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(772.81 KB 1734x740 Untitled.png)
STOP TELLING JEW NIGGERS ABOUT THIS PLACE!!! Mourning_Star (Admin) 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:31:28 No. 12516


Edited last time by Mourning_Star on 11/24/2019 (Sun) 10:37:10.
(249.52 KB 1914x1030 Boomerbot 4.png)
(277.90 KB 1920x1080 Boomerbot 5.png)

OP I agree with you 100%
Some fine folks can come here from other small places like julay and mlp, but drawing too much attention on cuckchan will only bring here the filthiest garbage.
>says the Board Owner
>BO hangs out on Discord with literal zoomer trannies
>Member of same tranny chan federation (along with 16pol)
>Used to run a coin miner on the site (and bragged about it)
>Also bragged about shilling site for ad revenue
>Behaviors suggest BO will sell out userbase for shekels when right opportunity presents itself
This board was honked from the start, not surprised it's filling up with more faggots.
Make your own /pol/ site if this one is no good
Give proof fag. Big if true
>Some fine folks can come here from other small places like julay and mlp
Thanks anon. I can tell you are an oldfag, doubt many remember the mlpol containment thread or the "glad there's no /mlpol/ faggots here thread". That was really some epic funny shit, wish I had it screencapped.
But yeah, anons who frequent slower moving chans usually frequent a few.

I'm sorry you had to look at all that nigger dick jannies.
Im bored af
need something to fuck with
i've literally ran nmap on the entire internet for a week straight and resorted to grab-bagging fuckery. Best I found was a wedding invitation site that I changed the invites on an order to mr and mrs pickledick instead of peckeldock.
help me /b/ros, i r need funz!
In the very near future, if not already, we will be able to filter out "BBC" posts automatically using neural networks.
wouldn't be too hard to build a filter blocking the upload of any image with x amount of blk or blk as an x percentage of img
>He's so out of touch that he doesn't realize old BO has been gone since we switched to lynx
Is the BO still a feg?
>is asked for proof
>links to shitty thread in other chan with no proof whatsoever
>shown proof
>literal audio files
Damage control
>Doesn’t post proof of BO change
>BO behaviors same as before
>BO e-begging w/Patreon
>BO known to pretend to be an anon, spreads disinfo
Dumb niggers with sunk cost bias. I love /pol/ like the rest of you. Just wanted to show why threads always seem jewed to shit. It isn’t the Feds, it isn’t the jews, it’s zoomer trannies. Ignore the info or make the best of it... do whatever you want. I felt it my duty to share.
>posts files who could contain the voice anyone
>doesn't understand what proof is
>is dumb d&c shill
I have seen this "research" posted on Julay several times.
Tbh this is the only /pol/ that is not jewed, overrun with shills or moderated like fucking Plebbit that I could find.
I wouldn't expect a place like this to be run by sjw trannies.
no neural network required
>for new post
>tineye search
>file located on niggerdick.com
You should allow only tor imageposting. Many shills are too stupid to use tor, and it would upgrade the security of our people.
I guess your tolerance is higher than mine. There are better boards, (not Julay or 16) though I return here from time to time to see how things are progressing.

Actually its the opposite. Tor is a great way to invade this place, because shills can bypass a ban by just reconnecting. Im pretty sure the bbc spammer from yesterday did it via Tor, otherwise he couldn't post so much for so long.
Cuckchan however blocks Tor and makes full scale invasions impossible.
Privacy comes with a price bros.
There are other places outside of here like japanese and russian imageboards.
I don't speak japanese nor russian.
> Bill of rights
No, that is boomerbot.
Neinchan is way better staying small. Id rather have 10 good anons and a few spergy ones than 200,000 Plebbit MAGA fags who are "based"
Yes it's slow, but al least there is quality and the shills are more manageable when they show up.
8ch refugee here.
Keep neinchan hidden, or once it gets too big its going to turn into cuckchan.
And WTF happened to Endchan? Fucking everything gets ruined in the end, we can't have nice things apparently.
(117.75 KB 1244x636 rally2.jpg)
Hi fellow 8ch fugee
This place looks like a sanctuary city, but without the niggers
(32.00 KB 530x444 0645 - jyFPJE8.jpg)

Henlo fren, I also came here as 8chan refugee. To be honest I was pretty much a newfag, but once I got used to the type of interaction that there was on 8, it felt like shit trying to stick back to cuckchan.
I hope Nein will stay consistent and never turn to shit like other chans nor get shut down by the goddamn kikes.
Make sure to check out JulayWorld’s /fascist/ as well. There’s a lot of crossposting I’ve noticed between here and there
Yes, I am also among the ones crossposting there.
not to mention it will get blocked by content filters if they catch wind of it, I like posting here at school during lunch
When I was your age I was postin on /new/ on my lunch break. We used to remove the s from the https and we could go on any site. Shit things were so diffrent and now im older and so is the internet its crazy anon youll feel this one day
Did kikes get that board down as well?
Julay's been weird for the last few weeks with frequent outages. See >>>/fascist/12 for a bit more detail. There's now a backup here and one on fatpeople.lol/fascist/
Almost every board where I begin to post some serious stuff starts having (((outages))) Looks like little maggots are terrified of me. And they should be.

