be really easy to do. And worth it.
>>22677 Don't know what it means but I'll get programmer onto it
>>22681 Great thanks, if you need any help or clarification let me know. As long as I can do it from a thread here and not join some chat room.
>>22724 Yeah that's cool If you have any problems or suggestions you can hit us up itt or on /meta/


no cookies?