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Father of Navy SEAL killed in Yemen refuses to meet with Donald Trump Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 07:06:18 Id:bd662a No. 1063 History File history
Father of Navy SEAL killed in Yemen refuses to meet with Donald Trump

Who gives a fuck about this stupid shit?
The US just gets worse by the day.

If Libertarians had to choose between drug legalization, open borders, or restoring the Bill of Rights, Libertarians would rather restore the Bill of Rights.

One of the reasons the USA is collapsing now is that Americans would prefer to live in a prison instead of allowing one person to have freedom.

Americans don't care that female circumcision is banned, but Americans become batshit insane when they're told that male circumcision is legal.

Americans don't care that not shoveling snow is illegal, but Americans would lose their mind if the punishment was only 6 months in jail.

Americans don't mind that straws are outlawed, but Americans become outraged when they find out that toothpicks are still legal.

Americans don't mind that the US is a police state as long as the rest of the world suffers under tyranny, too.

Americans scream Trump supporting debt, wars, and the police state is fine because the USA would have debt, wars, and tyranny if Clinton had won.

If Clinton had promised to chop off your left leg and Trump had promised to chop off your right leg, Americans would scream with delight if they had chosen the winning side.

Racists scream that the US never had black people before today, but that isn't true.

Immigration didn't destroy the USA. The US has always had immigrants.


Americans insist mudshits hate freedom, but why are the only people defending freedom today are Gabbard, Amash, and Kokesh?

If shitskins hate freedom then why do Hong Kong and Chile have more freedom than the US does?


If brown people are poor then why does Singapore have more money than the US?


If brown people are stupid then why does South Korea have a higher IQ than Iceland?


If brown people are immoral then why does India have a lower divorce rate than the US?


Americans hate illegal aliens because they are illegal, brown, and get welfare, but if they were legalized then illegal immigrants wouldn't be illegal.

If the US had reciprocal work visas with countries like Poland then the white population would rise.


If welfare was ended then illegal aliens wouldn't get welfare.

What if immigrants paid sales taxes that funded welfare for Americans?

Americans hate freedom so much now that Americans want a wall to keep Americans IN.

Americans hate freedom so much now that Americans want to ban guns because blacks might buy them.

Americans hate freedom so much now that Americans want churches closed because Muslims exist.

What do you gain if you lose your freedom?

Are Americans retarded?


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