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(193.78 KB 1082x606 paint it blue.jpg)
The Blue Men - Prep Thread Storm 11/16/2019 (Sat) 22:22:43 No. 11202
>If we could somehow turn every jew blue for 24 hours, I think there would be a mass awakening, because people would be able to see plainly what is going on.
That's what Dylann Roof wrote in his manifesto and it got me thinking.

The simplicity is actually brilliant. It's technically easy and we don't need to reason or explain, just show. It's neither illegal nor distasteful. You can slip an image anywhere completely innocently into any discussion. It's SFW, maybe even funny and goes right into the brain:

Jews are statistically over-represented. Jews propagate anti-white policies. Jews are alien.

No tiresome statistics necessary. Whoever sees a blued jew, however short, can't disconnect from that like one can from meme text one might like or not, might find funny or not. Being blue is simply neutral yet different. And with Jews being gene stealers often looking like us that's just the point.

I think it works best if no further text or memes are added to an image. Most people should figure it out on their own or if not it'll be a bit of a mystery and hopefully spark some curiosity among normies.

blued jews (pols, celebs, bankers, corporate people)
infographics asking people to participate
help with photoshop lol
lists with notable jews
on-topic discussions

So do your part and show what you deserve slate's "particularly anti-semitic"
(711.77 KB 1039x547 blew zuckerberg.png)
(399.55 KB 1039x547 blewess youtube.png)
(766.81 KB 837x570 bluemen.png)
(86.01 KB 890x501 blueman.jpg)
Reposting for ease of reference the edits of anons from the Tarrant thread. I'm thinking the best place to start would be focusing on billionaires, news figures and Jewish dominated groups like the Supreme Court.

It might also be a good idea to crosspost this thread on /fascist/. Although they are more discussion-oriented I'm sure they'd be interested
thanks anon!

thought so, too, but I don't know if that's their thing, but we could place a message in their QTDDAT/One liners thread if this gets going here
I'll go and try to start a thread. Their BO seemed to like Neinchan so I'm sure they'd be cool with it.
do it anon make a habbening faggot im rooting for you
fuck forgot tripcode
That'd be super helpful, anon
(552.33 KB 690x5604 who_controls _you.png)
I'll also add this, I don't remember how old it is, it might need an update but it will be sufficient to look up who is currently holding that job and if he is a kike, find his/her picture and blue it.
does anyone have the infographics where all the jews in our news outlets were named? I believe kikeNN had like sixty or so.
(3.88 MB 4500x4602 media2.jpg)
You mean this?
These are already estabilished as recognizable "antisemitic" images, I believe this "blue" idea has further potential because it can be used to mark simple images in which there is a group of powerful people, and the very rich and powerful are simply highlighted without any other symbol like the star of David or the hooked nose.
It's simple, it can circulate on social media because it's not immediately recognized by their AI trained to immediately delete certain contents and it has the potential to even be spread by leftoids commies who say they want to fight the power and kill the rich.
Well, we know kikes are over-represented there.
>it can be used to mark simple images in which there is a group of powerful people, and the very rich and powerful are simply highlighted without any other symbol like the star of David or the hooked nose.
This. The idea works when it shows contrast in a group of people. You see the blue among the crowd. Simply coloring an image of exclusively Jews blue doesn't really have the same effect in my opinion
precisely what I was looking for, thanks

>it can be used to mark simple images
yeah exactly, that's were it should work best, as eye-opener in otherwise ordinary settings so we see the contrast
I believe tech giants are the most notable example we could start with.
Financial institutions and banks have a lots of people we can blue out too.
the pic on the left is great, can you tell me who are jews of them?
For sure Zuckerberg and Schmidt that I can recall, all the others have jewish sounding names as well, I'll do a quick search.
(110.97 KB 639x413 obama_dinner.jpg)
meanwhile, here is the picture without the names on it, and also the complete list of the people at the table with Obama below:

– John Doerr, from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
– Carol Bartz, Yahoo! president
– John Chambers, CEO at Cisco
– Dick Costolo, CEO at Twitter
– Larry Ellison, CEO at Oracle
– Reed Hastings, CEO at NetFlix
– John Hennessy, Stanford University president
– Steve Jobs, CEO at Apple
– Art Levinson, Genentech president
– Eric Schmidt, CEO at Google
– Steve Westly, founder of Westly Group
– Mark Zuckerberg, CEO at Facebook
(188.49 KB 710x644 blewed.jpg)
>I'll do a quick search.

pic might not that suitable because it's probably better to stick with high-profile assholes who nobody likes anyways but these nice folks are lying POS
– (((Larry Ellison))), CEO at Oracle
– (((Art Levinson))), Genentech president
– (((Eric Schmidt))), CEO at Google
- (((Mark Zuckerberg))), CEO at Facebook
I can't confirm if Bartz is a Jewess or not but I'm pretty sure she is. Have I missed anyone before I begin to BLUE them?
The unknown person on the top right of the tech dinner image is Valerie Jarrett according to this article. And this is interesting because she is actually (((Valerie Jarrett)))

