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John Earnest Thread Anonymous 11/30/2019 (Sat) 04:47:47 No. 13167
This thread is for discussion, news and memes about John T. Earnest, the kike-killer himself and the first disciple of Saint Brenton H. Tarrant
Repost from >>13121 to kickstart the thread

Federal death penalty decision in Poway synagogue shooting likely several months away

>A hearing set for suspect John T. Earnest this week has been postponed until March
>A decision on whether to pursue the federal death penalty against the suspect in the anti-Semitic attack on a Poway synagogue is probably several more months away, according to attorneys representing both sides of the case.
>A hearing to discuss the progress of the case against John T. Earnest, 20, was set for Wednesday in San Diego federal court, but in a joint filing Monday the attorneys asked that it be postponed. The next court date has been set for March 20.
>Federal death penalty cases are rare, and the review process is quite extensive.
>The government has so far produced about 688 gigabytes of materials “consisting generally of reports of interviews of victims, witnesses, those in the area of the synagogue, Earnest’s associates, and others; items or data seized through multiple state and federal search warrants served locally and elsewhere; and many audio and video recordings,” according to the filing.
>There were 54 people inside the Chabad of Poway synagogue the morning of April 27 when the shooting occurred, and the indictment counts each as a victim of a hate crime and obstruction of free exercise of religious beliefs using a dangerous weapon resulting in death and bodily injury with an attempt to kill.
>An additional charge — damage to a religious property using fire — relates to an arson at Dar-ul-Arquam mosque in Escondido on March 24.

>kill one decrepit jew
>oy vey bring out the federal death penalty and every single one of G*d's chosen in that Synagogue was a victim! All 54 of them!
(35.49 KB 561x697 nike.jpg)
(2.93 MB 790x510 poway2.webm)
He is so young, I feel sorry for him.
I respect his courage but it's clear that he rushed his action on the wave of the enthusiasm for Saint Tarrant's deeds.
I wish he would have waited and come come up with more training and a better plan.
(137.96 KB 1484x989 john-earnest-quote.jpeg)
His manifesto was underrated
(1.44 MB 1526x9103 An Open Letter.png)
Here it is for anyone who hasn't read it.
I think this is a tragic case of having a good manifesto (nothing earth-shattering, but one with a sympathetic message and quotable lines) but too low of a score for it to become the next big thing. I’ll try to make some quote images later to help memorialize Earnest, I spotted a few good lines when I was just re-reading. Like William Pierce we must honor all martyrs. Robert Jay Mathews rose up against ZOG and ended up burned alive in his home surrounded by 70 or more ZOGbots shooting at him, yet Pierce honored this martyr.
(143.34 KB 1280x720 1569702489328.jpg)
(77.75 KB 476x540 1569702489313.jpg)
(101.67 KB 693x1280 poway.jpg)
(5.97 MB 640x360 remove bagel.mp4)
(528.35 KB 640x360 gesture.mp4)
Checked and nice, it would do a really good reaction gif.

Also, I cannot find anymore the audio of his 911 call. I remember watching on a website an audio with subtitles of the whole phone call.
It was a local news website iirc.

