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Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 16:40:53 Id:adb603 No. 1100 History File history
nigerian unitedstatians are the richest and highest IQ USaian diaspora.
true/false claim?
if true, then how do the wignat "ethnonationalists" cope with that?
> people that fuck their cousins have high IQs
ur smart
What? Sorry even if what you're saying is true, how would that be an argument against ethno nationalism?
Nigerians that have been selected from the upper end of their peoples IQ Bell curve. You forgot to mention.

We don’t care about our people and put their survival & improvement first because they are the greatest or the best. We place our people first because they are our family and we care about them. In other words if i was a nigger i would be fighting for niggers because that is what a people must do: Fight for themselves.
Of course Aryan peoples are the greatest but that’s just a bonus.

Suppose you actually bothered to procreate but then you found that the neighbours kids were better in some way? Would you abandon your own children in favour of them? Of course not.
Would you allow the neighbours kids to take up residence in your own home and over time replace your own family? That would be shameful.
Yet white Nations must give everything, sacrifice everything, abandon everything so that the once great Nations our people built can be hollowed out and used as a squat by racial aliens who hate us and want us dead.
Every day the US gets worse. We pretend everything is fine, justify things, lie to ourselves, and stay silent.

Do you think things will get better on their own?

At point will you get mad? When will you resist? What will say when the economy collapses, you get sent to the concentration camps, the civil war starts, and WWIII breaks out?

Will you feel any responsibility at all?

Are you just going to take it?
>nigerian unitedstatians are the richest and highest IQ USaian diaspora.
there is no Nigerian Billionaires in the United States.
>if true
it's not

Brain drain would probably mark nigerians in the U.S. somewhere between 100-110 on average here for IQ. A majority of Nigerians are child raping, aids spreading, murderous animals that live in sand huts and deteriorated cities not built by them but other nations.
The government doesn't allow you to make money.

The government steals your money.

The government won't protect you or allow you to protect yourself.

The government outlaws everything.

The government wiretaps you 24/7.

You are not allowed to criticize the government.

The government doesn't obey the law.


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