Too bad there is no skin showing. I'm thinking of either looking for another image of the same event if one exists or relabeling the entire image and making the labels for kikes blue along with their skin to fix the problem of her having no skin showing
>relabeling the entire image and making the labels for kikes blue along with their skin
that sounds about right to me and good you leave the labels in place, most folks don't know these people
Turns out (((weev))) was ahead of you guys

(749.29 KB 1020x605 obama dinner blue.png)
If someone can identify anyone else in this image as (((blue))) I'll fix it
(748.79 KB 1020x605 bluer.png)
Bluer version. Thought that it could stick out more
Sotomayor needs to be blue. I'd put money down she's a crypto sephardic.
(48.57 KB 1067x599 twitter.jpg)
Twitter seems to be on board with this idea too.
Some more pictures that can be used.
(274.96 KB 1236x820 ivankajared_blued.jpg)
(249.56 KB 1200x1200 soros1_blued.jpg)
(119.30 KB 1000x500 zuckerberg sandberg blued.jpg)
Three images blued
Also, a quick tutorial for bluing kikes using GIMP.

1. import your image that you want to turn blue
2. press SHIFT-Q. This enables a mode that allows you to easily select uneven areas for recoloring (hairlines, faces etc). The entire image should become tinted red.
3. select White as your drawing color and draw over the areas that you want to blue. As you draw with White, the red tint should disappear. Any non-tinted areas will be in the selection after you're done. (for more info read: https://docs.gimp.org/2.10/en/gimp-image-window-qmask-button.html)
4. Once you're done selecting, press SHIFT-Q again. The entire tint should disappear and the areas you painted over should appear as a selection.

5. Now that you have the kike faces selected, go Colors > Map > Rotate Colors in the top menu bar. A popup should appear, with 2 color wheels which have 2 points placed on them, connected with lines. Go to the lower color wheel and move both dots towards the dark blue area of the color wheel, to rotate the color inside the selection.
6. When you're done, press "OK". Your kikes should now be blue! (for more info watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtMWpDH0z6w)

7. Now go File > Export as and export your image.

You have successfully colored a kike blue!
(83.02 KB 1104x556 michelle goldberg blued.png)
Another one
Those are some good ones. If no one else does it first I’ll BLUE them here in a little bit
This reminds me, didn’t we try to meme this as a new symbol for the jews once as an alternative to the jew star? I thought I remember some memes where the checkmark was placed on their chest like the star usually is
>This reminds me, didn’t we try to meme this as a new symbol for the jews once as an alternative to the jew star? I thought I remember some memes where the checkmark was placed on their chest like the star usually is

Yeah, it was when twitter started removing the check marks from accounts that said politically incorrect stuff. People were saying that eventually only jews (and their allies) would be allowed to keep them. I remember people saying stuff like "I sure do hate those (((blues)))"
(615.32 KB 800x600 bj.png)
The blue color comes from a quote by Dylan Roof.
I am sure this would infuriate the kikes even more.
(99.98 KB 760x428 jewmer pelosi.jpg)
This is good but I think we need also images that show them among us for the contrast, else people might not understand what's going on.

pic related

>crypto sephardic
in a sense all of them are, but for now we should go with the known ones. we need to make it like a normie would see it.
Same goes for Ivanka, I know she's now a kike but not by blood and so no carrier of the genetic disease.

checked and thanks, that just came in handy

yeah we used blue because it's actually dylann#s idea and that's what he said. it's great because it's alien and creepy, yellow is kind of associated with gooks already and might also not give that good of a contrast

But does somebody have good shot the DNC and RNC? How many of them are kikes? i know DWS is but certainly more.
I see someone from here already tried posting a thread about it on cuckchan.
Hopefully some graphicfag on there will contribute.
(458.85 KB 1440x1440 iq map.jpg)
cuckchan has its own coloring fad just now, not bad actually
This is also a great meme the french are spreading.

however, the "blue the jew" thread went very well, bump limit was reached and many posters seemed enthusiast of the idea.
This could be a new interesting meme to bring to normies.
(453.80 KB 2896x2896 blue jew combo.jpg)
There is actually another thread active right now. I had tried to spread it to Cuckchan last night but it didn't get too many bites. I'm glad that someone got a thread off the ground later on.

Current thread:
Wow, thank you guys. Jail is shit but this makes my day, you're truly particularly anti-semitic
(337.67 KB 600x430 prince charles blue.png)
Don't worry, Dylann, soon we shall be extremely anti-semitic.
(264.75 KB 654x364 epstein trump blue friends.png)
going nicely, better than expected. give it a week and enough people know what a blue face means.