This is the entire 911 call audio (I think) being played in his court appearance. No subtitles but shouldn't be hard to add/create them. I have a deck table to build but I can try and write a transcript later if no one has it.
I'm retarded, the body of the article is a transcript. I just remember seeing the video before so when I searched it the link was already clicked so I knew it was the right one. Anyway 2 birds one stone, there you go
That kid could have probably escaped and torched his vehicle and never been caught. He was probably thinking about it half way through the call.
I wonder why he even called the cops on himself. ZOGbots are the enemy
He would have been caught at some point, since there are survellaince cameras, witnesses, people who probably saw his car etc.
The real shame is that he did not get a high score. If he was ok in becoming a martyr at least a higher score would have made his effort more compelling.
My opinion is that a young man like John should have stick to minor activities (like he did in his attempt at burning the mosque) or at least not rush and wait to be more prepared.
>The real shame is that he did not get a high score. If he was ok in becoming a martyr at least a higher score would have made his effort more compelling.
He was too eager to jump into action and that’s why he failed. Tarrant prepped for two years, Breivik for over five years and the results paid off. This dude just picked up a gun and drove there it seems and was fucked as soon as his gun jammed. He would have been caught but it would have been better to go down in combat against ZOGbots than to be captured and killed by ZOG after years on death row, which is what is going to happen to him most likely since he killed a Chosenite
>The real shame is that he did not get a high score
it's still beyond me why people who own an AR which fires hundreds of yards accurately go in point blank like in a Victorian age bayonet attack.
Are there actually bayonets for the AR?
anyway, going in like that is sheer hubris and he might've been better served with a knife. I don't really blame him most people have no idea what adrenaline and shock do to your body but still you could research that and either prepare, prepare, prepare or user other tactics
>he might've been better served with a knife.
/ourguy/ Anton Lundin Pettersson got 3 kills with a fucking sword and did better. There have been sword massacres with 20+ kills before so it’s a possible method
Bump for Disciple Earnest
(348.74 KB 1888x898 John-Earnest_post.png)
>literal spam

This is the john earnest's equivalent of "you won't do anything, you nigger"
from Wikipedia:
>Pettersson then stabbed the abdomen of Ahmed Hassan, a 15-year-old born in Somalia.[3] Hassan died in the hospital. After that, while wandering the halls, Pettersson posed with two students who thought he was playing a prank, and took a picture of Pettersson with blood dripping from his sword
Have the 2 next to him ever been identified? Every photo I can find is censored.
(190.77 KB 653x477 oh_noooo.jpg)
There is a picture in which only the faces are censored. Both people appear to be girls.

Also his original Youtube account is still online.
Based. Let’s not forget that Saint Tarrant recognized this guy’s sacrifice. Tarrant was the one who brought this guy back to my notice actually. The attack itself was weak but it had nice style.

Also here’s the other pic
(54.87 KB 640x632 Aryanqt.jpg)
>chad attire
>true to his ancestors disregards fire weapons to fight shitskins with crusader sword
>still down to earth lad and available for pics with his groupies
(411.46 KB 499x546 55555.png)
Alleged Poway synagogue shooter to face trial in June
It looks like we'll be getting the trials of both Tarrant and Earnest in the same month. What a month that'll be.

> A June 2 trial date was set Thursday for a 20-year-old nursing student accused of opening fire at a Poway synagogue, killing one congregant and injuring several others, and setting a fire at a mosque about a month earlier.
>The June trial date could shift depending on a pending death penalty decision by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office. A March 5 status conference date may shed more light on the prosecution's decision regarding capital punishment.
Can't wait.
(64.34 KB 1200x677 e04xb2rg13341.jpg)
John Earnest at yesterday's court hearing.
(35.84 KB 306x750 earnest 3.jpg)
I hope he is holding up well and has remained strong in his convictions. I can't imagine how hard it is to be a young guy like him possibly facing the death penalty for harming one of the Chosenites.
This is truly a clown world.
Earnest was tricked by glowniggers into killing innocent people. Those synagogue attendees were normal middle class people who have done no harm.

The jews, descended from the Khazar kingdom of the Caucasus, are the purest expression of the White race. jews have contributed greatly to the sciences, winning many Nobel prizes. jews have pioneered in the field of morality by proposing the idea of monotheism. jews are the light of the world who have brought the world out of pagan superstition.

Anti-Semitism quite simply does not represent the will of the silent majority of Whites, who simply want to preserve tradition and Judaeo-Christian morality.
Is this a new bot? After boomerbot this is now what, a Judeo-christian bot?
BAHAHA are they even trying?
>>14074 In what way is a semetic tribe an expression of White Europeans in anyway?
when did this come out? first time ive seen it. what i dont see is that IMF kike or whatever he was "bravely chasing him down"