I wonder did Vedic anon get to see my replies in that religion thread.
If you're talking about the Vedic anon behind the Bhagavad Gita thread on Julay, that's me actually funnily enough. I saw that there are new posts. The last few times I was on Julay/fascist/ I was phoneposting so it was difficult for me to type out a long reply and fully digest long posts. I fully intend to reply to all the new posts.
Yes, I made two long-ish replies to you debunking one of the Talmudic weapons that they utilize to turn people into physical and spiritual husks so their (((god))) can consume them. It seems that exposing that information worried certain someone. And it's only scratching the surface, I haven't even come closely to the most interesting parts.

t. Atman anon
(144.63 KB 675x900 jew truth goyim know.jpg)
> I made two long-ish replies to you debunking one of the Talmudic weapons that they utilize to turn people into physical and spiritual husks so their (((god))) can consume them.
I'll be sure to read it and reply as soon as I can, anon. Sadly Julay is still down or I'd be at it right now.
>It seems that exposing that information worried certain someone. And it's only scratching the surface, I haven't even come closely to the most interesting parts.
I look forward for whatever other knowledge you have to give us. Spreading Vedic knowledge in White nationalist circles is of supreme importance. The kikes fear Aryan gnosis. What the James Madole's National Renaissance Party in the US tried to do is what needs to be advocated for: a re-institution of the caste system as a formal institution and a government built around the Laws of Manu.
>It's afraid
Wasted Ass bro
Wated d u b s
(7.27 KB 755x89 cunt.png)
As we speak an aussie cunt is advertising our beloved Neinchan on cuckchan's Aus/pol/ that is notoriously followed by ASIO and 5eyes cunts.
I'll just leave this here as proof.
>Aus/pol/ that is notoriously followed by ASIO and 5eyes cunts.

imagine being this schizo
>notoriously followed by ASIO and 5eyes cunts.
implying they don't know about us
come on
the idea is to stay 'unimportant' enough to not warrant their attention.
Don't advertise on (((voat))) either. That place is more jewish than plebbit but allows wrongthink as a containment vessel.
The real problem is your mods. After seeing how kike-infested this board is and being banned multiple times by apparent kikes, why would I think it worth protecting at all? The top of the board is always dominated by slide threads these days. Get ahold of your board. Delete repeat threads. Look at who your mods are banning and for which posts they ban people. Maybe clamp down conversation to only the most useful threads, lest the dumpster fire aspects of chan culture get out of hand.
Kys Kike

The board is fine.
same here... Test?
Never mind, mods are Gods.
the only kike here is you, go be a kike somewhere else. if one of your IP's got banned, it was for a reason
If this isn't too intrusive, how safe is this website in terms of being shut down? Obviously a few months ago we saw what happens when a big web hosting company decides to off a website that it sees as undesirable, how is this place going to prevent that?
What did you say to be banned?
I have been posting here for several months now and I have never been banned.
I don't see any slide threads, mods delete spam and bots so they are fine in my book.
well our server is hosted in old BO,s basement so without kicking the door down or dns blocking it should be relatively safe but for every chan that gets taken down more will rise
KYS Kike the board is fine
if you get a ban message for something you do not believe you have done it is most likely dynamic ip it even happend to me a few times its very inconsistent but waiting for a bit should fix it
Edited last time by blackjack on 12/07/2019 (Sat) 16:14:25.
no one really comes here though. it's the same circle jerk it has been since the beginning. we need a lot of people like pol once was
youre here, now jerk me off, circularly
i'll leave that to the only other regular, the atomwaffen pagan douche that shits up every thread. im sure he has better technique. i do this because i care about you BO
did (((someone))) shilled this place on cuckchan/Plebbit again?
>muh pagans
>muh ciclerjerk
>muh attomwaffen
i'm pretty this is the ZOG-agent shilling (((deradicalisation))) propraganda in the threads
did (((someone))) shilled this place on cuckchan/Plebbit again?
>muh pagans
>muh ciclerjerk
>muh attomwaffen
i'm pretty this is the ZOG-agent shilling (((deradicalisation))) propraganda in the threads
sorry for the double-post
I've seen this whole board ruined by Christcucks and boomers in the last few days. Someone keeps shilling this place
Where? There's no traffic. I'd welcome some dumbass boomers and christcucks, at least we'd have someone to subvert.
I have seen Nein mentioned on a couple of threads on cuckchan a few days ago.
Assuming cuckchan is monitored by certain (((persons))) and their employees, we can presume some of (((them))) might come here to check the situation.
you see someone talking about us on 4cuck, remind them to stop telling jew niggers about us
(36.57 KB 600x560 f3e.jpg)
I always do
Just say nein is dead. Pretty much true.
But Memri just said in its (((reportage))) that Neinchan is where fascist White supremacists gather!
we're not a fast board, I guess nein is just a secondary board for most of us but we come always back when something happens.
(143.64 KB 1024x677 peakpeak.jpg)
what the fuck
(76.22 KB 960x367 1575295401651.png)
Accept christ you larpagan degenerate faggot
Whats wrong anon?
(22.82 KB 229x169 image.png)
Lately I noticed a string of spammers.
Boomerbot comes and goes, christkike spammer was the most active, pedofbi honeypot insists on trying his advertising here, then I noticed some strange comments and links in russian dropped in a thread, now this.
What the fuck is going on
blame the faggots that keep telling jew niggers about us on 4cuck, despite it being against the rules of neinchan
Op is the faggot who made those threads in the first place.
Ban him!
(270.79 KB 680x479 begun the clown war has.png)
I'm checking these Ass bro. The thing that killed HateChan was the damn shills, man. They never stop. I know the rottenchilds dropped 16 billion to shill, which I made fun of them for to no end, which must have made them asshurt. I am pretty sure it's mostly bots in general, just like the censorship on clearnet kike sites is pretty much automated now, which is a real meta problem that must be breached to anons can shitpost again.
This nigger is a prime example. How does one "larp" as their own people but worshipping kikes magically isn't "larping?" The kikes know that their control matrix of cuck shit is slipping. I am also the anon that BTFOed these niggers to no end on HateChan. They lost there, and they will lose here. Hail Victory!
>0 pph
I called it here >>14615


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