public outcry over bluefacing in 3 2 1 ....lol
Slate better feature a correction in their next article. 'Particularly' is too mild. I'll update the thread on /fascist/ too
(15.92 KB 128x110 brenton keeps memeing.png)
and you know what's best? it started in a Brenton thread. The gift that keeps giving.
>A jew living in israel is no enemy of mine, so long as they do not seek to subvert or harm my people.but they do, kek

btw, made a thread on nano's onion site

(577.02 KB 618x630 its afraid.png)
WIN! SJW's puzzled, we're getting stronger

>This is... strange. There's an antisemitic meme circulating that involves editing jewish people in photos to be blue. Sometimes paired with explicitly antisemitic text with "blue" replacing variants of "jew".
(152.71 KB 400x225 Rena laugh.gif)
Dumb kikes are literally giving this meme oxygen.
(419.71 KB 1074x717 blued 2.jpg)
(354.58 KB 1055x698 blued.jpg)
>do it anon make a habbening faggot im rooting for you
checked, whole thing is snowballing on cuckchan, looking good

Can we expect a new bombshell report by Slate's fearless April Glaser now? Get ready
(217.96 KB 850x400 dylann roof blue jews.png)
I just made this due to the fact that I see people keep asking why the color blue is being used in the Cuckchan threads. They think that it's because blue = jew sometimes, so this will help with the association. Also the shitstorm will be better when jews realize the origin of the meme (assuming momentum is held)
(32.62 KB 661x165 oyvey.jpg)
like it, tho still unsure if we should use it, the meme is perhaps more powerful on its own

regardless, we've been named kek let the shitflinging begin
This meme is too easily derailed by any opposition making people blue at random.
It's a downside, sure, but then it's like in every war, the enemy shoots back, but we will prevail.
It was bound to happen unfortunately, just like how people tend to call non-jews kikes due to their behavior. That’s why people are coloring Richard Spencer and Milo blue, to give too examples
This pantifa says it’s “all over” Facebook, Twitter and Telegram and that there’s even meme videos on jewtube about it already? I doubt it’s that big
All I can find is this on Youtube
>I doubt it’s that big
Think so, too, I mean it's barely a day old, tho it's been spreading fast and going strong on 4cuck.
There’s already a jew remix from years ago
jewmpa loompas
i dont think his daughter is a jew though. anything inaccurate will discredit this.

need scott israel and debbie wasserman-shultz with nick cruz and all the other jews from that school. that would be a banger
Top kek
This is a good meme and we started it, hopefully it will grow and have the name of Nein grow stronger.
Does 4cuck delete blueface threads? can't find any right now, but a lot of CIA threads shilling HK riots. seem not organic
She converted to Orthodox Judaism and has born mischling kike babies.
Yeah can't wait until we get mentioned as the home of this extremely antisemetic meme
hey BO, we could accelerate this by introducing an echo tag ((())) here that turns the text blue.
julay has something similar when you use parenthesis on their /fascist so it should be possible
I second this. Julay has it, and so did some boards on 8chan iirc.
(323.06 KB 1051x890 paint it blew.jpg)
hey frens, please spread on 4cuck, im banned lol
(405.85 KB 1051x890 paint it blew - template.png)
and the template
(273.88 KB 1051x890 they live.jpg)
nuther one
(466.76 KB 1051x890 they live - template.png)
temp for this
do your part
(3.08 MB 2030x3240 NBC News.jpg)
(1.74 MB 1880x2880 CNN.jpeg)
(2.38 MB 2500x4000 Fox News.jpg)

Same images, but separated and better quality.
(20.30 KB 571x585 erase metadata in GIMP.png)

Also, don't forget to erase all metadata from your image, before saving it.
active threads on halfchan
old but still active

new one, somewhat slow so get in there
Anon I've seen you refer to mods/moot as BO what does this even mean or am I just being a newfag
(802.63 KB 882x1279 (((cancer cells))).png)

I can't into paint, so sorry for shit quality
(364.14 KB 780x438 (((gun control))) meeting.png)

1488/10, anon !
(3.72 MB 3564x1848 paramount.jpg)
a leaf just posted this on cuckchan, somewhat redeeming the faggotry of his country

pic it's a great example of what we're looking for.
>>11555 (checked)
This might be the greatest example of this meme’s potential yet
>>11555 (checked)
This might be the greatest example of this meme’s potential yet
(106.99 KB 825x486 we did it guys.jpg)
who wudda thought
seventh thread on cuck in two days, so proud of you
(436.19 KB 584x546 stop antisemites.PNG)
(21.48 KB 630x263 stop anti 2.PNG)

good job guys
(549.44 KB 810x1559 135k follower jew.jpg)
>painted rabbis

Of course, that jews made this one, because they're panic and desperately want to drove our campaign to "absurd".
(141.40 KB 569x750 perv nation is blue.jpg)
Me Too shit is the best place to really drop some redpills.
How to achieve the same result, but with black-n-White image ?
I use GIMP and follow all steps, like this anon advised >>11322

But seems like this method don't work with old photos.