nigger should have learned how to tap and rack ffs. what a pleb
Ashkenazi jews are White, and they have contributed many religious, scientific, and technological innovations to society. To truly stem White genocide, we must therefore collaborate with the jews, who are being threatened by mass immigration. Violence against innocent jews will only make White genocide harder to stop.
Wow, this kike is infesting the whole board.
Paid for every post?
(424.68 KB 1082x2513 ak15.jpg)
AK-15s confirmed for jam-o-matic
who the fuck buys an assault rifle and no handgun for backup???
(624.92 KB 810x2932 racewartactics.jpg)
Rifle with bayonet and backup carry pistol will become best practices loadout for this CQB shit tbh.
This, Bayos should be a part of every rifle setup.
Imagine if Tarrant just fucking stabbed that faggot who ran at him?
>Imagine if Tarrant just fucking stabbed that faggot who ran at him?
more importantly, Earnest who was rushed could've defended himself while his POS rifle jammed.
I can just say, even if you can't afford a bayonet or your rifle has no mount glue a fucking knife to the tip or a fork if you're a UKuck.
This will save your ass!
It sure will!
And most basic shit AR's can take them, or have a mount for them.
And AK's are easy.
There is no excuse to not have them!
>Afford a bayo
You can buy them cheap as shit.
No excuse not too.
>You can buy them cheap as shit.
I know, I own two and it's a real joy to ram them into shit, goes through thin metal sheets like nothing and I would expect them to pierce ballistic vests like butter, no ceramic plates, tho.
Indeed, there's no excuse, even if you don't want to use them they'll scare away attackers more than the rifle itself.
Pretty much.
I love my AK's Bayonet.
It's simple, scary, and sharp as shit.
And honestly, considering what happened. Earnest would have done better with a Mosin Nagant than his shitty gun honestly.
Every good Justiciar Knight carries a bayonet on his good. Breivik understood this. He planned to behead Gro Harlem Brundtland with one and film it for Youtube
>I love my AK's Bayonet.
I have one as a combat knife tho not an AK to that. Can't say it's particularly sharp but it gets the job done I figure. Good choice Mister
I have a Romanian AK, and Knife.
Came fucking sharp from the factory on mine.
>Good choice mister
Meant for >>14266 (checked).
what was Breivik's bayonet?
>Came fucking sharp
>from the factory
that explains it, possibly laser sharpened, mine is an old one

no idea but good he didn't pull through with that beheading shit. Even fucking Osama objected against that, that's just crazy
>no idea but good he didn't pull through with that beheading shit
It would have been the cherry on top
Mine is old too.. Maybe it was never resharpened? It looks like mine was, but whatever. It works great.
You're probably right that it wasn't resharpened. It's army surplus tho it is by no means dull. Still good to go
(300.70 KB 810x2026 racewarraifu.jpg)
Just don't accidentally stab yourself in the leg or something. I could see myself doing this if I tried to use one without having trained with it enough before. It will make clearing rooms and entering/exiting vehicles more difficult as well. Maybe you keep the bayo in a belt mounted sheath, then you can fix/unfix as needed so you don't just have a sword end dangling around your meaty bits all the time.
>It will make clearing rooms harder
The idea is that if you are rushed, you can just stab.
And it wouldn't be that much of a problem, you shouldn't be pointing the barrel at yourself anyway.
>stabbing yourself
come on, how many folks have stabbed themselves with a bayo? Less than those who have shot themselves by a margin. just dont be a nigger and train

>clearing rooms
You're clearing room by throwing a grenade, not by going in with an AR, bayonet or not.
That said, the AK bayonet is not that long, the whole rifle with it mounted still shorter than many rifles.
>You're clearing room by throwing a grenade
I look forward to your happening thread
If we are to be honest, you don't even believe in your own anti-semitic propaganda. You know that the middle-class jews in Long Island or California have nothing to do with elite conspiracies.
crikey, i banned a kikey
(69.93 KB 1280x720 kabar.jpeg)
>no idea but good he didn't pull through with that beheading shit.
would have been an awkward ass beheading
(7.99 MB 320x240 oy vey dance.mp4)
(393.71 KB 1162x647 JEW MONEY.jpg)
Shooting survivor sues Southern California synagogue
Breaking: the jews are turning on themselves and suing each other over the Poway shooting. Oy vey

