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IM LOSING MY SHIT Anonymous 11/08/2019 (Fri) 06:36:09 No. 10182
Africa is a hellhole. This entire continent needs to be nuked off the face of the earth. As white American living in Africa, I can say without a doubt that these people were an evolutionary mistake!
im suprised it took you to have to go there to realize that...
Nah I knew before but living among them just solidified it. It’s different when you have prolonged day to day exposure to them.
Are you Diane Fossey by any chance?
(5.87 MB 528x360 Kang lips.mp4)
Anon, you disappoint me. Its an opportunity, not a burden.
Things to do:
1. Make shrine to ebola chan on a deserted road. Make sure they find it.
2. Obtain doll/figurine. Wrap in string, stick it with pins. Leave outside someone’s house.
3. Tell them that (insert nearby ngo here) is supposed to be offering free food/fuel/whatever but the supply is limited and they have been hoarding it for themselves.
4. Tell them that 'because you like them so much' that they shouldn’t accept the white mans medicine because it will sterilise them and remove sexual potency.
The sky is the limit. Just dont get caught, lol.
(31.05 KB 464x435 approve.jpg)
kek, this
(48.30 KB 330x319 1479962931004.jpg)

how much do you have to stay there OP?
Gonna be here a few years
>a few years

Man I am sorry for you.
I hope you at least are earning some good amount of money.
Make a blog, tell your stories. Post all the sick twisted shit they do, the total disregard for life, rape as an every day occurrence, etc.
Make a blog, tell your stories. Post all the sick twisted shit they do, the total disregard for life, rape as an every day occurrence, etc.
(13.74 KB 428x312 nigger gonna nig.jpg)
hey OP, did you read of that other anon here who shares your fate and went to Tanzania?

You guys might just team up and start the niggercide
>oh hey National Socialism is about having ethnostates for the diverse races around the world
>also niggers, chinks etc should die and make their lands our lands
also what the fuck are you doing in africa?
Same OP
Just giving an update
(496.76 KB 718x786 blacked.jpg)
lol too bad, any other based whites over there?

anyway, have this motivational image
There are some whites. Mostly South Africans. Anyone that stays here more than a few months is based. Except NGO people. Fuck those guys.
(611.86 KB 900x803 wtf.png)
>wow this NatSoc board is full of National socialists
le surprise, but guess what friendo, every nation that thought it could use shitskins as cheap slave labor to enrich a tiny class of crony capitalists ended in utter ruin.
there's neither cultural nor commercial enrichment to be had with importing slave labor.
>is there a way we can "trick" them in to organizing their society better?
Nigger, whites have squandered the equivant of 6 gorillion Marshall plans in Africa since deconolization, there is no way that populations with IQ lower than gorillas will ever get their shit together, it's hopeless.
They must be either left alone to their low IQ primitive ways or pitifully culled (hopefully the Chinese will deliver the latter).
The only way we could "trick" them is to colonize and run them. But them come the jews to rabble-rouse and whisper in their ear how good it will be when whitey is gone. The worst thing we could do is attempt to "save them" by bringing them here and importing all their problems.

China doesn't have this problem, they will kill the jews too, which is why they are having success colonizing africa at the moment.
More importantly, why would a sane White board full of NatSocs give a flying fuck about trying to improve the lives of niggers? What a moron.
Yeah we all know Africa is a shithole. You cucks banned slavery. The only good use of blacks. Now all we have left is watching them act like Apes on WorldStar.

-They also rape our women goys.


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