Pic-related is photo with stalin and (((lazar kaganovich))).
Maybe some anon can blue this one too ?
(104.80 KB 815x584 ninth congress communist.jpg)
Some anons have gotten it to look okay. I haven't done any black and Whites yet personally myself. I'd try messing around with the color, making it lighter or darker maybe. I might experiment on the photo you posted just to see
AFAIK Moore just dated a teenager like 16/17yo? that was normal back then. I guess they put him in that list cause it was too many jews already

use color - colorize
it works like a charm
(112.33 KB 620x464 blue me too.jpg)
(102.07 KB 600x600 desaturate it now.jpg)
sorry fren, this operation aims normies, only confirmed jews
(484.81 KB 1816x1462 fed.jpg)
this is what 2 percent look like

current thread https://boards.4kike.org/pol/thread/233631176
going slow atm, need some backup
also, we should go in the other threads, no raiding, just take images their and blue them if possible

that said, insert meta data in image files so they are indexed more easily by search machines

maybe someone with that knowledge can setup blogs, doesn't need to have content much, just use good judgement and add some text which will be found be jewgle & co
never mind, your digits are divine
Proud of you goys, some of these pictures are absolutely hilarious.
In Marvel, the Kree are blue (well, were most of the time but in the SHIELD TV show they started to depict them more and more as Whites too). They're supposed to be supremacist space nazis.
(47.96 KB 917x218 telegram.jpg)
Feel free to join and start contributing


current thread on cuck
Nuked apparently.
This must be repeated because 4kike has solid filters (cuckmods) do keep the place clean.


What I hate with this methodology is how it associate the blue with jews.
Why not go for YELLOW instead?

Try it with yellow and see.
this all started from the quote of Dylann Roof's manifesto, and it was blue.
Also, yellow reminds more of chinks.
Krishna and other blue skinned gods are far too based to ever be associated with jewry. There’s a reason why India was the birthplace of the idea of Kalki had people declaring Hitler an avatar (even before Devi).
i think the blued pictures of federal reserve, supreme court and other government offices and agents have the best chance to "blue"redpill the normies. i also think it would be critical hit if you were able to blue government down to the local level, just to identify how deeply entrenched the 2% tribe is in the controlling mechanisms of our society
In commemoration for Nein's first meme op.
fucking baste & red pillowed
Great job Anon unironically epic
>Tfw finally in the screencap
noice mate, post it on cuck, lads there need some encouragement, sadly some shilling and bickering's going on. we're not as effective as we could be.

>mfw I appear multiple times along with my edits
It’s been fun so far, lads
same here, kind of unreal seeing it take off but feels good man
I know, I thought it was a good idea but still felt like I was wasting my time, especially after I made the first cuckchan thread which died almost without bumps before Frenchanon revived it with his threads

I just saw some cuckchan fag LARP as a jew and report this new “anti-semitic meme” to Vox allegedly. Should be funny
haha brofist, I was actually the guy who said there's memetic potential in Dylann's quote but I made this thread here only when like three of four you responded well.
for real, would like to see Dylann's face if this gets big. It's his work.

he's running these threads like a pro, we have to give him a fucking medal for that
um Saint Dylann roof dead by lethal injection in 2018 anon may our great saint killer of nine toms rest in peace for his great service >>11834
>first meme op
lol no how do you think the clown meme was spread so fast?
nein is home of the clown anon
cuckchan thread just got shoah'd and the french OP temp b& for 3 days
(128.29 KB 1042x510 Screenshot_2019-11-20_06-42-37.png)
yeah I'm here, 4kike mods really are fucking jewed
a swedish anon posted the following thread though, let's see where this goes
are you frenchanon? anyway, you're doing the work of the Lord. Merci beaucoup

fuck, but it means the whole thing works
forgot, did anyone here try to make a thread on 8kun?
I know it's not really ready yet they got no /pol but there's a /b and that might do for the start

Didn't that place get seized by glows earlier?
This is awesome, and I am also in the screencap!
Thank you anon.
8kun.top is the successor of 8ch.net, which was de-platformed.

What you mean is 8channel that has no connection with 8chan whatsoever. the "8channel" moot is just some random dude who thought it was a good idea to rename his old board, so he could leech of 8chans fame. don't go there, it's shit
so we have no dedicated thread right now on cuck? can't find one, though it seems blue is already infesting the other threads. containment broken, i guess
anyone here knows one from murdoch murdoch?

if they introduce (((blues))) that would be super helpful
>Saint Dylann roof dead by lethal injection in 2018
Don’t scare me like that, anon. Dylann lives
(275.21 KB 1865x414 1574245929359.png)
It's 2019 and Dylann is still alive.

Have you guys seen this shit in pic related? What's the reason for canadians being the most cucked stupid posters on cuckchan?
Thought this was funny too (pic)

I was sayig in the cuckchan thread that we need to be posting outside of the hashtag #blued and #blueprivilege. We can definitely still use those, but we need to be posting in normalfag spaces since otherwise we’ll be the only ones seeing it
>a leaf
every single time,
but I've to admit he's doing a great job FOR us, in fact. I mean he keeps our threads alive and makes even new ones to become blue within the first couple of posts. JIDF tactics so far not able to do more than some derailing. anyways, any publicity is good.

these are good ones havent seen them before

They would be awsome with a caption like

Is this what 2 percents look like?