>A man wounded in a shooting at a San Diego-area synagogue is suing the house of worship, alleging Chabad of Poway didn't use federal funds meant to hire security to protect worshipers, according to a newspaper report.
Kikes are too cheap to pay for security kek
> In the lawsuit obtained by Los Angeles Times, Almog Peretz claims the synagogue did not have proper security despite a rise in anti-Semitic attacks nationally and that it did not use a $150,000 grant to upgrade safety measures.
> In filing the lawsuit, Peretz said the synagogue breached its “duty of reasonable care” in protecting congregants, the Times said in its story Friday.
> Chabad of Poway received $150,000 from the government in March because the synagogue “believed that it was at risk of an anti-Semitic attack on its congregants,” according to the suit. But on the day of the attack, court documents show, the building’s doors were unlocked and no guards, gates or other security measures were in place.
So it seems like the jews cry anti-semitism and get government funds but then pocket the funds. You can't make this shit up
> Peretz’s attorney, Yoni Weinberg, said his client may be perceived negatively for including the synagogue in the lawsuit, but he said it’s important to name everyone who may be at fault in the fatal attack.
> “If we were only to have John Earnest in the lawsuit, changes would never get made,” Weinberg said. “Hopefully this pressure … influences them to make a change to protect their congregants and it influences other synagogues as well.”

The "moderate jew" that totally doesn't support our ethnic replacement. Thanks, jews!
top kikery
the jew knows no loyalty but making profit. they are like vampires who turn on their own if no humans are in reach
(59.34 KB 500x435 hitler tip.jpeg)
Hitler, as usual, said it best. Once they cry about antisemitism for a while they turn into egoistic rats and devour each other in pursuit of self-interest
(289.62 KB 960x1280 top_jew.jpg)
(1.14 MB 1250x1250 jew comic antisemitism scheme.png)
(1.09 MB 1493x908 jews poway.png)
how far will get you that in burgerland? In Ukraine that's half an army but still, it should be enough for two guards 24/7, init?
It's over twice as much as the average annual household income in the United States and enough to buy a rabbi a nice car, it's way more than would be necessary for two guards.
>twice as much as the average annual household income
ah I figured but jews will be jews

>enough to buy a rabbi a nice car
obviously it wasn't lol

>his client may be perceived negatively for including the synagogue in the lawsuit, but he said it’s important to name everyone who may be at fault
>it’s important to (((name))) everyone
these jews, that's what I always say, name (((them)))

>Hitler, as usual, said it best.
again beaten by Hitler to it
Jesus was a anti semite and told the jews how their the childen of satan and sense they do not believe on Jesus are bond for hell
Revelation 2:9
Revelation 3:9
John 8:44
Romans 2:28
Romans 2:29
Matthew 27:25
(9.10 MB 720x486 piano_man.webm)

>White supremacists have also adopted the boogaloo concept. A particularly disturbing boogaloo t-shirt (currently available online) features the word boogaloo under a photograph of John Earnest, the White supremacist who opened fire at a synagogue in Poway, California, in April 2019, killing one person
>Accelerationist White supremacists are particularly apt to use “boogaloo” – they seek the violent collapse of modern society in order to bring about a new, White-dominated world. Among them is Paul Nehlen, who gained notoriety by running for U.S. Congress in Wisconsin in 2016 and 2018. After the Poway synagogue shooting, Nehlen embraced both accelerationism and the term boogaloo and has even posted photos of himself wearing the John Earnest/boogaloo shirt.
(576.66 KB 584x480 paul nehlen boogaloo earnest.PNG)
The real question is where does one buy the shirt.
I was wondering about it in fact.
(276.88 KB 403x435 Boogaloo.png)
I made a close replica of the image if anyone wants to make this shirt
I still look up to his courage and self-sacrifice. Not all vigilantes can carry it out under careful plans, if they don't do it right away they will lose their sharp emotion and back out.
Very nice job
Oh please, you've been going around here repeating this same shit in every thread today.
First day on the job?
Hint: this is not 4 ch*n.
You will get the bullet, kike!


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