with the 2 colored, guess what, blue lol

haha nice one, the more tags the merrier, if it helps im down
>They would be awsome with a caption like
Give me a few hours (I’m not at my PC) and I can try to compile a whole bunch of these into a giant mega-screenshot captioned with something mentioning the 2% number. It could be very redpilling, just like the media infographs that people always post of the major outlets
this thread has an insane number of glownigs posting
(1.84 MB 1200x1184 greta blueberg .png)
(303.15 KB 1396x1452 today.jpg)
Noticed that, too. The first threads were breddy gudd but from then on there was a lot of JIDF shilling.
it's always the same memeflaggots like that commie retard with oh you guise like culoring bukks

>pic related
make something funny with that

saint greta the great is on our side, this will rustle their jimmies
I noticed lots of hilarious comments about "we don't want the board to look antisemitic".
So this is the power of the Trump shills, trying a gradual "deradicalization" to make it r/thedonald 2.0?
What a fucking disappointment from 2016, the biggest blackpill for any White american is how pozzed Trump administration turned out to be.
frenchanon here
I need one of you lads to OP these threads, they have been taken over by that nazi memeflag who is 100% a glowfag as pointed out by this anon
I haven't found a nordvpn server who hasn't been banned yet so I can't do it
I'm gonna post the thread pasta below for convenience

Operation "Blue The jew":

Step one:
Find pictures of jews

Step two:
Make them blue

Step three:
Post them on twitter with hashtags #blueish and #whysoblue

Step four:
Retweet and like fellow Anons

Step five:

Step six:

It's safe for work, and makes it absolutely clear to the average normie that jews are over-represented in positions of power.

Previous threads:

1 to 10) https://pastebin.com/GWEW7NQr
11) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233618432#p233618432
12) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233631176#p233631176
13) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233660977#p233660977
14) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233682219#p233682219
15) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233698686#p233698686
16) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233716464#p233716464
17) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233729638#p233729638
18) >>233738978 SHOAD AND OP BANNED
19) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233743582#p233743582
20) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233756923#p233756923 (GLOWFAG)
21) https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/233764669#p233764669 (GLOWFAG)
22) >>233787246 (GLOWFAG)

>If jews became blue for 24 hours, everyone would realize what's going on










0)MAKE A TWITTER ACCOUNT (no phone required, use an outlook mail address)




(6.03 KB 186x160 gargamel.jpg)
(142.72 KB 1024x768 hasidic blue.jpg)
(43.09 KB 1280x720 the blues.jpg)
made a new thread but got 0 replies
not anymore
no you got some, never despair never falter

anybody knows this site?
it's from 2014 obviously
Doesn't window still add some shit nevertheless?
>in b4 winfag lel
<try mat on nux
it was gone like within an hour
thread on julay's has also been axed
we're the last bastion lads *whistles british grenadiers*
And without spending a single shekel!
the guys on /fascist/ do not like fun very much, they banned me for posting a meme reaction image lmao
/fascist/ usually doesn't have that big of a stick up its ass. They're dealing with newfriends due to the Slate article and they like to preserve the board culture as much as possible (like any good nation). Idk how to check bans on JulayWorld but in the past 90% of bans were lifted after a day or two, especially if it was trigger happy banning. You're probably already unbanned
>for future reference
the fuck are you lol my fucking dad?
I know they can shape their board the way they want, it just felt surreal to be reprimanded for posting a reaction image on a goddamn imageboard.
I've seen autistic virgins incarnate, go look at the "born again fascists" thread and have a good laugh.

They are still sperging the fuck out because some guys didn't agree with their virgin cope mechanism thread so they can sit there and blame "degeneracy" and "jews" to make themselves feel better because they failed at natural selection in an age where access to available women have never been higher.

Unfortunately for some reason the NS/3pos ideologies attract some cringelords/freaks/mentalists who make us look bad but at the same time think they are hot shit, even tho the lame brats have never done anything real for the movement ever. Basically high level schizo virtue signaling with their own schizo clicks. And word of advice. If you know ppl or especially sperglord communities like i mentioned trust me they are nothing good and a waste of fucking time, find others.

Thx mate.
It's true though. A lot of people who come to /fascist/ have no clue of its history or board culture on 8chan which stretched over a year back. It's not a "no fun" board, but it tries to foster some decent discussion and to do that you gotta be a bit tougher on some shit. Usually it works out pretty well (like the Bhagavad Gita or Race War General threads in the catalog right now there) but sometimes it's an entertaining shitstorm like the anime thread or the born again fascist thread. I'm still laughing at the anime coomers freaking out and feeling betrayed when he told people to stop watching anime all day
>when he told people to stop watching anime all day
Meant the BO
Is the BO the same one from the original 8chan board?
>And why did they even delete the #Bluejew thread when its taking off?
didn't understand that either, there was nothing in it that would've warranted it, even less as the BO is actually pretty chill and said he was okay with it at first, tho then caved to that one whiny schizo sperging out.
whatever, lets not cry about it.
frenchanon here
good to see that the Op is back on track
however to circumvent the ban I'm using phone data which is very limited, I may suddenly stop posting in which case please pick up the threads and format them like I did
Take a look at this archive for formatting


I’m glad you were able to circumvent the ban. I like the new OP and instructions. I haven’t participated in actually spreading the content beyond the Cuckchan threads and here so I’ll have to try to make a Twitter account if I can (I always get banned almost immediately)
a leftypol jewish faggot is shitting up the cuckchan thread and the hashtag https://twitter.com/IPolorto/status/1197407494005346304
god I hate blues
(432.22 KB 700x700 1559617356247.png)
false alarm it was just a twitter tranny
I read that thread too, sometimes I wonder why some spergs don't just convert to Islam, if they think fascism is just the realization of their power fetishes they are clearly mistaken.
It would be great if this catches on with the sandniggers. I don't speak sandnigger but if we could meme this to them they might just stop bomb blowing up White children and go for the blues as they should.

A good start might be sharing an infographic with Arabic Christians but fuck if I know where to find one. Said infographic can have the shittiest of translations done by ourselves, they'll correct it then.
Any further suggestions?
redpill me on metadata.
Can it be used to track your identity? And how easy/hard is it to do this?
Why isn't (((Gates))) purple?
in short in can be dangerous, yes, but mostly not. Why?

if you take a photo with your camera, depending on model, there'll often be a lot of info stored with it, camera model, lighting, date, time, sometimes even geolocation.
tbh, the problem is not only metadata here and you shouldn't use your camera/phone anyways since every lens is shaped uniquely and the resulting imperfections in the glass will betray you. No kidding here and there's more concerning things but just this for now. just don't use cameras.

images that are not photos are usually much less of a problem. They might contain the name of your image editing software and date or worse sometimes people fill in their name/computer name in the settings of a software and forget about that while in fact this data is added every time to each image.

you can check some safe images for metadata that might come up here

All that being said, metadata can easily be removed, most better image editors (i recommend GIMP) have a function for that or at least there's the possibility to leave metadata out when saving. Many image viewers have that function either and there's also dedicated tools.
if you're a paranoid freak like me you might want to use an hex editor to check every image before you upload, this will show also metadata but is not nearly as comfortable and mostly unnecessary.
>Why isn't (((Gates))) purple?
the ops aims at normies, that means only 100 percent surely confirmed jews where no argument might arise. We don't want to make us vulnerable here as you can already see happening in the JIDF-infested cuckchan threads.
Let's not derail this. The confirmed ones are already enough to make the point of over-representation perfectly clear.
>bluethe jew international edition
some potentially helpful phrases

Human : Arabic
jew : يهود
Blue : أزرق
Paint : طلاء

Human : Turk
jew : Yahudiler
Blue : Mavi
Paint : Boya

Human : Farsi/Persian
jew : یهودی
Blue : آبی
Paint : رنگ نقاشی

English: Russian
jew : Евреи
Blue : Синий цвет
Paint : Краски

English: Weeboo
jew : ユダヤ人
Blue : 青
Paint : 塗料

English: Chinese
jew : 犹太人
Blue : 藍色
Paint : 涂料
I don’t know about the other languages but don’t use any of the Arabic or Japanese, it’s clearly wrong. For Japanese I think we could say something like ユダヤ人を青く描きましょう! (yudayajin o aoku egakimashou!) “Let’s paint / draw the jews blue”. I’m shit at Arabic and have only barely taken a semester of it so I can’t provide anything more than something like “How many blue people are there in our governments and the media?” (هناك كم فرد أزرق في حكوماتنا ووسائل الاعلام؟)

Take these with a grain of salt but I’ve taken classes on both before, but not to a fluency level
fucking hell, I go away for a few hours and the cuckchan threads get taken over by that nazi memeflag glowie
you're swedebro ?
It becomes complicated with 1/4 jews.
One of Lenin's grandmothers spoke yiddish, iirc.
Can't the admin fix the code for the post references, it's downright terrible in so many ways. Post is partially masked by the column on the right, cursor flickers, page goes up and down like a spasmic autist.
But you do not need to be a iFag either, any crappy android phone of entry model sold by the truckload is going to be enough to drown you in the sheer mass of devices shipped worldwide.
At worse you might add a few filters that slightly deteriorate the picture, deform or bend certain areas or add artifacts.
That's something more serious tho but the brain power needed for that, ugh.
Good job.
>don’t use any of the Arabic or Japanese, it’s clearly wrong.
thanks for the info, i have to admit i don't speak any of the languages mentioned, I found the words out simply by searching each term on kikepedia and then look up the corresponding article titles.

we need an infographic obviously that should be understand without much text so as not to get lost in translation
FUCK twitter suspended my account

>images that are not photos are usually much less of a problem. They might contain the name of your image editing software and date or worse sometimes people fill in their name/computer name in the settings of a software and forget about that while in fact this data is added every time to each image.

D-does Microsoft paint do anything like this?

sweating pepe.jpg
for what bro? did you only post blues or were you a meanie?
(432.22 KB 700x700 1559617356247.png)
I tweeted this to the jewish tranny with a "(You)" attached to it
That's clearly trans-phobic anon!
I hate american corporations so fucking much
Paint doesn't add metadata on its own but if such data is already present in a file it will retain it, like when you edit a photo it will save the data already delivered with it.

Use Gimp though, it's so much better
(29.00 KB 590x350 face ear mouth.jpg)
Swedbro's thread got insta-archived

Our/Frenchbro's current/official thread is still this one

regardless, somebody posted this pic and while I preferred to keep it simple the matter of crypto jews comes up like every ten posst so we might just go along with the flow.

genetically jews full blue
their enablers, blue ears
and converts not being carriers of the disease blue mouth

again, I'd rather the original simple way but if someone wants do to do cryptos badly this is probably the best way
(40.33 KB 660x371 1574366176117.jpg)
as I see it the blue lips are not about cryptos but about shabbos goys, jew's bitches such as bolton
(133.80 KB 956x537 1574374016047.png)
frenchanon here, I was banned from 4cuck /pol/ a second time
actually, i have no idea how the meme has evolved but to me it seemed blue lips was used quite indifferently and the blue ear is a recent addition.
I however found it pretty fitting for someone who does the bidding of their jewmasters while blue lips for ivanka drive the point home quite well
i guess we'll just have to see how things turn out.
does that mean all blue jew threads will go to /bant from now on?
looks like it, we may need to post crossboard links from /pol/ redpill threads to /bant/ //Blue The jew// from now on
banned or not, we should start ID'ing relevant pics of interest in /pol's other threads and blue them there, no arguing just throwing them in
good idea
do we have an agreed upon place where to up-/ download images, except telegram or here- maybe an own thread?

If the kike mods decided to shoa the threads about the prodction of the OCs, it's now time to evolve and to simply start posting the blued images around social media and using them on any other thread one is partecipating in, using them in similar fashion of any merchant picture that usually get posted.
there is no /pol/, but I saw /news/
(168.48 KB 933x687 honorable service.jpg)
I know there's many contributing to the war efforts but I think frenchbro who keeps pumping out those thread like a madlad deserves a fucking commendation in particular.

is really just news and you can't even torpost. my best bet would be /1 so far. let's just hope pol comes back

finally, to swedbro out there who doesn't get past our captchas. reload the site until one comes which is better readable lol
please don't let the /BTJ/ threads get taken over by memeflags again
>Captcha is so fucking retarded here its unbelievable... How do I get around it?
well, you don't I'm afraid, but you'll get the hang of it. I get it right 9 in 10 times now, in the beginning I fucked up constantly
>There are no Captchas here
I'm a different anon, captchas can be awful here. I usually have to fill them out five or six times and have to reload the page before I can post. Once I get it to go I don't have any issues though. I hope it can get fixed one day but I've gotten used to it.
>no captchas
Not him, but I get captchas here almost always. Maybe it's because I use Tor, though.

>Any Ideas?
I use Tor without Javascript, so I see no timer anyways but I just use the return-to-previous-page-button after I've solved the captcha until I'm back in the thread. This works like a charm.
remember to ask cuckchan anons to like and retweet on twitter
(32.08 KB 594x230 retweet her.png)
twitter lads retweet and like that nice albeit stupid lady @lauriethepoet and that antisemitismorg tweet, push em

go go go
You have the glasses the wrong way.
>threads get taken over by the memeflag again
you could have prevented this
The Gita thread was good until the hedonist retard started to shit it up and pilpul over the term 'lust' and say that life is all about chasing pussy
Change the blue text to the top anon and put "mfw White privilege is.." on the bottom thats what the other anon means
after thousands of posts and new images we're still redpilling the good folks of 4/pol

here's our current thread
I saw that last night, it's gaining traction
That was a surprisingly well-done video. I don’t know anything about the channel but he did a good job in spurring interest in what exactly these mysterious blue people have in common. Hopefully it is vague enough that jewtube won’t nuke it immediately. 49K views on this great. I had thought this meme had peaked honestly. I saw some retards on Twitter thinking it might mean Democrats though. If only they knew...
(45.70 KB 1280x720 blues clues.jpg)

Saw a reference to pic related in the comments. This has memetic potential as well.
content creator is mr obvious. hes one of us. he is anon, /pol/ack. he is not natsoc, alt right or anything, but he is unbelievably redpilled on the jq. check out his other vids. not trying to fanboy for eceleb, but he does good work.

initially, i was salty about him saying bluish originates on 4cuck, but after contemplating it a bit, im glad he didnt name us, to keep the low quality types from migrating here
Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/25/2019 (Mon) 18:31:10.
A lot of these videos are being taken down. I pull this with youtube-dl
They are avoiding giving this meme any ground
They even tweeted about it before (>>11576), which makes it even funnier. People like to push the narrative the kikes are superintelligent but all signs in their conduct point against it. I'm glad they're giving this more energy kek.
>which makes it even funnier
frankly, I had to check if it was their old tweet and if I was mistaken but no, they are that dumb
Maybe their shabbos associates/spouses etc. should be painted in some other color so people start seeing that color combination everywhere in business, politics and so on.

It would be a literal scientific experiment.
the last of our threads on cuck had like 50 replies before it got archived. did the mods this?

and cuckchan takes all the blame LMAO
no they took all the credit many ):
The only thing that matters is that the information is getting out there and that people are being redpilled. It's better that we sit behind the scenes anyways.
>but for now we should go with the known ones
This, for certain. If you start going after ones that have sources for and against them being from the tribe, you're only going to blow the meme out of proportion. Individuals like Sotomayor and Jesus Christ might be crypto, but not documented, at least consistently.
Does anyone have those NS drawings and racial science book photos/illustrations showing the typical body and facial characteristics of a jew? That stuff was suppressed and memory holed hard after the war, perhaps more than anything else. If people read those, they would begin realizing that a lot of worst scum in government, various companies and organizations have those traits, without having any apparent jewish background or even knowing themselves that they are kikes genetically. Those should be posted on every corner, it would make people start drawing conclusions pretty quickly. And it's not even hostile in any way, it just describes the physical appearance of various nations in a scientific manner.
(227.76 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_1.jpeg)
(205.77 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_2.jpeg)
(233.61 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_3.jpeg)
(244.78 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_4.jpeg)
(233.24 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_5.jpeg)
(213.30 KB 700x700 Head_Shape_6.jpeg)

I don't know about old NS works, but the only thing i know about is Russian research book from 2005 year, which called "We and They".

It's explain anthropology difference between Slavs and jews by head, ear, nose, mouth, eyes shapes, etc.

Unfortunately, it's only were published in Russia and available only in Russian too.

Anyway, pic-related is some examples from that book.
These pics are explain the skull difference.
I poorly translated it into English, so please no bully.

t.Slav anon

Thanks !

Maybe i will translate other categories as well, but in the next days.
I will post them in this thread or maybe crate a new one.

t.Slav anon
I didn't know Ryan Gosling is a jew.
lol why is this bot trying to sell me glass windows PFF
>it wants to drill a well in my back yard
that's some fucked up gay faggot shit, if I heard some lol
>Taking down the ZOG machine blue by blue by blue...

Carry on you fabulous fucks
The world is run by dirty blues
Why does snow elf boomerbot spam this thread and only this thread?
Leave gypsy leave!Go and sell your wears elsewhere!
>wtf when the slavic gyspy bot is back
(648.55 KB 1143x1280 1574228849802.jpg)
(634.86 KB 601x799 1579398911816.png)
those are pretty dank
What's going on with this? Is it still gaining traction, or at least going steady?
>>20344 Does anyone here even go on facebook or twitter or watch the news anymore, such that we would know one way or the other?
How do you do, fellow 99 percenter goylem? We've got the nazis on the ropes, keep charging. We're the majority now.
>>21040 Why is this bot still here?
(185.76 KB 2550x2926 ER.png)
Still no updates? I hope this is still going strong. Also if anyone's up for another meme-ops, there's pic related. Extinction Rebellion is a leftist environmentalist group that is linked to (minor cases) of violence. Recently there was this article: >Enough is Enough: XR co-founder filmed calling for 'take down' of civilisation https://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/nick-ferrari/enough-enough/xr-co-founder-filmed-calling-sabotage-civilisation/ In it they also called themselves "White supremacists". It was probably some kind of self-criticism, but still. There are already multiple edits in the Tarrant thread. If anyone is interested in this, I'll start a thread about it.
>>21385 >Still no updates? I hope this is still going strong. Unfortunately it's not going at all. The ops depended highly on some extremely active individuals and after 4kike banned all our threads and Jim sold 8/pol/ out there is no place to start from. It was difficult already when the ops ran on 4kike since twatter and faceberg removed most of our posts. Best chance I see, and this should've been the direction from the beginning, is specifically targeting other threads/twatterposts etc., that is blueing images just as they appear. I actually see someone doing that occasionally.
>>21385 >>21398 just keep posting blued pics and memes to various platforms, those that know, will know what it is and what it means. we will have to slow cook it since we cannot rely on namefags and ecelebs to give it oxygen
>>21385 >In it they also called themselves "White supremacists" Hahaha what? I read the other day that the shitskins in this movement are triggered by the "excessive Whiteness" of it, with them being kept out of the spotlight, so some of them are quitting.
>>21423 >Hahaha what? This is the quote from the article: >Mr Bramwell was filmed at the event saying: “Extinction Rebellion is the spirit of our age. It contains absolutely every dichotomy and absolutely every flaw and beauty that our present society encapsulates. It is White-supremacist, it is racist. It is also very very beautiful and there is incredible people doing incredible work within the organisation. It is also deeply deeply patriarchal and people like Roger Hallam completely and utterly 100 percent exemplify that patriarchy" I assume this is self-criticism in the same way that Hollywood still criticize themselves for being too White. The article is pretty interesting though and contains calls for violence. It would be pretty easy for us to "high-jack" their movement and it would generate many lulz.
>>21724 Jesus fucking Christ, how hard is it to ban these posts? Just auto-delete posts that contain these links, or just auto-delete Russian (or whatever language this is) posts.
>>21730 Was going to post the same. At least this time I managed to send a report. Looks like there are steady bots: this russian druggie stays here, while boomerbot is now in the Virginia thread.


no cookies?